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Toyota Sequoia



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    it's the opposite of 'da'Bluebook' guys..

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  • First let me say I am HARDCORE Toyota fan. I own 3 Landcruisers, 1985,1988,1991 plus a 1990 Cressida for zipping around. However, I may be in the market for a new SUV and was really excited about the Sequoia. Perfect size, nice looks and best of all Toyota. So I took out a 2001 Sequoia Limited AND a 2000 Landcruiser for a test drive Saturday. What was Toyota thinking? The interior is without a doubt vastly inferior to the Landcruiser and downright CHEAP! From the dash to the center console to the vinyl sides of seats with leather faces. For $46-48K IMHO it is OVERPRICED! The Landcuiser is also overpriced relative to other vehicles but at least it exudes quality. I would again consider a LC this time around but need more room with the kids. So....I went to try the Suburban afterward. First let me tell you it pains me to admit that this but they have a superior interior to the Sequoia but still inferior to the Landcruiser.

    Overall the Sequoia has a slightly quieter ride than the Sub. But the GAP is very close between the two. Nowhere near what I thought I would experience. However, with new 2003 4X4 Subs being discounted $12K to the $35K range it seems like the edge goes to the Sub....unless I can get a real steal on a low mileage 2003 Sequoia. As far as resale goes. Again the gap has closed. 2 year old Subs retain a very large percent of their TRUE original purchase price value. Nobody ever pays even close to MSRP for Subs.
  • Still if a just before production bottom rung model can get that close. I'm not sure how much they tested them offroad with that 4x2 Armada. Still they did say the Seq is getting long in the tooth. The Seq is an excellent vehicle I think Toy needs to go over its HP numbers again. From all the reviews I've read about it they all say that it has way more power then that 240 they give it.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    that the Nissan would fare very well, if not better than the Toyota since they've had plenty of time to probe the competitions weaknesses. Nissan did a good job, but didn't take advantage of the competitions cheap interiors. A shame, because it is a deal breaker for me.

    If Toyota can give the next Sequoia a 4Runner quality interior than it will be first rate. I also expect more HP in a 5.5L+ engine with the excellent 4.7 as the standard motor.
  • I like the Armada's interior although it did take me a bit to find a good number of them since I test drove it at night. But once I got the hang of where things were not a problem. Great sounding radio easy to reach if unlit controls for the Radio and the CC on the steering wheel was a bit of an oversite Then again lol half the Steering wheel mounted lights on my Explorer are out so why am I complaining.
  • Since you own 3 landcruisers, you MIGHT be a little biased towards them, eh? Also, $45K-$48K for a 2001 Sequoia Limited?!?!? Where are you shopping? Oh, okay. You're looking at a 2001 and using 2004 pricing? But what is the real acquisition price for the Sequoia? Come on, you're giving credit to the Suburban for discounts, what about the Sequoia? Does anyone pay full price? About the interior, most reviews I've read say that the GM interiors are VERY outdated. Sure the Seqouia could be better but this is basically a subjective each his own. In the grand scheme of things, the BIGGEST consideration I have when analyzing a vehicle is RELIABILITY and QUALITY. These are the true VALUES of any vehicle when it comes to stranding myself or my family on the side of the road. Every year, the big domestic manufacturers claim that the gap is closing. Yeah, whatever..... I still see big black dots on most GM products and red dots on Toyota products when looking at Consumer Reports reliability data. It's across the full product line! Even if the big three drew even with Toyota/Honda on quality....give me a call in a few years when you've done it consistently! Until then, I'll pay double for my Toyota, if I have to, to get a reliable vehicle.
  • First impressions can be deceiving. GM has done a good job with the interiors on the Suburban family, but take a 2nd look. All of the GM "Suburbans" use a bare minimum of leather on the seats and don't use any leather at all on the third seat. The Sequoia, like most manufacturers, uses leather and vinyl on the seats but uses more leather than the GM family (on headrests and arm rests for example). Note too that all of the seats in the Sequoia recline, not so in the Subs, only the front. And also note that the Sub third seat is a solid bench and is a bear to get in and out (they even had to put little wheels on it). And I found the front seats to be very uncomfortable. Another interesting comparison would be to try and find an '85, '88 or '91 Sub and take it for a drive. Compare it to your fleet of vintage Toyota iron. Getting away from the interior for a minute, Did you know that the Sequoia and the LC share the same Lexus derived engine? And did you want full time 4WD like your LC's? ... not available in the Sub.
  • pschreckpschreck Posts: 524
    I only lose about one mpg.

    My ActiveTRAC system (you call ABS) almost never activates. Heck, I'm still running the original tires. I don't know where you are, but maybe you will need a set of dedicated snow tires during your winters. Our winters in south central PA aren't that severe.

    I'm not sure why people want to disengage it. If they are having some kind of problem, I believe it's related to the VSC.

    As the Ronco guy says, "Just set it and forget it".
  • Alright, I will retest the vehicles. However, I am resolute in my opinion that the interior is cheap for I have seen first hand. I have been considering used models due to the price of new. I have also read other owners who feel the same

    To those of you that do own the Sequoias,here are some issues which I have noticed from other owners on several discussion boards elswhere. Look....I am biased for this vehicle but do have serious reservations about spending hard earned money and then be disappointed given my HIGH expectations after having owned Landcrusiers. So if anyone can shed some light on these items I would be grateful.

    1) A/C Issues: many complaints
    2) Rotten Egg Smell: Cat Coverter issue
    3) Vibration at 35-45mph under floor: Many comments
    4) Faulty Brakes:
    5) Stiff Brakes:
    6) Misc rattles
    7) Wheel Balancing
    8) Differential Issue on some 2003's
    9) U.S. Build quality: No way around it
  • We live in Connecticut so I would assume you get about as much snow and ice as we do.. I feel that when it's snowing out putting in AWD makes sense. When you on dry roads then why? My concern just happened this morning. Most of the snow is gone but there are some ice patches. I backed out of my garage and started to move forward when the back tires were sitting on ice. My own driveway is pitched back.. not much but melting water does pool a little in this spot. Anyway, I step on gas and tire spin.. I feather gas and still slippage.. I hit 4x4 button and pull right out.. I'm curious what the Sequoia would do.. This was a VERY SMALL weather related driving condition.. I'm curious if the Sequoia would have spazzed, ABSed, VSCed the truck to get me to move..
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    1)The A/C issues are a thing of the past. Early design was bad.

    2)No smell in my vehicle, though a common issue with many new cars.

    3)Vibration - seems a 2003 issue, my 02 has none

    4)Again, no issue. But, it seems like many new vehicles have brake issues. Since late 2002 Toyota has upgraded all front brakes in Sequoias

    5)Brakes are not over-boosted and may take some getting used to depending what your familiar with. Regardless, stopping distance is good.

    6)No rattles in mine at 17,000 miles. If you want to hear rattles go to the Ford Expedition forum

    7)Every SUV I've owned was a pain to balance right. Get a road force balance and no problem

    8)Differential - see vibration

    9)US build quality - not an issue, I've found the Sequoia to be comparable to all the other Japanese vehicles I've owned. Just as good.
  • Sorry to say that after considering all the options, pluses, and minuses I've decided to get a 2004 Z71 Tahoe over a Sequoia.

    I was considering the 4Runner but it is just too small for me. The Sequoia is big enough but it doesn't have that "manly" appearance that the Z71 Tahoe does. Since I'm single and this SUV will be my day-to-day driving vehicle I wanted something that had all the features, power, room, and presence that suit my needs.

    While the Sequoia is an excellent vehicle it is also a "soccer mom" SUV. The Z71 Tahoe is far more masculine in appearance.

    It has good resale and reliability. I currently drive a 1996 Blazer that has been great. Since this vehicle will be used for far more than basic transportation I wanted something that made a statement.
  • I'm no rough hewn lumberjack but I've always felt my own masculine appearance more than compensated for the girly Sequoia's looks. You certainly do make "quite a statement", snapshot7. It reminds me of all these recent hyper-macho truck ads, Dodge being at the forefront but Ford and Chevy not far behind. The ad tactics seem to have worked on the target market, those challenged and confused by their own gender/sexual identity issues, not that there's anything wrong with that. Design aesthetics are one thing certainly, but clearly some deeper force is at work here. Good luck with all your endeavors, Happy Holidays, and thank you for such fine entertainment.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    Someone has a self-image problem. "Soccer mom SUV!" Most of us don't define our masculinity buy the vehicle we drive, if that were the case than there are some manly women around my area, since most big SUV's are driven by women. snapshot7, seems like you would be better off in an H2 since they were designed specifically for people seeking to compensate for their inner woman! HAHA
  • Gee...

    Sorry if I offended anyone.

    I have no problem with my identity.
    I'm a big black man and I need a big black truck. And a "black chevrolet" works for me. As I also said, I've got a chevy blazer now and I like them. Add to that I'm getting an awesome deal because of the company I work for and the choice was even clearer.

    This vehicle WILL be a statement. At $40,000+ I decided to get something that performed AND looked exactly like I want. The Sequoia is a fine SUV and I'm sure it does great on those hazardous trips to the supermarket.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Around my neck of the woods, the Sequoia reads less of a "soccer mom" than the Tahoe reads "buy-American redneck". Probably neither deserves the bad rap. And I live in a glass house, with a Spa Yellow Honda S2000 instead of a manly, I mean rugged, I mean rattle prone black Corvette!

    Seriously, Happy Holidays and enjoy your new Tahoe. Just don't run over any yellow S2000's, please!
  • thirdsuvthirdsuv Posts: 209
    Did you take your tape measure over to the Chevy dealer?

    Seq is wider then Expy and Tahoe (66.1/65.5/66.0)
    As for safety features, does the Sequoia have both side air bags and curtain bags?

    Is the curtain bag even available at this time in any great numbers?

    I got it at my dealer
    It wasn't on any of the Sequ's at the dealers near me.

    Your dealer made a bad purchasing order.
    Doesn't the Chevy have side air bags and seat belt pretensioners?

    Chevy does not have head airbags. Ouch.
    Isn't the Chevy considered to be one of the safest vehicles on the road?

    Yes when you consider how resistant to rollover it is when it is broken down in your driveway.
    How about trying some objectivity there, third SUV, or at least a swig of some alcohol.

    The people on the Tundra Solutions board are a lot more objective and accurate.

    I count my accuracy at around 6 out of 7
    Yours about 1 for 7

    I never promised to be objective. But after owning an Explorer and Expedition for the past 8 years I'll give my opinions

  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    I think how you feel about the looks of the vehicle is an important componet of a vehicle purchase, not to mention how you precieve it looks to other people, how many men on this forum would buy a VW Cabrolet if they were looking for a convertable. A good car but the preception is that is is driven by young women. How you feel about you car is a personal decision and best left up to the purchaser. Along with my Seq my other car is a Toyota MR2 Spyder.
  • pschreckpschreck Posts: 524
    Hey cliffy,

    I took my 2001 Sequoia into the dealership yesterday for a lube and oil change and the service writer said that Toyota was recommending a brake fluid flush and change at 20k which I hadn't had done yet. He said it was only recommended for the 2001 MY.

    Is he feeding me a line or is this a needed service?

    As always, thanks.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706

    I would ask the dealer just what was done wrong at the factory for the MY2001 that causes the brake fluid to be compromised at 20k (vs "others"). Seems to me the factory should be paying....
  • Just dumped the kid's college funds on a LTD Sequoia yesterday. New member here and I have a couple of questions:

    1. I wondered if anybody knew about Toyota oil quality vs Mobil 1?

    2. I will do all service, was surprised to see 6 month oil change interval mandate in service guide- any experience with dealer not supporting warranty work if oil wasn't changed on 6 month interval (if < 5k miles driven)? Seems like environmental irresponsibility to throw out good oil...

    3. The owners manual doesn't describe the Service engine lite well- does that come on every 5k miles or just when there's a problem.

    Thanks all- have a happy new year!
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    I was wondering how numerous loaded SR5's are. I've been toying around with trading in my 2002 SR5 for one with more options. The SR5 is a much better value than the limited. Another area of concern is the trade. According to Edmunds, trade in value is just under $30,000. If I can get into a loaded 2004 SR5 4WD for @$38,000 I would go for it. Any thoughts?
  • You have an SR5 so you know what you have. When I test drove the Sequoia I drove two different SR5 models at different times along with a Limitted the second time. Both SR5's with the cloth interior were not comfortable. The arm rests on the SR5's where two high up.. if that makes sense. After the first test drive I said I wouldn't buy this truck because of that.. But I didn't like the Ford's or Chevy's either so I came back for a second look. The arm rests on the factory leather seats in the Limitted were setup better. I don't know if you ordered the leather package direct from the factory would you get the same seats as the Limitted. I would assume so but the dealer said they can change a cloth SR5 to leather locally so if they found a truck with all my options except leather they would convert it.

    People keep saying the SR5 is a better option. The limitted was $2377 more that the SR5 for which you get alluminum rims, retractable mirrors and a sharper looking interior. If you don't need that so be it but "much better value" it's not.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    I don't even use them. They're too narrow and too high.
  • My point exactly.. BUT they are different in the Limitted or in a different location. I use mine in my Suburban and it makes for a much more comfortable ride on long trips. I rented a Nissan Murano while my truck was getting repaired and that's when I noticed how much difference they make. Does your SR5 have the leather package from the factory?
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    Mine's cloth. I might even condider a Limited if I could manage a trade and still be within $10,000. But, I think I would probably be in the 11-12 range. Plus, I'm not sure how fair they'll be with a trade. Edmunds says one thing, but you know what happens when you get there.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    It seems like most dealers I have talked to will deal more (as in give a bigger discount) on the SR5. Not sure why - but my guess is they normally have 5-10 SR5 models on the lot for every 1 Limited. Same thing with Toyota rebates - they have been on the SR5 model only.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    Fully equipped SR5's are not easy to come by, as I found out. I just got a Limited for right around invoice. Even though there is more competition, the supply of Sequoia's is still low, but they will deal if you're patient.
  • Stevek80, what would you rather have if you could only have ONE. Sub or Sequoia. I am struggling with the decision. New, there is not much of a gap. Used, you can find 01 Subs loaded up with under 40K miles for under $26K. 01 Sequoias with under 40K with leather are $31-32K. That is a $5-6K difference.
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