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Toyota Sequoia



  • bevo01bevo01 Posts: 3
    Has anyone purchased a Sequoia in Texas for more than $1,000 off sticker? If so, I'd appreciate the dealer and sales person's name and phone number.
  • Try Jim Dames at Cavendar Toyota in San Antonio. He is the fleet manager (actually one of two who work together). I have not bought a Sequoia from him but someone on this forum from Dallas bought one for $2000 off list. I bought an Avalon from him 2 years ago, and he quoted me $2000 off list (for a Sequoia), and gave me the feeling that he might do a little better if I ordered one which he was also willing to do.

    Hope this helps. Jim
  • Those of you with the PM package on your SR-5's please help. Are the door panels leather or cloth?
  • npoolnpool Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2WD Limited in black. Though the styling and looks are great, the tires and wheels looks small and whimpy for its size. I want to increase the tire height and width 1-2 inches each way, without rubbing fenders when I turn.
    I'd like to go with an 18x8.5 wheel with a 285/60R-18 tire, but can't get a straight answer from tire stores regarding size. Has anyone modified their SEQ yet or know if there is a web site with pictures of modified SEQs? Are there any sites yet with aftermarket accessories for the SEQUOIA?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  • Entering day number 4 of SR5 SS Sequoia. Yesterday noticed that when I came out in the morning the doors were locked. That's odd - I don't usually lock my car at night. (It stays outside until I can get mote room in the garage.) Oh well - I must have locked it and not remembered.

    Well, this morning I'm letting the dog out around 6:30 am and as he is walking across the drive way, I see the Sequoia tail lights flash with a clicking sound. I check the doors and yep they are locked. I know they were unlocked when I went to bed last night. My theory is that the cold (~10 to 15) air temperature the last 2 nights has somehow triggered the door locks. Anybody else experience this??? Design flaw or does something need to be reset?

    One other item is that the rear hatch cylinders were unable to lift the tailgate (again probably due to the cold weather.)
  • It is time to purchase a new vehicle and I am torn between the Sequoia and a minivan. I have never owned an suv, but have owned minivans for 10 years. I was ready to move into the 2001 Town and Country or Odyssey, when, as a joke, I test drove a Sequoia. I was amazed at how comfortable it was.

    Here are my comparison dilemmas. The minivan world is lower to the ground so less chance of rolling and easier to enter and exit. Also there is easier access to the 3rd row of seats, the driving comfort is a little soother and the fan for heater/a is MUCH quieter.

    But the Sequoia is safer in a collision because you ride higher than most other vehicles (above the crash zone) and I believe it is stronger because of the truck/tank-like sturdiness. Also, I like being above other people's headlights because I have night blindness which means that the glare of lights at night is much greater for me than for normal sighted folks. I really don't understand all the pros and cons of the stability factor and the skid control in this suv when you compare it to the minivans. I tried to look up the rollover factor for Sequoias but I couldn't find any facts. Too new?

    I just want whatever is safer for city and highway safety (no off-roading for us) and for handling snow, ice, and traveling through mountains. (no towing, either)

    Can anyone compare these two worlds of vehicles or point me to a website that can?
  • Question. Where are the 8 speakers located. I see two in each front door and one in each back door. Are the other two in the dash?

    Also, do you have any information on when the luggage covers will be available?

    Thanks in advance.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I don't know which of those speaker covers contains multiple speakers, but two of them do.

    I have no information on the cargo covers. Sorry.
  • jjkim1jjkim1 Posts: 3
    I have the similar experience with Diane in Southern California. She wanted the MSRP for SR5 4WD. So I got my SQ (SR5, 43wd, sky silver) from Tracy Toyota. They were the only dealership who was willing to go below the MSRP. I got mine in Dec. 2000. Talk to Anthony or Janie in Tracy Toyota. They treat their customers with respect. Tell them you were refer by someone in Union city.
  • My SR5 2WD Silver Sky Sequioa is finally here!!! Horrayyyy!!!

    After weeks for research, my Sequioa is finally here! My dealer emailed me and let me know it's here. He even send me a picture of it. It has 8 miles on it waiting for me. I have to drive 85 miles to pick it up, but the price i paid, I think it's all worth it. I will defintely be there tommorrow, Sat, 01/27 before the dealership open. I'll let ya know in two weeks if its all worth it. BTW, thanks for all the invaluable information that was submitted here i really learned a lot from fog lights, to engine tapping, to purchasing technique, even learned about the MDX but no thanks. i hope i get some sleep tonight :) Exsailor
  • catbudcatbud Posts: 5
    Regarding the video system I am having added to my sequoia - I am actually ignorant about the details...just desperate for it to passify my kids. I know it can be put in depsite the sunroof- they put it where interior light should be (hope I don't miss that light)it will play videos and games - I chose no tv reception. Retails for around $1600 installed. Don't know what it costs the dealer. Screen is small about 5" but I understand that is no big deal. It can be seen in many minivans- in fact I looked at one on a windstar first. One final note, in a catalog called Frontgate, there is a tv/vcr advertised for use in SUV and it has 10" screen. It sits between the seats held in place by straps around the captains chairs. I guess those straps wouldn't be uncomfortable for driver? It is about the same or a little more in price. I went withthis one because hesitated buying something so expensive sight unseen and from a catalog.
  • catbudcatbud Posts: 5
    After using the internet and telephone, I got a quote $1400 less than the others and told him I'd take it. He said he was getting hte car from another dealer and would hold it for me and email me an options list. Despite several more calls, no emails. I went anyway to sign papers and what a disaster, the sales manager I had dealt with kep me waiting thon briefly spoke before handing me over to his Inventory manager to "go over some things" And htis guy had been DRINKING at 2 in the afternoon!!! He went over two invoices with me and then mentioned those cars were sold. What was that point? I asked. Well the car he was holding for me was never available to begin with. Then he proceeded to show me a car they had which did not have the options I asked for and babbled some things about changing stuff and alloy wheels weren't that important. I left! FYI that was TOWN and Country Toyota in Charlotte, NC.

    I called Toyota West in Statesville and gave the other dealerships quote and asked htem to match it. They came close with in $150 and said they would get the car in three weeks. I put $1000 non-refundable down. Hope I did alright. I got a 4WD SR5 in Thunder Gray with moonroof, alloy wheel pkg, convenience pkg, preferred pkg (leather, 6-disc, etc),mats, roof rack,dual air cond and side air bags, daytime running lights and 4-raised letter tires. For an MSRP of 42,753. Plus another $1600 (retail) for video system installed. I agreed to pay $40,500. Looks like I saved $3000 off MSRP w/video. I was so worn out from shopping around and that ridiculous experience at Town & Country, I wanted to be done. Plus this was really strange shopping for cars no one has on lot. I guess it was worth it as my first attempts were not much below MSRP - now if the car is as promised, I think I will be pleased.
  • My SR5 2WD Silver Sky Sequoia is finally here!!! Horrayyyy!!!

    After weeks for research, my Sequoia is finally here! My dealer mailed me and let me know it's here. He even send me a picture of it. It has 8 miles on it waiting for me. I have to drive 85 miles to pick it up, but the price I paid, I think it's all worth it. I will definitely be there tomorrow, Sat, 01/27 before the dealership open. I'll let ay know in two weeks if its all worth it. BTW, thanks for all the invaluable information that was submitted here I really learned a lot from fog lights, to engine tapping, to purchasing technique, even learned about the MDX but no thanks. I hope i get some sleep tonight :) Exsailor
  • markb8,

    I thought I was the only one that felt this Vibration / Tapping Feeling. I even took it to the dealer and they said that there was No Problem or did not feel it. I knew I felt something.
    I too love my New Limited Sequoia but this is a bit annoying.
    Please if Any One has a solution or has felt the same post your experiences here.
    Thank you
  • markb8markb8 Posts: 2
    I can only find a few support brackets near the first portion of the exhaust assembly that may be the answer, although manually they feel tight. You can bet I'll bring it to the attn. of the dealer at the first 5K checkup. I actually considered placing a 1/4 to 1/2 inch rubber mat under the existing floormat in an attemp to muffle it! I guess that if this is our biggest gripe with the machine we're pretty lucky. Can't tell you how many people have stopped me at random to ask about it!
  • So, when I barely had been allocated Sequoia models (as they debuted in November) here's someone expecting a miracle.

    I am limited to what I have for inventory. When I was buried with 2WD Limiteds and had virtually no SR5's to offer anyone, I didn't hear anyone complain about buying their cars in great colors for $1500-2200 off MSRP. If I don't have product, just a few here and there. of course the market for that particular car is tremendously stronger.

    Right now, I have pretty much sold us out of the 4WD Limiteds (mostly to Northern CA folks) and have so many build-ordered SR5 models that it takes me an hour every morning to chase each car thru the system. Mister Kim, sorry if, when you emailed me, I asked for what I felt the market value was on the car you requested. Especially if you requested a special order build car. My market on 4WD SR5's is better these days due to the fact that I earned a lot of them for Feb, so things do not always stay the same with inventory or availability.

    Lookslike you found a deal you were pleased with, and that is a good thing. I don't have to sell everyone. Matter of fact, I can't because I don't get enough cars!

  • tbevertbever Posts: 39
    I have noticed a similar situation: the Seq seems to beep and lock all the doors when I am not touching the key fob. I just assumed I must have brushed the lock button accidently, but this happened several times. I am not sure if this really is a problem or just a very twitchy lock button on the keyfob. I thought I was nuts, but I was interested to note someone else has noticed this. It also seems to have happened only during cold spells.
  • Well I am doing comparison shopping and comparing my 1992 Previa LE vs 2001 Sequoia in terms of size. Please do not flame me, I know I am comparing a truck vs a van, OK.

    3rd Seat------ 33.1 cu.ft.--- 27.8 cu.ft.

    2nd Seat------ 85.3 cu.ft.--- 65.3 cu.ft.

    1 seat-------- 158.8 cu.ft.-- 128 cu.ft.

    At first when I looking at the truck, I thought that is was larger in size, but the cargo space numbers do not lie. I guess we can adjust to the reduction in cargo space, for the increase in power. The ground clerance is only 1 inch higher that the Previa. However, the Previa weight distribution was 50% Front and 50% Rear. The Sequoia weight ditribution is not know, I guess its ~65% Front and ~35Rear.

    I have a 4 kids and cargo space is one factor, the other is reliabilty. I have over 155K miles on the Toyota Previa, without any major problems. Its a bit slow, so I am deciding to tryout a Sequoia. Neither my wife or me has every had a full-time/part-time 4WD before. I just need to hear about the experience going from a Mini Van to a Truck, and was it worth it. I heard that you must never put the truck in part-time 4WD if the ground is not wet. What are the other restrictions with part-time 4WD?

    We drove a Sequoia and was impressed. I am a die hard Toyota person, since 1984 with the Supra, then Previa 1992 (family grew). :)

    We are plan on the 4WD version, SR5 first choice.

    I will continue to read up more on the new Sequoia and wait until the work out the quirks during the first 6-9 months. I just hope the price does not approuch the LC level.

    I enjoy your comments....
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    The Sequoia is not a conventional part time system. Scan back through this topic to my many postings about this system and you will see that this system is VERY safe to leave in 4WD all the time. If you can't find them, e-mail me at After posting explanations of this system so many times, I finally saved them on a word document.

    As to your measurements, I'm sure you are correct. The Previa was a very large van with the passenger space going nearly to the front of the hood. The seats were a bugger to remove which made cargo hauling a chore though.
  • I called Toyota's 1-800# about the 10 speakers and there is 2 tweeters by dash,2 speakers in each front doors and they said there is a small speaker in a speaker in back doors. I think I got a good deal on a White Limited with everything for 42.700 plus tax. in Las Vegas. I seem too be getting about 16 mpg I got about 1100 miles on it. I had them change both black rain gutters on top of roof one of them wasn't put on wright. I have had good luck with dealer so far.
  • Im sorry but I have to laugh...
    I guess it doesnt matter which side of the country you are on cause these dealers seem to all play the same gamee!! Ive been going through the very same thing here on the west coast.
    Lets see I have a growing list of 6 now that have done the exact same thing to me too!!
    The latest was San Francisco Toyota who agreed upon a price and with in 3 minutes the car was maracleculously gone!!
    Im so sick of jumping in the car and going on wild goose chases with my checkbook burning a hole in my pocket.
    I wish you LOTS OF LUCK in getting what you want.
  • I posted a message (#792) and no one replied. While I know that it is somewhat difficult to compare a minivan with a Sequoia, surely someone has gone through the same dilemma. I am really stuck and would like to hear from someone if you have any advice.

  • I really Enjoy my Limited 2WD Sequoia and could honestly say I love it . It has the best looks ( by far ), ride, finish and workmanship than any other Full Size SUV in the market today.

    I just have a few little things I would like to work on.

    1) I would really like to add a after market seat memory if possible. It's a pain to make the changes after my wife drives it.

    2) It would be nice to add some nice Running Board Lights to each end of them front and back part of the running boards.

    3) The doors locking when the Vehicle is started and starts rolling is a great safety feature. How do I get the dealer to enable this?

    4) A way to turn on all of the interior lights from the drivers seat. Not reaching over and switching each of them on.

    5) Lastly I have been feeling a slight vibration tapping feeling under the drivers footing area. Does anyone know how I can get the dealer to believe me? They say they do not feel anything. It is mostly felt on the Freeway when driving at a consistent speed.

    If I could get the above things sorted out I would be Ecstatic about my new SUV.

    Can anyone help me with Any of the Above Issues?
  • The Toy Previa is one of the worse vehicles on the road as far as safety in case of a crash according to the NHTSA crash tests. That is why Toy went ahead and redid the van, hence the Sienna which is one of the BEST AND SAFEST (if not #1) minivan out there.

    I would get rid of that Previa NOW.....if possible. I think you will be please with the Toy Sequ. Yeah, you have to give up some room. But is it worth it. Personally I have a new LX470 which is smaller than the Toy Sequ. but I just love the LX and nothing less will do for me.
  • what are you seeking? Model, features, equipment, color, driveline? Yes, they sell rapidly, but there are those of us who will actually set a car aside for a day or two while folks make the time to come and get it... and not hold it for ransom. I have set Sequoias and many other models aside for days, and at times, weeks. This isn't roulette. It's a mutual trust issue. You promise to come and get it, someone believes you and waits til you get there for it. And, might I add, doesn't move the pricing goalposts. And, quit being so stubborn! I am not that hard to find/eMail, and way easy to deal with.

  • donlinodonlino Posts: 30
    Just started looking into the Sequioa as a possible replacement for my '99 Jeep Gr Chke Ltd. Prior to that had a '96 4Runner. One of the reasons that my wife did not like the 4Runner was step in height. How does the Sequia's step in height compare to the 4Runner or JCGL?
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    Hi, I'm posting this here because I am considering a Seq purchase in the next couple of months after my 98 JGC 4x4 lease expires. Received no replies to this in the JGC folder. Question, when left in full time 4WD, I notice on turns that I get a jerking feedback on the steering wheel, like the tires are out of round. Maybe front differential problems? Took it to the dealer and they said this was normal, because 4WD was not meant to be driven under dry conditions. Is this BS? Maybe he means part time 4WD? Does the Seq also do this? My 95 JGC didn't do this, to the best of my knowledge. Thanks for any input.
  • I guess that you and I are waiting for someone to tell us about their experience from a Van to a Sequoia.

    I guess we just have to wait.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I had a person named Carl send me an e-mail asking for my description of the Sequoia 4WD system but somehow, there is no return address. Very odd stuff. I even clicked properties and only found it came from an AOL acount. The address in the text section wasn't valid either. Send me another e-mail and I'll get back to you with it.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    The Sequoia doesn't do this. Trade that thing it before anybody else notices it. Send me an e-mail at if you want a detailed explanation of the Sequoia Active-Trac system.
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