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Toyota Sequoia



  • I checked the NHTSA report and only the 1991 Previa model was the worst, because it had no air bags for driver and passenger (1 star for the drive and 4 stars for the passenger). 1992/1993 had driver air bag and no passenger air bag and the rating was 3 stars drive/passenger. I would not consider this top be the worst, if the highest rating is 5 stars. OK (no flames please), I just bringing up the facts, since others who have the Previa may be missed informed, and sell their Previa much lower than market. Yes, I will agree that Sienna is rated as a 5 for driver/passenger. Sienna is also smaller than the Previa for cargo space, and thats why I have decided to look at the Sequoia.

    Toyota rebid the Previa due to the fact they could not fit a 6 cyl in a Previa. They tried the supercharger 4 cyl , but the price of the van was too expensive and they lost market share. The Senna was the collaboration of GM and Toyota. GM provided the insite on what US customers wanted from a Van, and Toyota took the easy way by building it on the Camry platform.

    Thanks for the advice anyway. Still waiting to here from those in Town Hall who made the jump from a Van to a Sequoia.

  • I really Enjoy my Limited 2WD Sequoia and could honestly say I love it . It has the best looks ( by far ), ride, finish and workmanship than any other Full Size SUV in the market today.

    I just have a few little things I would like to work on.

    1) I would really like to add a after market seat memory if possible. It's a pain to make the changes after my wife drives it.

    2) It would be nice to add some nice Running Board Lights to each end of them front and back part of the running boards.

    3) The doors locking when the Vehicle is started and starts rolling is a great safety feature. How do I get the dealer to enable this?

    4) A way to turn on all of the interior lights from the drivers seat. Not reaching over and switching each of them on.

    5) Lastly I have been feeling a light tapping feeling under the drivers footing area not a vibration like some have felt but a light tapping ( feel no vibration steering if perfect ). Does anyone one else feel this? It is mostly felt driving on the freeway with a smooth ride. Just a bit annoying.

    If I could get the above things sorted out I would be Ecstatic about my new SUV.

    Can anyone help me with Any of the Above Issues? Thank you in advance.
  • neusslneussl Posts: 28
    It's Sunday evening and I'm on the web-site of the Toyota Dealer I purchased my Tundra from and guess what? They have their entire inventory of Sequoias priced at only $100 over invoice. MSRP, Invoice Price and their selling price is listed. Also all the equipment on the vehicle is listed. I don't know how long this will last. Check the largest seller of Toyota trucks in Alabama. Hope this helps.
  • What am I missing using this logic. Take a base price SR5 @ $31,295 (incl. destination) add Preferred Package ($3035), Alloy Wheel Package ($1515), Convenience Package ($490), Dual Air ($570), roof rack ($220) and pay $37,125. A Limited base price is $39,440 (incl destination). You save $2,315 and as far as I can see by add ons and get a pseudo-Limited. What are you really getting for this $2,315, the "Limited" emblem??
  • 714cut714cut Posts: 355
    Here are some other options you get with Limited model: Fog lamps, chrome grille insert instead of monochrome, chrome insert in door moldings, different alloy wheels, brushed aluminum inserts in the console and rear HVAC controls,and colour matched wheel moldings. I'm not sure whether rear spoiler is an option. There may be some other things I am missing.

    P.S. I am the proud owner of a 4WD SR5 in Silver Sky.
  • toedoctoedoc Posts: 1
    I can't believe the misinformation on this message board!I am a Toyota owner since 1975. Five different cars with each well over 100,000 miles,I'll elaborate on each later. Just took delivery on a 2001 SR5 1 week ago THIS THING IS AWESOME !!!!! All the complaints about ticks ,vibrations ,noises, blah blah blah .... are BOGUS!!! Dare I say it again THIS THING IS AWESOME DO NOT HESITATE TO BUY !!!!! To traveling 101 Keep the Previa and buy the Sequoia. have a 1995 Previa S/C 85,000 miles and it has never been to the shop for other than routine maintenance Later..
  • rruck1rruck1 Posts: 91
    I purchased my Sequoia just before Christmas and I love it. I had a 1996 Nissan Quest before this and was pretty happy with it, but needed more room and wanted 4WD capabilities.

    Traveling101 - In terms of safety, you are probably better off with the Sequoia if you will be doing any amount of traveling in snow and ice. Of course this is only true if you know the limitations of the vehicle and what benefits you really get from 4WD. You do need to drive this differently than a car as stopping distances are usually more in a truck this size.
    For us there was no comparison between our minivan and the Sequoia in terms of space. More room for everyone and more room for all our stuff. The Quest is much smaller than the Previa I guess. The ride in the Sequoia is great! Initially it felt 'big' to drive, but that passed quickly. You will lose a few MPGs, but it's worth it.
  • rruck1rruck1 Posts: 91
    Anyone else experienced this?
    I posted about a month ago that the handle used to tumble the middle passenger side seat forward broke off in my hand under moderate pressure. It was bitterly cold out at the time, but I was still amazed that this happened. I contacted my local Toyota dealer, who got the part in 2 days (very good news for anyone concerned about parts availability). I also called my sales person - different dealership- who had not heard of this before. Well, I just got an email from him saying that another owner had he same thing happen 2 hours after they picked up their Sequoia!
    This was a minor annoyance at most and would not have changed my mind about purchasing the Sequoia, but I figured if enough people had the problem Toyota might come up with a better/stronger design for the handle.
    Has anyone else had this happen?
  • We have both a '91 Previa AWD Minivan (yes, the one rated 1 for safety), and a 2001 Sequoia 4WD SR5. Realizing that 10 years really makes a difference, and some of these comments wouldn't apply to a 2001 Sienna, here are some observations for posters wondering about difference.

    The Sequoia is fundamentally a rugged, truck with a station wagon body. It has a frame with metal skid plates. The Previa is a fundamentally a car with a rather unique van body. It has a unibody with a plastic transaxle cover. The Previa drives more like a boat - kind of sluggish and vague. The Sequoia drives solid as a rock (notice I didn't say "like a rock"). The Previa scrapes it's tires on the wheel wells with a full load and a boat trailer. The towing capacity is very limited. The Sequia doesn't notice the load is there and could tow another Sequoia.

    The Previa is longer inside (over 12' gas pedal to inside tailgate), and higher (the floor is much closer to the pavement), so it has more room. It isn't a big step up to get into, and you can walk in it. It has second row captain's chairs, with a walk space between. It holds 7 plus some cargo, as long as they don't weigh too much. The Sequoia is much higher from the driver's position, but does not feel that big once you get in the vehicle (you must be willing to climb). It seats eight (full size) people plus some cargo, but you have to tumble the decond seat to get into the third seat.

    You can fold up the third seat in the Previa (or remove it with a wrench), but not the second seat. In the Sequoia, you can tumble all but the front seats (the rear's remove with a lever), and you can put 4x8 plywood inside.

    The safety of the '91 Previa speaks for itself. The Sequoia is has virtually every safety feature known to man, including side curtain airbags. It has a higher center of gravity, but also has VSC.

    The Previa gets between 20 and 25 mpg. The Sequoia gets between 14 and 17 so far. The passing acceleration in the Previa is really marginal (especially when loaded or towing a boat). The Sequoia is pretty quick for a big vehicle.

    That's probably enough for now. If there are specific questions, please ask. By the way, if I had a choice between a 2001 Sequoia and a 2001 Sienna (or MDX or highlander), which would I pick? The Sequoia 10 times out of 10. It's a great vehicle if you need a large, rugged, capable vehicle that has all the niceties and is safe.
  • Thanks for responding! I do have more specific questions. I am the other person who posted the question of the comparision (#792) and I am comparing a 2001 minivan -- either the Honda Odyssey or Chrysler Town and Country -- to the Sequoia. I have driven T&C's for 10 years and never a truck. I am worried about the safety of the Sequoia. Really worried about rolling.

    However, I do think the braking, VSC, curtain airbags and weight of the Sequoia are safety advantages over the minivans. Also, I like the fact that riding higher raises the crash zone above the fenders of most other vehicles and that the structure itself seems to be sturdier in a crash than a minivan would be.

    The disadvantages are poorer visibility (I think there are bigger "blind spots" in the sequoia) and the 10 inch ground clearance (roll-ability?)The minivans have much less ground clearance and I feel like they would be less likely to roll. I realize the Sequoia has superb stabalization mechanics, but does that make up for, or surpass the design of the lower-riding vehicles?

    I realize that I will have to learn how to handle the driving difference, going to a truck and to 4WD, but I can't anticipate how difficult that may or may not be for me.

    Overall, I just would like to know which vehicle type is safer for me. Family of 4, mostly suburban living, with frequent road trips 1 - 3 day's driving distances. But no off-road or towing in our future.
  • The limited also has power folding outside mirrors, a 6 disc in dash ad player and lighted vanity mirrors, you can not get these on the SR5. Additionally the SR5 leather am package may not have leather door panels, we dot know yet.
  • gopmangopman Posts: 2
    Anyone install a remote starter on the SQ. I have not dealt with remote starters before so I am looking for feedback. Are they good or bad for the car? Does it do any harm? What is the best one out there and how can I get one installed? Does it work with the existing security remote system?

    Sorry, Lot of questions?

    Proud owner of a Jade 4WD Limited. Love it.
  • rruck1rruck1 Posts: 91
    I don't think you can avoid the roll over issue, but you can minimize it significantly by adjusting your driving habits. If you are not an overly aggressive driver then this should be pretty easy. There are situations that will roll over any vehicle, not just SUVs and they may be unavoidable. I drove 3 different SUV's before I got a minivan and now I have a Sequoia. I have never been in a roll over and have never come close to rolling any vehicle I have ever owned. The danger is there, but I think that most people will never encounter it. I don't have any data to back it up, but my gut feeling is that the majority of rollovers come from yahoos that drive too aggressively or ignore the fact that an SUV can get you going in snow, but doesn't make you invincible. Personally I feel that the Sequoia is a better choice for my family (me, wife, two kids and a big dog) in terms of safety, reliability and utility. It's a personal choice though.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    It is extremely difficult to install a remote starter on any vehicle with the engine immobilizer like the Sequoia. The vehicle can't be started without the chip aligned with the ignition ring. The only way around this is to buy an extra key and find an installer who can literally hard mount the spare key in close enough proximity to allow the vehicle to start. Keep in mind, that by doing this, you have completely disabled an important theft prevention devise.
  • phild5phild5 Posts: 2
    Has anybody had any luck in the North Atlanta getting discounts on the Sequoia? I've been quoted sticker on the limited and about $1,500 off on the SR5. Anybody had better luck?
  • Check out post 820 re. $100 over invoice in Tuscaloosa AL. I seriously doubt it but one never knows. I saw the Web site and it does show selling prices at 100 over invoice. I think your about 250 miles away, I am going 1200 miles from Seattle to Carson CA. to get mine. Bob I
  • npepnpep Posts: 11
    First, take a look at:

    They look to be the cheapest, but I did not call them. I ended up with a deal from Conyer's Toyota. Ask for Anthony White, internet sales manager. He beat the best price on a SR5 by $1000. He says he is $1500 over invoice. I paid $33944 walk out with the following:

    2WD, SR5, Cloth, Power Cap Chairs, Mats, Dual AC, Roof Rack, Conv. Package, Alloy Wheel Package, Hood protector.

  • hi i'm a 1st time poster and its great to read all these postings on the sequoia... i have a 91 previa van...has 260k on it and have been extremely happy with it. Our family is planning a lot of driving vacations this year and planned for 1 yr to purchase a sequoia. A friend recently purchased and i was impressed with the vehicle. But for our family it won't work on long drives vs. the previa. we're looking for another vehicle with more power, more cargo room and similar flexibilites of the previa. Our kids 14yr & 3 pre-teens need their space for comfort it makes for better vacations.. I agree with previous posts, the extra cargo room is a big benefit, plus the ability to manipulate the rear space even while driving is very conveniet for the family. Also all 4 captain chairs and the rear split bench horizontally, makes the passengers very comfortable to sleep and rest on long trips. if we need flat space, fold the bench up, move some blankets around and there is space for 1 adult and 2 pre-teens to rest. at home there was endless pratical configurations used, i only inteded to keep vehicle for 3 years but now would keep around as useful utility vehicle...although i couldn't use for towing... Now we have seen and test drove GMC/Chev and Dodge full-sized hi-topconversion vans and heavily leaning towards purchasing very soon and would like to hear comments from anybody's thoughts on our situation and give us any recommendations... thanks for the help
  • Phil, that is clearly a way different geographical set of figures than CA! I am way more off MSRP on Limiteds than SR5's... and my largest discounts are on 4WDs right now. I guess it really pays to scan the country now. Last week, I delivered several cars to board members both here and Sequoiasolutions as well. All but one were special build orders. Farthest travelled was a toss-up -- one to a Colorado denizen, the other to a Seattle WA fellow, both very patient and both got precisely what they wanted to the Nth degree. Really...

    It continues to astound me that there are folks still hearing MSRP for Limiteds but if that's due to dealer conditions, ie. a lack of them like I lack enough SR5 2wd, then it makes sense.

  • Contrary to several posts, the 6 cd in-dash changer is available in the SR-5 as part of the PM package and the rear air w/ rear controls is also available.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Unlike Di, our 4x4 Limiteds are difficult to get. I sell at the 5th largest dealership in the Central Atlantic Region. We have no Sequoias in stock. We have 9 SR5 4x4s in the allocation pipeline and 3 Limiteds. One of those is sold. We get another allocation later this week, but for now, we are very short of inventory.

    Last month, we had a better selection and were discounting up to $2000 off MSRP. This month, we are between sticker and $1000 off MSRP. Next month, we may be $2500 off if we get a lot of units on the way. This is a pure supply/demand equation.
  • I have been reading and posting on this board and the Landcruiser board for almost three months now. I was deciding between a new SEQ.SR5 or a used TLC. In the past week I have been seriously considering putting a deposit down on a Silver Sky SR5 with prefered package, convenience package, dual AC, moonroof, alloy wheels, side curtain airbags, etc... Essentially I was trying to build a limited like post #821 for thousands less and without that cheesy metalic trim (IMO any $40k vehicle should have wood trim, let alone one named after a tree.)

    Here's the rub -- Saturday the dealer e-mails me to confirm that I can not get heated seats with the SR5. However he suggests that they can have them installed under the factory leather after it is delivered. The lack of heated seats is consistent with the info posted here over the last few weeks.

    Today I called Toyota customer service and asked if heated seats were standard in the limited? "Yes sir, they are installed at the factory." So, I ask "if you have the seats there at the factory and you publish a brochure stating that they are included in the preferred package why can't you put them in the SR5?" "I understand that Toyota can change its mind/options after the brochure is printed (and not reduce the option price mind you) but I am even willing to pay an extra fee for the heated seats."

    Now before anyone in a warmer climate jumps to any conclusions or questions my sincerity, let me state that this would be my wife's primary transportation and contrary to anyone else's view on this -- heated seats in the upper mid-west are not an option to my wife they are a neccessity.

    When I asked whether my dealer's suggestion to add them after the vehicle comes in would void my warranty, she says "well the warranty only covers items installed at the factory, so if for example the heater malfunctioned and your seat caught on fire, it would not be covered." How comforting!!

    However, given my wife's "need" for heated seats and trying to remove the image of her and my four children being burned alive, I forged ahead with this customer dis-service representative. I wondered -- "given my willingness to pay a little extra (not the thousands required to buy a limited) why won't they put the heated seats in to satisfy a customer?" She says "marketing and other higher ups make these decisions sir." Losing a customer on a vehicle that would cost over $40,000 just because you won't put seats in that are readily available at the factory is poor marketing if you ask me.

    When I asked if I could talk to anyone else about accomodating my request I was told that I could check back for changes in next year's marketing program. Which left me questioning -- "where did I call? Customer service?"

    Dianne, Cliffy, anyone? Isn't there any way to order a vehicle with what I want? Given that the seats are at the factory this request does not seem unreasonable -- does it? In this area Lexus does not even offer vehicles without heated seats. Every vehicle comes with them whether it is listed as an option or not. Please help before I give up on the Sequoia and go with a used TLC. The seats are a deal breaker for my wife. Thanks.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    May I suggest that you consider a smaller (lower) midsize SUV then? Since it seems like you don't need capacity of the Sequoia but want the safety devices, how about trying some of Toyota's other smaller products, or perhaps something like the MB M-class SUV (available with 7 passenger seating)? Click here for the M-class discussion topic, and here is the Toyota Highlander topic. The Acura MDX may be something you may want to consider, although it doesn't have stability control.

    Good luck!

    Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories message boards
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Unfortunately, I don't have any good news for you. We can only order what is listed as options for a particular model. I can't customer order an SR5 with a spoiler even though it is available on an SR5. The same holds true for the heated seats. I wish it were otherwise but it ain't (excuse the Southern vernacular).

    Now, one other thing to consider is the "deal." While it is true that the Limited lists for more than a factory ordered SR5 with side bags and PM, the dealer may not be as willing to deal on the ordered unit. Ordering ties up an allocated unit and most dealerships have an aversion to the delayed gratification of an order. They are usually much more willing to deal on something they will be able to deliver now or within a couple of weeks. You may be able to get the actual sale price of a Limited within spittin' distance (another Southern thing, sorry) of an SR5. Something to consider anyway. You'd have much better resale anyway.
  • Thanks for the info Cliffy. However, much like your discussion in post 838 and Dianne's in 836 the amount dealers are willing to move is dependent on supply/demand. The dealers in my area are not dealing on LTDs in the same way they are willing to discount SR5s. As such the difference is more substantial than I had hoped for. Again while I don't like the info I appreciate your time in posting it.
    Best regards!
  • catbudcatbud Posts: 5
    Are vanity mirrors really not lighted in the SR5? That seems like a pretty stingy thing to leave off- I have that in my old explorer XLT. Like a previous poster, I couldn't find significant difference between a Ltd and a loaded SR5 (convenience, Preferred, alloy wheel, dual ac, tire upgrade) I was told the leather pkg in the preferred pkg would include door panels. Someone posted it migth not. If my delaer is wrong, Please let me know!

    I ordered the SR5 and as far as I can figure saved about $3000 off the Ltd. Hope I didn't miss something. By the way, I went with Thunder gray after seeing a LTD but wonder now if the warm silver trim will look nice with it. Anyone seen one in person?? Could have had a silver sky (matching trim). Have to admit I was tempted by the LTD status, but thought $3000 was worth more.
  • Just wondering how much people here are paying for the fully loaded 2WD SR5 ? ( prefered package, convenience package, dual AC, moonroof, alloy wheels, side curtain airbags, etc) and will these options make the SR5 exactly the same as the Limited? What options are exclusive to the Limited. I can not see Toyota making the Limited $3k more for the new crushed metal trim.
  • 714cut714cut Posts: 355
    Some of the confusion may be related to U.S. sales versus Canada. In Canada we cannot get 6 disc changer or the power moonroof in an SR5. I believe we also cannot get leather/heated seats.
    Your are lucky in U.S.-you have much more flexibility. We are also limited in colors too-for example thunder grey not available.
  • Your extra 3k gets you leather on the doors, heated seats, lighted vanity mirrors, power folding side mirrors and the word "Limited". With those goodies comes the dreaded tin foil trim. I would rather spend my 3k elsewhere. I also do not agree with the conclusion that Limiteds will have better resale value because when I looked into leasing, lease residuals were higher as a percentage of MSRP on the SR-5. Only time will tell, but I would rather rely on the judgment of financial professionals than idle speculation as to resale value.
  • In addition to those items already listed the LTD has fog lights and a spoiler. The SR5 just has black plugs where the fog lights should be. Why Toyota makes items like lighted vanity mirrors, fog lights and keyless entry options on an almost 40k vehicle is beyond me. In addition you can not even opt for other items as previously discussed (e.g. heated seats, wood trim). I hope these complaints are heard and they get their customer service together in the very near future. I think the SEQ is a great vehicle mechanically (don't mind the VSC thinking for me, it works great in my Lexus)however it does seem like they went very cheap on items that most people in this price range would consider standard. For example why would fog lights be an option on the SEQ? They come standard on the smaller, less expensive Highlander. Heck I think they are standard on a Chevy Cavalier. What gives?
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