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Isuzu Rodeo



  • Ok, I have replaced the thermostat, the fan is working fine, the hoses look good and not squishy or brittle, I cant find a leak, BUT i take it less than 30 miles and Im blowing steam from my overflow tank, this problem started just recently. (U know like since the weather got HOT) I have not run the a/c as this seems to make it overheat quicker, though turning the heat on doesnt help it cool down.
    I love my truck and have put several hundred dollars in it. I have actually learned how to change a clutch and several other parts on my own, I really am lost on this though. Any advice would be helpful.
    I just read a post about flushing the radiatior, but Im going thru so much water, how can there be any bad water left in it? And I read that it may be a blown head gasket, but the only problem Im having with it is the overheating... SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE
  • I originally posted my problem with our 01 Rodeo about a year ago. Since then we still haven't found anyone who knows how to fix it so it's been sitting in our yard all this time! I recently totalled my car and now have no transportation so I'd really like
    to get it fixed. Again this is what happened. One nite someone tried to steal gas out of it & set the alarm off. When we got it, it didn't come with a key remote, so I just turned the alarm off by unlocking the door. Next morn. went to get in it, it started, drove 1 block then died. It kept starting, going a little ways then dying. Thinking that all the gas had been stolen, we put gas in it. Kept trying to start then eventually wouldn't start at all. It hasn't started since. We took it to the dealership. They told us that we needed to buy a $700 fuel pump then they MIGHT be able to fix it! Took it to about 3 different mechanics after that and no one knows how to bypass the alarm or whatever needs to be done to fix it! We eventually ran short on money and just gave up. I've read online about this problem is common w/Rodeos but haven't been able to find anyone who knows what's wrong or how to fix it. HELP!!! Thank you, Sue
  • I'm not a mechanic but you should buy a keyless remote and program it . It will cost you $30-40 (maybe less) and it will allow you to determine if it is the alarm system s causing your problem. Go on eBay a find a keyless remote for your 2001 Rodeo. The code for my 2002 is FCC ID: HYQ1512R. Is you go to one of the larger keyless remote vendors they can tell you if this is the same code for your 2001. Buy one that comes with programming instructions and program it. This is easy to do if you are reasonably handy. Test it out and see if your rodeo stops dying out. The worst that can happen is that you've bought a remote that works for your car. Good luck.
  • i got a 1997 isuzu rodeo 4x4. When i put it in drive it want move unless i press the winter button and every time i reduce speed or stop i have to press the button again to go but reverse works fine with out the winter button pressed could some one help :mad:
  • How do you know the fan is working fine? I thought my fan was working fine too but I replaced the fan clutch anyway and oh baby that thing moves some air now, especially just after start-up! My overheating problem went away!
  • softsayoceansoftsayocean Posts: 4
    edited September 2010
    I have a 94 Rodeo V6 and I got it pretty messed up, so I'm slowly trying to rebuild it. Every time I accelerate hard, my engine bogs down and it blows black smoke. And also the check engine light comes on but turns off by the time I get close to somewhere to check it. I know it has something to do with my air intake but I'm not sure if it is a sensor or a valve. I don't know this engine very well. Please help!

    Oh and when I go under 20 MPH something in my hubs or wheels rattle but I can't anything
  • I have a 1998 rodeo that I had to have part of the frame replaced for inspection which cost me $1400. now 3 months later I have another major problem. Just checked recalls and finally Isuzu is in the process of recalling my vehicle. So those of you who have the same problem, check out Isuzu recalls and call them to register your vehicle.
    They hope to have the problem solved by the end of the year. Can't drive my rodeo until its fixed but I'm not paying anymore money. Maybe I'll see if they will spring for a rental car. ha ha
  • Hello all!

    I would like to tow my 02 Rodeo 4X4 Auto Trans behind my RV with a towbar. I am planning on fitting the towbar to the 2 chain loops on the front of the Rodeo. Has anybody done this? Can it be straight towed with out disconnecting the driveshaft and does anyone know of a wiring kit to be used?

    Thank you for any input!
  • All my 93 Isuzu rodeo would do is squeal when giving it gas. NO POWER. Everyone thought my trans was gone. We added some Lucas trans treatment and 2 days later like magic problem gone. Not really. light in dash stays on so I started thinking I had an electric problem. Then truck stops. Dead battery. Hmmmm. when I jumped the truck it ran very rough and wouldn't stay on without cables connected. when I finally had had enough juice I started moving. When I turned on head lights the transmission light came on and I lost power again. Turned lights off and trans light went off and I regained power. how do I fix it
  • I have a 94 4wd and it has issues w the tranny, it will only go in low gear, I originally thought i needed a new tranny but as i read more on the problem I am wondering if it is associated with the electrical system. There is for sure problems with the wiring, the alarm erratically goes off, the wipers & headlights go out sometimes we definitely have electrical problems and i am wondering if my husband has done something in the process of trying to fix our other crazy problems to cause the transmission to act up. We are not financially able to buy a bunch of parts that wont fix the problem and I do not trust a shop, i feel as if they will tell me I need a tranny even if I dont! Please help and/or lead me to sites to help with DIY fixes...Thanks!!!
  • I have replaced one of the (supposedly) 2 oxygen sensors on my '94 Rodeo 3.2L 2WD.
    I found and replaced the obvious o2 sensor that is located before the cat converter on the driver side.
    According to my Haynes manual, this year model and engine specs call for it having a total of 2 oxygen sensors, one in or near each exhaust manifold. I have looked and looked for the one on the passenger side manifold/pipe area. I have not found it.
    There is no post cat o2 sensor either.

    Any help in telling me where the second oxygen sensor is located (on the passenger side exhaust manifold or pipe) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  • I have a 2000 Rodeo LS with similair problems.It has 4 speed auto. When shifting from 2nd to 3rd it shifts real hard with a hard thud.Once I get in Drive I'm fine. Does ok above 30 mph.When I slow down below 30 mph & transmission downshifts to 2nd gear,transmission locks down like it had been slammed into Park. It makes a really bad noise when this happens. Drove it home from work one day,pulled into driveway & noticed shift indicator had been in Park.(For 6 miles).I tried turning ignition switch to on (Not starting engine) & shifting from Park to Nuetral slowly for 3-4 times. This seemed to solve the problem,but only for a short time. I replaced the Park/Nuetral Safety switch, located on drivers side of trans.No more problems for about a yr.Problem came back. I'm back to slowly shiftin thru gears again. Was told by dealership, trans. replacement was $5500.00.
  • our transmission went totally out one day...we bought a 2006 PT cruiser...I was tired of transmission troubles...I had had 2 Troopers and my daughter 1 nothings but transmissions troubles with all 3....
  • I have a 1998 Rodeo and several times I have had the problem of the hard shifting up and down like you describe. Each time the problem has been electrical, once just a short in the trailer light hookup. It might be worth checking. I took mine to a place that specializes in electrical systems, not a regular garage and absolutely NOT a dealer.
  • mrtrumpmrtrump Posts: 1
    Actually it was very easy, just a handful of screws. I had to replace all 4 of the lights on the right side of the dash that the old owner failed to tell my about when it was at night I had no idea how fast I was going or how much gas I had. It gave me the opportunity to clean the gauges,and the plastic face.
  • mysticbuckmysticbuck Posts: 5
    I have a 1994 Honda Passport and less than 2 months ago, replaced all 3 coil packs, because one was burned out. One month after that, the ignition module burned out. Now, my coil packs are burning out again. Any idea why? What could be causing this? Any ideas would be appreciated!
  • I have a 1994 Honda Passport, and thanks to advice from docj, I replaced the alternator to stop my coil packs from burning out, which seemed to work. However, another question...first thing in the morning, the car starts right up immediately. However, later in the day, (lunchtime, etc), it cranks for 15 seconds or so before it kicks in and starts. Any ideas what sensor may be causing this? Thank you.
  • I've experienced that same situation after a bad transmission rebuild on my '91 Pathfinder. I'd pull up to a light and a couple moments after stopping, it would feel like someone hit me from behind. It was a bad torque converter and I had to force the transmission shop to fix the problem.

    On the issue of drive shafts on Isuzus, my 2000 Rodeo that I otherwise loved, detonated two transfer cases and was on it's way to losing a 3rd (in less than 60k miles total) when I got rid of it. I had to take Isuzu to court because first, they blamed my 265/75 tires and then the 2nd time they blamed the 2.5" suspension lift on the problem. Of course, research showed that no one in the avid Isuzu 4x4 community had ever experienced transfer case issues and after taking my truck to a custom drive-shaft shop as directed by the dealership and the regional Isuzu manager, I left there with only wasted time because they laughed and said that there was no possible reason I would need a double-CV driveshaft for such a minor geometry change to the suspension.

    Most likely, it was the output shaft of the transmission causing the problem, not that we'd know because they never even inspected either of the two transfer cases to figure out whether the failure was on the input or output side.
  • [The starter motor on these trucks are a pain to remove cuz part of the exhaust is in the way. It can be done without removing the exhaust...]

    How? I tried to remove the starter and I couldn't figure out how to do it without removing the exhaust pipe. What's the trick?
  • This problem started to occur about 6 months ago now and again but now its daily.

    When working.
    Turn on ignition- Lamp test then engine check light dissapears allowing engine to be turned.

    When not working

    Turn on ignition- Lamp test then engine check light stays on and flashes quickly. Engine will not crank.


    Turn off ignition and repeat. This cycle is repeated untill flashing light goes off allowing engine to be cranked.

    Yesterday I had to repeat 6 times. When engine did fire it died almost straight away. I then repeated cycle and started successfully.

    I've plugged in my elm 327 code reader but no codes are logged.

  • that happened to me also, if you smell gas its your fuel intake gasket which I had to replace twice. Not cheap either. But the mechanic told me it could be dangerous.
  • Thanks for your reply. Interesting. Don't know what gas could be though.
    diesel is safe right uptill its high flash point.

    A mechanic I was talking to said it sounded like an immobiliser problem and because the engine light doesn't stay on its not recorded in the fault codes section of the computer.

    Has anyone else had a flashing engine check light on ignition?

    Has anyone else used a code reader that can read codes from immobiliser system?
  • My 99 Rodeo (3.2L V6) had an intermittent gas smell in the engine and cab, and rough idle. I replaced the EGR, IAC, PCV and Fuel Filter. Runs smoother now, but gas smell has become constant. I do not see any gas leaks anywhere inside the engine or out. I have read different comments on it being leaks in the Injectors, the Fuel Vapor Canister, Vapor Solenoid or Fuel Pressure Regulator. Before I go spending any money on these I wanted to see if there were any ideas out there. Thanks.
  • Solved. After replacing the Fuel Vapor Canister and Fuel Solenoid the smell went away.
  • I have a 2001 Rodeo LS and I'm in need of a passenger window (glass only). There is a 1997 Rodeo at the junkyard. If it has power windows, is it interchangeable? Also need to replace the tailgate. Is that interchangeable, as well?

    Looking for any help. Thanks.
  • So i was driving my rodeo and i had a series of loud and i mean loud bangs. now my passanger side front tire will not rotate. it just drags and refuses to move. i tried getting out and pushing since its a manual transmission but the car wont move. i was forced to move it out of the way and i left a continues drag mark on the ground. anyone have any idea what would cause this?
  • jose54jose54 Posts: 1
    I have an Isuzu Rodeo 1996, changes two alternators and one battery and still have charging problem. Fuses are OK. Can someone help me?
  • meln29meln29 Posts: 1
    i have a 2004 rodeo i hit a pot hole while driving and then my car started making a rattling noise. i had my car check by a mechanic he could not find anything wrong with my car told me to take it to a muffler place i needed a new muffler but the rattling contiue. i can have my car in park and rev up the gas to 20-30 mph but i hear no rattling as soon as i start drinving here comes the rattling, it does it when im turning and when i press on the break to slow my car down its like the rattling is settling down so it makes a louder noise. what could this be?
  • I have a 94 Passport, never had this problem but I have had a similar "rattle" happen on another vehicle where part of the "honeycomb" inside the cat. converter broke off and started rattling about. If this is the case the noise will change with RPM, also makes sence about how it all started. The chunk can cause exhaust backup problem and can burn out the cylinder components. I would start with a muffler shop if a mechanic couldn't track it down then that would be the next step.
  • chemoniechemonie Posts: 2
    Mine did the ticking for 4 years. I took advice and changed my oil useing Mobil One 0w30. Believe it or not the ticking stopped in less than 20 miles although other people stated it took their Rodeo near 1,000 miles tostop the ticking.
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