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Nissan Pathfinder



  • the outside temp guage on your 01 PF starts to read 10-15 degrees higher than the actual temp ;-).
  • joef4570joef4570 Posts: 29
    "I know Nissan is offering 3.9% over 5 years. I want to finance for 3 years....can I get the same rate? Does anyone know what the rate would be for 3 years?"

    I just did this, Nissan will let you finance for less than 5 years at the same 3.9%.
  • menswearmenswear Posts: 11
    I just wanted to thank everyone on this board for all the info. I took the plunge yesterday and put a deposit on a 2001 PF SE 4x4, Auto. I bought it for Invoice - $300 cashback, comes out to about $27.8. The dealer just has to find the color that I want (Silver, black, or white). Can't wait!
  • mazadimazadi Posts: 26
    Does anyone else find it annoying that the outside temp gauge is totally inaccurate? I know you're supposed to drive for a while for it to calibrate, but mine is always about 10 degrees too high. Is this an issue with just my car, or is it simply due to poor placement of the sensor? Has anyone tried to fix this?
  • johnskevjohnskev Posts: 98
    i'm trying to find the online/phone dealer that people have gotten quotes from. i'm helping a buddy look for a new vehicle, and people here have had luck with some phone in or online place that gets one in a requested area for cheap. maybe it pits dealers against each other? i don't remember the name and i've just searched for an hour on this board and can't find any reference to it. am i making sense?

  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    I noticed this right away on my 01 PF last april. I took my PF in and the dealer said "sorry" can't do a thing. Maybe if enough of us complain to Nissan they will do something.
  • kbehnkekbehnke Posts: 60
    Does anyone know if the oil filters for the '01 can be purchased anywhere besides the dealership - either at parts stores or online? My dealership is about 30 minutes away so I don't want to have to make a special trip unless I have to.

  • jsfoxjsfox Posts: 1
    I just purchase my new 2001 SE Pathfinder which has the manually adjusted seats. The head room is right on the edge for me and it would be great to get another 1" (yes, I have the seat at it's lowest position). Looking under the seat it looks like the seat mounts could be modified to lower the seat. Anyone know if there are aftermarket parts to accomplish this? Seems like it would be a simple set of parts and a very welcome improvement.
  • path01path01 Posts: 14
    Having had 3 Nissan VQ powered cars with the PF being the fourth, I can state that changing to synth. oil at 1,000 miles has had absolutely no adverse effects. No oil consumption, no leakage, etc. As a matter of fact, I have switched to synth. oil on all my cars at 1K since 1976 with no bad results (always use Mobil 1).

    I do not notice the temperature differential some of you speak about concerning the outside temp gauge. It is normal for the gauge to read erroneously after sitting , but after a few miles, mine seems to be accurate (01 Pathfinder).
  • Does anyone have a recommendation for the best
    product to use on the suede seat covers for getting off scuff marks? Will it also work on the
    headline fabric. Thanks in advance.
  • I am considering getting a Pathfinder in the next couple of months and had a couple questions about the ERR2 problem.

    1) Has anybody who recently bought a Pathfinder (recently = within 2 months) gotten an ERR2 message?
    2) Has anybody with the 6 disc changer in the back of the pathfinder (because of the navi system) exprienced this problem?
    3) Has anybody who had the problem, then got a new changer, have an ERR2 message again with their new changer?
  • pondfull5pondfull5 Posts: 53
    Yes, two weeks after I got my Pf SE 5spd.(the Canadian model) the problem started.
    I am still waiting for the dealer to call me to replace the radio. Because that is what the they told me was the cause of the problem.
    Please refer to my recent posting on this issue.
  • Hi y'all ....

    1/ I picked up my oil filters at Walmart ... Fram PH 7164 (I think!) for $4.00 each.

    2/ I had dealer replace my temp sensor 2 weeks after delivery. It seems to be more accurate now even tho still high for a couple of minutes.

    3/ Nissan Canada just dropped their purchase financing rate from 2.8% to 1.8% on April 01/01.

    4/ Steering wheel was off center approx 5-10 degrees even tho PF was going straight. Dealer re-aligned the wheels.

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    We had the name spoofing problem when we restored the database after the server problems that we had a while back. Yes, it affected others across Town Hall, so it's not just you.

    Dates can be out of order because when we move posts from other topics, the date carries along as well.

    As for the "go to" function, it depends on how many deleted posts there are in a topic. Have a look at this for more info:
    bblaha "New Software! Your Questions Answered..." Apr 6, 2001 11:08pm

    Hope this helps!

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  • wcrolandwcroland Posts: 26
    I just had it last night trying to put cd in, cd is store bought but a little thicker I think due to the top grpahics of it. Tried second time worked fine, so I think in dash changer is still better than going back to the rear to put them in. Don't give up hope.
  • path01path01 Posts: 14
    I have found that Interior Cleaner by Griot's Garage ( is by far the best stuff I have come across yet. Use it to clean the suede like beige upholstery on my wifes Maxima.
  • georgeb7georgeb7 Posts: 35
    I would use what the manual says to avoid not conforming to the proper care of the vehicle, thus voiding warranty if engine problem arises. What someone tells you today may not be the same thing another tells you tomorrow.
  • selight2selight2 Posts: 9
    Thanks to this forum and all the excellent information I bought a 2001 AWD Bronzed Gray PF LE. I think I got a good deal:

    2001 PF LE AWD
    Cloth Interior
    Wind Deflector
    Body Side Moldings
    Micro Filter
    Floor Mats
    Includes $500 core cash and 3.9% financing.
    Just add tax and tags

    I used the Nissan VPP program and according to Edmunds and my research it looks to be about $756 below invoice. I received $500 core cash so ask about it during your negotiations and the 3.9% financing is also back at select dealerships. The VPP program is worth looking into also. Thanks again all for your help.
  • Hi Fellow PF Owners

    Had to take a minute to agree with those that have used Zaino products on their Pathfinder. It is unbelievable what a quality product this is and the final results. Mine is burnt cherry and the wet look is just absolutely fantastic. The best part is the ease of application. I found a distributor online that accepted credit cards and I had my products in 3 days. I highly recommend them if like me you can't wait or are uncomfortable sending someone a check. Her name is Roz Aldridge and her business is called the Gloss Boss. Here is a link:

    I was sold on these products when I viewed the pictures on the Zaino web site (

    If you order products from Roz, please tell her Steve in Missouri recommended her. Great service! Thanks to all on this board for their wonderful contributions! Steve

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