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Nissan Pathfinder



  • According to Automotive News last week and their asian manufacturer preview, Nissan is redesigning the Pathfinder for the 06' model year, it should be available in early 05'. Both it and the redesigned Xterra for 05' will be on a modified Titan frame. There are rumors that the PF will have a third row of seats, but everything is very hush.
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    So let's see...For the price of one oil change, $10.00 parts if you do it yourself...That's too much per year to really insure your $30,000 investment...Don't drink 3 Starbucks Lattes during the year...Even!............
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Yes, Jack, it is too much...:):):):):):):)
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    The cost of changing the oil every 3000 miles is not that much considering the purchase price of the vehicle, but I don't like the effort and mess of changing the oil. My truck has a sturdy aftermarket skid plate that is a pain to remove and replace for oil filter changes, so increasing the interval lengthens the time between fussing beneath the truck. I've bumped my intervals up to 5000 miles.

    By the way, what oil filter brand(s) and part number(s) do you use?

    Here's what I've used on my 3.3L V6 for the past 60,000 miles:
    Purolator PureOne #PL14620
  • Washed my 3-month-old chrome silver PF last weekend, and noticed what looks like small specks of road tar or something dark in places that doesn't want to come off with regular automotive soap. It's unfortunately driven every day through a stretch of road that is constantly under construction/repair. Any suggestions for something to dissolve that stuff without dissolving the clearcoat? Thanks.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    Try WD-40. Most folks have a can around and it is a safe first bet. Let it soak for a few minutes first, then wash off with dishwashing soap. Of course you need to rewax after that.

    If it is still being stubborn, there are a number of road tar removers available at your local auto supply store...I've never had to resort to one yet.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Another product that works well for this is called "goo gone". It's available in many hardware, grocery and department stores (like Target and Wal-Mart).
  • I have a 2003 PF with heated seats. I've had heated seats in the past that put out enough BTU's to really help with lower back pain (I would use them even in the summer time), but the heat from the PF's is not even noticible in the low position and just a little warm in the high. The dealer has checked them and claims they're ok, but I think all they did was to see if they came on. Any comments?
  • I don't have heated seats, so I won't be of any help, but maybe you should go back and ask to test out the heated seats of another Pathfinder on the lot? I'm sure they could let you do that.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    I have heated seats on my 2001 PF LE & while I've never had heated seats before, I would say mine are the same as yours. I can't feel it in the low position & can barely feel it on high.
  • smibradsmibrad Posts: 34
    I have to agree with you, the heated seats are weak. On a cold day it takes 10 minutes before I feel any heat. Even then I feel only a little. When I had my 2001 PF in for service I complained about the heated seats and had them checked. I figured they were broken or something. According to the service manager they did a test to measure the output (can't remember exactly what they measured) but he said they were within specifications and were working normally.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Wow, you guys must have insulated underwear! ;-) My 2001 will get uncomfortably warm in the high setting, even when it's -40 outside. What I think is really missing is a heated steering wheel. My rear end can take care of itself, but driving with mitts on is difficult, and without them my hands freeze with outside temps. in the -20 to -40 range!
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    I think the temperature differences are all in the butt of the beholder. <grin>

    Where is it currently cold enough to need the heated seats?
  • brisoupbrisoup Posts: 46
    I have a 2002 Pathfinder and my seats are just warm on the high setting.The lowest the temp has been with the truck sitting outside for several hours is about 15 degrees F. After driving for about 30 min I would turn the setting to low because my tush starts getting too warm.I've never had heated seats before so I assume this is normal. BTW: Who actually needs heated seats right now?
  • sivi1sivi1 Posts: 82
    i live in western pa where coal trucks leave all of my 3 cars {suv} with black streaks and spots of tar like substance on paint. after washing and drying, i use wet towel and wd-40 and black spots come off easily.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    I'll second the vote for heated steering wheels. When it dips below freezing, that feature is awesome...

    On the high setting, the seats are perfect for me, but too hot for my wife who usually turns it down or off. Like xplorx4 sez, it's really in the butt of the beholder. It would be nice if they heated up quicker, but I don't think they are intended to provide "theraputic" levels of heat.
  • Thanks for the advice everyone, the WD-40 did the trick.
  • jmw4jmw4 Posts: 67
    I would also agree that the heated seats are weak even in high mode. On my Acura RL, the high mode is very hot, while 2002 Pathfinder is at best a tad above warm.
  • My wife and I have a 2002 LE and our heated seats work great. We generally start on High mode and then turn them down before they become uncomfortable. Once we turn them on, we can start feeling the warmth almost immediately. I agree though its probably not enough to give any sort of Thermal massage benefit or anything but its fine for just trying to keep toasty.
  • Can any 2003 PF owner confirms that the AC in the 2003 model is not as good as the earlier year? I believe that the AC system was changed and as a results, the AC air temp. has increased from 40 F to like 55F.
  • Took my '96 Pathfinder with 84,000 miles on it in for a 30,000 mile service today (dealer)
    . Tonight it is idleing rough and the check engine light is on. I'll have to call the dealer in the morning. I don't even know if its safe to drive back there (about 14 miles). I don't see any liquid under it so its not like anything is draining out and it looks like the spark plugs are all in. I don't see anything obvously wrong.

    I do remember a little bit of a rough idleing (kind of a soft thumping I guess) when I left the dealer but I wasn't sure what it was. Also the brake peadle is pretty soft (the brake pads/drums were fine, but they flushed the brake fluid).

    I did stop and get gas tonight. It was my next trip out that it seemed to be running rougher (like it is missing) and the check engine light came on. We went back and checked the gas pump I used and it was correct, unleaded (not diesel or something!). So unless, the gas station has water in their gas, then I assume the dealer screwed up.

    I know I can't expect much help on this tonight, but its nice to post my frustration after forking out almost $1,000 between the tuneup and the muffler. I'll post what was wrong when I find out.

  • I had a 1995 Ford Windstar than ran rough suddenly. The car would drive. Could smell heavy fuel smell outside car - but no visible drips. Turned out the fuel injector jammed in wide open throttle position in one cylinder and filled entire exhaust system with gas in just a few miles of driving. This is a very dangerous condition - risk of nasty explosion. Will damage hundreds of dollars of oxygen sensors too. My mechanic did fix it - but he lost money on the $100 repair. Seems that the failure was in the injector board telling it to stay on. I would have it towed in or driven in very cold - 14 miles is too far and risks fire if this is the failure mode...

    Steve in Central Wisconsin (1997 XE Pathfinder owner)
  • Typo - was a $1000 repair.

    Had to replace my exhaust system from the rear of the catalytic converter to the back - was $560 of parts and labor - ooch. My front struts went recently for a truck that is driven on the highway most of the time - anybody else need new struts after just 75,000 miles? Thought the truck would have the super suspension to avoid those types of failures at that stage. Boy - what a nice ride after I replaced them - but the $860 bill was tough to swallow.

    Only other complaint on the truck has been the cheap non-stainless 10mm screws that hold the brush guard on under the engine. I have just (4) left - the rest rotted out through the years. The guys that used to change my oil would break them and leave them in the holes - hardly anything left to hold the brush guard on with.

  • Took it back to the dealer this morning and they fixed a couple things.

    1) During the tune up the vehicle was run with the #6 spark plug wire disconnected and they forgot to erase the code this caused the computer to think it was still disconnected.

    2) Bled the brakes. Brake system had a small amount of air in it.

    Things seem back to normal now. Peter
  • Thank-Thank finally someone else has entered data on the very poor performance of the AC system in the 2003 Pathfinder. Yes you are correct they did redesign the AC system used in the Pathfinder for 2003. An only the Pathfinder 2003. They have managed to make the system use less than one pound of refrigerant. Yes .91 pound to be exact.
    Yes Nissan is very aware of the problem and maybe some day they will cure the system. But for now people like us have to suffer.
    I have contacted Nissan direct and filed a complaint with them. Yes The local dealer has also filed a complaint with the factory. I have received two letters for feedback from Nissan thinking the problem has been solved. But my most recent letter has gone unanswered.
    Yes when hot out 90 degrees system will put out 55 and when its hot humid and above 90 well good luck. Local dealer measured a temperature at the back seat of 78 with the truck running at 65 miles per hour for 20 minutes. Local dealer has communicated that a large number of their customers are not happy. Local dealer has also confirmed a very large number of people in the US have filed direct with Nissan with no solution to date.
    My friends car was in an accident that required major front end repairs. When completed his AC is perfect only to find out Nissan supplied a 91
    Pathfinder system to replace his 93 system.
    I have also contacted Consumer reports and they are going to look into it.
    My suggestion would be to make sure you file a complaint with Nissan direct You can get info from your owners manual. I would also make sure the local dealer files a complaint on your behalf. and i WOULD SUGGEST YOU CONTACT Consumer Reports. Maybe If they get enough complaints they will publish it . But once again let me remind you they are only using this system in the 2003 Pathfinders. No other Nissan products have this system in fact they all have the bigger system even the Murano SUV has the larger system.
    Please let me know how you make out.
  • Gee, I think I'll be the first one posting a winter tire question this year !!!

    Since I picked up my Pathfinder in late October last year I decided to try to go through winter with the 4-season tires.

    But I won't ty that again this year.

    So, what is the best winter tire brand/model for the Pathfinder. I would like a winter tire with a good grip but I would still like the tires to be as quiet as possible.


  • anybody seen the new ad where they show the old pathfinder and then later the armada.
  • World Traveler - What tires did you go through the winter with and what didn't you like about them?
  • Alwaysford

    Ooops, what I meant is this: I went through the first winter with the stock 4-season tires my truck was delivered with, they were new (full thread). They were OK for a winter (althought they did not provide great grip on ice and snow).

    But this winter I want to put "real" winter tires on my truck. I have the 17" 2003 LE mags 245/65/17. I plan to put the winter tires on those mags as I do not like replacing the mags for winter (I like the looks of my mags and winter's to long here in Canada to endure cheap winter replacement rims).

    So I'm looking for winter tires that will provide a nice balance between grip and noise level.

    Toyo? Bridgestone? Michelin?

  • I was wondering what tires it came with since there are lots of people who have been disatisfied with the Duelers. If it was disatisfaction with the Duelers more so than disatisfaction with all season tires, you might want to give some of the better all season tires a run. I have Michelin LTX's on three SUVs and love them. Much better than the Duelers (Pathfinder) which were like grease in the rain and snow, and also much better than the Goodyear RS/As that came off of my Expedition & Bronco.
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