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Nissan Pathfinder



  • cm3246cm3246 Posts: 8
    Can anyone give us directions on how to install the sunroof deflector? We thought we had it right but the sunroof won't close correctly. Thanks in advance!
  • sydney4163sydney4163 Posts: 18
    Tires have been discussed frequently, however I don't remember seeing anything regarding tire sizes. I have an '01 Nissan Pathfinder LE 4x4 with 41,000 miles that has 255-65-16 Dunlop tires as OEM equipment. I am considering replacing with 245-70-16 because this a more common size with greater options. What are the effects on the vehicle, ride, wear and tear, etc of replacing with a different tire size? Has anyone done this? Is it a noticable difference? Any opinions are appreciated. Thanks!
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    1) I don't think they recommend that as an exit point for wiring but it may be an option (Although I do see it in the diagram in the 2004 link below). I read that, from previous posts here (do a search), that you can use the drain tubes in the rear light compartments. Look below you vehicle, you will see identical tubes on both sides, behind rear mud guards. Using the tail lamp opening, need a stiff 12" wire to thread wiring though the tubes. Use a flashlight shining thru the tubes from bottom of car to see tube opening. Don't even need to remove rear side panels. Just remove the taillight and thread it down the tubes. All thru the tail lamp wiring harness opening and no side panels to remove. I haven't tried it yet but will in next two weeks.

    2) For tail lights, remove two screws. Then firmly pull straight back pulling on both sides and the plastic snaps opposite side of the screws will release the lamp. Very easy.

    3) Follow this link below to find the 2004 harness(999T8-R5004). I called Nissan parts dept and they have the 999T8-RL001 for 96-02/03?? years. I think they fat fingered it in and ordered a previous model year harness for you (999T8-RL000). Check with your parts department again with the part numbers above. Let us know because I am not 100% sure of the difference. Get them to correct their mistake. mp;a- mp;Store_Code=CP&Product_Code=999T8-R5004

    I am trying to wire my 2001 LE trailer lights also so your experience will be a great help to me....Please keep mental notes.

    Thanks and good luck.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Ride height goes up 1/4 inch. Tread width goes down 0.40". Better gas milage. Handling and braking will slightly suffer but will I think be negligible. Speedo will be relatively same accuracy.

    I went to 255/70/16 on my 01 LE 4x2.
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    I am curious to know what gas mileage should one expect to get from a 5 speed 1996 - 2000 3.3 liter pathfinder 4x4 ? The EPA mileage varies a bit and I'd like to know what the real-life mileage that people are getting esp. with a manual tranny.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Hey Viking03,

    I decided to get the OEM Nissan Trailer harness ($50). Going to go pick it up today. Did the instructions that came with the OEM harness explain how to install it step by step?

    I, also(2001 LE), noticed the two pin harness underneath the 6" x 4' plastic threshold plate in rear hatch coming from the right tail lamp.

    Does anyone know what it is for?

    Just a non-connected wiring harness that that looks to exit to the bottom of hatch thru a rubber grommet near the hatch door striker plate? It just ends at the rubber grommet b/c it is not connected to anything?

    How far have you gotten with the OEM harness install?

  • mikehmikeh Posts: 1
    I am thinking about purchasing a Pathfinder (2000 - 2003). Can anyone tell me if the middle of the back seat has a shoulder belt restraint or just a lap belt? thanks
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Hey Viking,

    Picked up the OEM Nissan Trailer harness yesterday. The model numbers on the instruction sheet and the number on the box do not match just like yours(off by 1 sequence for the '96-'03). It looks simple enough to install, just plug in and wire threading.

    How hard was it to slide in the Hidden hitch to the frame? Can the job be done by one man with no lifts or special tools to hold up the hitch?

  • amysue2amysue2 Posts: 4
    Does anyone know what brand of windshield wiper refills fit the 1999.5 Pathfinder? I tried the Trico brand and only the front passenger side fit. I still need drivers side & rear.
    Thanks in advance if anyone knows.
  • viking03viking03 Posts: 21

    I threw up the white flag last week b/c I didn't want to potentially do any damage to my tailights, bodywork etc--probably a ridiculous precaution on my part but, hey, new truck! I don't want to "break anything". So anyway, I had the dealer do the install. They apparerently were able to find the right connectors coming out of the tailights. I examined the work after it was done and it looks like they threaded the wires out the two grommet holes on the bottom of the body, as in the directions. They glued the converter box to the body of the truck with double sided tape - how long that will last is dubious imho. So, as long as you are comfortable taking apart the taillights and the interior body panels you shoudln't have too much problem other than with the threading of the wires out the body.

    BTW, the dealer here did a horrendous, half-a$$ job putting the truck back together - the body panels weren't even replaced properly and the wire from the left tailamp was draped across the muffler pipe! It had melted almost through the black protective tubing - I pray it did not melt the actual wire insulation also. They also tried charging me 2 hours labor for the job. Ha! That was completely ridiculous-I know it does not take even a novice, much less a "highly-skilled" mechanic 2 hours to install this wiring. I took apart the back end in about 5 minutes - does it really take 1 hour 55 minutes to thread the wiring and plug in the connectors? Again, I COULD be wrong about this, but I seriously doubt that - b/c these guys are supposed to be the pros on how to do this stuff, right?? Can't they just ask someone who's done it before or call another dealer if they're having trouble?? I called them on it (they had quoted me a much lower price earlier anyway), and they eventually reduced the price significantly - but it was a tense scene. Who are these guys that they think we are morons and will just accept being robbed without a whimper...anyway I could go on and on on about unethical mechanics/dealerships-disgraceful. I was pretty upset. No wonder the dealers can try to justify charging upwards of $500 for OEM hitch installation. And U-haul charges far less than that for the same basic parts/work. Dealers...the only reason I go to them is b/c on some level I feel they have a public and corporate image to uphold and therefore are less likely to really, really screw me over with some of those horror stories you hear. I will not be returning to this dealer, however, except for emergencies.

    Where was I? Oh yes, I'm sorry I can't be more helpful on the specifics of how to install the wiring. I did ask the parts guy about the numbering discrepancy on the box/part and he said it didn't matter - it was just a different number for a different production year or something along those lines. That harness will work for your 01. But then, I haven't actually hitched mine up yet to see if it works...

    Let me know how it goes! Good luck! Hope you are better at it than I was!
  • viking03viking03 Posts: 21

    As far as one guy installing the hitch - MIGHT be difficult. You can prop it up with some boxes or 2x4's or whatever you can scrounge up to hold it in place. It really is not too heavy to handle on your own. The difficult part, in my case, was getting the bolts started/lining up the holes on the hitch with the holes on the body- they have to fit just so. My dad and I installed the hitch together - one of us would try starting the bolt while the other one would gently have to rock the hitch back and forth to try and find the right alignment - on some of the bolt holes it was very difficult, on others very easy/first attempt. It seems like the holes on the hitch don't match extremely precisely with the holes on the body (close enough however) so you need to get everything perfect to make it work. You might want to call someone over to help you if you experience some trouble like we did - maybe yours will go on much easier though.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Thanks for the insight Viking03.

    After asking my Nissan dealer for a install quote, $70, I attempted the Trailer Harness install this past weekend. I have 2001 LE and the instructions that came with the OEM trailer harness was not all correct(as most OEM parts from Nissan, i.e. In cabin microfilter missing a step to remove horizontal plastic trim piece). It was incorrect in stating there was a second rubber grommet on passenger side of underbody.

    So, I had to figure out how to thread the right side wiring to the right tailamp. I found a large enough rubber grommet (~1") above the spare tire on the underbody and underneath the interior center hidden cargo storage bin. Had to remove the bin to access the grommet. Routed the wire to the taillamp along the interior Plastic threshold plate into side panel(Bypassing the muffler contact you had).

    I took my time careful not to break any parts. It took me 2-2.5 hours to install.

    ps, the converter box should of been doubleside taped and then plastic tied to silver rectangular plate with bolt notch on one end. Then the silver pate bolted to the charcoal cainister bolt.

    I attempted to install the hitch but I couldn't even loosen the tie down bracket bolts with my tools. to Uhaul for a hitch install today.
  • neoneo Posts: 4
    Hello everyone. Here is new meat. Looking for objective opinions on this choice. Looking for a sturdy, responsive, and reliable V6 mid size SUV. I'm stepping out of an Audi A6 2.7T so reasonable performance & handling are strong requirements.
      In looking at the 2 these are the strong points and drawbacks that I see, and would be interested in your opinions. In the Pathfinder I see the reasonable size I am looking for and, until the 2005 model comes out (truly an eye sore), a pretty good looking vehicle. I like the smoothness of the V-6, and the SE comes very well equipped standard. 4 wheel drive is not something I need, nor is a large note with 3 in college. I would be using the lift gate on a daily basis. The drive is smooth and responsive from my test drive. On the down side, I would need to carry several adults in the back seat on a regular basis, and they appeared somewhat cramped, but not unduly so unless you're Yao Ming. Also, it appears that Nissan may have "softened" the Pathfinder into a clone of the Highlander. I know that that it is the other way around. The Pathy was here 1st. But I wonder if Nissan gave up a little too much toughness with it's last design. What do you guys think?
       On the 4Runner side, I see a former good looking 2002 style ruined by the last 2003 redesign. No matter how I look at it, it just doesn't grow on me. It has bulked up to what appears to be unwieldy proportions, and almost looks like a Civic Racer put ground effects on it.
       On the plus side, the standard 2wheel SR5, is as well equipped as any on the market, and the Runner still seems to retain the toughness that both of these vehicles built their reputations on. My son has a '91 with 142k on it, and aside from a small tranny leak, still runs like a top and draws looks.
        In my market, the Runner SR5 can be had for $24k. The Pathfinder SE for about $21.7K Discounts of about $6k off MSRP are routine. Presumably because the 2004 model is a lame duck for dealers now with the advent of the 2005 mini Armada redesign on the way. Both truly ugly, like a large egg on a skateboard. Wouldn't consider the 2005 model. Any thoughts on this decision from the group? 2004 Pathfinder SE or 2004 4Runner SR5?
  • nikiblue1nikiblue1 Posts: 44
      Go with 2004 Pathfinder--proven engine and overall reliability, back seat is adequate, plenty of power, will last you a long time.
      Unless you go with 2004 4runner v8 full time 4wd, the 4runner does not compare. Toyota makes great vehicle, but they are always overpriced w/little to no options.
    So, for the price (I'm sure they'll be having great rebates with the new redesign coming out), reliability, and decent looks--Pathfinder is the way to go.
  • zzr12zzr12 Posts: 18
    I was looking at making the same decision 4 months ago. I also looked at the 4 Runner but after sitting in the seat it just didn't feel right for me. The Pathfinder was much more comfortable. The Pathfinder is cramped in the back for adults and does not offer 3rd row seating. I also had no interest in a 2005, just look at the fit and finish of some of Nissan's newer models. I ended up purchasing an 04 Pathfinder LE and couldn't be happier.
  • p_ohp_oh Posts: 8
    Dealer in Northern California is offering me a '04 Superblack SE 4x4 with Popular Package, Microfilter, Moldings, and Floor Mats for $24,500. MSRP $30,620 Invoice $28,304 - With the $3250 rebate factored in it looks like its 300 back of invoice. Im not a big negotiator and know the dealer needs to make some money but they dropped there price so quick i wonder if i'm leaving anything on the table here?
  • 4x4buff4x4buff Posts: 12
    I think, a lot of people are unfairly biased against Dueller Tires.
    My LE has size 245/65R17 factory tires on 17 inch wheels.

    To set the record straight...
    How many people adjust their tire pressure every month?
    Vehicles lose 1 - 1.5 psi every month and if one goes to mountains, tire pressure drops by 2 psi in winters at higher altitudes.
    More than 40% of the vehicles on the road are running on improper tire pressure.
    This factor alone has significant impact on handling performance and fuel mileage.

    I tend to run my 2002 LE (AUTO) 4X4 on 32 psi although facory suggests 30 psi on cold start and I check my air-pressure regularly and I am very satisfied with my fuel economy 15 - 19 mpg, sometimes even more and I use my AC all the time.

    Since, the Dueller rubber compound is softer, they give more comfortable and quieter ride on road than all terrain tires.

    For the people who think it doesn't have good traction off-road or on snow, duellers work just fine off-road as well, provided one does not abuse them. They have deeper grooves than Michelins so they have better traction.

    I go off-road frquently and &.src=ph&.done=http%3a// =t

    whenever I lost traction on the trail it was not the tires, it was because of open differentials that all our Pathfinders have.
    I've driven it on all sort of terrains: snow, mud, deep sand, water streams, rocks and Duellers have worked great! :)
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    dont outsmart yourself, my friend. grab it and enjoy.

    the biggest mistake people make in buying cars is thinking exactly what you are thinking. if the price is affordable, and its the vehicle you want, theres no other logical consideration.

    people that think they left money on the table tend to paralyze themselves from pulling the trigger, wait too long, and miss out on the deal. the pathies are in limited supply, with the '05 coming, so dont miss this one.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,143
    Buy it. . .now.

    I'm ashamed to tell you what I paid for an '04 SE 4x4 back in December, relative to the deal you appear to have worked out.

    I was a couple percent over invoice, including a $1000 rebate and figuring in the holdback, but I was nowhere near the price you're talking about.

    We've taken it on several pretty gnarly trails and are absolutely satisfied with the vehicle. I've driven two other Nissan products well into six digits (mileage), so am looking forward to years and years of service from this one.

  • p_ohp_oh Posts: 8
    Your right...being too analytical. I really like the vehicle and the price is right..great forum btw - looking forward to contributing.
  • neoneo Posts: 4
    While all markets are different, California Dealers seem to put a premium on AWD or 4 wheel drive vehicles. Audi Quattros , for example, are almost impossible to find. My guess is that you can do better. Remember that in addition to the $3,250 discount direct from Nissan, he receives 2% of the MSRP from Nissan as holdback, and an additional 1% for floor planning allowance totaling 3% of MSRP that he doesn't tell you about. For your vehicle that amounts to $918.60 in the dealer's pocket worst case if he sells at invoice for a model soon to be discontinued.
      You might want to try an out of California dealer if you can. $6k off invoice is market in southeast Texas although most stock is 4x2 (pretty flat there). Coloradao dealers, by way of comparison keep 4x4's as majority or total stock.
       Keep in mind that with the new (ugh!!) Armada Jr. redesign for '05, the '04's now are lame ducks for dealers (even though in my opinion they look much better). If you can't get about $6k off now, try waiting until Sept. or Oct. when dealers become even more desparate to dump '04's as the '05's arrive. Another option is the "Fax Attack" strategy. Get the fax numbers for all the Nissan dealers that you would be willing to travel to and fax to the Sales or Fleet Manager a "Request For Quote" on the model you want. Be specific with your options. You will likely receive a faxed response from the majorty of them with a price, and then you can start negotiating with them over the phone without having to step foot in the dealership until you have negotiated the deal you want. Pit one dealer against the other until you reach bottom. You will find it fairly quickly in my opinion. Good luck regardless of what you choose to do and let us know how it works out for you.
  • scotryanscotryan Posts: 4
    Just purchased my SE three days ago....couldn't be a deal I was comfortable with $200 over invoice less the rebate - in Cleveland Ohio.

    Spent several months comparing the 4Runner and the Pathfinder - the 4Runner just wasn't as comfortable and the local Toyota dealers weren't cooperative with my 2000 Maxima trade...almost like it was beneath them to deal on a Nissan.

    The Pathfinder is much more comfortable with a more attractive dash and it handles great. Smoother transmission than any other SUV that I test drove.

    I almost wonder why I spent so much time deciding....but it was worth the wait (especially with the rebate!!!!)
  • I'm about to purchase a 1999 Pathfinder XE from my aunt, 70k miles, well maintained. Not familiar at all with the Pathfinder, my parents have a Quest that they love. Any common problems, recalls, etc that I should expect from this year model, or the Pathfinder in general?

    Any help is appreciated, and thanks.
  • Jack44Jack44 Posts: 221
    Much cheaper than faxes...And seems everyone has them...
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    Recently I found the same as some early post said that higher octane gas gives lower MPG. I use 87 the most, and my driving pattern is pretty much the same everyday. One tank ago I used 91 just for fun. It was not by much but I could easily tell I got lower MPG. This tank is 87 again and is still about half full, and I already see MPG is up again...
  • I have been looking at 04 PF's and would get an LE but I just can't get passed looking at the fake wood trim on the interior every time I get in the truck, sorry its just not my taste.

    So my question is has anybody every cover it with something else or removed it ? I know I can get an SE but dealer is offering an LE the way I want it and my only real objection is the fake trim. Any ideas.
    I have researched trim kits but they have 50+ pieces and are stick ons and don't think they would last. Anybody have any experience with these kits?
    Thanks in advance
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    I'm not sure if getting QX4's real wood pieces is a good idea. I saw many stick-on wood pieces, and the best I could say is they are not good enough. I can easily see some gaps, or they are elevated too much...
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    you can always get a trip package like carbon fiber, or solid plastic...go to an auto customizing shop..they should have tons of the stuff around.
  • I just purchased a 2004 LE Plat 4X2 Pathfinder yesterday and was VERY surprised how quick they came down in price. Within 5 minutes, and was $200 below Dealer Invoice, and negotiated another $200 off so they wouldn't have to detail it for me. All together, I got mine for $400 below Dealer Invoice + $2,500 rebate.... A great price for a truck with the features being offered.

    I only had a few reservations...

    Getting a last year model: I really think the 04 looks better than the 05, but I'm sure the value will drop faster anyway.

    I too hard a hard time with the fake wood: But I found that the wood offered with the tan interior package seemed to be better looking... maybe because it looks less like "fake wood trying to look like wood", and more like detail work.

    Either way, if your looking to buy a Pathfinder.... GO FOR IT! The price is never going to be better!
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