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Nissan Pathfinder



  • lbinh:


    Could you elaborate on the rattle. I've noticed something similar and I have narrowed it down to the vent in the front windshield defroster, there two plastic inserts that diffuse the air across the bottom of the window and have noticed that they do not fit snugly and therefore, they rattle a bit. See if yours move when you try and move them with your hand. It was more noticeable during the summer, and had forgotten about it until you just mentioned it.



    Thanks for your input on the clay bars. I'll have to wait until the summer if I want to buy & try Mothers clay bar.



    I'm not an engineer, just someone who took the time to input every fill-up into a simple spreadsheet. Once you have one gas receipt, the calculations are all the same.
  • Had the same problem, took quite a time to find the rattle. The vent rattle can be stopped if you push on the leading edge in the center of the vent, it actually clicks down and holds the vent tight. Try not to notice the slight curve!
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    I had the same rattle on my 00 RX300. I stuck in some soft sponge along the gap. Problem solved. Already forgot it until I saw this discussion.
  • I have an '01 LE 2 wheel drive. I have almost 85,000 Miles...trouble free miles! It has been a great vehicle. I just purchased an '05 LE today and we will also continue to drive the '01.
  • idntnvuidntnvu Pulaski, VirginiaPosts: 254
    I have a feeling you won't be having the same luck with the 2005, since it's a first year model. Good luck though! Keep us posted on how it does.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190


    I think my rattle is different then yours but similar to others on this board. My rattle is the wood tone trim piece right above the clock on 2001 LEs. If pressed firmly it stops the rattle. Mine ironically happens when it gets colder and goes away when it gets hotter in summertime. Not sure now though, seems to rattle when driving hot or cold temps outside??..


    I will try to press harder on trim piece (right above the digital clock in center dash) to see if it locks in tighter as suggested on this topic.


    About the Clay bars, Clay Magic brand works wonders and it cost about 50% less the Mothers clay bar ($19). $9-$12 at Autozone in Houston.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190


    Can you elaborate on where to press harder for center vent rattle? I don't want to cause another rattle if I break something.... : P


  • We are talking here of the drivers side defroster vent on a 2001 LE.

    I pulled out the vent grille with the intention of placing some rubber pads underneath but there is not much edge, mostly hole. Annoyingly one of the pieces fell down the vent before the glue set up. So I gave up on that and replaced the grille, as I pressed it into place I noticed that if I pushed halfway along the front edge nearest the windshield the grille at that point lowered about an eighth of an inch and locked in that position. There is a slight curve in the grille but I did this six months ago and it stayed in place, no rattle.
  • "I'm in the market for a used 2000/2001 PF and was wondering about reliability?"


    40,000 trouble free miles on my 01 LE. In fact, I'm afraid to replace it (need 3rd row seats now) because I doubt I'd find something as good. I'm going to hold off until mid 05 to see how the new Pathys fair in the reliability dept. I'm also considering the Ford Freestyle (has everything I need) but I think I'm kidding myself in thinking that a first model year Ford would be any better than a first model year Nissan.


  • sivisivi Posts: 20
    i bought a 02 le it has been so troublefree i am almosot t0 buy an 05
  • keeferbkeeferb Posts: 81
    I am leasing an '01 PF which ends in March. It has 55,000 miles(60k lease). Since about 35k, it had 2 ignition coils go bad on separate occasions and the oxygen sensor replaced. Luckily I got a 4 yr/60k warranty. Previous to this one I leased a '98 PF which only had a sticky throttle cable. Looking to lease an '05 PF in March unless it appears there's lots of problems. Reviews seem to be very positive for the most part.
  • jgriffjgriff Posts: 362
    The other thing that concerns me with the 05 PF is how tight the 2nd & 3rd row seating is. Even the 2nd row seems to be geared for only small adults or children. I'm 6'1" and I was very cramped in the 2nd row, there is hardly any room for even your feet under the front seats. You're paying the price for that 3rd row of seats.


    Plus the headroom w/ a sunroof is also lacking. Both seem to almost be deal breakers for me.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    I'm a little confused here. I've not seen any "first year of model problems" in any new vehicle I've bought. This includes a 1990 4Runner, a 2004 RX-8, and a 2001 Pathfinder LE. The Pathfinder was the first year for the 3.5L engine (in a Pathfinder - previous year or two had it in the Infinity only).


    The Pathfinder had two O2 sensors fail early on. I suspect a poor batch of sensors combined with fuel with lots of sulphur in it. Sensors replaced under warrenty and switched to premium fuel with 10% ethanol and have had no further problems (knocking on wood).


    I think we are too nervous. Modern vehicles shouldn't have problems just because they haven't been made before.
  • dbauerdbauer Posts: 416
    it happens sometimes. usually, its only a matter of numbers. even if nissan tests the heck out of an armada, makes 10-15 of them, and perfects them. the big test comes from mass-production and increased chances of failure. the roof problem wasnt apparent in the prototypes, but it showed up in about 1 out of 600 units overall. they just didnt make 600
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    I have an 03 Murano (2 rows of seats so not a fair comparison perhaps). I sat in an 05 Pathfinder and was surprised there was less room up front and in the 2nd row of seats. Didn't even attempt the 3rd row. Not picking on the Pathfinder, just an observation.
  • dbauerdbauer Posts: 416
    any midsize 3-row truck will be that way...just geometry.
  • jgriffjgriff Posts: 362
    any midsize 3-row truck will be that way...just geometry.


    Oh I agree, however I have to hand it to Honda with the Pilot, at least you can move the 2nd row forward & backwards to help find a happy medium.


    With the PF you're stuck with the setup, and it just too tight even for small ones.


    I don't have a big need for a 3rd row, however it nice if it is there (folded down) just in case.
  • I purchased an 05 LE in December and now have 3,500 miles on it. I don't know how else to do this, so I'll list my pos and neg impressions on the experience thus far. Overall, positive. Hope it's helpful.


    Engine: Powerful and fun, but thirsty and not as smooth as the engine on the 2003 Pilot we have. The engine idles a bit roughly and the exhaust/engine note is loud for such an upscale feeling (with the LE package) vehicle. Avg. MPG is about 14-15 mpg, the way I drive (car comes with digital odometer than can spit-out mpg figures). Did get 18-20 on a long highway stretch, as advertised, though.


    Brakes: smooth and powerful, although they squeak annoyingly when I back down my driveway. Nissan dealer checked it out and, surprisingly, "could not replicate the problem".


    Controls: very good, all around.


    Dashboard: very good, all the right info, very readable. Like the amber-hughed backlighting.


    Controls: generally very good, but the climate control functionality takes some getting used to. Also, temp control starts at 60 degrees and ends at 90 degrees. Goes in 1 degree increments except from 60, where it skips to 65. Guess what? Inevitably, you are too cold at 60 and too warm at 65. Honest. Can't dial it in just right.


    Seats: same thing. Heated leather is nice, but I just can't seem to adjust the seats to my liking, comfort-wise. I'm 5'10" and 190lbs, but can't find the right combo of settings. Pilot seats were much better for me, fit-wise.


    3rd Row Seat: smallish, but a God-send with two small children. An adult would shrivel up and die here, though. Very difficult to pull third-row seats, from stowed position, if you're standing at the back of the car. Nissan needs to add a pull-strap or something.


    Carpets: cheap quality, surprisingly lame.


    4WD System: flawless and auto is very good in snow. As good as my '92 Cherokee with Selectrack, which is a good system.


    Internal noise levels: as noted, exhaust is loud. So are rear tires. Wind noise is fine.


    Stereo: have the Bose 6-in-dash cd system. Works well, sounds good, easy to use controls on steering wheel, more than good enough for me.


    Windshield washer: with -30 degree fluid, still freezes up when temps drop below 20 degrees F. Must have a very small dia line from the tank to the sprayers, but Nissan should investigate and fix.


    Ride: taught and a bit truck-like, which is my preference. I did not want a hybrid SUV on a minivan chasis. Good feel for road, but truck shimmies surprisingly hard on washboard road surfaces. Also, I found the shocks felt like the bottomed out on bigger bumps with four passengers. I don't like that.


    Interior panels: hard, cheap polystyrene plastic like I had on my abyssmal 1980 T-Bird. Again, surprising for a car of this quality. Within a few days, I noticed a crack in the hard plastic kickplate near the rear-hatch door jamb. It got worse with the cold weather and Nissan is replacing it.


    Interior lighting: okay a pet peeve, but when I use the dealer-installed remote-start, the interior light dims out before I can get the key into the ignition switch, leaving me probing around in the dark with the key. At 6:20 am, I hate that.


    Tranny: smooth as butter and awesomely seamless on shifts.


    Fog/Running lights: can't turn them on unless the headlights are switched on. Don't know if this is typical, but I'd rather have the option of turning them on by themselves.


    Overall impressions: Okay, the punchline. The truck is everything I want in an SUV. It's somewhat refined, but not girly, I mean, overly "soft" like the Pilot. The engine is the real deal and with the smooth 5-speed tranny and wonderful 4wd system, it's fun to drive. The handling, again, is fine, more trucklike than carlike. I have the champagne gold (they call it granite, but don't know what they were drinking) and the tan leather, a combo I always wanted. The car looks great and drives almost great. MPG is disappointing and the seats and heating a bit quirky. I drove all the competitors and no other SUV out there hit all my sweetspots as did the 05 Pathfinder. It's too soon (thankfully) to gauge it's reliability, but I'm optimistic. Anyway, I'm pleased with the car thus far and am happy with my purchase. Good luck and I hope this was helpful.
  • dbauerdbauer Posts: 416
    glad to hear the great review. maybe a couple things to clarify might help:


    "Goes in 1 degree increments except from 60, where it skips to 65."


    almost every auto temp control in the industry does this.


    "Very difficult to pull third-row seats, from stowed position, if you're standing at the back of the car."


    the idea is that, if you need to raise the seats, you are most likely raising them for people to enter from the 2nd row. once you get some time under your belt with this 3rd row, you will see that you rarely RAISE the seat from the back.


    BTW...the pilot is exactly the same.


    "could not replicate the problem"


    i find that, when i back down a 'downhill', that both my cars brakes squeak. when i back up on a level or uphill surface, they are fine...maybe its a problem, maybe not, but i wouldnt worry too much about it.
  • Thanks, dbauer. I didn't realize it's typical for climate controls to go from 60-65 (never noticed before), but it's not the numerical jump that's annoying, it's the fact that it's hard to dial in a temp that works for me.


    As for the 3rd row seats, I've almost always opened them from the back of the car. That may be because until recently we had car seats for the kids in the 2nd row and, thus, didn't ever enter the 3rd row from the 2nd. We always pull up the seats from the back and a small pull strap would do wonders from this position, for what it's worth. I'll have to compare the two cars when I get home, but from memory, the Pilot seats are easier to pull up from the back, again, for what it's worth. Same for the brakes; I don't notice the squeal with the Pilot. I'm just noting the noise because it's annoying in a new car (my '92 Jeep didn't do it either). But, like you, I'm not worried about it function-wise. Thanks again for the reply.
  • dbauerdbauer Posts: 416
    the pilot 3rd row being easier to operate may have to do with your height. im rather short, and cant pull the pilot seats up from the back at all.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    The fog lights not coming on unless the headlamps are on is by law, not Nissan quirkiness. In fact, you can be ticketed for having fog lamps on without the headlamps, but only in North America. It the rest of the world, fog lamps are just that. They are used when it's foggy and headlamps would blind you due to reflection in the fog. So blame our governments, not Nissan.


    In fact, a proper fog lamp setup has the two front lamps and a third rear lamp. The rear is very bright and red (to ensure you don't run into a car you can't see due to the fog). In that case, it's illegal to have the fogs on unless it's foggy as the rear lamp is, well, very bright. ;-)


    As for the interior lights dimming too soon, my 2001 LE is ok that way, but I am unimpressed by the key lighting. When I lean over to see the key slot I shadow the interior light on the key switch. They need to install a key switch light like most cars have!
  • Hello,


    I'm considering purchasing a 95 Nissan Pathfinder XE-V6. Vehicle is in great condition, clean engine and interior, original paint in excellent condition and power everything. Has 118,000 miles and may need exhaust soon (I saw sign of rotting) and will need tires within the year. Dealer is asking $4,000. I really like it and am considering taking it for a test drive. Was 95 a good year for the Pathfinder? Is this a good deal?


    Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.


  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,143
    Based on my considerable experience with Nissan/Datsun, my present PF ('04) and reading a lot of stuff here and elsewhere, for $4K, you can't go wrong.


    A set of tires & an exhuast is what -- $800? Three (well, two most of the time) car payments in today's world.


    Buy it -- and hold it. You have to maintain it too, but for what a car payment (or worse yet, a lease payment) costs, you're way ahead.


  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Time to buy tinfoil stock?


    Steve, Host
  • I have the same problem with the CD player in my 2003 Pathfinder. It is the Clarion (Bose) 6 disc in-dash player. I had it replaced and the replacement is already skipping. My Nissan dealer told me that this is a chronic problem with these CD players. However, I spoke to Nissan and they do not yet admit the problem (nor have they issued a recall). My concern is that they keep replacing with the same model CD player that is apparently too sensitive to be in a car (or SUV) and that eventually I'm stuck with the bill as we are beyond the warranty period.


    If we file these complaints with Nissan (1-800-NISSAN1), then eventually they will have to admit that there is a problem. I heard from a stereo dealer that Bose is investigating the problem, however that may not help those who already are stuck with the current malfunctioning model...
  • A few weeks ago on a very cold winter morning I noticed that when I started my SUV the orange 4wd light came and stayed on. At the same time all the green lights on the 4 wheel icon turned off. I did not have it on auto 4wd or anything like that. Since then everytime I start my vechicle the rear tires on the icon light up as they should but then disappear when the orange 4wd light comes on. This usually happens after approximately 5-7 mins of driving. The orange light stays on until the vechicle is turned off.

    I've disconnected my battery thinking I could reset the computer but still the orange light comes on. I'd rather get advice as to what is wrong before going to the dealer, I my last experience there wasn't a good one.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  • I am going to tow a 2000lbs trailer with my 2003 Pathfinder (4WD) from east coast to west coast. The planned trip is about 5-day/2500mi, 99% interstate highway. I had Uhaul class III tow hitch installed. But my SUV does not have an additional transmission cooler. The trailer does not have its own brake system. The total weight of the trailer should be around 2000lbs when loaded. I haven’t done towing a whole lot; maybe some folks here could share your experience.

    1. Is long distance towing a threat to the longevity of my Pathfinder?

    2. Should I install a transmission cooler? I prefer not to, and I won’t drive faster than 70mi/hour when towing.

    3. Should I turn off over-drive all the time? When should I turn on/off O/D?


    I appreciate your inputs. Once the trip is done, I'll follow-up my experience and how my pathfinder hold up.


  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Check out Towing tips for SUVs too.


    Steve, Host
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