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Jeep Grand Cherokee



  • kliggkligg Posts: 4
    I have a 1994 JGC.....and I seem to have to same problem. Did anyone gave you the answer to your question about exactly how to fix the problem?
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    There seems to be a lot of misconceptions on the interior dimensions between the 1999-2004 Grand Cherokees and the new 2005 model.

    Front headroom is exactly the same in both generations of vehicles, 39.7".

    Rear headroom in the 2005 model is .20" less than before (- approx. 3/16").

    Front shoulder room is improved by .20".

    Front hip room is improved by about 1", 57.6" vs 56.5

    Cargo volume has been reduced, from 72.3" to 67.40".

    So overall, the new interior is pretty much equal or less on the new 2005 model.
  • salamonsalamon Posts: 6
    How do the leather seats feel after a couple of hours behind the wheel. We test drove a limited and the seats felt decent for the short time we were in it but we frequently do trips of 3-4 hours so I was hoping someone could share their experience.
  • aljoelaljoel Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2004 Grand Cherokee Laredo. Noticed that the newly designed front fascia moulding (with circular fog light holes) leaves the lower end of the radiator hanging out and totally exposed to road (and off road) debris, stones etc. My radoiator is already dented up from such exposure. To me, it's a stupid change and does nothing to enhance the sleek look of the front end. seems like purley a cost saving device.

    Since all Grand Cherokee models from 1999-2004 are bascially same body, wondered if anyone knows if the fascia can be economically swtiched back to the earlier 03 design which protects the radiator and has a better uniform fascia grille moulding?
  • janzjanz Posts: 129
    I'd swear that the windshield has steeper pitch. Maybe it's an optical illusion. That the head room FEELS shorter.
  • hemiwayhemiway Posts: 3
    I routinely drive my 05 GC 100 miles between Chicago and Milwaukee, staying behind the wheel 2 hours at a time. The seats are very comfortable for that length of time so I don't think you will have any problems. I have adjustable break and gas pedals which also help with seat postioning. The seats are firmer than with previous models but not as hard as what I found in my old 01 Acura MDX or in the Infinity FX.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "The Commander shares many underbody components with the five-passenger Grand Cherokee from which it was derived, as well as some common sheet metal and styling cues."

    Jeep Commander Debuts Next Week in New York (Inside Line)

    Steve, Host
  • davidb1davidb1 Posts: 2
    I currently have about 1600 miles on my new fully loaded JGC limited with 5.7 hemi. So far I have averaged 14.2 mgg with about 81% interstate at 70 mph. My best tank is 14.75 mpg while my worst is 13.45 mpg. The trip computer has either been spot on or measures a little low. For 117 K in my 2000 Toyota Tundra V8 4x4 I averaged 16.2 and I averaged 15.0 in my 95 Dodge Ram with 318 V8 before that. I was hoping to average a little better in the much smaller Jeep, but not so far. I am curious how others are doing compared to the EPA ratings. I wouldn't be quite so disappointed if the gas tank was another 5 gallons bigger, but I really dislike having to fill up every 250 miles when I used to be able to go 350 to 400 in my Tundra.

    Should I have any hope that the mileage will improve over time? Other than that I have had zero inital problems with my Jeep and I am very happy with it.

    Dave B.
  • what kind of gas mileage would a 1999 or newer grand cherokee with a v8 get? i am interested in trading in my expedition for one
  • plymmplymm Posts: 1
    Do you have the QuadraDrive or the QuadraTracII full time 4 wheen drive system?

    I've owned a 1993 Grand Wagoneer and a 2001 GC Laredo. The Grand Wagoneer had QuadraDrive and the 2001 GC had QuadraTracII. The QuadraDrive was awesome and works similar to our current Audi Allroad Quattro. The 2001 GC's QuadraTracII was terrible in the snow--the back end swung out frequently. I couldn't use the full time 4 wheel drive on the QuadraTracII--it was only good for dry or wet pavement. Whenever it snowed, I had to put it into part time 4 wheel drive.

    I now have the 2005 GC limited with the Hemi, QuadraDriveII and traction/stability control. I find that the QuadraDriveII system does cause the back end to spin out when the stability control is disengaged (the only thing I can conclude is that Jeep changed the QuadraDrive system since the early 1990s). However, the QuadraDriveII along with the stability control works awesome. Better than my Audi and BMW X5. This combo will blow away anything out there. The 4Lo is just a plus--I don't think I'll ever need it.
  • I'm interested in replacing the factory stereo in my '99 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 6-disc CD changer stereo offered in the 2005 Chrysler 300s (and other new Chrysler vehicles). Is anyone aware of whether or not it is possible to install that stereo into an older model Jeep; if so, what problems might I face and what will be my most effective approach. I like this stereo specifically because its an indash multi-disk changer and has MP3 capability.
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    My guess is that it will be harder than you think. I recently thought about putting a stereo from a 2005 Caravan in my 98 GC and it was not going to happen. The connectors are completely different. I would guess you would have the same issue with what you are trying.
    Maybe check out to see if they can help.
  • i was thinking about buying a used 97 laredo with the inline 6 for about 7,000 with 100,000 miles on it. is there a better suv for the money that yall know of?
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    I have a '98 with the 6 cyl with 165,000 on it so there's probably a fair amount more mileage left on it.
    Not sure about the $7,000 price tag. That's probably reasonable but I'd check a couple of the used car websites; ( for on.
  • cabrellcabrell Posts: 1
    I have a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee that just turned 281,000 miles. It has a 6 cylinder engine that has never been rebuilt, and the transmission has not been rebuilt. I was wondering if Jeep would be interested in this information and if so who to contact?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I know I am certainly impressed!

    tidester, host
  • Were you unable to find any connector kits that would work? How about the size of the stereo, did you find that it would easily fit into the cavity of the console?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Try and go to the contact information. I'm sure they would LOVE to hear this information.

  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    The size of the stereo is not a problem. It's the connections on the back side. If there are connector kits available that "retrofit" a newer stereo to an older vehicle, I am not aware of them.
    I'm not positive on this one but I believe there are even different wire harnesses depending on model. Hence the connectors may be different depending on the radio.
    The "highline" vehicles will tend to have a greater number of speakers which also affects the wire harness\connections.
    I believe you also run into issues with the steering wheel mounted radio controls and DVD hookups.
    I'm not saying it's impossible to do this, it's just not simple.
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    The new 2005 style radios are not compatible with earlier models due to the new CAN bus system used. Prior systems used a CCD bus. Chrysler started switching over to the new bus system with some 2004 models (Durango for example) and now most of the 2005/2006 models. The Liberty still uses the CCD bus radios. All of the new radios/changers that are MP3 compatible are of the CAN bus design.
  • transpowertranspower Posts: 212
    I just got back from the NYC International Auto Show. Yes, I went to the Camp Jeep section, but there was a one-hour wait for the ride, so I just watched all the Jeep models go through the relatively short course. The best part was the 45 degree hill (up and down); all the models did fine. And yes, the Commander was there. Attractive front. Utilitarian overall,and necessary for the Jeep lineup. But I think I'll stick with the JGC. I asked one of the Jeep attendants when the DHS will be available; the disappointing answer was probably not until the 2006 model year (or even later), but his answer is not necessarily "official."

    The MB R-Class vehicle and the new M-Class SUV were at the show, but I cannot say I'm crazy about either. The Korean vehicles (Kia and Hyundai) looked quite good for their prices. The new hybrids, Lexus RX-400H and Highlander, were also on display; again, they don't grab me.

    So, nothing at the show beats Quadra-Drive II, the Hemi, and DHS. We'll just have to wait for the latter. Oh, I forgot to mention the Land Rover Sport--looks great and probably performs great, but it costs about twice as much as the JGC.
  • jgc20005jgc20005 Posts: 2
    have a 2000 jgc
    resurface rotors 2 times, replaced rotors twice. 5 occurrence: latest is need to replace rotors again 12 months and 15 days since replacement.

    dailmer chrysler customer service desk won't do anything to help because it is 15 days over the 12 months. call center rep won't give me a person to escalate...

    any suggestions on what i can do? 5 times is ridiculous.... customer service poor...
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    the fix is to replace the calipers with ones that dissipate heat better.


    Date: 12/16/02 (supersedes 0500302A Dated June 10, 2002)

    Model Year(s): 1999-2002 (WJ models built May 11, 2002 and prior)

    Description: Brake roughness or pedal pulsation when the brakes are applied. The customer may experience a vibration of the steering wheel, floor, seat, instrument panel, or a minor pedal pulsation (brake roughness) under light to moderate pedal application. The condition may be caused by excessive thickness variation of the brake rotor surface.

    Details: This bulletin involves the replacement of both front brake rotors and caliper assemblies. NOTE: NEW BRAKE ROTORS MUST BE USED WITH THE NEW BRAKE CALIPERS.

    1. Determine if the front brake vibration/pulsation is caused by excessive thickness variation of either front brake rotor.
    2. If excessive thickness variation of the front brake rotor is at fault perform the Repair Procedure.
    3. If this bulletin has already been performed, and front brake pulsation/vibration is present, do not perform the Repair Procedure. Investigate other possible cases for front brake pulsation/vibration.

    Parts required:
    52098672 Rotor (MSRP: $65.10 ea.)
    05093174AA Caliper kit (Left & Right calipers, brake pads, attachment bolts, banjo sealing washers)
    04318080AB Brake fluid (DOT3/MS-4574)

    This is information I saved when I had my 2000 Grand. Hope this helps.

    If you take this information to them, and talk to them nicely and professionally (perhaps another dealer too), you may be able to get it taken care of. If you bought this used, you may be able to ask why this TSB wasn't performed on this vehicle.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    What, exactly, were you testing?

    tidester, host
  • jgc20005jgc20005 Posts: 2
    thanks paul, already had the caliper fixed a while ago and it doesn't seem to have fixed the issue. sucks that in 12 months my brand new rotors need to be replaced again while my brake pads are fine. i have heard this to be an issue for sometime now and from mulitple people, it realy sucks that dailmer chrysler isn't doing anything about it. 15 days over warranty and no support, gotta question if this is the company i want to buy cars from.....

    any other avenue you guys can think of, let me know. if i have to pay for new rotors or fix my breaks (not the pads) every year, i am better off selling my car and never buysing jeep again...
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    I would replace the rotors with a nice high grade rotor meant to handle higher heat. When we had the Grand, we lived in the mountains and needed stopping power all the time. I'm honestly not sure of vendors, but I'm sure you could find sources on the net that would carry rotors for a 2000 Grand.

    Interestingly enough, I was able to get 63,000+ miles out of my original brakes and rotors, with just a little warp. My wife and I use engine compression braking down hills and downshift as needed. The Jeep transmissions are tough, so we let it do the work. Maybe we were just light enough on the brakes that the heat never really became a huge issue.

    Maybe with better rotors and perhaps adjusting your driving style a little bit might help some too. However, if you are in stop/go traffic a lot, there isn't too much you can do. :) We had a 132 mile round trip commute to work every day, so we got a LOT of highway miles.

    If you go to another dealer and talk to them professionally and courteously, express your concern about the issues even though you've had the TSB performed. See what can happen. If you go in there mad, they probably will do nothing to assist you. Since it is beyond warranty, they are under no obligation to do anything for you except what you pay for. Given the closeness to the expiration, I would do it if I were them, if for no other reason than positive PR.

  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    You don't need a special rotor...just a non-D/C rotor. We had a '00 Laredo. Rotors warped at 15,000 or so. D/C and the 5 Star dealer would not help. (Had a '99 that warped at 5,000 & 20,000). Went to Autozone and got a set of rotors for $100. They lasted until we traded it at over 65,000 miles. I did replace 1 caliper later. The caliper stuck and heated up the brakes so the rotors warped and the wheel was so hot it burned my finger just touching. Once the rotors cooled down they were NOT warped any longer. This happened twice.

    D/C can not make a rotor to stand up to normal usage. They should pay to correct their design problem. This is one reason I will probably never buy another D/C product.

  • Hi,
    I am the former owner of an 03 TrailBlazer that was recently totaled in an accident. I am now looking for a new SUV am considering the Grand Cherokee 4WD. I am looking at the Laredo with the option package that includes the leather interior. What I am looking for info on is first, the 3.7L engine. I am not going to be towing anything, but is this engine reliable and does it have enough power to keep up with this vehicle hauling a family around? Are there any known problems with this engine? I am looking for good economy, as I do a lot of miles, and power isn't a concern as long as it's adequate. I don't need to win any races, but don't want to get run over either LOL. What is everyone getting for mileage with this engine? Are there any options or features that I should be certain to get or certain to avoid? What is a reasonable amount to expect to take off the sticker of a GC priced at $32,870? I will be taking the $2500 plus the $1000 financing cash. Anything else anyone wants to add will be appreciated. Thanks in advance for the help.

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