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Jeep Cherokee



  • ed96ed96 Posts: 20
    from experience i can tell you jeeps are notorious for staying hot once they decide to get that way. so one must adapt. try to flush the engine of deposits . you can try the chemical stuff or have it shop done . cooling system flush. make sure you have the right thermostat. check radiator cap, simple but important. you did not mention fan clutch. does 94' have dual fans or single mech. if dual make sure elec. fan is coming on with temp, not just a.c.. I put an elec. in front of my mech. after all of above. and wired it to . a.c. if its hot the a.c. is on was my logic. working great last three las vegas summers and mountains. of course this in on an 88 woody. never had problems with my 96 or 99 cherokee (knock wood). hope this helped. keep us informed
  • ed96ed96 Posts: 20
    yes it is a pop rivet . yes drill it out . and yes a standard pop rivet will replace.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Shouldn't need anything special. Just make sure all the maintenance is up-to-date. The transmission is the biggest concern, and the best way to keep it cool is to lock it out of OD on the hills so it doesn't shift back/forth to maintain speed. These motors do pretty good, but even with 2500# you will surely notice the weight behind you. Make sure your tires are good and maybe air them a little on the high side. The last thing you want is the tires heating up. Good luck! Driving cross-country is a lot of fun IMHO.
  • jeep89jeep89 Posts: 1
    Hi Everyone,
    I have an 89 Jeep Cherokee and noticed a humming noise so I had the fuel pump replaced. The noise ceased but now the fuel gauge in the dash does not register and just sits to the far right indicating it is beyond full, also as I drove along the expressway and reached 50-55mph it started shaking uncontrollably, I slowed down thinking I had a flat or something and it started driving alright at about 35 mph. I reached 45-50 and it continued to drive alright, does anyone know what could be causing these problems???
  • dei4evrdei4evr Posts: 1
    I have a 1991 jeep cherokee with the straight 6 cyl, 4.0L engine. A friend power washed the engine and since then I have been having problems. It shifts at 3,000 rpm between first and second and not too bad into 3rd. Sometimes it shifts into overdrive and sometimes it doesn't. It has also started idling between 2,000 and 2,500 rpm. Since it was time for a tune up I change plugs, wires, rotor, cap, air filter. Now coincidence that he power washed it and now I have problems or could he have inadvertantly blown a hose of somewhere, or is this a vacuum problem. Do these have vaccum or are they cable? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • pioneer1pioneer1 Posts: 1
    I`m looking at buying a cherokee and wanted to know what to look for. How can you tell if it has a tow package? Is there something in the vin? Thanks for all the help.
  • miscmisc Posts: 1
    I've got a 96 Cherokee 4.0 (UK model). I made the mistake of removing a few fuses to track down an electrical fault and when I came to put them back I couldn't remember where the 5 amp dash light fuse went. Can anyone tell me what number this fuse goes in as I don't have a fuse diagram. Many thanks.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    It wouldn't be in the VIN#. The easiest way is to just look at the hitch. The factory hitch has a built-in 7-pin (large round) receptacle plug built onto it, with a metal guard around it. Most folks wouldn't go to the bother of adding a factory hitch, so that's a pretty good indication it came with the tow package. The electrical plug and guard are on the left side of the hitch.
  • rhall2rhall2 Posts: 1
    Hello randysaint #1410 did you ever get your cooling fan fixed? I'am having the same problem with my 89 4.0.


  • philrobphilrob Posts: 1
    I'm having same problem
    Did you ever get it sorted ?

    Phil MI
  • 98classic98classic Posts: 6
    i don know if you have had a reply to this yet but, i have a 98 classic i have over 150000 miles on it my oil pressure does the same thing i took it to two certified mechanics and they gave the "are you serious look" ,, yeah it's ok.
  • 98classic98classic Posts: 6
    Hello, i had the same problem, runs fine until it warmed up but then yeah it didnt want to run to well, i took it in under waranty( of course it wasnt covered) but my problem was the Throttle positioning sensor, maybe try that. it fixed mine.
  • 98classic98classic Posts: 6
    jeepman 1, this is the same prob that i had ,.... throttle postiioning sensor, check it out.
  • This is strange after i start my Cherokee and then i shut it off it use to restart after waiting 5- 10 minutes which wasn't right in the first place.If i would try to turn the engine on right after shutting it off it does nothing.After waiting 5 min. it would finally restart.Now i started it and shut it off then tried to restart no good now it won't start at all.I also tried it in neutural to see if it was the safety switch but that wasn't it.I was thinking maybe a relay i hear a click by the fuse panel when i try to start it.I have an alarm its always in valet mod.So i don't think thats any problem.Are there some things i can check? :sick:
  • Okay an update i reset the alarm.Then i put it back to valet tryed it no good then i put it in neutural and it started :mad:
  • This problem has me very concerned, because I have a similar problem on my '98 XJ Limited. When the car is cold, it starts after cranking for a while. If it's warm, it will only start like it should if it has sat about three minutes or less. Otherwise, it won't start, and I'll have to do the following: Crank the engine about 5 seconds, pause in the "ignition" position of the key for three seconds, crank again. It usually starts right up with that. On really hot days, it takes three tries. I'm leaning toward a fuel pressure problem, and have yet to start delving into full diagnosis. If anyone out there has encountered a similar problem and have solved it (replaced a relay, fuel pump, perhaps accumulator) I'd like something to go on before I try this cold (literally!) And no, my Cherokee does not have an alarm, or anything extra, for that matter to disable ignition. It does NOT have the Sentry Key engine immobilizer (My 2002 Wrangler does). The engine cranks fine, but doesn't want to start. Other than this rather weird problem, the car's held up to my stellar experience with Jeeps with 4.0 liter engines. I have a 1990 Wagoneer Limited (woody 4 headlight Cherokee) with 234,000 miles on original engine and transmission. Never rebuilt, still going VERY strong. It is because of my experience with my Wagoneer that I bought my 2002 Wrangler three years ago (just paid it off!) I love these cars!
  • thorsnakethorsnake Posts: 14
    My 99 XJ passengers floor is wet when the A/C is running. I'm sure its some sort of pluged drain hose or some thing? Can some one give me a idea of where to look? Or how to fix this :)
  • thorsnakethorsnake Posts: 14
    My A/C is not as cold as it used to be. Slowly over time it has become warmer, and warmer. I see cans of freon with guages for sale at Wal-Mart. Can I buy these and put the freon in my self with out hurting the A/C? Has anyone done this if so how did you go about it? Do you put the freon in with the engin running? Any info would be great :)
  • sandisezzsandisezz Posts: 4
    Curious, did you find the source of your Cherokee's over-heating problem... I'm getting ready to change out a radiator, thermostat... cooling system! in my 95 Cherokee Country. Thanks, Bill
  • pahefner01pahefner01 Posts: 202
    I am a certified HVAC technician and I can't even charge my own AC on my Jeep because of EPA regulations. If they catch you venting refrigerant it is a $25,000 fine. My 99 XJ AC did the same thing. These vehicles are notorius for having bad evaporator coils. Mine was corroded beyond repair. Take it to the dealer and demand that they fix it as a defective item. If you try to charge it, be very careful not to vent any refrigerant. However, if you get caught doing it without proper licensing it's still a fine. Automotive systems only hold about three of those little cans of refriegerant so it's unlikely that it's the charge. :lemon:
  • malugamaluga Posts: 1
    Apparently the fact I have constant problems with my Cherokee Sport's A/C are far from being unique. From the high volume of posts on this issue, every Jeep owner will experience this problem at one point or another...and it will remain in perpetual state of repair. Why doesn’t Chrysler reevaluate the design of the A/C system or the manufacture of this product? Elevating this problem would improve customer satisfaction thus increasing the likelihood of a return customer. Oh silly me, that would leave the service department at the local dealership with nothing to do.
  • thorsnakethorsnake Posts: 14
    My 99 XJ uses the new 134a freon, found at any auto parts store. I thought this was the new enviromentally friendly freon? Any way every car I have owned has always needed a recharge after 4-5 years ( They all used R12 ). Usually one can was enough. It seems over time even though this is susposed to be sealed unit, some burns up or evaporates with time :confuse: Usually one can of freon and I'm good to go for several more years. :)
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    Either drain line in plugged or it has come loose. Find exit under car and use "low" pressure air to gently blow back to attempt to clear the line. If it has come loose then under dash surgery is needed to reattach it.
  • tianoogletianoogle Posts: 3
    I own a Jeep Cherokee Sports 94, and have 156K miles on it. it started overheating starting from yesterday. The temperature reached 260F (in red area) all the time, no matter whether in slowing driving or on the high way. I wonder if it's caused by my adding the engine oil yesterday? I haven't checked engine oil level for quite some time and I found its level is far below SAFE yesterday. I added 3 qts of some synthetic oil (Like this). Can this be the cause of overheating? I also checked my coolant reservoir, there is still enough fluid inside it. How should I check and repair this problem? thanks!! sorry for my english, i am not a native speaker....
  • suhailsuhail Posts: 1
    I own a 96 Jeep Cherokee. It runs great except occassionally, it seems to loose power as if it is running out of gas. The RPM needle starts to hover around "0" and the truck starts to slow down. Then all of a suddden, the power is back and everything is fine. Has anybody ever experienced anything like this. The problem occurs so randomly that the dealer or any other garage is not willing to spend time diagnosing the problem. I do have 210,000 miles on the truck. Could this be the sign of a dying fuel pump?
  • jeeperjeeper Posts: 4
    yes , give a shot with the otc. stuff at auto store. buy with gauge. instructions pretty simple . engine on , ac. on max. let run first . then follow instructions on can. stop when it says ok level. this is one case when more is truly worse. doubtful it is evap core. or it would have just failed altogether. probably a leak . ive never tried a sealant. take it in for shop repair if the charge works to have leak found. better for the car and the enviroment than pouring a can of 134 in every month .
  • franc779franc779 Posts: 1
    I am having a similar problem with my 96 Jeep Chrokee. Did you ever get it fixed?
    Cruise contrl sometimes work and sometimes doesn't.
    Anyone with an idea....?
  • thepdmmthepdmm Posts: 82
    I have a 97 cherokee manual.. I have noticed that the front end (somewhere) pops when I am turning at low speeds (won't do it if I turn the week from left to right and standing still).. I can be backing up or going forward.. it isn't a series of pops it is just one pop. I have had three different people tell me their jeep does it to. I am not sure how long it has been doing it. any ideas, is it a big deal?

    I had one person say it was probably the 4wd system binding up a bit??

  • scott23scott23 Posts: 1
    I blew a head gasket and need to flush the radiator but can't find the drain plug. Can someone please tell me where to find this.

    Thanks a ton
  • I just recently had the misfortune of replacing the heater core in my 87 Cherokee. Now I know why the dealer charges $500 to do the job. Anyway, as misfortune would have it, while I was following the manual for heater core/evaporator housing removal the wind caught the page on the book and flipped it to evaporator core removal. (I'd recommend paperclips if working with a book outside)...anyway, I was happily disassembling and removing the heater control and radio wondering exactly what this had to do with the heater core removal when I realized the page had flipped. WHen I finally got the core replace and everything reassembled I've discovered that the control won't switch from defrost now. It won't go into the vent or heat setting. If I recall this was a vacuum setting. The vacuum connector appears to be back on the heater control head. Still won't work. Any ideas? Everything this is reconnected. :surprise:
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