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Dodge Dakota - Quad Cab



  • Hey folks, sorry I haven't been on the last few days, I got 12 pallets of sod I'm putting in the yard (whew!). Now to tie up a few loose ends

    My soon to arrive quad (early next week at the latest) is a 2001 flame red 4x2. I got a 4.7/5-speed with the sport plus group, T&H, LSD, Overhead Conv. package and a sliding read window for just a shade over 21,500. I bought from Jasper just because I liked the way they do business. All vehicles have a price marked on them and it's invoice +$195. It's also a very relaxed no pressure atmosphere. I have not had an overall great purchasing experience, but that is mostly due to DC bumping my order for a 2000 and making me a 2001 instead (orig order 4-27). I also own a '96 neon which I bought from Palmer Dodge about 4 years ago. No complaints about Palmer from me, just decided to try something different this time.

    As far as tracking goes, I called the 1-800 number I found on the DC web page, and they kept me up to date on the status of the truck. When he it shipped, the rep was able to give me a railcar number, and told me the railroad it was shipped on. Being that I'm a bit of a railroad buff, I knew that if I went to the railroad's home page I could track the railcar. I was able to keep track of it throughout the day on Monday and watched it come down thru Tennessee and into Georgia. Isn't technology wonderful!

    Chachingman (Chris)
  • zonkzonk Posts: 208
    chachingman - Can you give me the location of Jasper Dodge?
  • Another good dealer with no hassle pressure is Peachtree Dodge. I contacted them through the internet and got a better price than all the other metro atlanta dealers I checked with. MSRP was 29,640 and I purchased my truck for 26,701. Steve
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    With regret, I'll miss this board. My QC now belongs to someone else. The Quad was purchased with the intent of having it stay "garaged" while the wife and I commuted in her old Avenger. We drive about 4000 miles a month between commuting and weekend driving....After much consideration, I suggested that she purchase her "dream" car, a 2000 GT Mustang. In all our years together, she'd always taken a back seat to our (my) vehicle purchases, and ended up driving whatever was "leftover.." Enough whimpering. So, with both the QC and the new 'stang, guess which vehicle became the new "commuter car?" The Quad, and at only 6 weeks old it had 6850 miles on it. Although gas costs were considerable, the thought of the Quad having 200,000 miles at loan payoff was too much to bear, so I traded her in on a nice little commuter car that will probably rack up 300,000 miles without a problem. Such is life! I only really miss the cupholders and the Infinity stereo so far...(the new little car is just as fast and handles much better...)
    Thanks for all the advice, support, etc., and good luck with all of your trucks!
  • I ordered a 01 qc about 3 weeks ago and after surfing through the site for about an hour, I have a few follow-up questions.

    1. Has anyone actually taken delivery of their 01 qc?
    2. How long should I expect to wait for mine?
    3. Is the $400 over invoice price I got fair?
    4. Any suggestions for dealer accessories
    5. Should I still look in to the Farm Bureau discount
  • zonkzonk Posts: 208
    Thanks, guys, for the info.
  • victxvictx Posts: 108
    I ordered my Quad in early June. The veh was supposed to be shipped 7-27, but as of yesterday was still sitting at the factory waiting to get on the train. My dealer said I should be able to take delivery about 12 days after the truck leaves the plant.

    I am paying $500 over invoice.

    I plan on getting the mopar rear cargo tray. It sits in the back seat area. Most other accessories will be aftermarket.

    The farmb bureau discount ended 7-31 according to the dodge website, but someone posted earlier that the discount was being renewed according to their farm bureau newsletter. Regardless, you have to have been a member for over 30 days before you take delivery of your truck to get the discount. So if you haven't done it yet, it may be too late.
  • Dutyfree,
    I installed the cover on my quad in Feb. I am very
    satisfied with the cover, no leaks. I like the way
    it folds out of the way to haul tall items and the
    locking features of the cover.
  • gallen1586,

    Thanks for the info. I was trying to decide between this cover and an Aerocover. I need to have the easy fold-up or removal option but don't want leaks. I had a roll-up tonneau on another truck but it leaked and debris would collect in the storage housing. Your comments have me leaning towards the Mopar tonneau.
  • ford_biiford_bii Posts: 120
    I read somewhere back in the messages that the new 2001's that are two-tone are going to have the front facia painted the same color as the lower paint. Does anybody know if this has been confirmed??? I think that Patriot Blue over silver is a real sharp color scheme, but I think the grey plastic molding is stupid.
  • Well, I picked up my truck tonight, I'm a full fledged QC owner now. Hot diggety! I'm not sure about the '01 interior yet, gonna need more seat time. One thing that I am sure of is that those 16" wheels rock! I'll post some pic's tomorrow. I can't help much on the invoice, I got mine for 2000 model pricing thanks to DC deciding to make it an '01 instead of an '00 (ordered originally 14 weeks ago today). If anyone is interested, I can give you prices off my sticker.

    edwardqc - I didn't see yours, but there was a '01 4x2 patriot blue slt sitting next to mine
  • ohc_babyohc_baby Posts: 116
    The material that I have detailing 4x2 Quads shows that the front facia is silver-painted on SLT two-tone trucks. I've not seen one in person, but the literature clearly shows a painted fascia on the paint code page.
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    See ya Skip, you'll be missed. Have a 'hunch' you'll be back this way again... ;-)
  • I just purchased a 00 QC, 4.7L, sport plus. Which of the following three will give me the best performance gain for the price: air intake system, computer performance chip or exhaust system.

  • edwardqcedwardqc Posts: 16
    Congratulations, Chris, on your new truck. I was hoping you'd see mine, but as of yesterday, it was still KZ, so no such luck yet. I think they must have ran out of rail cars. Perhaps in a week or so I'll have it. Just wondering, you didn't happen to see a 2001 4x4 did you? I was curious what the T&H package looked like for it.
  • victxvictx Posts: 108
    chachingman I'd be very interested in seeing the pics of your trucks and the new wheels. If my truck ever gets a rail car assigned, I'm getting my homepage ready, so I can post once I get pictures of my truck.
  • want1badwant1bad Posts: 15
    Ok, I'm finally de-lurking after 8 months of sponging off these groups and driving myself insane with desire over the quad. I finally broke
    down and ordered a 2001, which is supposed to ship
    today. Was all excited, until I saw the pictures
    posted in the gallery by ohc_baby.

    A WHITE headliner with dark grey dash/door panels?
    I thought i was going to barf. chachingman hinted at the same, so if either of you are reading this,
    could you please tell me that its not as bad as it
    sounds/looks!?!? OTW, I will go back to the dealer and do a search for any 2000's left and make use of the new rebate.

    One other question - I'm 6'2", my head sometimes rubs against the reinforced section of the headliner (depending on how straight I sit). Does the 2001 still have the same ridge on in the headliner, or has Dodge moved the ridge or made it smaller? If they fixed this problem, i could find it in me to forgive DC for this nauseating/dizzying interior color scheme.

    Thanks so much to everybody who has posted to these groups with such wonderfull information (and consequently made my life miserable with torment!) Soon to be rectified, with either my 2001 order or searching for remaining 2000's.
  • raptor01raptor01 Posts: 45
    For what its worth, while visiting my local Dodge dealer the other day I noticed these other minor changes with the 01 Quad: RWL tires (255's), No engine badges on the front fenders (V6, V8)
  • resqmanresqman Posts: 71
    Could you elaborate on the holes for the Tow Hooks please? The picture of the '01 in the pic gallery was not detailed enough showing the fascia for me to identify the holes.

    Are they more underneath the fasica or more forward? My dealer did not have any '01's on the lot earlier this week.
  • wampuswampus Posts: 11
    Chachingman congrats on getting your quad My quad was shipped on the 28th and I am really ready for it to get here in Litte Rock I have been trying to get one since the middle of April when DC told the dealer it was to late to order I am really wondering what the interior looks like compared to the 2000 and whether you got a 4x4 or 4x2 I ordered a 4x2 with 4.7 V8 auto lsd 3.55 just about everything but the radio controls on the steering wheel I'd be interested to hear what yours has along with seeing pictures Wampus
  • ohc_babyohc_baby Posts: 116
    want1bad, it's really not as bad as it looks. When I was in the truck, I didn't mind the headliner at all, but I wonder if it's different with the taupe or if all are this same light grey. Honestly, I'm not very impressed by the 2001 with the new dash, door panels, and (yes), the headliner. I like the new T/H wheels and the availability of silver is a big motivator for me. If not in the market for silver, though, I'd find a nice 2000. As a side-note, there are no 2001 black or green 4.7 5-spd LSD with all the power goodies, last I've checked.
  • I have been looking at the QC for a couple of months. However, I would like to see some pictures of the infamous interior and the new rims everyone speaks about. I have heard about the picture gallery but I do not know where it is located. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    You'll get much better answers from others in this group than mine, but it looks like you want some simple upgrade stuff that I might can help you with. First (bpeebles will correct me if I'm off here), an engine is simply a pump. Air-fuel in / ignition / power stroke / spent gases out. In order to 'up' today's engines in the performance area, you'll probably be somewhat limited in what you can do to have significant value with your 3 choices. Simply put: If you can get more air-fuel in, get a better-stronger flame front for ignition and move the spent gases out faster - you can up the HP. I'm guessing that's a more expensive and definitely more troublesome proposition than you want to get into judging by your choices.

    The intake change would be my (1st) choice as the K-N type of cleaner and cooler air via the move over to the fender well area are added benefits. Plus, I HATE those flex intake hoses that rot away down the road - and you might be removing them with an intake update. You 'might' see a 3-5% or so increase in power due to the cooler air charge, more of it (air) and 'smoothing' of the intake air. Then again, you really need more fuel than the computer (and pump) will probably want to give you at this point. I ran into this same thing on my Porsche 944's. If you get a reworked throttle body, etc. THEN you can probably feel an increase.

    The exhaust is debatable. Just make sure it's not too loud, too expensive or warranty voiding. Also at least get the same stainless steel the stocker has for durability. Gains? I've heard both sides of this. Maybe louder is faster, it just doesn't work for me. Some backpressure is desirable with today's engines. My race cars run better in the mid-range area w/o running loud, open exhausts.

    The chip is totally weird, as it requires running premium - okay till about a year ago. Gas prices may end their little niche for a while. Remapping (with the chip) usually 'moves' the power band up the rpm curve as well; maybe not a good thing with a truck. Whatever. And they can be finicky. And hard to get rid of. Plus, they have specific chips for variously equipped (re: stock or modified) vehicles that you'd need to plan for in advance.

    For of-the-line performance you might just want a higher rear end ratio. For top end (at least on the 4.7/ auto) getting a lower ratio doesn't work. I installed a 3.21 gear set from the Club Cab option book for $1400 and it didn't mesh well with the ratios in the tranny. I did impressive top-end runs a couple of times, but shifting through the gears was really strange. Maybe there is a computer situation in there, I don't know. Anyway, it just didn't work.

    I'd just do the air cleaner and maybe a stainless steel, cat-back exhaust. A couple of curb feelers and some fuzzy dice would make a statement too.
  • cthompson21cthompson21 Posts: 1,102
    I've created a new topic. Head here for the
    war between the compact trucks:

    Do you think the Dakota is the best thing since
    sliced bread? Tell us why.
  • Hi folks, Well I've had my truck for a little better than 24 hours now, and it's great. The wife has put more miles on it than me! I have a few observations and comments to follow.

    I hope I didn't give the wrong impression about the interior, it's not bad... just different. After looking at the 2000 interior for 3 months, the new interior just felt odd. After the first few drives I was oblivious to the changes. It's all in what you get used to I guess.

    I posted a pic of the 16" wheels in the Dakota photos area. They look sharp, I also liked the white outlined Eagles. I'll post some more pics when I get some in the daylight.

    edwardqc - haven't seen a '01 4x4 yet

    want1bad - my interior is the lighter gray color and the headliner seems to match that really well. I also found it odd that they used a light headliner with the dark interior, but I bet it's the same light grey I've got. I'm not sure if it is any smaller, but the hump is still there in the headliner. It's right between the door posts, or "B" pillars.

    resqman - The tow hook holes are pretty much under the fascia, you have to look for them to see them. I'll post more pics soon.

    cyberram - to find the pics, just do a topic search (link near the top of this page) for Dakota, you'll see the group.

    Well, I got a whole day with the QC tomorrow, wife is working. Hmmmm...wash or ride?

  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Posts: 337
    Sorry to group the responses/questions, but time constraints make visits to the board less frequent these days... I'll try to keep it short!

    HENNE: Regarding synthetic rear-end lube, my experience has been nothing but good with the stuff. I switched from the petro-based stuff to synthetic in my '95 Ram before my first long haul (2,000 mi) with a 5,000-plus pound enclosed trailer in tow... Long days on the road, and tough mountain driving... No rear-end problems at all after 4 such trips. I'm switching to synthetic in the Quad next week, BEFORE I hitch up the trailer.

    STEADY73: On mileage... My Quad (4X4/5.9/auto) is averaging between 13.8 and 14.6 depending on type of driving. I'll be looking for a modest economy gain after installing a Borla exhaust/intake "package," though not until the computer adjusts to the new system... Will post on any appreciable gains.

    On performance: I'm also expecting modest performance gains with the Borla package ($425)... I'm not so serious about it that I'm going to do "before & after" runs at the local drag strip. But I'll be happy to supply seat-of-the-pants impressions if you wish.

    DUTYFREE: I installed the Fold-a-Cover on my Quad about 2 months ago, and have been very pleased with its versatility and performance so far. If you don't mind a black cover, I'd highly recommend it.

    QUARK: Sorry to see you go! But probably not alone in hoping that you'll miss the Quad and be back on the board before too long!

    FORD BII: Spoke with a fellow who works with the company here in Mich. that's supplying the fascias for the new Quads... My understanding is that they'll be phasing in the color-keyed panels (ala Durango) on all Quad models.

    QUESTION (again): I bought the Extend-a-Truck hitch extension for long loads (slick unit that just "plugs in" to the receiver)... But need to finish off the long load capability with a roof rack. Looked at the Mopar offering, and was not terribly impressed. Has anyone installed a rack (Mopar or other)? If so, care to offer impressions/insights???
  • victxvictx Posts: 108
    I know we have a few people who have taken delivery of their 4x2s, but I am a little concerned because my 4x4 Sport has been sitting at the plant for 10 days and can't seem to make it onto a railcar.

    My dealer showed me how to trace my vehicle via Hadley transport and I have noticed that two 4x2s with higher sequence numbers (last six of vin which I also assume starts at 1 with the first vehicle and goes up from there) are in transit, but mine does not show up anywhere. The dealer called DC and said DC didn't provide any details as to why my truck is being delayed, unless my dealer is not telling me the truth. I have called DC myself a couple of times and they have simply told me that the truck is awaiting a railcar.

    I am just trying to find a pattern here. Let me know if anyone else is experiencing these delays, Thanks.
  • astaasta Posts: 122
    qc2001 (evan) can you post some pics of your pat blue 4x4 when it comes in? I'm going back and forth between the bronze, the new silver (which I have not seen yet) and the pat blue, which I like quite a bit (I've always had dark blue vehicles) I'm curious to see what interior color you got and how it looks with this infamous headliner, if you have the time to post interior pics as well. your specs sound pretty much exactly what I'm going for except the dodge/mopar bedliner - I think I'm going to try the line-x after all the fantatic reviews of that product on the Edmunds board. also I'm very curious as to if D/C changed the bench seat config ala the middle console placement and ease of use, etc.

    thanks! your post made me stoked for you and for me when I get a quad!
  • victxvictx Posts: 108
    qc2001, I've already received my invoice from the dealer, just waiting on the truck. They are processing the paperwork early so I can get the FB rebate. I plan on putting up a webpage with photos, stats and mods that I will do. Here is a quickie page with my invioce information for those who would like to see 2001 invoice prices on the 4x4. With all the options I orderd, the price for my 2001 was only about $200 more than 2000.
  • qc2001qc2001 Posts: 30
    asta-i will post some pics as soon as i can. i was thinking about it and i hope to have the QC by fri. or sat. morning at the latest. but since i am going camping on sun. it will probably be the week after.

    victx-we must think simularly. i am ordering a Pioineer DEH-P47DH cd receiver from crutchfield($255 after delivery and includes the extra items) today, the best price on-line for this item is from at 194.99. i am going with crutchfield because i have delt with them before and don't mind paying a little extra for the terriffic cust. serv. i can get from them.
    thanks for the link to your invoice site, i will post the invoice for the slt model as soon as possible. i hope that you recieve a rail car asap. i am hoping for a mobile parking lot to pick mine up by tues. at the latest. i will also post the last six digits of my VIN tommorrow so you can sort out your sequence pattern.

    good luck to all, Evan
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