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  • DanaRDanaR Posts: 37

    The new Golf is already out in Europe and I visited a dealer in NL in January. It has the same wheelbase as the old version but its wider. I think some of the extra width is taken up be the thicker doors, for safety, but there's a small increase in room. It has an sophisticated, upscale feel to it (remember, VW is now competing with MB!), similar to the new Passat. Its really a car I could enjoy. The new one also has more style, and there will be more engine choices. Price, though, may be a drawback.
    - Dana
  • DanaRDanaR Posts: 37

    I wouldn't pay more than around 19,300 for a VR6 without options. I see a 4cyl GTI advertised for 13,917. Check the newspaper in the closest major city for advertised specials. If you're lucky you can get a great deal.
  • OriSharirOriSharir Posts: 3
    Thanks for the advice. I couldn't wait and went ahead and bought the '98. I pick it up on Monday - can't wait! This site has been really helpful in making my decision. Keep up the good work.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    I'm so happy you got the car you want and that we were able to help you make a good decision, OriSharir. That's why we're here!
  • JoeIlardoJoeIlardo Posts: 2
    Thanks for the information Dana. I'll sit tight until the Golf reaches the US. Sounds like it may be worth the wait!
  • wailwail Posts: 2
    I got my VR6 about 1 month ago for $19750 (fully loaded, without tax). So far, it has no problems for the first 1500 miles. Haven't passed the 4500RPM line yet. The salesperson told me there won't be any VR6(engine sold to MB). So, the new version Golf will be less powerful. That's the reason I picked up this one instead of waiting for the new golf. So far, I am one happy man.
  • yordyyordy Posts: 1
    My mother and I are looking at the Hatchback, Ford escort and Chey Cavalier. All are '98. We could probably get the others for less, but do you think the hatchback is worth a little extra? Do they have a C.D. player option?
  • seamusfurrseamusfurr Posts: 10
    Thanks for the reponse. I DID IT! I picked up my Ginster Yellow GTI VR-6 on Monday. Got it for $19,700, including destination, title, advertising fee, and leather seats, or about $18,600 without all those included.
    It's fabulous, but I'm already taking it in for its first service, as the alarm keeps going off if I take more than ten seconds to get out of the car after turning it off, and the sunroof doesn't close automatically with the key like the windows do. Small problems. Love the car.
    By the way, a couple things I learned: (1) Sorry, DanaR, but advertised prices are the "bait" in barely-legal bait-and-switch methods. There are never any cars at the advertised price. Read the fine print in the ad and you'll see "one in stock." Guess what-- that one ain't in stock after all. (2) It pays to do your homework. I got an initial bid through ($399 over invoice), and then called all the dealers in the area to see who else had the car I was looking for in the color I was looking for. Then when I sat down to make a deal and he said, "Man, that's a popular car. I've been getting so many calls from dealers on it since it came off the truck," I could reply by listing the five other dealers within 20 miles of my house that also had yellow VR-6's. It killed his bargaining advantage, because he knew I knew I could just get up and buy it elsewhere that day.
    So, shop around.

    Love the car. It's a hoot.
  • SWCSWC Posts: 10
    Like many of you, I have owned many VWs and plan on purchasing another GTI very soon. I recently returned from Europe where I was able to see many Golf 4s. They are very cool, but I think the current model will be discounted when the 99s arrive. Right now VW has a $750 rebate, but does anyone know if they are planning a better rebate and/or low interest rates later this summer? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  • tiburontiburon Posts: 2
    If you all want to see what the new Golf looks like just go to a search machine like Altavista and type in "nue Golf" and you will get loads of German sites with the pics. Altavista also translates these sites for you so you should be able to read some of the information on the car too. I live in Europe, and the car has been out for a few months and I personally think it is the way best looking Golf to date. It is not a boxy as previous Golfs (too boxy for my taste).
    Check it out!
  • ridgew10ridgew10 Posts: 1
    I am getting interested in a new Golf Gl. The 10 year power train warranty sounds particularly nice. Does anyone know exactly what this warranty covers?
  • Jon_PJon_P Posts: 8
    Powertrain should be just the transmission and the engine. I believe suspension components are not included. A seperate long warranty covers rust, but everything else is off the clock after 24,000. Within 24,000, though, maintnence is free. The whole thing is kind of a mixed blessing. Sometimes I think its great, sometimes I worry about the sunroof breaking around 30,000. Another thing to remember, if you sell it, the buyer only gets half of the warranty- i.e. 100,000 powertrain warranty becomes 50,000 for new owner.

  • DanaRDanaR Posts: 37
    I believe the 10 year warranty covers anything 'connected' to the engine as well such as the alternator, turbo. It should also cover the computer hardware. The AC components I'm not sure of.

    - Dana
  • GuyPGuyP Posts: 50
    Does ANYBODY know how an aftermarket E-PROM can affect the 10-year powertrain warraty from VW?
  • strawstraw Posts: 1
    Thinking of buying a GTI after driving large cars. Is it too small for a 6'2" over long term for everyday use? Are the dealers as arrogant as they used to be when I owned VW in the past?
  • Jon_PJon_P Posts: 8
    I'm 6'1" and in my Golf GL with a sun roof, which has the same inside hight as the GTI, there's enough room to be comfortable, but only by an inch or two. If my hair is standing on end, it will hit the trim for the sunroof. I've got the seat height as low as it can go, though I've got the back pretty much upright. You'll have to see for yourself, but with that sunroof, it is something you'll have to be worried about. My dealer was pretty nice, by the way, although they really overcoach you on how to respond to the post-sale interview.

  • angelenoangeleno Posts: 1
    Am considering buying a '98 GL. Must-have options include air and the radio, but I'm also inclined to want the anti-lock brakes and side-door air bags. Any recent GL buyers who have any sense of how readily I'll be able to find a GL so equipped? Would especially like to hear from others who've been shopping in Southern California lately.

    By the way, in researching, I've noticed VW's anti-lock brakes are much more expensive than those of other carmakers. Anyone know why?

    Thanks to all who reply.
  • sistercatsistercat Posts: 1
    Response to Angeleno:

    I just test-drove the Golf GL this weekend. I liked the drive but was put off by the rather cheap feel of the inside, especially the back seat maneuvering to get the cargo area available. Call Bozzani Volvo/VW in Covina on Citrus Avenue. The salesman was decent and the dealership might have what you are looking for. Good luck.
  • I'm waivering on taking a chance on buying this car as opposed to taking it safe and buying another Japanese car. My primary concern is how well these cars hold up and the chance of taking delivery of a car with major assembly defects or defective components. I would appreciate any comments from owners of these cars. Thanks
  • seamusfurrseamusfurr Posts: 10
    Have any other GTI/Golf owners had a problem where the tapedeck turns on by itself while listening to the radio? I'm on my second VW radio in my GTI (the first was defective and set off the alarm), and both have had this problem. Ring any bells?
  • seamusfurrseamusfurr Posts: 10
    In response to the gentleman above, I'm 6'2", and I find the GTI very comfy.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    I'm on my second Golf and I haven't had the problem you describe with the radio/tapeplayer. Hmmm, maybe that's because my first Golf had only a radio? ;-)

    And there is one thing I love about the Golf: seamusfurr (above) is 6'2" and comfortable and so am I -- at only 5'0"

  • ccjasper1ccjasper1 Posts: 1

    I just purchased a 98 GTI for less than $14,000. I was thinking of getting a CIVIC EX 5-Speed but was completely turned off first by the dealer and second the way the car sounds during a test drive. A tin-can that is for sure. I am looking forward to several years of fun driving with my brand new red GTI!
  • mguisadomguisado Posts: 3
    Hi all I'm back again. I was the one that posted about the fuel pump failure at 300k. Well last week my car was back in the shop again this time 4700k. Another fuel system problem, unrelated to the previous one, a vapor leak in the charcoal filter unit. I also had loose door locks and a head rest that was falling apart. I'm getting a little worried about the car I bought.

    Just thought I'd let you all know.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    mguisado, this sounds not happy. :-( What does your dealer say about this?

  • ghoshghosh Posts: 17
    Are you just throwing around 'K's or are you
  • lantafflantaff Posts: 2
    Have found a '96 Golf GL, 28.5K miles, that has a sticker price of $12885. What would be a reasonable offer to give them. From what Edmunds and some other places say, I should put in an offer of $9500 and take it from there. Will I be laughed out of the show room? Also, what is the most I should think about paying. I was thinking about $11000. Please help! I want to buy in the next day or so. Thanks.
  • golf3golf3 Posts: 1
    Dont go beyond 10k$, the dealer invoice for a 98
    is 12,455 and MSRP 13,495 so if U got the cash
    U R better off buying new:)good luck to you.
  • lantafflantaff Posts: 2
    Thanks golf3, am about to go to the dealer! Wish me luck- We're financing the whole lot, so we have a cap, they are going to give (!) it to us for 11K out the door! We'll see. I'll keep you posted.
  • holdencholdenc Posts: 2
    Hi I'm in canada just reading through all the posts. Up until a few weeks ago I had a 1987 Jetta GL with about 285K but to my extreme chagrin it got stolen! Now I am considering a 98 or 97 GTI as I don't like the more rounded look of post 95 Jetta's. What' the major diff between the GTI and the Golf GL and CL?

    Any advice appreciated
  • SWCSWC Posts: 10

    The GTI comes standard with pretty much everything you could ask for. You get air, a sunroof, and extra little body features which distinguish the car from the Golf. One major difference, in my opinion is the upholstry. The GTI seat materials are much nicer and the seats are a lot more firm. You also get the cool silver-faced gauges with the GTI. For added luxury, you get a leather steering wheel, a six speaker stereo, and a way-cool shift knob. Standard 4-wheel disk brakes also add to the list. Unless you need the extra doors, the GTI is definitely worth the extra $ over the Golf for all it has to offer. For a whole new definition of fun, go for the VR6!
  • mguisado,

    Too bad about the fuel pump. Any word yet? I assume "K" means "kilometers" and not "thousand miles."
    Has anyone seen the new Golfs (Golves?) yet? I've seen a promo photo of them, and I don't like them. They're kinda...shocking!
    Ginster yellow rules.
  • SWCSWC Posts: 10
    Last April I was in Europe and saw many new Golfs. They have a more "refined" look to them and the interior is definitely Audi. In my opinion, the Audi A3 is cooler looking; if only they would import those!
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Good point, SWC! When I read European Car, I weep over all the drives that will never be... ;-)


  • I recently purchased a GTI VR6 a 98 version. I love the car. It is small extremely manuverable and pretty quick. It comes with all the conveniences. Also it seems to be built pretty strong.. Go GTI
  • GuyPGuyP Posts: 50
    Hello all!

    This message is for those who are curious about modifying the 2.0 GTI...

    I recently finished modifying my 2.0 GTI by
    slowly adding the following:
    1) Autothority chip
    2) K&N intake filter (cone)
    3) Eurosport 2.25" exhaust system
    4) Eurosport short-shift linkage (50% redx)

    The modifications were amazing ITO the performance gains. The following is what I observed after modifications:
    1) more torque across the entire curve
    2) car revs faster
    3) car really pulls when you tap the gas pedal
    4) car has much more power at high RPMs (3500 and above)-thus greater passing power.
    5) exhaust sounds awesome -- Caution, after long periods of driving, the exhaust becomes gradually and irritatingly noisy!

    The above modifications will cost about $540.

    At first, I was skeptical about gaining any power from these additions. I did my homework and a lot of bargain shopping and I took the plunge.

    My conclusion is that the gains are WELL WORTH it.

    The difference in performance from the stock 2.0 GTI really "feels" big (maybe up to 135 [email protected] 5400rpm). The only way to really know is to experience it yourself.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Go GuyP!! Thanks for keeping us up to date!

  • I am in the market for a '99 Golf (Wolfsburg Edition). Any suggestions on good VW Dealers in DC/No.VA/MD Metro Area?

    I am also thinking of trading in 14" 5 spoke alloys that come standard with 15" alloys (from the GTI VR6) and getting the aluminium "golf" shift knob. What will be a good choice of tires on my Golf with 15" wheels? Can I trade-in the standard wheels/tires to get the mentioned ones at any of the dealers?

    Your comments/suggestions/advice is highly solicited, after all you all seem to be a happy lot with the Golfs.
  • GuyPGuyP Posts: 50

    You cannot swap the stock 14" alloys on the Golf for the 15" on the VR6s b/c the Golf's wheels have ONLY 4 LUGS whereas the VR6's wheels have 5 LUGS.

    You're only option is to find aftermarket 15" wheels that have only 4 LUGS!

    good luck...
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335

    Did you have your engine work done at a local tuner shop or did you do it yourself? I'm wondering whether the prices you quoted earlier were "installed" or "parts" pricing.


    I've bought from:
    Ray Burnette in Alexandria VA (87 FOX GL)
    Autohaus Tischer in Laurel MD (89 GOLF GL)
    Martens VW-Volvo (DC on WI Ave) (96 GOLF GL)

    Can't complain about any of them. IMHO, Tischer and Martens have better service departments. Tischer had to deal wit the fallout from our 89 Golf having been assembled during the last few months that VW were made in US before they moved to Puebla, Mexico. Boy, talk about some HAPPY UAW folks , the ones who put that car together had something besides quality on their minds. Tischer made that car into a decent, reliable car that we could depend on. Too bad it didn't come that way from the factory ;-(

    The best buying experience we had was from Martens, because we used Auto-by-Tel. The only strange thing was waiting for "The Other Shoe to Drop". You know, the Sales Manager coming out to work you over, the nice lady to sell you rustproofing, the service rep to sell you the extended warranty. They DIDN'T even try to pull any of this. I was really impressed.

    Second best was Tischer. I did my homework, walked in with the configuration (even color-Marine Blue) and a price on 1 piece of paper. I gave it the first salesperson who approached me and asked if he would sell me that car at that price. He checked, and came back in 2 minutes with "Yes". Done deal.

    Third was Ray Burnette. They refused to sell me the 89 Golf at the above price, only to call my wife at home the next day with some story about having talked to Mr. Burnette and he wanting to give us a break because we had bought our first VW there. Yada, Yada. Too little, too late.
  • GuyP,

    I am enlightened!! Regarding the wheels ofcourse! ;-)...How did I miss this detail? Thanks! I guess I'll keep the 14" for sometime.


    Thank you very much for your input and personal experiences at some of the dealers. I would appreciate if you could give me name of the salesman...oops, salesperson that you dealt with at Martens. I know its been two years, but do give "it" (remembering the name) a try. :)
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Narinder, I'm sorry to say the salesperson with whom we dealt at Martens is no longer there. But as we did it with Auto-by-tel (long before becoming associated with Edmunds) I'm not sure the salesman seemed to make any difference. What does bnormann say?

  • Jon_PJon_P Posts: 8
    I got a '97 Golf from Farifax VW and had little problem. They did pull the salesperson/sales manager/rust proofing woman/financing person stunt, though. And they lowered the price $500 every time I walked out of the showroom. They had no problems milking me if I would let them. One last thing- the price on the final contract was not what we had agreed on. It was higher, and they corrected it after I pointed it out. But still, if I had not read all of the contract, they would have screwed me. Actually, I guess they were not that nice after reading what I wrote. I just got away with it by being carefull. Anyone else have any problems with Farifax VW?

  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    Actually, we DID deal with the Sales Manager, since the day that we came to pick up the car, our sales PERSON (Greg Noble: nice guy BTW) was not in. He told us that in advance and we knew who to ask for when we got there.

    Imagine our shock when the Sales Manager was as nice and straight-forward as you could ever ask for !?

    YMMV. Bruce.
  • SWCSWC Posts: 10
    Does anyone know FOR SURE that VW will be shipping GTI's to the USA when the A4 models arrive? When the A3's came out, it was a couple of years before they produced a GTI version, so I'm not sure if I should wait for the new model and risk not being able to get a new 98 GTI. Please help! Time's running out!
  • tomjvtomjv Posts: 1
    OK, 1998 VR6, Red, 1100mi
    paid $19.9

    Very fast. 60mph in 2nd gear!
    Outstanding brakes.
    Very quiet, engine and road noise.
    Steering is precise.(at slow speeds)
    Car is well appointed. Leather is very nice touch.
    Buttons and switches OK to Good.
    Ventilation very good.
    Lights very good.
    Rims very attactive.

    Seats very uncomfortable. Lap section too short.
    Still no workable drink holder.
    Directional switches clumsy.
    Shifts "notchy".
    Suspension is terrible. Nds struts/springs and swaybars.(engine outperforms for suspension)
    Radio is just ok. I installed a bass tube. It's like night and day. Difficult to locate CD changer. I've got one for $250.00, installed. Dealer wanted almost $600.00!
    Tires no good.
    Cannot leave tailgate unlocked.

    All in all still a very nice vehicle. I'd buy it again. Just save some money to do the suspension right away. Seriously, my '91 GTI corners as well . (Only 14" rims and fr&rear swaybars.)
  • Tomjv,

    Check the owners manual re. the trunk latch. I think there is a combination (turn key RIGHT or LEFT ?!?!) that will do this..

    You're right the suspension is an underachiever.
  • dee2dee2 Posts: 1
    We are looking for a used golf 94 or 95. Found one with automatic at a good price 7,200 for 1994 has several rust spots one an inch or more wide on the back door. It's only a 94 so I'm worried that even if we fix these spots there could be long term problems. Any advice?
  • greetings,

    i have read all the postings in this topic, but still have a question.
    I am heavily weighing the '99 miata against the more practical question is:
    for those who have driven both, is the VR6 as much fun to drive, as a whole (minus the convertible side), as the miata? i'm caught in a dilemma.
  • hello again,

    i was at a VW/Audi dealership looking at a '98 VR6 and the salesman mentioned that they have a quarter-mile time a few ticks off of a '98 corvette.
    can anyone verify this?
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