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  • GuyPGuyP Posts: 50

    I have test driving both the VR6 and the new miata with sport package. Both happen to be priced ver similarly!

    very sporty, tight suspension, power is adaquete, precise steering, Japanese feel :(, long distance comfort is questionable, predictable resale value.
    =>if your definition of fun is feeling the road, and wind/sun in your face, the Miata is for you.

    VW Golf VR6:
    very aggressive engine, German feel :), nice standard features, comfortable, reliablity is questionable, great highway vehicle.
    =>if your definition of fun is completely overpowering your competition, having that German car feel, and hearing that nice VR6 roar, than the VR6 is definitely for you.

    This is a tough choice. Let me know which you decide to get!
  • GuyPGuyP Posts: 50

    To answer your question:

    K&N cone filter- $75
    Eurosport shortshift linkage- $40
    Eurosport catback exhaust- $230
    Autothority chip- ~$150

    The air filter and shortshifter I installed myself-which was a piece of cake.

    The exhaust work was at a Goodyear service center of all places- ~$50

    The chip was installed at VWSport USA- $20

    Are you planning to modify? I am still researching suspension upgrades for my car. Do you have any suggestions/comments?
  • How much did the new exhaust contribute to your increased performance, can you tell? It seems like the highest cost item, especially with the installation. I KNOW it sounds better (;-)

    One question, did you lose any low-end torque? I don't think you would, unless you put in a new cam.

    No news on the suspension upgrades. I think the market is pretty stable and well documented. Unless you're going extreme, like coil-over-shocks and adjustable camber strut mounting plates, I think EPI or VW Sport can probably recommend just what you need. Just be honest with them about your needs.

    I haven't done much yet, primarily because the Golf is my wife's car and I hesitate to mess with it too much.

  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Yes, thou shalt not mess with the carlady's car! ;-0

  • zelzel Posts: 10
    To Guy P,
    Where did you get your exhaust system?
    $230 sounds like a really good price.
    I have a 98 Honda Civic Hatchback.
    All the cat-back exhaust systems for my
    Civic cost around $500.
    I wonder if I could get anything cheaper
    than that. By the way, did you mail order
    your exhaust or did you get it from a shop?
    I live in Texas.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, I have experienced the *dark side* of going German following a nice, long era of Japanese (Toyota).

    With just over 4,000 miles on the GTI VR6, these two jerks in Beamers in Rosslyn, Virginia, were drag racing and passed me within my own lane, and BOOM, I whacked my wheel against the curb. Thought I had just hurt the tire, but no, new wheel, new bearing, new tire, insurance adjuster called in, $950 repair. Ugh. Two weeks later, punctured a tire in DC, had to be replaced. $120 including installation.

    This is not a call for empathy, just a comment that I spent more in two months on the VW than I spent in four years and 50,000 miles on the Celica, which had more than 50K when I started.

    But, oh boy, what a ride. No regrets. Not yet.

    BTW, regarding the purchasing comments above, you will invariably pay more using Auto-By-Tel and such rather than doing your own research. Auto-By-Tel gave me a price of $19,800 (not including tax, tags, etc.), and I ended up getting one for far less just by going in with the knowledge of how much it cost them and how much it should cost me.

    Remember, if you're going to use a pricing service, you're PAYING to save yourself the negotiation hassle.
  • I recently looked at a 1998 Golf VR6 demo with 5,000 miles on the clock. Any idea's on how much I should deduct from the invoice price to account for this ?
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    You'll find Edmunds usually uses 8 cents a mile for mileage adjustments for used cars - up or down. IMHO, demo miles are *hard* miles so I'd start 10 & 12 cents a mile.

    Please, let us know how this works out for you. I'd be interested to know how the dealer responds.

  • How is the reliability on the VW Golf VR6? I am thinking of getting one, but I have heard that they are problematic. Thanks!
  • tengutengu Posts: 1
    ATTN: GuyP
    I've been reading some of the responses to questions about modifications to VR6's, and I would like to ask a few questions about this (or any one else who can help). I have had my '98 VR6 about 4 weeks now, and for the most part I love it. I definitely agree that the suspension is not up to snuff, and needs improvement. It seems that there are several upgrade companies, but I don't know about there reputations or quality. You've mentioned EPI and VW Sport; who are they and how do I get info from them? Do you know of others I might want to check out? Personally, I'm a firm believer in keeping modifications compatible with real world driving conditions ( no fear of speed bumps and I don't want to feel every dime in the road when I run over it). Oh yeah, tell me about Eurosport and the short-shift linkage too, please. Some friends have told me that a Eibach/Bilstein suspension combo would be close to what I want- what do you think? Thank you (or who ever else replies) for your input.
    Andy (Tengu)
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    EPI and VW Sport are two tuner shops her in the Washington DC area. They are both excellent! Depending on where you live, I feel the best plan is to go to a specialized tuner shop that works on VW. If you live in North Dakota that may be a problem. Check out a copy of "European Car" at the newstand. There are dozens of tuner shops that advertise in there and if you can get back issues from somewhere you will find that many of the cars that are featured are done by these shops.

    These specialty shops have done their homework and can guide you toward the best combination for you based on their EXPERIENCE. Of course, you have to make sure you are dealing with a professional operation, it's still Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware).

    Just my $0.02.

  • Anyone know when the '99 GTIs will be in showrooms? I'm seriously considering buying one, but I want to make sure it's a good car 'cause it's going to run me about 20 grand. Saw a red '98 VR6 GTI at Fairfax VW for 19,000 w/leather; 0 mi. Good deal? How are the 1998 models out there holding up? I live in DC too, so suspension is a concern, ha ha.

  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    My informal survey (1 VW dealer in Washington, DC) says February 1999 is the projected arrival date for the 1999 VW Golf GTI. The closer it gets, the better prices on the 1998 will be. Keep us posted please!

  • holahola Posts: 9
    I bought a '95 GTi VR6 about a month ago. What a drive!!!

    Anyway, my question is concerning its engine. Of course when I've checked the oil (etc.) I've noticed the engine (it fulls up the whole hood) but it did't strike me until yesterday that on the engine is printed "VR6 DOHC".
    So, my question is this---did VW just lie (I know the engine that's supposed to be in the GTi VR6 is not DOHC) or do I maybe have then engine from the Passat and Audi A4. Can any of you who own a GTi VR6 tell me what it says on your engine? Just wondering!
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    Some marketing guy at VW figured that since there is "really" only one head on this engine, and it has two cams in it, "It must be a DOHC!" DUH!?

    There may be only one head, but it serves two cylinder banks, so I say their label is bogus.

    OBTW, it has always said DOHC on engines here in the US, I don't know about the rest of the world.

    Bruce. your Sedans co-host.
  • GuyPGuyP Posts: 50
    Hello all!

    I'm back from a long semester at school. Whew!

    Let's see if I can answer your questions...

    Eurosport cat-back exhaust:
    1) sounds very good
    2) sound gets annoying during long drives
    3) no low-end torque is lost
    4) definite performance improvement WITH a K&N air filter!
    5) if i had to do it again, I would probably get techtonics' exhaust b/c I hear it fits much better under your 3rd-gen gti (i.e., no clunks over dips)
    6) i don't think Golf sport exhausts are compatible with Civics. you need to check on this. maybe honda exhaust are more $$ too!
    7) I bought this exhaust at a shop called Style-On Wheels in Leesburg, VA.
    8) bottom-line: i'm happier with my new exhaust (1-year).

    Eurosport short-shift linkage:
    1) very nice, gated-feel (if you like this)
    2) easy install
    3) reduces throw about 50%, a reduction you can feel from stock, but the reduced VW throw is still a mile long compared with that of the old honda civic si's.
    4) get this thing! although, i would probably try to find one that gave a 70% reduction if could!

    I'm STILL contemplating on suspensions. I'm wondering if it's worth the possible hassle.

    Here are some of my concerns of installing a sport suspension system:
    1) will i scrape the bottom going over speed bumps/drive ways?
    2) will the clearance between my sport 2.25" exhaust pipe and the rear axle decrease, causing the pipe to excessively bump the bottom of the car???
    3) will stock tires rub the wheel wells with 3-4 people in the car?

    Any feedback would be cool!

    I recently test drove the New 4th-gen Jetta. Phenomenal automobile by VW! I'm heartbroken! They absolutely outdid themselves with this one. Does anyone want to buy a black '97 2.0 Golf GTI - 16,000mi on the odo??? ;) I could go on and on about this new VW but I'm sure I would just be recaping what is already being said about this car from other test drivers and European Car magazine.
    What do you guys think???

    BTW, for those even thinking of buying a '98 Golf/Jetta, yourselves a big favor and be very patient. Wait for the 4-th gen Golf/Jetta! You'll see what I mean! ;)
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Welcome home, GuyP!! We've missed you!

  • Does anybody know any web sites with pics of the '99 Golf/GTI? I saw some new Golfs in Iceland a couple months ago, but they didn't look significantly different, which I heard the new ones will.

    '98 GTI VR-6 (Ginster Yellow)
  • holahola Posts: 9
    From what I understand--atleast from the pics I've seen in Road and Track, the new Jettas look quite a bit different from the current ones--much more like the Passat (especially from the rear) The Golfs though, really just looked a little smoothed out (personally I don't know if I like the look better--I like the personality of the current model!) The interiors on both cars are identical--much more classy than the current interiors with soft touch two tone dashboards. Prices have risen quite a bit on the VR6 models especially. The base price for a GTi VR6 is now over 22K!
  • $22K *base*? Damn, the sticker price for mine with leather was closer to $21K, before tags, taxes, advertising fee, etc. (Not that anyone pays sticker.)

    I think raising prices is a big gamble by VW, especially with the economy as uncertain as it is and American car companies actually lowering their prices on many models for the new model year.
  • holahola Posts: 9
    I agree--as high quality as these cars are, paying 16K of 17K for a 115 HP compact car is alot! Especially considering more boring cars: The 15K Protoge ES, the 15K Civic LX, and the 15K Corolla LE have just as many feartures for 1 to 2K less.

    Oh but then again!
    Yesterday was warm (45 degrees) and springlike here in Northern Utah, and I managed--on a deserted straightway, to hit 130MPH--It actually didn't take very long--that stupid Speed Limiter!!! I love my GTi VR6
    Good thing because it's 15 degrees and snowing right now.

  • holahola Posts: 9
    Just wondering about something--

    Are the '95's the only models with heated seats? My sister is looking to by a new car (she owns a '89 Toyota Tercel right now) and wants something with more power. Obviously the VR6 has plenty. She loves the heated seats in my car, but would like to maybe get a '97 or '98--do they have heated seats too?

    Loving my car as usual,

  • the 3rd generation GTI was blamed for not being as sporty as expected (compared to 318ti), many reviewers say the 4th gen car will be sportier...

    do you have any idea...
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    You can visit the 4th generation VW Golf topic here!

  • Nice pics of the new GTI:

    You can hit the forward button at the bottom of the page for pics of it in yellow (yeah...)
  • Just saw an ad in the Washington Post this morning that Ray Burnette VW in Alexandria has the NEW VR-6. Gonna go check it out this weekend...
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Please be sure to let us know what you find out, seamusfurr!

  • I am a sixteen year-old driver looking into a new car. I think I have the same problems as fozzy. My father says that he will give me $12,000 gas and insurance. I have $4000 in the bank, so that gives me a total of 16k. No my parents aren't rich and no they have not driven a VW since the 70s. I was just wondering if the new VWs can stand up to the reliability that the "OLD" Beetle proved to the world. I was looking into the Golf GL. I would like to hear some responses from you guys with the Old and new golfs. Could you please write to me E-Mail and the board if it is not too much trouble. Thanks.....Pete
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    I've owned two VW Golfs (89 & 96 -- I'm driving the second one now) and I think it's a great car for me, azninvazion. Did you notice the "for me?" :-)

    Since this is your first car purchase, I hope you won't mind a word of advice from the carlady! Put pen to paper and make a list of everything you want your new car to be: less than $16,000, good gas mileage, room for my bass drums, something my grandmother would be happy to ride in, handles well in the snow, and so on.

    Once you have your list of wants, rank them according to your needs. Keep this list with you every time you pick up an auto magazine, visit Edmunds, stop by dealerships, etc. I find it helps me keep focused when I'm about to be swept off my feet in the direction of a car I've never even thought about buying.

    That's all; I'm getting off my soapbox now! ;-)

    And yes, I'm a very satisfied VW Golf owner!

  • holahola Posts: 9
    I'm also a very happy VW owner. I purchased my GTi VR6 7 months ago--a used 95 with 60K miles. So far it hasn't given me any trouble. It is superb in the snow, has a great stereo--and not to mention 172 HP. So far the only negative thing I've experienced is a little vandalism. (Somebody decided it would be fun to rip off my antena and driver's side mirror. I know your probably looking at something newer but my '95 only cost me 10200 after taxes and licensing.
  • GuyPGuyP Posts: 50

    i totally agree with the carlady. you should know what you want out of your next car and what you really need it to be.

    what ever you decide, a VW Golf will not be the car for everybody. in the U.S., i commonly hear people say that VWs are unreliable cars that break down and little things fall off or malfunction. and there has been a history of this in the recent past. but other car manufacturers have problems also. for example, older hondas have front and rear lights that take in water after a few years. soon enough, your light will start looking like a fish tank! my old toyota corolla had roof leakage problems off the bat, and now the center console instrumentation lighting doesn't turn on unless you slap the dashboard really hard. my friend owns an automatic honda accord (2 models previous the current one) whose engine occassionally shuts down on him as he drives on the road. sometimes the RPM would eradically soar and then drop down again without being provoked.

    what i am trying to say is that many car companies have problems that eventually get worked out. VW, i believe, has made a really strong comeback, not just in U.S. presence but more importantly in reliability, quality, value, and build integrity.
    the current A3 generation VWs are solid cars. the A4 VWs and Passat may be even better!

    i own a '97 Golf GTI and i have no complaints. i love my VW! my brother has a '98 Passat and it's everything we expect it to be. best wishes on finding your car. let me know how it goes.

  • Does anyone know what the logic behind the distribution of GTIs is? Apparently dealers in Virginia and Texas are receiving them (based on posts to this conference), but one of the local dealers here in Southern California claims that they're not scheduled to get the new GTIs until mid-2000!

    Is this something to do with ports of entry, or your generic mis-informed dealer?

    Needless to say, I will be checking with the other VW dealers in the area...
  • pure911pure911 Posts: 40
    does anyone know if the new GTI VR6 will actually handle well? the Golf 3 chassis VR6 was blamed for not be a good handler...anyone have a clue how the new car is...
  • drewrdrewr Posts: 7
    I have driven a new GTI VR6. Significant improvements have been made in every area and -to myself at least - the price increase is justified.

    Structural rigidity is drastically increased, along with build quality (I have held off replacing my Corrado with a Mexican GTI - I'm glad I waited). Essentially, this car handles and accelerates just like an A-4 2.8 (no more nose dives,excessive body roll, and high level of interior road noise that plagued the Golf IIIs).

    While 22k seems steep, this car will deliver almost every thing that the upcoming Audi TT coupe will for 10 grand less. New luxury additions include walnut interior trim, an electronic climate control sytem, heated seats with lumbar support (which were dropped in '98 in the GTI).

    Volkswagen has definitely moved upscale - but this offering would not have survived if they hadn't. There is simply no market for low-end hatchbacks with high-end engines/equipment. Sales of less than 3,500 over the last three years bear that out.

    ps The GTI VR6 may never be available in California. Like the Toyota Supra, California's emissions requirements necessitate VW Ag developing a solution just for this vehicle (and it may not be worth it) Remember, unlike the Jetta, this is a vehicle produced within and targeted primarily to the European market. If you made business decisions for VW, would you spend tens of million of dollars to re-tool a line without being assured of recouping that investement?
  • re: #193

    VR6 not available in California? That would suck. The dealer I talked to didn't mention anything when I mentioned I wanted the VR6 GTI and not the GLS with the 4-banger (which just arrived at their lot). Of course this is the same dealer who said they weren't expecting GTIs of any sort in till mid-2000.
  • corvettecorvette United StatesPosts: 7,154
    As for lights on Hondas, out of a 1990 CRX Si and a 1991 Civic Si, the CRX had a headlight with some condensation. About ten minutes and a can of compressed air took care of it. That car held a four drawer filing cabinet in the box with the hatch closed!

    I don't know what Clapp VW in Indiana has available, but they had an ad in the paper today for "$99 over invoice* (* Beetle and Passat not included)--in stock vehicles only." The ad showed a picture of the 1999 Jetta GLX--AFAIK there are not any GLX's yet except for the press fleet. Maybe they don't have any New Golfs/GTIs or New Jettas in stock?
  • I have been told that the GTI vr 6s will be available out here in California within a week.
    Are they sluggish when compared with the lighter 98 models, or merely better constructed
    with the new rigidity etc.I guess only a person who has driven both can remark on this.
  • holahola Posts: 9
    Well, a comparison test in Road and Track between the new GTi GLX (what a name full of letters!)
    and the new Civic Si, listed a 0-60 time of 6.8 seconds. This would definitely make it atleast as fast as the previous model.
  • yeah what's with the name...GLX????

    why change GTI VR6??? It has the same charm as driving an M3 over a regular 3 series BMW. The enthusiast will notice the small touches that distinguish the high performance model from the normal car...
  • My '97 GTI lease is up next month, and I loved the car except for in the snow. After driving my new 300M with traction control, I realized how dicey the VW is. What VW do I need to buy in order to get traction control. I heard it only comes on VR6 GTIs. Local dealer will have a new one in about a month. How's that for timing? Does anyone out there have snow experience with a new VW with traction control?
  • lucien2lucien2 Posts: 2,984
    Passat or, I think, New Beetle. Definitely standard on Passat though. And then there is the possibility of a Passat AWD wagon....
  • holahola Posts: 9
    Yeah, I drove my VR6 in the snow this winter (I live in Northern Utah). I didn't have any problems with it! When I would give a little too much gas it wouldn't let me spin out. The overall system works superbly--though you can hear it kick in.
  • herndonherndon Posts: 1
    Just wanted to post my experience with a 95 GTI VR6 that I purchased new. I no longer own the car and will give my explaination why. Many of you have asked about the reliability of these vehicles. First of all, the door locks are poorly designed and WILL freeze during extreme cold weather here in the Northeast United States. I thought maybe it was just me, but both of my brother-in-laws own jetta's (95 & 96 models) that have experienced the same problem. Very annoying and inconvenient oversight on VW's part. I've owned many cars in my life and NEVER did the locks freeze on any of matter how cold it got.

    Second of all, my particular car had alot of squeeks and rattles. It was assembled in Mexico and for VW's sake I hope the build quality of these vehicles will improve now that production has been moved back to Germany as one poster noted. These of course were minor annoyances compared to the kickers that eventually led to my getting rid of the car.

    The A/C died after only one summer's use. Because of the miles I drive and the timing of my purchase, I was about two years into the warranty period and about 60,000 miles. Because of the miles I was told by not only the dealer, but VW North America that there was nothing they could do for me. They wanted about $ 1,100.00 to "hopefully" fix the problem. At the same time the ABS light came on and would not go out. This "problem" was diagnosed as a bad instrument cluster and according to the dealer needed to be replaced. The cost for this repair...$ 1,500.00.
    So, here is a car about two years old with 60,000
    miles needing about $ 2,600.00 worth of repairs. I went ballistic and called VW North America to discuss any assistance that they might be able to offer. I was flatly told "Sorry, we can't help you". So I wrote a letter to the President of VW North America, describing the dissatisfaction I had with not only his product, but also his customer service division. I explained to him that this was the first VW I had owned and that it very well could be my last if this GTT VR6 was any indication of how reliable I could expect their products to be and if the way I was being treated by their customer service personnel was also "routine". He didn't even send a personnal reply. Just a "too bad but there's nothing we can do because you are out of warranty" form letter from one of his underlings. Even the dealer thought this was a bogus response from VW. He agreed with me that a maintained vehicle of my GTI's age, mileage or no mileage, should not have the types of problems mine was having. They were obviously factory defects that should have been rectified by

    Since my poor experience with VW I have voiced my disappointment with others and have found that
    many people are very satisfied with their VW's.
    From my two brother-in-law's to the folks here at work. Maybe I just got a bad one, but I thought that VW would at least be a little more aggressive in resolving the issues I had with the car. At this point I would definately be gun shy about owning another VW - which is a shame, because If my GTI experience were a better one I'd have considered any one of the new golfs, jettas or passats...instead I went with a japanese product.

  • pure911pure911 Posts: 40
    I am interested in the new 99 GTI VR6. I'm wondering, has anyone experienced buying one? has anyone been able to lower the price from its 22,000 MSRP. The dealer says there is low volume and the price cant be lowered much. Well the Invoice according th edmunds is around 19,500...I could live with 20,500.
  • pure911pure911 Posts: 40
    I am currently comparing this car to the Civic Si...I liked the Si but then I saw the GTI VR6, which was amazing. The interior looks and feels like an Audi...I couldn't test drive it though because the only one they had was in the dealer showroom...I would put an offer in for it, but it is that weird mustard yellow color...
  • notch64notch64 Posts: 2
    I am currently looking for a Golf GTI VR6. This is
    one hot car. In SoCal they are hard to find. In
    fact no dealer has one yet. The dealers here will
    only deal at the window price. Not sure why VW
    does not put the 1.8 Turbo into say a GTI GLS
    model. Think it would sell. Anyways I have left
    my name and number with numerous dealers here to
    call me when they smell a GTI VR6 come in.
  • ottooottoo Posts: 3
    I'm not sure why VW is running full page print ads and now TV ads on the New Golf--the damn car is impossible to find, at least in California. Every dealer wants sticker if they have one at all, I am waiting for someone to tell me they need $1000 over sticker! With all the bad press that VW received over price gouging with the new BEETLE, you'd think they would be a bit more sensitive to this issue. I do like the Golf and would like to get one, but I am getting a bad taste in my mouth.
  • gettoitgettoit Posts: 3
    Ottoo, Here in New York there seems to be a good supply of Golfs, except for the GTI VR6 -- but even those are available. Each of the three dealers I've visited in the past couple of weeks has had a few GL and GLS Golfs, and two of the three had both a 4-cyl and VR6 GTI.

    So I've driven them all, and now have a deposit down on a black/black VR6. My experience, by the way, is that you can get a *little* off MSRP!
  • pure911pure911 Posts: 40
    which dealers in New York had the GTI VR6....
  • gettoitgettoit Posts: 3
    911, as of last weekend there was a silver VR6 at Donaldson's in Sayville -- the second one I've seen there, the other was sold a couple of weeks ago. They also had a Cosmic Green 4-cylinder.

    The other one I saw on Long Island has also been sold. Certainly these aren't spending much time on the lots; my point was that they are coming into the dealers so you should be able to find one. I guess, judging by the comments from other parts of the country, that we're lucky here!
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