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The Volkswagen Golf IV



  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    I don't think you should have anything to fear from the 'Brazilian' or 'Mexican' VWs... except maybe that the first 'trial runs' may involve some misfirings. But that is speculation only.

    VW, like many other car manufacturers, have set up 'state-of-the-art' plants around the world, with great success.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Yes, in fact the "worst" A3 Golfs ever made came out of Pennsylvania. They had a higher repair rate than those made in other VW manufacturing plants throughout the world. The Pennsylvania plant is no longer open.

  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    I went shopping for a Golf yesterday. Specifically, a GTI 1.8, and was prepared to make a deal.
    As I have a good 'connection' with my dealership, I went down there and walked the lot. Lots of Jettas. Lots of Bugs. 3 Golfs. One 4-door GLS, two GTIs (both auto - not for me).
    The dealer checked on his computer to locate cars like the one I was looking for. There weren't many around. Needless to say, that's a bad starting position when you want to buy a car, so I 'cooled down' a bit, and did some more info gathering.
    It seems that the 2001 models are already on the harbor parking lot, just waiting for September to arrive. Logical? hmmm... Sales policy more like it...
  • ras5ras5 Posts: 8
    VW/Audi has revamped the tdi engine and it will put out 130hp on a european Audi A2 (same thing as a golf).Torque will be significantly higher too. The 6 speed manual also seems to be available over in europe and is available in the already mentioned A2. It would be nice to have a Gof GLS with this set up and a firmer suspension .Has anyone heard of what changes are coming for the 01 golf? (other than being built in Brazil) I hopequality does not suffer because i am in the market in 2002. I love my 5speed Maxima (fast and reliable) but it is expensive to run when you drive 600 miles a week
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    You mean the A3, don't you? The A2 is a completely different animal than a Golf, and I think it's only available with two different engines, a 1.4 diesel and 1.4 gas, both of which are pretty weak (Around 75 HP I think)
  • mnnmnn Posts: 31
    Can anyone tell me what would happen if I put 87 octane gas into the 1.8T? The manuel says the minimum should be 91 octane, but since gas price is so high these days, I would like to alternate the octance every other tank. Would that cause damage to the turbo? One other thing, my Golf is doing about 10.5 liter/KM (the stated milage is 9.6) with mixed driving, is that really bad?
  • goopgoop Posts: 23
    will definitely reduce your performance. I'm a bit foggy as to the exact mechanics (lower compression ratio, knock sensors, something like that :) ), but try it and you will definitely notice the difference. I don't know about long term damage, but it can't be good.

    So far as the mileage goes, I'm not sure what you mean - are you getting the better or the worse number? I get around the low 20's in the city with fairly aggressive driving.
  • mnnmnn Posts: 31
    goop: I mean a worse number. The "declared" milage is 9.6 litre per 100km, if it takes me 10.5 litre to do the same, I am doing worse. Guess that translates to low 20's as you said, and I am not even agressive with it (always driving under 3500 revs).
  • goopgoop Posts: 23
    cool - I didn't know that mileage (kind of a misnomer here really :) ) was expressed that way. I learn something new every day.

    Yeah, I was a bit unimpressed with my mileage, but I have heard that it takes a few thousand miles (er, kilometers) to achieve what's advertised.

    And you're keeping it under 3500RPM's? I hope you're still breaking it in - you're not doing it justice. :)
  • ras5ras5 Posts: 8
    You are correct. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. I was refering to the Audi A3.Anyone who is intersted in looking at this car can check out or
  • ras5ras5 Posts: 8
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385 has a cool article on the GTI 1.8T. Anyone interested in buying one should go look at it. I did.

    - Anthony
  • jearlejearle Posts: 1
    I'm planning on getting a 2001 GTI GLS.
    Two of the options I'm considering
    adding are the Monsoon Audio System
    and the Cold Weather Package. I wondered
    if anyone has these options on their own
    GTI (or regular Golf???) and thought they were worth the extra cost??
  • phamelphamel Posts: 1
    Does anybody have any idea on what kind of gas mileage to expect on the 2000 Golf Gl with AT? I was reading some posts about the Bettle with the same engine and people were saying they were getting mpg's in the teens. I would hate to purchase a new Golf and get 19 miles to the gallon. Any help would be appreciated.
  • mek3mek3 Posts: 1
    Check out for new options and changes for the 2001 GTI. There is also a photo available.

  • mnnmnn Posts: 31
    jearle: my 1.8T GLS has both the monsoon and the cold weather package. IMO, I find them rather dispensible. You get heated seats in winter, but be honest to yourself, do you really need it?? As for the monsoon system, I think it is "over-rated". One of the "disadvantage" with hatchbacks is that the speakers are mounted on the door panels which greatly affect the angle where the sound can project. I could hardly hear my back speakers which somehow "defeats the purpose" of having a premium system. I may not be familiar/correct with car audio structure, but I guess sound travels a better range if you mount your speakers horizontally rather than vertically. So far my experience with the monsoon is only so-so (that being said, I have not heard the regular system), especially when you are listening to classical music where the range of sound should be very define and crystal clear. That again, could be the speakers, but then I emailed the guys who actually invented the Monsoon systems, and they do not recommend me to have the speakers changed.

    I know I am very fastidious, so try it for yourself. Take a CD that you normally listen to, and try it on both the monsoon and the regular system. I recommed you try it while you are driving (anything will sound good in an idle car in a show-room), since that is when you will be using it the most.
  • scooby9scooby9 Posts: 1
    If VW says to use 91 octane fuel, it is because it requires 91 octane fuel to run properly. They would not require it unless absolutely necessary because it can be a major selling point to keep the requirements down. Most likely, it will cause knocking and pinging sounds which are very determental to your engine. Prolonged use of this fuel will most certainly shorten the life expectancy as well as performance dramatically. If you want to be cheap- don't buy a premium engine in a vehicle. If you are that cheap, than buy a TDI. It has lower initial cost and 50 mpg.
  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    Long story short... I have the monsoon in my jetta, and the 'regular' on my new 2001 GTI GLS.
    One of the salesmen told me he preferred the 'regular' system because he liked to listen to music with a lot of bass, and the monsoon couldn't really handle it. hmmm... you know what? he's right!
    The monsoon system is very good and powerful (200w) but somehow, does not render the bass sounds that well (saturation). I got the 80w system on the Golf and to me, it does the job. I am no 'stereo fanatic' but again, if you're getting the Golf, the standard system will be just fine. I also think it's easier to change speakers when you don't have the monsoon system.

    As far as the cold weather package goes, I agree with mnn (post above)... do you really need it? If you live in freezing climates, such an option is good when your car has been outside in freezing temps during the night... but usually, you don't keep the heaters on for long. It's uncomfortable...
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I can't agree with you folks on the heated seats. I live in Boston and have them on my GTI GLX. I LOVE the heated seats. My car is parked outside and the heated seats really make winter more bearable for me.

    As for not keeping them on a long time, that's what the thermostats are for. I typically leave mine at the 3 setting in the winter. Yes, 5 will get too warm. But that's what the lower settings are for. I find that the seats heat up well before the heater warms up the interior.

    After having the heated seats in my GTI, I won't buy a car without them. YMMV.

    '00 GTI GLX
  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    You're absolutely right. As I said, it's a nice feature if you park your car outside. Your GLX seats being leather, it also makes a lot more sense. But I preferred the more gripping cloth seats for my GTI, and cloth does not 'freeze' you in the same way when it's cold outside.

    At the end of the day, it's a matter of preference and cost. Hey, the way I see it is 500 bucks saved on stuff I don't really need can be spent on something else which I DO need...
    Personally, I also have this odd preference (or should I say 'fetish'???) that small sporty cars are better off without too many gimmicks.

    I love the GLX. Mainly, for its engine. But for example, I c(w)ould do without the power seats. All they do is ad $$ to the price, weight, and provide one more thing which can break down. I know some will disagree with me on this. But it's because my idea of a GTI really is 'bang for the buck' at the end of the day... And somewhere somehow, there is a theory of power/weight!
  • I'm presently in the market for either a Golf GLS 1.8t or a GTI GLS 1.8t (2001), but I can't make up my mind which one is a better value or car. The dealership I have dealt with on my 2000 Passat GLS 1.8t (in Chicago) is offering both cars for 400 over invoice. If I decide on the Golf the only option I would want is the sport suspension, and would purchase an after market set of wheels and tires. The GTI is 879.00 more than the Golf (invoice), but it comes with the sport suspension, fogs, sport seats, st. alloys and sun roof. Then there is the question to spend and extra 600 or 700 on the 17" rims. Any ideas? Maybe, forgo the extras for 4-doors.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Just for the sunroof in the GLS, you are going to pay more than the $879 difference. Just get the GTI and be happy.
  • Hi... I'm in the marketplace for a Golf GTI GLX and was wondering what sort of price I should be considering as a "good price". The salesman, who seemed slimier than a bucket of snails, gave me a price of $22800 for a GTI GLX with the in-dash CD player and roof spoiler... Is that fair? Or should I push for lower? Obviously, I want as good a deal as I can get.

  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    you said: "But for example, I c(w)ould do without the power seats." Huh? There are no power seats on the GTI GLX -- the seats adjust manually.

    I agree that the GLX could be lighter. But it's not that much heavier than a GLS (which is no lightweight itself).

    '00 GTI GLX
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I test drove a Jetta GL TDI with automatic and really liked it. I was thinking about getting the Golf GLS TDI instead because it's basically the same car. Are they any major differences in noise, ride, etc. that would justify the higher price for the Jetta? Also, is it me, or are Golfs more reliable than their Jetta counterparts??
  • igbeeigbee Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any advice who has maybe driven both the 2000 Golf GLS 1.8T and the 2000 GTI 1.8 T or GLX w/VR6? Does the V6 have that much more
    power? Is there a big sacrifice 2dr. v. 4 dr? Is the extra $ worth it for GLX? How are the leather seats v. the velour? Has anyone put 16" wheels on their Golf GLS as it only comes with 15's? Thanks, Eric
  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    Sorry... I didn't know. I somehow assumed it.
    Slap! slap! (won't do it again - promise)
  • davidmasdavidmas Posts: 12
    I was looking fo a golf tdi. My local dealer says they're hard to come by. Anybody else here that? I also wanted a stick, although I haven't actually tried the auto. Anybody have prices, esp. for the NW? What about diferences for 2000 and 2001?
  • jtaimjtaim Posts: 34
    I've driven the Golf TDI auto and was very pleasantly surprised. It felt very peppy. It makes sense though, since the TDI has so much torque spread over such a wide RPM range.

    BTW, I own a Passat 1.8t w/manual, and all of my previous cars have been manuals, so the TDI w/auto must be pretty peppy to satisfy me.

    But don't take my word for it. See for yourself, and then you'll know why they're hard to come by.
  • thegtiman1thegtiman1 Posts: 13
    My new 1.8t GTI is on its way..... I had my name on it since it left the factory and I cannot wait for it to get here. I had a 89 GTI 16v the I just sold and I loved it. The one I am getting is Satin Silver and has all options but leather. Im really interested to see these 17" vw wheels. If its worth the looks I would like to get them so any info would be great if you got it. People these cars are going to blow the doors off those rice burners, and I have done extensive research into this car and it is the best thing I have seen so far. Doesnt everyone agree?
  • amtrac24amtrac24 Posts: 2
    hi I have a Black Golf Gl (5-speed)...i noticed from driving my friends honda that the gear travel is kinda far...i would like to know if anyone has tried the neuspeed short shift kit...i know the kid is about $220 for my car, so i dont wanna blow the cash if its if someone can let me know, if the kid or short shift kits in general or neuspeed short shift kits are bad...thank you for your time everone....
  • I know you are excited. I would be too if I had a GTI GLS on delivery, but we are not here to flame non-VW cars. We VW lovers would like to leave that to the fools that think the only car on the road that is worth a dime is the one they drive. My 2 cents. And if you want a picture of your car check out There is a link to 2001 models and it happens to have a picture of a 2001 Silver GTI with 17's. I have one question for you. Why did you opt not to have leather? I am ordering a GTI GLS (or GLX) in the spring and am debating to get leather or not to get leather. I love the leather, but I'm buying the car because it is a HB and I will use it as a pocket rocket and a utility vechile. I'm not sure if leather is a good thing for that. Let me know why you picked leather. Out....
  • thegtiman1thegtiman1 Posts: 13
    GO for the GTI GLS first off.... Most deffenitly the GLS more about that later though. First the Leather.. I live in Colorado and it gets really cold in the winter and really hot with no humidity in the summer. As you know leather gets very scalding in the heat and sun and very cold in the winter. The other reason is the leather can crack after time and it wears in spots and it is hard to clean and keep maintained. I just perfer the cloth its more economical and the Sport cloth really does look great.
    Now the big GTI GLS or GLX question. GLS is around 3000-3500 less even with the options. The GLS is under rated to keep people interested in the GLX. The 1.8t actually when tested put 153hp to the groud which translates to around 175 at the crank. The reason they rate it lower is to maintain interest in a more pricy vehical. You buy the GLS you spend $500 on a chip $500 on Exhaust and $500 on a good intercooler upgrade with a blow off valve and still have $1500-2000 left for buying the GLS. Were talking 215-245hp lets see someone get that type of returns out of a VR6 for $1500.00 just my two cents......
  • goopgoop Posts: 23
    I have leather on mine and love it - the interior looks great. However, I am hauling around a lot of equipment several times a week and have noticed dimples on the upright section of the rear seats from when I lower them. I know leather heals itself, but it is a bit worrisome.

    I've heard mixed things about the Neuspeed short shift kit. I'd definitely check out for more detailed info before you buy.

    Sentra20ser - I also agree about limiting flames for other manufacturers. Yes, it's fun to have a great car, but after a lot of thought it's hard to say that one car is truly better than another. ;)
  • chrishannchrishann Posts: 1
    Do you have a source for the review that showed a 1.8t getting 153hp at the wheels? In Europe they sell a Seat with the 1.8t engine at 180hp, they are impossible to obtain without factory ordering and a long wait.

    My local dealer in Oakland says they are getting a black 2001 GTi 1.8t today, I'm waiting for the call :)
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    Tomorrow. The dealer gave me a price of $22,500 + TTF. Should I be able to do better? It is silver/black, and it does not have the 17" wheels. What have you guys paid for your GTI GLXs? Am I getting a good deal?

    - Anthony
  • bigyzfbigyzf Posts: 1
    Living here in germany I test drove the 204ps VR6 AWD Golf(4motion) here. Woooowww I must say that I do want that car unfortunately its not a us spec model. I dont really see the differences being having one side by side with the VR6 from the states. I wonder if I could import it back with me. (USAF). The price for me is much cheaper regarding a german model golf vs the us model. What sort of prices are you guys paying for your Vr6 golf there in the states?? Here if i buy one they dont come down of of MSRP for the us model. Jerks.. Please help. If not I guess im heading to Wolfsburg to maybe order a VR6 4motion with us specs. Wonder if they can do that for me???

  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    A GTI GLX and whoa, what a fast, nice, gorgeous car. Paid $22,500 + Tax and tags. Here is my question, I don't know what the Germans were thinking by not putting a CD player in the car!! Is their any other alternative of getting a CD player instead of getting the VW ones?


    - Anthony
  • I'm currently driving a 99 Acura CL 5 speed...but due to job transfer...My commute is now 55 miles one way.....NE way, my question is how are these boxes configured with automatics? My CL is fine, but I don't feel very safe in it on the hwy commute...also, I usually hit stop-n-go traffic that really takes a toll on my shifting abilities...I routinely push the CL around 95-100 (when no traffic) but it starts "floating"...kinda like a Japanese "oldsmo-buick" and I don't feel very safe in the car at this speed, I've driven VWs in the past and loved 'em as they were always manual trannys....wife has a 96 Honda HB transportation...but no fun...and I'm thinking about getting her out of that tin box and into the VW due to safety concerns of mine. Can anyone shed light on the performance issues of having a VW Golf/GTI with an auto tranny...I'm thinking 'bout replacing both of our cars...

    Unfortunately, both cars have to be automatics...first, I need it for the long commute and second, wife can't drive a stick...god knows i've tried to teach her...

    Anyone have experience with their auto VW they care to share? Thanks.
  • GET A TDI GOLF and a VR6 JETTA. Then you will have the best of both worlds. Both have plenty of punch in auto trim. Later.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    I noticed that whenever the A/C is on in my GTI GLX, there is a high pitched whining noise. Is this normal?? It goes away when you engage the clutch, so it only does it when the engine is powering the car. Also, it seems that when bass is played, the front speakers somewhat vibrate the door panels?? Is their an easy way to fix this?


    - Anthony
  • sentra20ser...

    thanks for the info! I'm definitely considering the TDI however...I'm in California and I'm afraid the smog police would outlaw my car in the next couple of years...

    I guess the only way to really find out the auto/power available on the VWs would be to go test one....

  • eetoreetor Posts: 10
    I am currently reviewing a GTI 1.8T (will post review and pics next Saturday at and at least with the 1.8 there isn't any whining sound with the AC on. I do have a question for the owners out there: Do the doors or the side glass creak over unever pavement?

    The 1.8T is a great motor with tons of torque and I was surprised to find there isn't any torque-steer. The TDI feels remarkably like the 1.8T though without any discernable turbo lag - though it doesn't have the top end breathing.
  • I'm debating between the GTI GLX and the Jetta GLX. I'll be buying in a few months and am looking for some experiences people have with the GTI. Is its insurance higher than that of the Jetta? Do police pick it up any more or less than the Jetta?

    The highways are very fast here in CT and I've noticed the less remarkable the car the easier it is to go unnoticed.

    I would plan on black or silver or some other unremarkable color with no after market equipment, at least initially and never showing any existance of it on the outside.

    I honestly wish there was a Golf GLX - i.e. with four doors - but I guess there has to be a compromise somewhere.

    Also, how's the suspension, 2000 and 2001? I test drove a 2000 Jetta GLX and it leaned alot into corners, does the stock GTI do this? How's the new suspension?

  • eetoreetor Posts: 10
    Try the Golf GLS with the 1.8T you might be pleasantly surprised. The low-down torque is great for roll-on accel in 5th and it will cruise at 90 quietly no problem.
  • I live in ny, anywayz i know u dont want the 4 door golf, but look into the golf gl, its 2 only has the 2.0L engine but it has plenty of power,besides iwth living in ny the vr6 gti is really high with insurance, im not sure of the jetta...anywayz the golf gl handles and is basically the same as gti except for the the luxury items, and the engine, so take a look at the golf gl, it only has a price around 15,500 so it is alot cheaper then both the jetta and gti, and it has plenty of power
  • eetor: I just (last month) bought a 2000 GTI GLX and I have a case of the creaks...can't decide if it is something I should complain about or not? My friend has a 2000 Golf GL with no creaks (go figure, he bought the MUCH cheaper car). I'm a little nervous that the car is making so much noise with less than 4000 miles on the odometer. Let me know what you find out, if anything. Mayber there is a simple fix...
  • ileongileong Posts: 5

    I owned a 1978 VW Rabbit for 14 yrs, was happy
    with the car but not with the VW dealer.

    I would like to buy a new VW Golf, but am wondering about car quality and the service
    quality from the VW dealer

    thanks for all responses
  • eetoreetor Posts: 10
    i will bring it up with the VW PR person but i'm not sure what's creaking and its only intermittent. the test car has 5000 km (3000 mi) on it and has certainly been abused. As it is a test car i can't do anything to it but if its the seals try some kind of dressing or even wd40 but check with your dealer first to make sure it doesn't degrade the foam seals.
  • is the 4 door golf made in germany? this site says yes, but my dealer says "no", it's brazil. help! thanks.
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