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Saab 9-5 Wagon



  • wcfwcf Posts: 21
    Own a 2000 Saab 9-5 2.3t Wagon with 1200 miles
    1.Have you had any problems with your car so far?
    2.If yes, please indicate what kind.
    3.Howmany miles to the gallon do you get?
    About 24 mpg, but includes driving on autobahn at high speeds (mine is a U.S. spec car)
    4.How would you rate your car when driving long
    highway trips? 1 being quiet and smooth, 10 being rough and noisy.
    A 2
    5.How comfortable is the seating in your car?
    Very good. Just wish it had the side bolstering of sport seats
    6.Are their any special features youlike about
    your car?
    A bunch. Smooth manual gearshift, dual climate control, cargo tracks, great visibility, outstanding stereo, Saab uniqueness, outstanding quality feel
    7.How would you rate the roomminess? 1 being big
    and roomy and 10 being small and cramped?
    A 2
  • I would like to say thank you for the great responses to my survey, the information is greatly needed. I'm also glad the car is working out for you.
  • Does anyone out there know of a Saab dealer within a 300 mile radius of Chicago that offers particularly good deals. My local dealer wants list price, and although I think the 9 5 Wagon is nice, I may be forced to take a hard look at a Volvo AWD. Help!
  • making the big step toward my first saab. friends tell me saabs are prone to electrical problems. any major problems out there? this car almost seems too good for the money!
  • I have had five Saabs. Good car, expensive to repair. I have a 88 9000 Turbo with 307,000 miles on it. Major epairs included a new air conditioner and an alternator. Depreciation is murder, so if you lease you don’t have to worry about that. By the way, what price did the dealer quote you on your wagon-sticker, not lease rates.
  • rfellmanrfellman Posts: 109
    Depreciation is a factor of public ignorance over the state of turbo technology. Today's turbos are now designed to last the lifetime of the SAAB. They are made of better materials and remain cooler with less friction on moving parts.
    Mpreover. Audi-VW and Volvo are opting for more turbo models. SAAB is the world's leading design firm of turbo technology. As for the costs of repairs, try replacing the transmission in a Jeep cheaply or fixing a the a/c system on a Honda. There is no such thing a cheap car repair? Parts are not commonplace nor is the labor cheap.
  • Thanks for the info. Only leasing for two years. Company policy! Going over to see a dealer Sunday. I still have five months to go on my gas hungry Dodge Durango. Most dealers will "buy" out the last few months of a lease just to get you into their car. Over the phone dealer offered 9.5se at $1250 over invoice. We shall see. Have done a bit more research. Find lots of info on the '99 version. Much difference between the '99 and the '00? People loved it overall. Some complaints about road noise and "not so tight" feel. Re: turbos. I had a Mazda 626 GT with a turbo. Never a problem!
  • wcfwcf Posts: 21
    I just returned from a trip to the Black Forest and encountered various snow packed roads. The Saab had no problems with traction at all. Very confidence inspiring. You don't realize how bad it is until you see the problems other cars are having.

  • mrjmrj Posts: 21
    WCF- This is a timely question, since we are in the throes of our first serious snow storm of the year (Boulder, CO). Haven't taken the SAAB out yet for a road test in slippery conditions. Are you running the stock Energy MXV4 tires? Do you think they are adequate "snow" tires? Anybody else have feedback?
  • Does anyone have an opinion on the extended warranty program from the Saab 9-5 Wagon. Also, what are the stereo options for the Wagon and do those differ from the options for the Sedan.
  • Snow tire discussion way back - gist is that snows do make a difference. tire Rack does have a deal on 4 mounted tires - steel wheels for $456. I plan to get them for New Hampshire driving. On another note, does anyone use a rack with a ski box - Thule or the like? Any disadvantages or performance issues?
  • wcfwcf Posts: 21
    My tires are stock. I have no doubt that something like Yokohoma Guardex tires would improve performance on ice (I have them on my other car), but for stock all-season tires, I am very pleased. Remember, I have only checked the car out on packed snow, but they did great without exception.

  • mrjmrj Posts: 21
    I also have Guardex's on my other car. Very nice. The Mich Energy's were not very confidence inspiring in icy/wet snow - yesterday they were put to a severe test in the hilly Colorodo town where I live. Lots of slip sliding. So, snow tires it is!
  • I have been much too busy putting on a very enjoyable 1000 miles on my 1999 9-5 wagon (4cyl/auto, midnight blue, beige leather) to thank all of the thoughtful contributors to the Saab topics. You all made the research for this purchase not only easy but often entertaining. Thank you.

    For those of you still walking the fence, here are my thoughts on the models I considered.

    Audi A-4 Avant - nice, but smaller interior than my 94 Jetta. Heavy premium for Quattro.
    Audi A-6 Avant - too expensive
    BMW 5 - ditto
    BMW 3 - wagon not out yet. assume it will be A-4 sized when it does appear.
    Subaru - wife thinks they're ugly.
    Volkwagon Passat Wagon - better deal than A-4, but one Volkswagon is enough for me.

    I did all my research, test drives, etc., and then decided I would wait out winter. Then I saw an advertisement for the end of year deals, and it was back to the dealership for a fourth round of test drives. I actually went in to look at the 9-3 SE. My wife and I took turns at the wheel of the 9-3 SE, 9-5 SE, and the wagon. In the end, we thought the wagon had the best sporty/practicality blend. Of course, the $3,500 rebate definitely made the calculus easier to swallow, but I still believe this car beats the competition at normal dealer prices.

    By the way, the only advice I went against was in chosing a non-Saab-exclusive dealer. I worked with Central Saab in Norwood, MA. I can recommend salesman Vincent VanNeste. I checked out several other Boston MetroWest dealers, but none were as organized or friendly.

    I'll be honest. I have noticed the slightly off-center steering wheel, which has not been overly bothersome and will be a simple fix at the 1000 mile service. Other than that, nothing but satisfaction. I promised the wife I wouldn't engage the sport mode until we passed 1000 miles (almost there!), but I find the acceleration in normal mode with the 4cyl more than adequate. I used to live in Europe and would be interested in any stories re the 4cyl and autobahn speed - I would bet no big complaints.

    Hey Drew and others - my Saab didn't come with
    a. turbo lag, b. quirky ergonomics (BMW-speak for "hey, wish we'd thought of that"), and c. buyer's remorse. What should I do?

  • My two cents (again). I can't possibly communicate emphatically enough how useful I feel that snow tires are in the snow belt. I just ordered a package from the Tire Rack of four Michelin Actic Alpins on steel wheels for my wife's 9-5 Wagon. I have Actic Alpins on my 900 and love them. Consumer Reports rated them number one in a recent test. A friend did tell me (after I had received my tires) that our SAAB dealer was offering a special of four snow tires mounted on SAAB alloy wheels for $800. (Alloy versus steel in the winter is another argument).
  • Just got to test drive the 2000 9.5 wagon SE. I love it! Dealer wants about 39,500 for the car. He will not move more than 100-200 bucks on the price. Should I work on him more or is this the right price? Car has everything except vented seats.
  • gclugclu Posts: 23

    I would suggest checking around somemore. I don't know how 'hot' the Saab wagons are in Portland, but in the south they are low on the 'must have list.' Given that the dealer is not willing to budge right now, you have the luxury of being able to check out your options.

    Three come to mind:
    1) carsdirect.com - presently offer the wagon at $1000 off the sticker. Run a topic search in Edmunds to find all the active topics on this issue (I think its in the smart shopper forum)

    2) carorder.com - another internet auto buying company. They don't have the saab 9-5's on their site yet. However, they seem to be adding new vehicles frequently. You can also call them or use their 'instant messenger' to check with a customer service rep about pricing a vehicle not listed yet.

    3) buysaabonline.com - This is Henry Mearing Saab out of Lancaster, PA. They are offering $1000 over invoice pricing with apparently free shipping within the 48 states OR a package to be flown into Lancaster to pick up your car and drive it home. I haven't heard much feedback on others experience with this dealer though.

    You also may want to check with the message boards on saabnet.com. Hope the info helps.

  • rfellmanrfellman Posts: 109
    sounds like too much for even a 2000 SE V6. As an aside, I paid 31,700 for a 99 9-5 SE 4 cylinder fully loaded sedan with ventilated seats. This was well under invoice. Year end deals are the best bet. If you can wait that long.
  • Thanks so much for the advice! They only move about 24-30 Saabs here in Portland,OR. a month. Two dealers. I will keep exploring the options out there. I love the car! I will get the car! But, I do want to hang on to as much of my money as I can. I have a couple of months to shop around. Also, thank you rfellman. You got a great deal. Will keep you posted.
  • Woo hoo! We're picking up our Saab 9-5 Wagon (4-cyl, 5-spd, silver w/ grey leather, prem sound and added wood accessories) on Saturday and I'm so psyched! We looked at the V70 (very close 2nd), Passat (interior just not comparable), and Outback Limited (ugly!). It was an easy choice. The Saab we test-drove had zero turbo lag. It took awhile to figure out how to set the seats to make them comfortable, but once we got it (yes, we got memory seats) they were great during a 30-minute test drive. We got a great deal from Spreen's Saab in Hackensack, New Jersey -- $500 over invoice. My husband and I are fighting over who gets to drive it home.
  • I used to live in Aspen, Colorado. At that time the Aspen police cars were Saabs. That said a lot to me about how they handle in the snow.
  • rfellmanrfellman Posts: 109
    Yes the Aspen PD used 9000s. It also speaks volume to turbo performance at altitude as well as the speed and handling of the 9000s. That was a major coup for SAAB with high profile product placement in an affluent tourist/recreation market. I am hopeful, SAAB will proffer the ASPEN PD some aeros this year. Then lets film a police/ranger/ski-bunny show in ASPEN called "Mountain Watch" starring David Hasselhoff as an aging head honcho ski patroler who just can't accomodate middle age into his active lifestyle. I will be speaking with Aaron Spelling next week.
  • Has anyone looked at the warranty value on the 9-5 and the value of extended warranty?
  • Hello all... well to follow-up on my post from early/mid November, we did in fact lease the 9-5 2.3t Wagon loaded to the gills with goodies including the convenience package, leather, prem sound, etc.. Only thing.. NO "arrest me red". There were no 2000's on the east coast. Not to despair, we choose silver with charcoal leather (very, very nice combo).

    As for the "How is it?" Well if you remember I struggled (somewhat) on which to buy (Audi was the other choice)and needless to say I haven't looked back. The car is great (as great as 600 miles will dictate), everything I expected and a whole lot more.

    A couple of last things.. someone asked about price? $300 over invoice, and (laughing) I've been able to pry the keys out of my wife's hands a total of three time in 3 weeks (total of 45 miles driven by me). Someday I'll get to drive what I'm paying for, but for now I settle for her smiling every time she goes out or comes home from the enjoyment of driving the car.
  • I am finally getting rid of my Acura Integra and am in the market for a reasonably sized wagon (yes, the baby is on the way). I have narrowed my search down to the 2.8 A4 Avant, the 2.8 A6 Avant or the V6 Saab 9-5 (my head hits the ceiling of Volvo's smaller wagon). Anyone have any advice.

    I have driven the Saab and the A4, but not the A6. Here are my thoughts

    Audi advantages - quattro awd system, available in 5 speed or at least tiptronic. The A4 seemed to have the best pickup, but the leg room in the back seat seemed insufficient. 3 year maintenance included.

    SAAB advantages - less expensive than A6, better details (rear cargo shelf, sound system, cargo bolts).

    A few questions:
    How significant is the power drop off from the A4 to the A6?
    Does anyone actually use their tiptronic system?
    Do you really need awd in New York?
    Anyone notice a performance difference between the Audi and the Saab?
    Do those of you who own A4's find yourselves wishing for more room?
    If the A4 and the A6 were priced equally, which one would you prefer?

    Thanks for all your help, as you can see I can use it.
  • mrjmrj Posts: 21
    We bought a 99 9-5 Wagon (2.3T) about 2 months ago. It now has 2000 miles. Overall, it is a very nice car. We bought it at a blowout price at the model year closeout and at the time it was an easy decision. However, I am a big Audi fan. I have had a couple of Audis (still drive a 93 100S). If I was buying today, and price was not the issue, I would lean towards Audi. For a personal car - the A4 Avant. For the family - the A6 Avant. I have driven both Avants as well as looong drives in friend's A4s sedans. There is noticable, but not huge difference in build quality between Saab and Audi. The Audis are "tighter" and have better road manners in general. Also, the 2.8 V6s in the Audis are VERY refined. So, for a fun to drive car, you can't beat the A4 Avant. Easily the sportiest of the bunch. If backseat room is an issue (how much room does a baby car seat take???), buy a rooftop carrier! I felt the A6 Avant was too sluggish when I drove it last summer, but I hear they have tweaked the gearing too improve things a bit. The A6 is wonderful otherwise, built like a tank, but pricey. I would pick it if money was no object, it was the family hauler, and there was slightly less concern about pure performance (although the A6 is clearly the best "autobahn" cruiser of the bunch). Oh yeah, Quattro - very nice, but not really something you have to have, in my opinion. If you buy Saab, get a great set of snow tires (like Mich Pilot Alpins) if you have snow from time to time and you'll never miss the quattro. Back to the Saab - I have plenty of miles under my belt now, and I'm still smiling. Even though it is a notch below the Audis in quality, it still blows away almost everything else out there (and I have driven everything :))Very comfortable, all the bells and whistles. The ride is a bit soft for my tastes, and the 2.3T engine is a little rough, but runs great. It just lacks a bit of refinement compared to Audi. So....go with your gut! All 3 cars are great. Oh yeah, love the 3 year Audi maintenance....
  • As a long-time Saab 9000 Owner, I have a number of questions on the 9-5 wagon. 1) Do u miss not having a self-leveling rear suspension like on the 9000? 2) The rear seat area seems quite a bit smaller/narrower (and is by measurement). Does it feel so on a practical everyday basis? 3) HAs anybody had OnStar installed and r there any complaints about the service? Thx in advance!
  • sborgsborg Posts: 1
    Can get a good deal on '99 9-5 and want opinion about traction from current owners of 99 model without traction. I live in upstate NY with plenty of snow and always use four snows on previous cars without problem. How do you find handling of 99 model? With an without snows.
    [email protected]
  • mrjmrj Posts: 21
    I wrestled (for a moment) with the same issue, but couldn't pass up the outstanding deals on the 99 wagon. We got ours for $3,500 BELOW invoice when the 2K models were just hitting the dealers, so the choice was easy. Regarding traction control, I really believe you can live without it. 4 quality snow tires and front wheel drive on a relatively heavy car like the SAAB will go just about anywhere on snow or ice, unless the snow gets really deep. I grew up in the mountains in Colorado with LOTS of snow, and never had problems staying in control with good snows on a variety of FWD cars. BTW, our wagon has done quite well so far w/ a set of Pilot Alpins, and overall the car is a joy to drive (after 2,500 miles).
  • I have been trying to decide on a new model car for the last few months. I had not looked at the saab wagon as it was priced higher than I was comfortable paying, however, out of curiosity I read this board and was interested in the rebates on the '99 models that others have mentioned. I tried calling my local Saab dealers but they had no '99 models left. My question has to do with the following discussion I had with one of the dealers. I asked if a similar rebate would be available on the 2000 model at year end. I was told that it wouldn't as Saab was trying to get rid of the V6 wagons because they weren't doing well (sales wise) and just applied the rebate to all the 9-5 wagons. Does this sound right? I haven't been following Saab for years so I don't know their usual year end promotions. I can wait for the next model year to buy if it makes sense finanically or try to get a better deal on a 2000? Any opinions would be welcome.
  • We have just returned from a week of northern New England skiing and snow. The car has been a real delight although no real deep snow. It's very stable in light snow and slushy roads, even on the normal street tires( I decided to wait till next winter to get snows). I came to appreciate the flexibility of the 60-40 seats for loading skiis and other gear without putting things on the roof. The 4 cylinder provided plenty of power and oomph on hilly roads, wven with a load. Heated seats are great, and the wipers/washer performed faultlessly. I did meet a nice cop on the highway who suggested I slow down considerably, although no ticket. Happy sledding!
  • Anybody want to talk quirky, just list up a Volvo V70. Don't critize my Saab 9-5 Wagon!
  • 080586080586 Posts: 6
    Dude Alert,

    Just got the following e-mail from Saab this morning. Look what will be available just when we finish our taxes:

    Dear David,

    Going to the North American International Autoshow this January? If so,you'll be among the first to see the all-new Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon!

    The Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon is the latest in a line of sport-inspired variants from Saab - following the 1999 introductions of the aggressive 9-3 Viggen and sport/luxury 9-5 Aero Sedan. In response to consumer requests Saab will begin selling the 9-5 Aero Wagon in the U.S. in April 2000, earlier than originally scheduled.

    At the core of the 9-5 Aero Wagon is Saab's 2.3L high-output turbocharged engine. This powerplant develops an impressive 230 horsepower and 258 lb. ft. of torque with the 5 speed manual transmission or 243 lb. ft. of torque with the four speed automatic transmission. The Aero Wagon is further distinguished by it sports tuned suspension, 17 inch composite alloy BBS wheels and flared rocker panels.

    Even if you can't make it to the show, you can experience Saab's press conference live on The GM Experience Live web site. Be sure to tune in on Monday, January 10 at 4:30 p.m. EST.

    Hope to see you there!

    Click here or copy and paste this link into your browser to find out more:

  • Hello, I have been looking at all sorts of
    different cars becuase the one I have right now is
    falling apart and its a 1989 Volvo 760 GLE with
    only 121,000 miles on it. I'm either going with a
    Toyota Solara SLE or a Saab 9-3. I love the way
    the Saab looks but I'm concerned with the
    reliability of the car. Does anyone know the
    ranking of this car on reliability?
  • It's true! the Aero Wagon is coming! I just saw a video display and speech by Saab's President and watched him pay hommage to his GM overlords. A friend has the Saab Aero and reports that it is truly awesome with all kinds of new innovations. Now, what do I do with my current wagon? After months of convincing my wife that it is much too annoying for her to drive, can I persuade her that it is the one true car for her?
  • mrjmrj Posts: 21
    The answer is obvious. His and Her Wagons. The Aero Stealth Wagon for ME, and the 9.5 2.3t wagon for my wife and kids. Since I haven't been able to wrestle the keys away from her since we took delivery of the first wagon, I believe I can make the case for controlling the keys for a new Aero Wagon.
  • Just my luck! I just bought a 9.5SE wagon last week! I should have waited?!?!
  • First a word of thanks to all of you who helped me with your feedback on the new Saab wagons! Drove only one other wag before going with a 9.5SE. The Audi just seemed like a real tight "Camry". The Audi did seem to have less body roll in the turns and the quattro system was cool. But other than that it was boring. The BMW was just too much $$. However the Saab was just......more interesting! Paid about 38k. Has metallic paint, V6 engine, heated seats and On star. I really did not want the On Star. Wife did! The ride: great. The cabin comfort: very good. Switches/buttons: well placed. As a pilot, I appreciate the computer display system and the saftey features. After one week of ownership,I feel I made the right choice.
  • I am in the process of buying a 9-5 SE wagon with heated seats. Invoice is 36,036 all in including destination and prep. Dealer wants $600 over invoice. Anyone out there seeing better pricing?
  • If you are talking about a 2000 model your price sounds good. I leased the same model with a couple of additional options (metallic paint, On-star)for about 38k. Good luck!
  • Don't know what area you're in, but I've been looking at Saabs (and Pricing) in the mid-atlantic area for a few weeks now. If you are willing to order online and wait a while to get the car, carorder.com has the wagon for about $400 UNDER invoice. buysaabonline.com sells them for around invoice price, and fitzgerald automall in Maryland(fitzgeraldauto.com) lists a wagon for $200 over invoice (a no-haggle dealer). A fair price for you depends on where you are and how badly you want to buy the car from your local dealer, instead of a distant dealer.
  • Any one have thoughts on the benefit of the metallic versus clearcoat (black, red, white) colors? Other then personal preferences, is there a reason(s) to choose metallic versus clearcoat? I intend to lease for three years, so longer term considerations won't apply. I like the black(clearcoat) and the midnight blue (metallic) so I could go either way. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Pagreene and lieberson1, thanks for the responses. I am about to go to the mat with the dealer today on pricing. Working with International Motors in Northern Virginia.
  • good luck! Please share what you end up paying!
  • Best of luck with the new car! I have about 600 miles on my new 9.5wagon and I'm falling more and more in love with it! It's nice to drive something different than what you see most everyone else driving. Whenever I cross paths w/another 9.5 or 9.3 there is always a wave or thumbs up from the other driver. As far as metallic vs. non metalic....just go for the color you like. Mine is a light metallic green called "sun green". It hides the dust and road gunk great. Remember...black paint shows dirt the most. Let us know what ya get!
  • lanse1lanse1 Posts: 1
    Have been talking to International Motors too about a sun green with heated seats as the only other option, so I'm curious about how you made out with your 3 year lease. 12k or 15k miles? thanks.
  • Leased my sun green 2000 9.5se V6 for 24 months $1400 down, 20,000 miles per year, heated seats and "on-star".....pmts are 620.00 month. Had to do 24 month because our business only leases cars for that duration. keep us posted!
  • OK, I am about to sign on the dotted line. A 2000 9-5 SE V6 with heated seats, sliding floor loader, and CD changer in black clearcoat. A 36 month lease with 15,000 miles per year. Monthly payment is $470.00. Total up front payment is $3,669 which includes a 1,000 down payment, first month's payment of 470, 475 security deposit, 495 acquisition fee, 1,190 taxes, and 39 for tags and title. I also wanted wind deflector and auxillary power outlet in the cargo area, but neither of these items can be residualized on a lease so I believe I will have the dealer install them outside of the lease. I know that black shows dirt, but I have owned a black car before and the way they look when clean is worth the extra maintenance to me.

    Lieberson1, sounds like you have the kind of commute I use to have when I leased a Seville for three years and had a 22,000 mile per year lease.
  • Just leased a 2000 9-5 SE wagon with heated seats and metallic paint for $460/month including taxes (3yr lease), with $2,050 down ($999 cap cost reduction, first payment, $475 security). This is based on total cost of $36,230, with residual value of $24,300. At the dealership I was told they would lose money on the deal, that I had gotten a great price. Is this true? I'm happy with what I payed, but would love some feedback.
  • Without all the details, this appears to be a great deal. I assume it is a 12,000 mile/year lease. Without knowing where you live, I don't know the amount of taxes you rolled into the lease. If you give me that number, and any other amounts you rolled into the lease, I can tell you basically what the dealer priced the car at. By the way, you said you put 2,050 down, but your first month's payment, security deposit and capitalized cost reduction only adds up to 1,934. Was the difference tags and title or some other charges? If I had a nickel for every time a dealer told me he was losing money on a car he was selling me, I would probably have at least a dollar and a quarter.
  • I signed on the dotted line this weekend too. Frost Gray Wagon, 4 cyl., automatic, premium package, heated seats, etc... $200 over invoice with no document fee -- not sure if I could have talked them lower, but I'm happy with this. The car buyer at my credit union said he couldn't get it for this, but I'd be interested in hearing if anyone else has paid less. So far, I absolutely adore the car (especially in sport mode!).
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