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Volvo V70 / XC70



  • I have driven the 03 xc70 twice and have found mild improvement over the 2002 model. The greatest difference you should feel is the increased "jump" due to significantly higher torque. The horsepower is only mildly elvated, but the torque is what really makes it a different driving experience.

    Not much info on a Haldex experience yet.

    Ifyou have the time check into the overseas deal I have previously posted. You may not even have to travel to get such a great deal.
  • vascdude:

    I've just come back from my Volvo dealer who gave me the scoop on the Overseas program. It must be done by Dec 31 and Volvo is throwing in FREE SAS air tickets for two to Copenhagen round trip to be taken by 4/15/2003. You can pay addtional $295 and have three nights in London hotel for two as well :-)

    My dealer made no mention of the FREE Premium Package :-( However, I will approach him tomorrow about this.

    Where did you get this deal from? Can you give me the dealer tel number/name so that my sales person can get confirmation etc ?

    My only problem at this time is that I want Brown interior seats and there aren't any on the list -- sales person will start the hunt for Brown tomorrow.

    I'm impressed with the XC70/2003 and will be upgrading from a 86' 745 GLE Turbo Diesel wagon that has some 235,000 miles on it. The plastics on this car are beginning to shatter and close to impossible to repair without spending lots -- plus the diesel exhaust is blowing black at times as iI climb hills and causes the cyclists around my neigbourhood to choke ;-)

    Thanks and regards... Barry Sharp
  • vascdude:

    My sales person quoted

    Base: $30,800
    Premium: $2,595
    Touring: $795
    Met Paint: $350

    Total: $34,540

    If I subtract out the Premium package of $2,595 I get to your $31,945.

    Soooo, if Premium is FREE then I believe that makes the XC70/2003 a good deal -- plus especially when the free air tickets and 3-days in London are considered as well.

    Regards... Barry Sharp
  • After not having a lot of success going through my local dealer, I was able to hook up with a non-local dealer and get in on the deal which vascdude has written about. Yes, my price was $31,945 for vehicle w/premium, touring, and met. paint. My order was placed through Volvo's direct shipment program in which car is delivered here to the US without my needing to pick it up overseas-- normally I would jump at the chance for free European airfare but we've just had a baby so this will work much better for us (by the way, even w/the direct shipment I believe you are still entitled to airfare vouchers). The bad news is that this direct shipment option has just ended. It's not clear to me if the free premium incentive has also ended, my advice is to communicate with a salesperson familiar with all the ins and outs of the OSD program.
  • Well your math is correct :) I have actually discussed this deal with 2 dealers. Bill Kidds in Baltimore and the one in Dulles,VA (I'm blanking on the name right now. Boyers or Beyers I think)

    If you're talking London, then you must be out west. The deal they're offering on travel is GREAT! I was in Stockholm last year and had a blast.

    Make sure to push your salesperson on the free premium pkg. It is for real. Tell him to call the international volvo people or the dealerships I mentioned above. It's a great deal. It sounds like you could use the upgrade and boy, have things changed since 1986.

    Good luck.
  • Congrats on the car and baby! I'm happy to hear you made it under the wire. We too have just recently had a baby and can't travel at this time.

    Also nice timing on the messages above!

    Congrats again! I'll post when our car is delivered. I'm sure we will all be quite pleased once they arrive.
  • and congrats on yours, too. Plus, I appreciate your info from a week ago-- I might have given up on the deal except for the encouragement of you and a couple of others.
  • vascdude & jmhillrph1:

    First, jmhillrph1 CONGRATS on the baby (girl or boy?).

    About the FREE air tickets -- I enquired extensively about this bonus offer and it appears that the tickets are completly transferable. This means that if you personally can't make use of them you can assign them to anyone of your choosing. This might make for a fine gift to a family member, friend or close associate etc.

    As I have family in London and nearby Cambridge the addition of a stay in London is an additional bonus. The airfare deal does not imply a ride to Gothenburg -- in fact that's not part of the offer as in the official OSD program.

    My sales person said it will take 6 weeks for XC70/2003 to arrive after Volvo receives full payment. The only downside to this is one has to pay in full upfront and then wait the 6 weeks. IMO this is well worth it especially so if I can convince my sales person to give me the FREE Premium package. I'm going to press him very very hard today on this.

    Questions: Why has Volvo offered this program? Is it because they have over produced XC70/2003 cars? Is it because the full MSRP for XC70/2003 encrouches on the low end of the XC90? Is it because cars in general just aren't selling today? Are there any problems with the new XC70/2003 early models maybe? Is it because Volvo needs "floor space" for the popular XC90 which appears to be selling very well in my area (Pacific Northwest -- Seattle area)?

    No matter, I'm convinced the XC70/2003 is the car for my wife and me to replace our aging 86' 745 wagon. My wife has the S80 T6 2000 model which replaced her S90. The S90 (last of the rear wheel drives) was at the end of its development cycle and was an excellent vehicle. My wife misses the very tight turning circle of the S90 as the S80 needs some 3 to 4 more feet (an artifact of FWD) and makes the U-turn into the garage a hit-and-miss situation at times (no hits yet!!!).

    I'm interested in any advice on worthy accessories for the XC70/2003. My wish list so far is

    1. Rear skid plate (useful and looks cool as well)
    2. Square hitch
    3. Splash guards (are these really necessary I wonder?). I've read these are hard to find!
    4. Hand free phone components -- I suspect this option is expensive based on the various pics I've seen -- special headrest with speaker and mic, plus central dash mods!
    5. I'd like to get a wide-angle driver-side rear view mirror but haven't located one yet. I'll try Borton in MN as I get various S80 service parts from them at a good price.
    6. Rain sensor wiper blades -- I thought these were standard but see that they're not :-( I rented a MB in England earlier this year and it had these type wipers and I found them extremely useful and made driving safer as I travelled thru frequent drizzle off and on while steaming north on the mortor ways.
    7. Rear divider as I have two Wire Hair Fox Terriers that love to sit up front. These dogs are quite narrow (for crawling into Fox holes I suppose). I've tested these dividers in Volvo wagons in the past and my dogs squeeze past the divider thru the gap between divider and side rear window. Just how narrow is this gap on the XC70/2003 setup I wonder?
    8. I'm curious about the worth/addition of the DTSC feature on top of the 4-wheel drive system. Is this option worth the (approx)$1200 ? I know many people that speak very highly about DTSC on their S80s, but this is a front wheel drive vehicle vs. 4WD on XC70/2003.
    9. The 10-disc CD system -- does the CD holder cabinet locate in the rear cubby holes somewhere -- maybe one of the rear side compartments maybe?
    10. Does front of car need any further protection from flying stones/gravel/bugs etc. The car does seem to be very well protected already! The low fog lights would appear to need some protection.
    11. Oh, and where does the DVD portion of the Nav system reside?
    12. Does XC70/2003 have memory rear view side mirrors -- can't seem to find this feature mentioned in the brochure but have read postings indicating the feature is present.

    Well as you can see and imagine, I'm quite excited about this Volvo XC70/2003 car and any advice or purcahse insights you care to post will be most welcomed.

    Thanks and regards... Barry Sharp
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    and thanks for sharing all the details. We look forward to hearing more.... Happy motoring!



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  • vascdude:

    You are the man -- I pressed my sales person this morning and he immediately called his Volvo contact and found that the FREE Premium package is for REAL. Oh my god -- how can I ignore this I thought.

    A short while later my sales person called me back with BAD news. Volvo Overseas had just informed him that this OSD by Dec 31st without having to travel to factory had been abandoned/dropped as of last week sometime. The only way to now proceed was to travel to Gothenburg factory and point to the XC70/2003 of choice in the factory lot and then return or take car for a spin around Europe if one had the time etc and then have car shipped home. The FREE Premium package was still available with this offer. However, what's not clear to me or my sales person at this time is whether or not the FREE Premium package is restricted to the "list" of XC70/2003s that Volvo had with their program that was so quickly/quietly abandoned last week. If I'm to travel to Gothenburg I'd like very much to get my Brown leather interior but if I have to fork out for the Premium package in order to get "Brown" I may just have to opt for Taupe interior. Either way this deal is still very attractive.

    Will post back as I learn more, and thanks for the heads up on this very attractive purchase option.

    My sales person is working very hard on this for me and has several other customers who were in the process of making good on the Volvo program that has been dropped. Volvo apparently hasn't done a good job in informing it's country-wide Sales/Dealerships of their recent decision to abandon the OSD-type program that had been advertised to all to be good thru Dec 31st. In fact there are going to be several disappointed customers who were in the process of buying at my local Volvo dealership per what my Sales person has told me.

    Regards... Barry Sharp
  • saga continued

    My local Volvo dealership did wonders on the telephone with their West Coast Overseas delivery person and have secured me a promise of obtaining the Premium Package for me for free if I purchase my XC70/2003 and pick it up in Goteborg by Mar 30th 2003. This was a special deal they developed for me as I had missed out on the program they had 'quietly' cancelled last week plus me being a "loyal" Volvo customer etc.

    This will allow me to order my Brown interior and not be restricted to the special list of cars associated with the program that Volvo cancelled last week.

    This is a huge savings of around $6,632 compared to list price of Base+Premium+Touring+Met Paint.

    Now I have to decide where my wife and I are going to travel from Goteborg and what drop off location to pick on. I just hope my aging 86' 745 GLE wagon will pull me through while waiting for this XC70 to arrive home.

    Sooo, it's $2000 deposit (non refundable) up front to order thru OSD and remaining balance due no later than 30 days prior to pickup in Goteborg. Local sales tax is due when picking up car when it finally arrives at my local Volvo dealership. I'll have 30 days to obtain/install local license plates while driving around locally with European plates :-)

    Big question -- should I pocket the $6,632 savings or splurge out for those extra accessories that always beckon to a new car buyer. Given that those splash guards for the XC70 are so hard to get I believe they will make a splendid 'extras' choice as the factory will equipped the car the way you specify down to the last detail.

    If others who have OSD experience are willing to post back any advice I would welcome them.

    BTW I did test drive an XC70/2003 model today and it drove very well and has surprisingly good pickup from 20mph while accelerating up to freeway speed. The ride was comfortable and I checked out the rain sensor wipers here in the Northwest and the memory feature of the rear view side mirrors. Both worked as advertised per the owner's manual. I especially like the nylon divider that not only installs behind the rear seats but also behind the front seats when the rear seats are folded down -- a very convenient and well thought out feature/addition IMO (I have two dogs that like to travel in the car). I found that the XC70 tires transmit little noise into the cabin and the XC70 seats do well in supporting my legs just behind the knees. On the V70 models I found this wasn't the case and lacked this much need support for me when driving long trips. I liked the look of the combination of Ash Gold and the Umber plastic bumper protection surrounding all/most of the lower levels of the body work. I left the dealership with a very positive XC70/2003 experience.

    Thanks in advance and regards... Barry Sharp
  • it's a boy and I hope I've got him settled in for a good long nap now. Very glad to hear that you will have a chance to get in on this excellent deal. I am usually quite slow in making decisions but when I discovered this one and after a very satisfying test drive, I had to jump on it. And glad to hear that you liked the Ash Gold-- that's what I ordered for my wife with the brown interior.

    Since you mentioned splash guards, I thought I'd reference this discussion which I was reading earlier from another board;act=ST;f=1;t=572

    Also, if you've not read it here's one buyers recount of his OSD experience

    I was interested to read that you'd been told that the air tickets may be transfereable-- I was told otherwise-- so I guess I'll need to research that a little further. Will look forward to hearing how everything works out for you.

  • Congrats! A great deal that was well earned on your part. Actually , I'm still waiting on a VIN # so I can put through the financing. It's been 2 weeks and Volvo is dragging their feet.

    I don't have many answers to your post, but I have spoken to a few people who said that the AWD worked fine w/o the DTSC.

    Well, here's to everyone enjoying their new XC's once they arrive. Congrats again and happy/safe driving.
  • Thanks guys for all your info/refs and encouragement. My wife and I are taking next few days to sort thru all the options and will give dealer the 2 grand this weekend to seal the deal :-)

    This IMO is an extraordinary opportunity for any Volvo enthusiast.

    Regards... Barry

    P.S. jmhillrph1 -- my first was a boy and he got undivided attention for 5 years and then his sister and a year later another sister joined him. At 5 years old my son had absolutely no jealous traits with the new arrivals. All three have long memories travelling on long trips in our 86' 745 wagon -- the best one was the trip across Death Valley ;-) when I had to turn off the A/C unit to avoid overheating. It was years later when the kids fully realised why I did this as at the time they were really mad with me.
  • Does anyone have the step by step instructions for doing this myself and a good supplier? Thanks.
  • Art, you are most helpful and informed and I appreciate it greatly(also your message #617 on service reminder reset in v70 Wagon Experience board was great)...noticed that Volvo does not have any recommendations about automatic tranmission flushing schedule for regular driving for v70 in the manual. Do you have any thoughts on this?
    Thanks, Art
  • Hi Dave,

    Volvo Canada recommends changing/flushing the ATF every 96,000km/60,000 miles under normal driving conditions. Older transmissions need changing much sooner, but many of the newer FWD trannys are a lot gentler on fluids. My recommendation is if you don't feel comfortable with this arrangement you could always change the fluid sooner. Transmission fluid should last forever, but driving conditions and time have shown that things don’t always turn out in real life like they do on paper. The newer transmissions with lock up in the lower gears as well as some transmissions even go into neutral at a stop should make the fluid last longer, keep your eye on the fluid condition and change it when needed. (your mileage may vary)
  • Folks

    I have signed on for a XC70 and will take delivery of it in Gotenborg around end of Feb. I was not planning on driving the car anywhere but having it shipped immediately. My questions are --
    (a) has anyone tried this before? Will the US customs be leary of such low milage cars?
    (b) how long does it take for the car to arrive in the US? My local dealer, in Raleigh, tells me that it will take 25 days but the official webpage talks about 50 to 60 days.

    Would appreciate any pointers that you may provide.

  • I did the OSD program back in 2001 when I got my V70 T5. I did the exact same thing that you are going to do....Pick it up, drive it around the track and then ship it home on the first boat. Volvo takes care of Customs and is responsible for anything that they do to the car if they need to search it for whatever reason. But they didn't touch mine, just FYI.

    After I gave the car back and went home, it still sat in Sweden waiting for the next boat to come back from the states. It sat for about a week or so in Sweden even after I left so it took a little longer. From the time I got home to the time I got the car it was about 4-5 weeks because the shipping company had some delays at the port where the car came in (baltimore).

    Hope this helps.

  • I'll be uplifting my new and first Volvo in a couple of weeks. In the last 5 years I have much enjoyed my '96 Subaru wagon (family) and '95 900 series Saab (personal). With 3 children now the Subaru is too small and lacking in safety when stacked up alongside the XC70. Saab is one of my favourite vehicles but without the AWD option Volvo got my affirmative vote. In a strange way the XC70 is a concoction of the two.

    So my metallic silver XC with charcoal leather interior and mesh alluminium trim inlays with enough room for almost half a rugby team arrives in time for travelling up to the beach and farm this summer. I expect my kids are going to love the booster seats and extra ground clearance which combine to give an elevated view shaft to roadside activity. No way did I ever contemplate an urban tractor (SUV).

    Something I am considering having fitted prior to uplift, is an integrated spoiler. It is similar to that which comes with the XC90 but not normally available with the XC70, at least not in my lattitude on the globe. I am interested in comment you can offer re the spoiler. I like it primarily for aesthetic reasons and note it is on the XC90. Does anybody have anything to add? Drag, resale value, look, pitch in I would love to hear your opinion.

    All the best - Mills
  • Does anyone know if there will be a 2004 XC70 wagon? Or have you heard 2003 will be the last year for the XC70 wagon?

    All I see is a new V70R model for 2004 that looks like it could replace the XC70.

    In addition, my understanding was the XC70 was Volvo's answer when they lacked a SUV to sell.

    Now that the XC90 SUV is available, will the XC70 be discontinued ?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    The XC70 will continue, Volvo believes that there is a market niche for the car separate from the XC90.
    However, because the XC70 and XC90 use some of the same components, XC70 production will be decreased in order to build more XC90's.

    The V70R is not a replacement for the XC70, only 500 will be built for the US in 2004.
  • tomc15tomc15 Posts: 2
    I just purchased a new '03 XC70 with that OSD deal and was wondering about the AWD system. I was reading some of the postings, BTW- which has been very helpful, and noticed that people were mentioning that the AWD on the '03 XC70 was outfitted with the same system (Haldex?) used in the XC90 and 60's. Is this true? or does it have the same system as last years which was not the Haldex.

    If so, where can I get more information on the system so I can have a better understanding on it.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Has the Haldex drive system.
    Try for more info
  • tedmomtedmom Posts: 3
    Hello. I have what is probably the silliest question on this board, but didn't know where else to find the answer :) I am a proud new owner of a 2003 XC and live in the snowy climate of New Hampshire. I have a Nautic Blue model that seems to collect huge amounts of dirt, salt, etc. While the owner's manual suggests hand washing of the car during the first six months, will I really screw it up if I take it to the car wash?? Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide!
  • windywindy Posts: 7
    To Tedmom:

    Don't wash it. Looks cool covered in dirt. We bought our XC a few months ago. Here's the update. My wife loves it. Kids like the 3d row seat. It GUZZLES gas. It came w/ 2 defects but the dealer (Bridgewater Volvo in NJ) were very quick to fix. Something about the car seems fragile. I can't put my finger on it but I'm waiting for it to break down. So far so good. Dopey hand rail between 2 front seats. Probably would have been alot smarter to buy a Forester but my wife has wanted a Volvo wagon for years. Happy New Year.
  • Tedmom --

    I had same question. Bought XC 90 and it looked horrible 2 weeks later. I live in a Boston suburb. Don't care too much except I got worried about road salt, etc. corroding paint. Also read don't wash for 6 months, and found out some enthusiasts don't commercially wash ever. Researched some (I believe on this site) and came up with the following plan, which coincidentally I implemented today. Went to Home Depot and got light duty 40 foot hose. Wanted one of those cool coil up hoses but really expensive for my needs, so.... Hosed the car down with warm water (hooked it up to an inside sink) when temp outside 40 degrees. Closed garage door when I was done. (I don't much care about my old concrete garage floor but if you have one of those nice new ones you'll likely wash outside then pull it in).

    Looks pretty good. Not drop dead gorgeous but a lot less crud on it. My corrosion fears have somewhat abated.

    Only caveat - my car is silver, which hides water spots fairly well. Yours, being dark, may not. But my guess is it's still better than the white haze of corrosive salt.
  • Does anyone know what engine RMP it takes to spin the turbo? I read somewhere it was around 2800 revs before the turbo will spin...does that sound right? Or does it always spin above idle, ~1500 rmp, providing continuous low press boost?

    Oh, I got rid of the "chirpy toyota" last Friday! That's another board.
  • Ordered by me 11/1202, arrived 1/3/03 delivered 1/8/03. Met Silver, charcoal/gray interior so everything will match, Premium, Touring w/grocery bag holder, DSTC ,integrated booster seats. . Delivered with block heater, 2" rear hitch, rubber mats and rear liner. On order, mud flaps, hitch base unit,load basket(replaces HitchHauler for dead deer carry) and possibly picnic table(classy way to go running and eat after!). I had the experience of owning(still do) a 99 XC we purchased new so this was not hard for me. That car has a lot of miles off road hunting, fishing and kayaking. The DSTC with Haldex is a must. The old system was not electronic and therfore DSTC was not available and you would be not smart if you paid all that money and did not take advantage of every safety feature available. That said, the 99XC was extermely capable on road, in mud and deep snow and I never had any feeling of losing control. Since we have no snow in Wisconsin, I need to wait before testing the DSTC. Any other questions? -Dick
  • Can anyone tell me a little about the DSTC option and if it is worth the money. The cost of the option in Canada is $1650 so naturally it's something I need to think about. Since Volvo has now incorporated the excellent Haldex AWD system,is this really a necessary option?
    How do you even test it to see if it really works?

    My other question is with regards to the security package. The laminated glass sounds like a good thing to have but I read somewhere,and I don't remember which post but if you get this option,you can not have the dark tint in the side windows. Has anyone heard of this?
    Is this security package worth while or a waste of money?
    Does anyone have it?
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