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Best Vehicles for Tall and/or Large Drivers



  • jmactionjmaction Posts: 1
    Almost time to get a new car/SUV a commuter with decent MPG. Yep I am big also been shopping at big and tall since 9th grade. My old girlfriend wonder why we never took her SUV Jeep Sport and always my truck or my car it was always a stupid fight she thought she was tall at 5 foot 10 how cute. I pointed out my yoga to just get in and that the seat has to almost lie back to keep my head from hitting the roof. The seats, tired of thous bucket seats, they are not wide enough to expand past my shoulder blades at least that my experience. I do have a car a 72 Eldorado convertible but MPG is less than my truck but it has bench seats. When I ride my motorcycle I sit in the passenger seat very broad shoulders jacket is a 58. Did you try the Forester by Subaru? I know I am not getting a Yaris or Ford Focus, but I have about a 35 mile commute to work so MPG is going to be a factor
  • atpcliffatpcliff Posts: 1
    I am trying to find the vehicles with the most rear leg and headroom. Pretty much all the cars with enough room in the back for my son, at 6'7", have enough room for me in the front (6'5").

    What I really need doesn't exist, as I want a 4 dr hatchback, 4 wheel drive, used/new under $25K, with lots of storage space and at least 100 mpg, with a plug in to recharge the battery, and at least a 500 mile range.

    I will settle for a used car under $25K, that is under 100K miles.

  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,653
    I would suggest trying out the Golf/GTI. I'm not terribly sure it will accomodate the 2 of you, but I'm 6'5" and after setting the driver's seat to accomodate me, I could get in the back seat behind the driver's seat.

    Otherwise, what about an SUV? The Honda Pilot has huge rear leg room (at least our '03 did). As does the volvo XC90.

    OR, if sticking with cars, you have some large options out there like the Grand Marquis/Towncar, Ford 500/Taurus, and dodge Charger.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • bkenisbkenis Posts: 1
    I'm 6'5" (197cm) with normal proportions.
    I need to rent a European car and I will be forced to get a subcompact because of the prices ($150/day minimum in this particular area).

    I realize I will have to drive with some discomfort and tight space, but I have three choices I can afford:
    1.) 2010 Toyota Yaris
    2.) 2010 Suzuki Swift
    3.) 2011 Hyundai I10 / 2012 Kia Picanto (same frame?)

    The rental company has an employee my height who said the Swift will certainly be more comfortable than the Yaris, but the Hyundai is with a competing company.

    Can anyone please tell me how the Hyundai might compare in headroom/legroom to the Swift? I can't find the Swift dimensions, but the Hyundai seems to have 39.5" front headroom, but is narrower. The Hyundai is about 5% cheaper so I would prefer that IF I will fit.
  • Hi! I am about 6' tall and my current car (96 Toyota Camry) doesn't fit me correctly. My height is mostly in my torso, so when I sit properly in the car I can't see the stoplights. I had a 91 Camry before this and I fit into it fine. I am looking to swap out my car for a similar one with a bit more head room. Any suggestions?
  • scottbzzscottbzz Posts: 1
    I am 6'4 and my son is 6'6. I bought a 2006 Pontiac Torrent and it fits us with extra room. Great SUV. He rides comfortably in the back seat. I get 21 Highway. Great Vehicle. I have 105,000 miles on it and runs like new and never a problem.
  • bajababajaba Posts: 3
    When i first saw one of these i was impressed by the headroom so i had to go try one out now being close to 7' and 300+ lbs I've pretty much given up finding anything suitable and unfortunately this is no exception, yes the headroom is great but i couldn't even swing my legs in the door.
    I've been looking for the better part of a year now with no real luck although i have found dodge makes to be a fair bit roomier than most.
  • I'm 6'5" 380lb with 38 inseam.... and the only car in my budget i fit in was the newer style Scion xB. It's huge inside! Looks like a toaster but does 30mpg while commuting my 80 miles a day. (mine does 30mpg.. 90% interstate)

    It's as comfy as my old Expedition.. and didn't break the bank when bought.

    Wish I could have bought domestic but i could not fit in any domestic with similar mpg rating or even close to same price point.
  • I know a whole bunch about the xB. First off, I'm 6' 8" tall & (unfortunately) weigh 425lbs.; 2 years ago my wife & teenaged kids were walking around a car dealership lot & we came upon a 2004 Scion xB, my daughter begged me to get in it so she could post a funny picture on Facebook. In typical fashion, I always put the seat all the way back & lean the backrest way back & tilt the steering wheel all the way up to avoid a painful entry. When I climbed in (effortlessly), I was shocked & so was my entire family. It has unreal room inside & I actually had to tilt the backrest forward some. You sit up like a full size pickup truck would. The final test was shutting the door, for which was no problem. We took a test drive & pleasantly surprised. The 5 speed, with 1.5 engine was peppy and moved quickly. Max cruising speed is about 80 mph, it could go more, but why?? I bought a 2004 3 weeks later that had 90k miles, I spent about $800 putting on new tires, oil change, tune up, minor maintenance stuff & other than regular oil changes, I drove it another 60,000 miles as a daily commuter car on a 100 mile daily roundtrip.
    I just sold it recently for $1500 more than I paid for it. However I feel sick for doing so, I thought I wanted a more luxurious commuter car, but have realized, there are not too many out there under $10,000 that get over 25mpg's. The Scion xB on average always got 33mpg's & city driving 27mpg's. The only "cons" I can note are the nicknames I acquired when driving the xB, but they never bothered me & my favorite was Fred Flintstone. It is a basic, no frills car. It is very comfortable & dependable. There is some road noise, but not the type that gives you a headache. My air conditioner died after the first year of ownership. Toyota wanted $2200 to replace, I found a private mechanic who did it for $900 & no problems since.
    I loved my xB & feel dumb for letting it go, I'm now looking for another one. The newer body style xB's have the gear shift on the center dash now & I've not tried sitting in one yet, but pretty sure it will constrict my right leg room area.
    Hope this helps.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The best way to find out if a vehicle suits your frame is to take it for a test-drive, but you can use this list to guide you as you decide which models to consider.

    Top 10 Best Cars for Tall Drivers for 2013
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,653
    yeah, the disclaimer in that "article" tells all. It is a pretty useless list because it really comes down to seat adjustment. I've found that, in most vehicles that are comfy for me with an 8-way power seat are no good with a 4-way manual seat.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    That and the sunroof tip. If you've never had one and want one, but are tall, well, good luck.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "We ranked each vehicle based on an average of headroom, hiproom and legroom, and all measurements shown are in inches."

    Top 10 SUVs and Crossovers for Tall Drivers for 2013
  • lindaloo4lindaloo4 Posts: 3
    My son is 7' tall with a 40" inseam. We are looking for a car but haven't found one that fits.
    Looking for cars that other very tall people are fitting in...
  • lindaloo4lindaloo4 Posts: 3
    What car did you finally settle with? My son is a 7 footer... 40" inseam...
    (I'm hope you still have this email! you post is from 2007!)
  • bradwilletbradwillet Posts: 4
    6'8", 350lbs, 36" inseam (tall torso), I fit well in my VW GTI, and it even has a sunroof! Skinny with longer legs would work well, and taller minus sunroof would work well.. If you are any wider than I, may have to downgrade to a regular Golf to get the less bolstered seats...
  • Thank you very much for the information. I will start checking them out soon. Ironically, my son (14 yrs old) is now 6'5" tall and growing. Skinny as a rail and we are pre-planning/searching for a good dependable & accomodating vehicle for him to drive when he turns 16-17.

    *I am currently driving a '08 Ford Taurus X Wagon and it is a little snug in the leg room department, but the gas & brake pedals have the adjustment feature that can put them closer up or further away & that makes all the difference. The gas mileage is approx. 22-23 on highway and 17 in the city. I would like to achieve 30+ on the highway since I drive an hour each way to work. Perhaps the Golf may be what I've been searching for? Thanks again.
  • I've been scouring the web for extended seat brackets for years. I finally came across a company that makes such brackets for several car makes. If you're like me (6' 9") and have extreme difficulty finding a car to fit, go to and see if they make the extended brackets for your car. I haven't made a purchase from this site and only want to inform the public about this option.
  • vexxavexxa Posts: 1
    tallguy 25, Thank you for the link to the seat extend brackets. My son is 6'7" and upwards of 450 lbs. So finding anything is a challenge. The VW New Beetle is the only one so far he manages to fit in without any modifications.
  • carlupicarlupi Posts: 52
    Does anyone have first hand experience using these brackets? The company's website has testimonials but it would be good to hear directly from Car Forum-Townhall members. Thanks.
  • Great forum! I've been looking for something like this for a while. I've been driving a 2005 Toyota Matrix XR automatic on a daily 150 mile commute. I'm 6'4", 275#, 34" inseam. It can be a bit cramped but the seat adjusts 4 ways which gives some flexibility and the steering wheel tilts. The driver seat padding is also pretty good for big folks. I had 196000+ miles on it when I wrecked it this morning :( :cry: and it took the t-bone hit well, no injuries TG. The engine is rock solid on this car, did not burn any oil. It's low price also, ~$16k new when I bought. Now I'm off to find it's replacement.

    PS my other vehicle is a 2004 Dodge Ram quad cab hemi. Plenty of room for the big guy, rides great, handles like a big truck, wouldn't recommend (hemi version) though, started burning oil :mad: at around 45k miles and Dodge considered 1 qt within 5k miles normal.
  • I am 6'7" tall apx. 260lbs.

    I currently drive a 2011 Acadia which is awesome as far as comfort goes, Plenty of leg and head room as well as wide. I found this thread while searching for something different though. The price I paid, the AWD, and low MPG's of the Acadia are overkill for me. Comfort aside it's time to look for something else that won't kill my bank account.

    My previous car was a Nissan Altima 3.5. it also had generous leg room. Head room came at the cost of the seat behind me though. with the seat all the way back there wasn't any room.

    Here's a suggestion for anyone Tall. "Look for Telescoping Steering Wheel" it's an uncommon but key feature for those of us with long legs.
  • Seeking suggestions from other tall peeps. I am looking at getting a daily driver, (have an f250 and minivan for haulin stuff and kids) I figure since back seat is useless in a sedan with seat all the way back, may as well get something "fun" to drive.

    I am 6'7", 260ish lbs. Looking for suggestions on lux sports cars. $20K and under used.

    Mustangs are already out. Cant hardly get between seat and wheel,
    Corvette had leg room but tight peddles. my feet felt too big
    I like the BMW 335's for comfort but can't find one in my price range.

    Anyways, anybody out there no of a "fun" car that suites tall people?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,345
    BMW 3-Series coupes and sedans both have a lot of seat travel and adjustment.... so, I think you might be on the right track, there..

    Might have to drop down to a 328i to get in your budget..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I have a 2002 Avalon with bench seat. This is the best car to fit my size because without a center console, I have plenty of I knee room. I heard that Avalon only made bench seats in 2002 and 2003, so unless I find one with less mileage than mine (currently 292,000), then I may have to try all the cars I have read in this post.

    So far I have really appreciated this site because I hear from many like me who struggle. One excellent suggestion was German vs. Japanese, because Germans are larger people than Japanese. The following seem to be the top recommendations of others in the past 5 years that are comfortable, affordable, and economical:

    2002/2003 Avalon, Bench
    BMW 3 series
    Pickup truck
    Acadia 2011
    Scion XB 2012
    VW GTI
    Hyundai i10
    2010 Toyota Yaris
    2010 Suzuki Swift
    2010 Camry Hybrid
    2012 GMC Terrain
    2011 VW Beetle
    Mini Cooper
    2008 Camry Hybrid
    2011 Kia Optima
  • chitownbearchitownbear Posts: 3
    edited October 2013
    Im 6'9 350 lbs with somewhat broad shoulders. My inseam is only 34" and im long torsoed. Im Looking for a good car in the 30-35k range. My current car is an 08 altima which i fit in great.. With the new door panel and center counsel design in the 2013 model i find them a little snug (narrow). I was pretty bummed. I really liked my 08 and with 108k miles it had proven to be reliable minus a transmission swap under warranty. Any suggestions?
  • bigvinbigvin Posts: 6
    You should be able to find most, if not all models as one or two-year lease turn-ins at that budget, or even a brand-new model within that range if you are careful about the model and options. I was able to adjust the steering wheel to my liking on every Volvo in a car show this year, and the cars can be very reliable (Google Irv Gordon) and are well known for innovative safety features.

    Also, don't be afraid to go after an SUV. There's more to maintaining a car than gas prices.
  • thanks for the advice. I actually had been looking at a pathfinder at the dealership the other day.. once again felt a little cramped. Seems like they are still more built for soccer moms than men of bigger of stature. I always find the dash is always to tight under the wheel . keeping my knees too close together. between that issue and the seat not getting me far enough from the dash. Seems like the vehicles we should be most comfortable are not the best options for us. I was so surprised when I got in my 08 Altima for the first time. its been the most spacious and comfortable car I ever owned. I never expected that at all. assumed it was just going to be another let down. I love the Volvos reliability and safety. They just don't do it for me visually.. I hate when I have to shop for cars. Its always so defeating instead of the fun it should be for someone who loves cars.
  • My friend is really tall and his wife is short. They bought a Suburban because the seat can be adjusted to fit both of them. They also have 5 kids, so it worked out very well.
  • bradwilletbradwillet Posts: 4
    edited October 2013
    Another suggestion for the family types... in addition to the 2012 gti, we also have a 2011 Nissan Quest minivan. At 6'8, can drive 12hrs plus without much issue. Only thing of note is I think if your inseam is over 36" you may have an issue just because of the way the knee cutout is. But at a touch less than 36", I am perfectly fine. Seats are like la-z-boys. Much better than a Tahoe/suburban for me.

    I had a 2002 Tahoe (same as suburban and avalanche for front passengers, interior legroom is unchanged through 2013 model year, can't speak to the new ones yet since I don't think they are even out yet). I was involved in an accident where I was spun around and did a rotating head-on into a concrete wall. Tahoe was totalled, and my knee was jacked up because it was so close to the dash (about 1 inch), even with the seat all the way back. Now I always pay a bit more attention to not only do I fit, but how would I fare in an accident. I know from experience unfortunately that the quest holds up well, and I don't see anything in the GTI that will destroy vital body parts in a crash..

    The 2007 and 2009 Saturn Outlooks we had (exactly the same as Acadia/Traverse) were super comfortable, and as a general rule my wife and I liked them better for daily driving than the quest (a bit boat-ish), but reliability was less than stellar (being kind here) with both of them. Fool me twice... That being said, I am also very comfortable in the Terrain/Equinox, but poor gas mileage for the size, and I am still scared off of GM crossovers due to the outlooks.
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