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Chevy Venture



  • Greetings,
    I am beginning the search for a new mini-van and will take a close look at a fully loaded, 4dr Chevy Venture. My concern is the 3.4L/180 HP/V-6 engine that is standard in the Venture. I live in the Denver area and spend time up in the Rocky Mountains so I am concerned about engine power for this van. Will the '99 model have a 3.8L as an option? Any comments and real life experiences would be appreciated! Thanks and I look forward to reading your comments!
  • TO:msteve22

    I have the Trans Sport with the same engine, and it's plenty powerful @ 180 hp and good transmission gearing. Personally if I lived in the Rockies, I'd add the towing package to get extra cooling (superstition, no problems noted), and I would ALWAYS get the Touring/Leveling suspension option.

    In any event, the Venture is a great choice!

  • I thought I would ask once again in case anyone has found out anything new about the 1999 Ventures.

    Does anyone have information to changes or improvements to the 1999 Venture? I am hoping they will have new color choices and 8 passenger
    seating (as Montana does). I'm afraid that the
    Montana body cladding will start to rattle after a few years and don't want to take the chance. I read "Gator's" response and would like
    to know more, and what his resources are. I have
    not been able to find anything on the 1999.

    How about the second generation door?
    Gator, are you out there?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Total Ventures sold for the 1998 model year is 99,442. Total U.S. GM minivan sales for 1998 model year is 193,522.

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Edmund's info and review of the 1999 Chevy Venture is now available.

    1999 Chevrolet Venture Base 3-Door

    1999 Chevrolet Venture Base 4-Door

    1999 Chevrolet Venture Base Extended 4-Door

    KarenS/roving host

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  • atratr Posts: 5
    I'm in the market for a 1999 Venture LT. I live in Suburban DC, so I have many dealers in MD, DC, and VA to choose from. A few questions for everybody.

    I've calculated the dealer invoice for the vehicle to be 25,220 (Base + Dest. Charge + 1SD Package). The holdback amounts to 840 which is 3% of the MSRP of 28,025.

    Question 1: Those of you out there that paid x dollars over invoice, is that including the holdback or not?

    Question 2: Is 1000 over true invoice (inv. - holdback) reasonable?

    Question 3: Has anyone had experience in the DC area with buying a vehicle in DC or VA and registering in MD? Will I have to pay any extra taxes or registration because I'm buying in a different state than I'm registering?

    Question 4: Anyone have any dealer recommendations?

    Your help is greatly appreciated!!
  • The Venture is a good choice, but get the "Load Leveling/Touring Suspension" also.

    I don't live around DC any more, but 15 years ago I moved from WV to MD, and had to pay tax on the car when I got the MD title - any title in MD was treated as a sale & required taxes.

  • melismelis Posts: 7
    We will be buying a 1999 Venture within the next 6-8 months. I've gone to the pricing list & noticed that none of the prices are listed for the options. Why is that? How can I determine exactly what its going to cost me if I can't figure out the options cost?

    Thanks for any help

  • atratr Posts: 5
    Edmunds does not currently have the options pricing for 99 Ventures, but I have found a site that does. currently has all the 99 pricing. Check it out.

    I'm still looking for an LT in the DC area, anyone seen one in white or carmine red metallic??
  • atratr Posts: 5
    If you're in the market for a 99 Venture, I've got good news. As of 1:00pm EDT today, Chevrolet is offering $1000 cash back on 99 Ventures. I called the salesman I've dealing with the past week, and he told me the good news.

    We're still working out the final details, but I think I'm getting a pretty good deal. Now if I could just settle with the Insurance company of the idiot that totalled our Grand Caravan I'll complete the deal.

    I'll post again when the deal is final.
  • Where did you find out that Checy was giving $1000 cash rebates on 1999 Chevy Ventures? I will be buying this, or a Pontiac Montana before year end and was wondering for how long these rebates would be offered.

    Hope to hear from you,

  • Ventureman:

    GM is now offering a $1,000 CASH REBATE for ALL
    their 1999 minivans (Silhouette, Montana & Venture) good up to 12/31/98. I got this info
    from my dealer since I am trying to buy a 1999
    Olds Silhouette. I then sent an e-mail to the
    Olds website and received confirmation regarding
    this. Hope this helps!!!
  • atratr Posts: 5
    I finally purchased the 99 Venture that I had been looking at. The $1000 incentive made it much easier. I see forest2 already answered VentureMan's question for me.

    I ended up with a 99 LS in Dark Teal Metallic. It had every option that comes standard with the LT, the 8-passenger seating, and the self-sealing tires (wife's request). Why they just didn't call it an LT I couldn't tell you. We paid $100 over invoice, not including the dealer holdback. With the 1k cash back, I thought it was a great deal.

    I've had to return to replace a defective battery already, and I hope that is the last problem I will encounter. Wish me luck!!
  • TO: atr

    Enjoy your new Venture! Take time to understand the reduced maintenance schedule. Many things we once did to keep a car nice aren't required with the GM Minivans (sealed tranny, permanent coolant, super-duty drive belt, etc.).
  • Safty IS important.

    But lets keep it in perspective. The chances of a minivan driver getting into a real bad accident is next to zero; for injury rates, see href=""
    For death rates, see href="".

    There are so many features and considerations that each of us must consider before making a significant purchase ( close to $30k after taxes).
    To eliminate a choice simply on the basis of one
    crash test --that is least likely to happen to a
    minivan driver-- is paranoid. And the injuries
    from a frontal crash will only pertain to adults
    (children should not ride in the front seat).

    All Volvo owners I have met are safty paranoid.
    They are willing to settle for a smaller and more
    expensive (and in my opinion, ugly) vehicle with
    great safty engineered into them. But death rates
    for Volvos are not any better the the GM minivans

    So Volvo is one of the most safe cars on the road
    and yet its injury and deaths are no better than

    Buy a minvan because it meets your needs and
    likes, and not because of false hysteria.

    Best of luck,

  • melismelis Posts: 7
    I have a question on the $1,000 rebate, is that in lieu of the low interest financing that GMAC is offering? I know that Dodge will either give you low interest financing or the rebate. I talked to a salesman last week about a '98 Venture LS & he mentioned GMAC had the 3.9% for 60 months right now. Never did hear back from the salesman as to what the price would be on a '98 so I'll go to another dealer that wants to sell me a van.

    Thanks alot for your help. :)
  • I've been told the rebate on 98 Ventures is $1500 until December 31, 1998. I understand the rebate OR low financing is available. I also understand the rebate is good only on the day of delivery. If you take delivery (even on a confirmed order)after the expiration of a rebate period, GM and the dealer will not stand behind it. Make sure you get a guaranteed price in writing you are happy with and understand the deal you make.
  • In Canada, southern Ontario to be exact, there is currently no rebate offered. Instead, GMAC is offering a 3.9% APR on '99 models, or 2.9% on '98s.
  • After doing some research to buy a Minivan for the first time, we are settling on a 1999 4 door regular wheelbase Venture or Transport after trying out and researching the competition.

    I picked up one statistic that indicated that the quality of first year vehicles is about 17% below a company's average (diffferent for different makers) and builds back up afer a few years. This was a consideration in choosing a 1999 model over a 1998 - this is the third year of Venture production and most kinks should be worked out.

    Question -

    The standard middle seat looks pretty good, with the 60/40 split that reclines and slides back and forth.

    However, we think that the 3 seat option would be more versatile over the long haul.

    Comments regarding the two options would be welcome. Do you wish you had taken the 3 seat or stuck with the split bench?

    Packaging Beef- Chevroet vs. Pontiac

    I prefer the look of the Venture, but in order to get the three middle seat option, I have to take a $2,755 (CAN$) option package -most of which I don't want, and doesn't inlcude a CD or Cassette.

    The Transport has a higher base, but includes more standard items, and 3 middle seats comes as a stand alone option.

    But, the base price of the Transport is $545 higher than the base Venture + the individual options that are included with the Transport (if they could be bought as stand alones). Wow, I get to pay $545 (CDN$) for ugly body cladding and the Pontiac name. gnash, gnash, gnash.

    Not much I can do about it, but it's clear that GM is segmenting with artificial manipulative packaging.
  • I am also considering buying a 99 Venture. I'm looking at the extended wheelbase with 7 Pass seating. I agree the venture seems to have the most van per $ but am very disgusted with GM's marketing and inventory on the lots. Everything is grey or tan and the lack of options drive you to a custom order. I hope GM continues the current $1000 rebate until I take delivery but who knows? GM seems to be in corporate chaos and has lost customer focus. Good luck with your ad-"venture".
  • We have been considering a Venture for some time now. I have some final questions on pricing.

    What is a "PEP" vehicle?

    Is the $1500 rebate still available after getting an invoice price?
  • I have the 3 seat option and really like it for the following reasons:

    1) Since the seats remove individually, they are a cinch to remove, three lever flips and they carry away as easy as a suitcase (they only weigh about 35 pounds).

    2) it offers the most flexibility. I recall putting 3 preople in row 3 and a grill and one person in row 3 on one trip! you can only do that with the 3 seat option.

    3) You say you hardly use the 8th seat? No problem. Leave one in the garage.

    Also, the oldsmobile is in the same family, and again, GM features them differently the pontiac and Chevy. Good luck.
  • We bought a 98 loaded Venture in May and have 10,000 miles on it. I love it! Wished I had insisted on 3 seats in the middle instead of the 2 bench seats in the middle for this simple reason:

    Older people, like my Mom, like to have seats right beside the door for easy entry and exit.

    I have had to take the van in for a hole in a rear shock which caused the air compressor to not turn off until I heard it pumping and turned it off manually.

    Also, the power door does not work now because the module went out on it 2 weeks ago. It has been more than a week since they ordered the part, but I haven't been called to bring it back yet. (I think, knowing what I know now,I would have by-passed the power door because those doors open & close manually very very easily.) I also would have preferred the power door on my side where I usually head when leaving the grocery store.

    I still like the vehicle,23-26 mpg. Smooth riding and lots and lots of room. I think I will be glad I have the Front Traction option this winter in the Ozarks.
  • If you are interested in purchasing a 1999 Venture, and you do not plan on purchasing the available second row captain chairs, I would get the 8 passenger seating.

    I visit family a couple hundred miles away, and when we get there, it will be nice to have seating for three more people. Right now, we must take two cars for everyone to to go on short trips after we arrive.

    Since the back seats flip and fold forward out of the way, I will be able to load up the whole back end with luggage, bikes, etc., (sounds like the load leveling option is a must), and have the three extra seats available after we arrive, unpack, and flip the back seats back into place.

    With the three middle seats, my children will all fit and the whole back end will be available for all the junk (just short of the kitchen sink) that we bring with us.

    Best of luck,

  • 19531953 Posts: 1
    Just bought a 98 Venture LS- 4 captains chairs. my 2 kids are just far enough apart on long drives for the wife and i to keep sane! List on this van was 28,045-we paid 25,500 and had the deal done in 30 minutes.

    Im looking for mud flaps that are made for Venture. Anyone found a website for minivan acessories ?
  • We're looking at 99 Ventures, but neglected to notice if they had rear air. I can't find anything that says they do. If anyone has one can you tell me and if it doesn't have it how is the ventilation in the back?
  • For the extended cab GMs this is a feature. I don't believe it is available on the short one.
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