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Audi S4 and S4 Cabriolet



  • mrkbbd1mrkbbd1 Posts: 7
    Im looking at an S4 (dont know whether cab or sed), the dealer never has cars that are loaded, so I need to know about the navigation system. Even in the advertising book it doesnt go to deeply into the subject. First off, how big is the lcd display, or is there even one? (The dealer in my town has never had one so they didnt know), and is it easy to use?
  • mark this is the first post i've ever made so bear w/me.. in 12/03 I traded 2000 TT for 2004 s4avant black/black alcantara seats xm etc...but no nav dealer talked me out of it.My avant, after order, sadly took NINE MONTHS to arrive. I have never owned a vehicle with a better stock sound system than this one, yet I am forever turning off the xm to hear the engine on this bad boy.after 7 months of daily driving and some mid-range trips I am still on cloud 9 with the most camoflaged car on earth.No service calls except as scheduled and to replace my rock-damaged windshield....I'd really like to hear from other s4avant owners who are daily drivers?????
  • My wife and I have had four recent Audi of America products with the Audi Navi system. The system is simultaneously "perfect" and lame.

    I would get it, lame as it is, again and again and again, even if they never upgraded to DVD -- which they have.

    Any new Audi, excluding the A8's will TODAY have the same system I have in my 2003 allroad and my wife has in her 2003 TT coupe.

    Between the tach and speedo there is an information screen about the size of a playing card. It is black and the screen can display text and arrows and crude circles and zig-zags.

    The system, until the 2005 A6 and 2005.5 A4 arrive will be thus:

    1. Press a button on your console and the center screen warns you not to enter nav data while driving
    2. Select your destination
    3. Select your street address or street + street intersection; or you can select special destinations like gas stations, ATM's or other special interest places, International Airport for example.
    4. Select "fast" or "short" route and press go

    System responds by giving you both verbal and arrow by arrow directions visually on the little playing card screen.

    It is accurate 99.99% of the time to within 100' -- and it is, overall, able to find destinations (speaking personally for Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Pennsylvania) about 96% of the time. The voice commands are in a rather pleasant, business-like female voice. She never gets ticked at you when you disobey her "orders" she either recalculates the next best route option or "suggests" when possible that you make a U-turn and do what she told you to do originally.

    There is a compass function in the nav screen, miles (or KM if you choose) to destination, time to destination (arrival time) and an hourglass function that tells you when the next action you have to take will occur. The name of the road you are on or will be expected to turn onto is displayed.

    For all the crybabies (me included) that really wanted a 16x9 7" diagonal color moving map screen -- well, I can find no fault with the system in terms of its efficacy and contribution to safety -- and that is a biggie.

    She (the Audi nav lady) never ceases to impress me, even in my home town (Cincinnati) -- just as I think I know what I am doing in my own backyard, she finds a better route and one that I've never tried before to get me to that new restaurant I've been dying to try.

    One more neat function -- "traffic jam" -- push a pictobutton on the console that looks like a car pile up and the route is recalculated to get you out of a traffic jam (if there is a route that is).

    You don't have to ask directions, you don't have to read a map and overall you seem to be able to pay more attention to the driving rather than the navigating, which, as I say is a HUGE contribution to safety -- it has gone from "cool toy" to mandatory feature as far as I'm concerned.

    It needs to be DVD based, Audi has done this and all will have it by second Q '05. It needs the sexy color moving map screen -- not because it is in any way better, but because the current screen lacks sizzle. There is no other reason to have a 7" diagonal color screen showing you a mapquest like image -- you are supposed to be driving not staring at a map, after all. But, I, too, wish for the "big" screen just for show and my wish, like others, has been granted by Audi.

    This and parktronic have moved from "show off toys" to valuable features.

    FWIW, that's my story and I'm. . . .
  • auditorauditor Posts: 63
    Two days ago, I was told by the sales mgr. of an Audi
    dealer in South Jersey that, due to the larger than expected demand for 2005 A6's in Germany/Europe (Audi's main markets), (A) deliveries of U.S. spec. A6's would be delayed a bit to late 2004/early 2005 (for the 4.2 V8's) and (B) perhaps more importantly,

    This morning, there were several posts (under the same title as this one) on another Audi enthusiast web site suggesting that Audi dealers we no longer taking orders for the current version of 2005 S4's in anticipation of the "new face" 2005.5 S4 being produced in the near future.

    Anything anyone can learn about the truth (or falsity) of this "rumor" would be appreciated.
  • dcowdcow Posts: 1
    Recently my wife and I discovered a 2002 s4 for sale. The initial test drive was good and the car felt solid. I have been doing some research and found that the front brakes can be a common issue. ANYTHING else I should look at closely? Quirks/blurps/hiccups?
    We will have the car inspected, but any thoughts would be great.
  • cbe512cbe512 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 S4 and i must say that the performance is out of this world!

    The 2 disadvantages is that it does drink gas, and it will become very expensive to keep outside of the Audi warranty.

    My car is in the shop for an oil leak. it turns out that it is from one of the Turbos. Audi recommends that both be changed and the engine has to be lifted out to do this. I've been waiting a week already! I would never be able to afford this if it wasn't covered. The mechanic says that these 2.7T engines are now starting to come in with problems...mainly to do with the pressure of the turbos causing the seals to leak. Did I mention it has taken them 3 times to find this leak?
    I love the car, and the smile it puts on my face when i touch the gas pedal but in a few months it will be out of warranty and i am sure I'll have to dump it! Be very careful who you buy this car from. The warranty lasts for 50,000 miles. Then you are on your own
  • Great car, a blast to drive -- brake rotors and oil changes happen at regular intervals.

    Beyond 50,000 miles, like all European cars, this will be "breathtakingly expensive" to repair.

    Get the Audi 100K warranty.

    Finally, but this is NOT an Audi issue so much, the thing eats tires -- especially the UHP and Max performance Summer Only tires that are standard equipment.

    The car is an absolute blast to drive.

    I can't comment on the gas milage -- I suspect that your milage will be based on your right foot.
  • banxbanx Posts: 6
    My '01 S4 sedan has 60K miles. It also developed an oil leak. It was just before the warranty ran out at 50K. It's been in and out ever since trying to fix that leak. Both upper and lower oil pans were replaced along with oil lines. The leak just came back after 3 weeks of oil leak-free time, so back in it'll go. The other warranty repair I had was to replace one seat heater; a common problem on many cars. Turn the dial up to 6 and wait a little while to make sure they're working. I still have the original brake discs and rotors; the last maintenance stated there was 40% life left in the discs. Actual gas mileage has averaged 24.4 mpg over the life of the car. Over two separate 10K stretches, the trip computer overstated actual mpg by 2.4 mpg. The original tires, Pirelli 6000, lasted for 36K miles. The replacement tires from Tire Rack, Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3, are unbelievably good for wet grip as well as dry. Note that the bass sound in the '01 Bose system, is feeble compared to the Avant with its subwoofer. The manual states the car needs to idle for 2 minutes after a hard run to let the turbos cool down; I always do this after any drive where the engine has been running for 45 minutes or more. While I've read about people going through turbos, I still have the originals, perhaps due to following the cool down instructions.
  • Hi everyone,
    Did you all see the 2005 S4 lease specials $499 a month about 4K down 42month/10000 mile.
    this a good deal, or is it still beter to finance?
  • I am in the process of considering purchasing an S4 Cabriolet. I currently own an '01 MB E430 4matic and a BMW 325ci Cabriolet. I guess you can say I am "tired" of owning 2 cars and want one that does it all. I need AWD for the winters in NJ and want a convertible/performance for the summer. Seems like the S4 is just the ticket. But here are some of my concerns -

    1) I will be driving the car in NJ winters. Besides putting snow tires on the car, do you think it can be safe to drive in the snow as well as be reliable in the snow?

    2) I will be putting approx. 20k miles a year on the car. Besides changing the oil, anything I should be aware of?

    3) I owned an Audi in the past, many years ago. I have to say I was not happy with the reliability. How is the reliability of the current line?

    4) Would you buy an extended warranty for the S4?

    5) Do you have a dealer you recommend to purchase from? I live in Northern NJ - Paul Miller & Jack Daniels but I would travel, within reason, for a good deal.

    6) Would appreciate any info anyone could give so I can make a comfortable decision.

    Thanks to all.
  • Hi,

    The lease deal is pretty incredible and if you haven't done it already, you should do it. I am currently considering this deal, even tho I already have a Porsche and a BMW.

    If you didn't know, the lease deal was extended to 1/3/05, so you have a month to mull it over. A friend of mine leased a S4 a few years ago and paid about $6K down, $600/mo. for a 3 year lease. This deal is so much better and for a significantly better car.

    With such a great lease deal, it makes the lease vs buy issue a much lesser issue. I am a CPA, so I get this question ten times a year. Unless you plan to keep the car for at least 7 years or plan to drive the car for more than 12K miles a year, I wouldn't even consider buying it.

    Good Luck,

  • Is the turbo leak common problem on these cars? I'm thinking of getting 2002 as well. Does factory warranty transfer if you buy used?
  • Had the car for two weeks, it is very fun to drive. In Colorado, so needed snow tires, but they have not hurt the performance as much as I thought they would.


    Only nit is that the cupholders are nearly useless [guessing Germans don't drink coffee on their morning commute]


    Highly recommended!
  • I just bought a 2005 S4 and have less than 2000 miles. I have started hearing a slight knocking noise coming from the right rear side of the car when I hit larger bumps in the road. At first I thought is was something loose in my trunk but after checking it out and placing towels in the spare tire compartment I am still hearing the noise. Does anyone have this problem or have any suggestions before I bring it in for a check up? Thanks.
  • 04s404s4 Posts: 1
    Purchased 2004 S4 Sedan 6sp and continue to have low speed running hesitation and shifting issues. When shifting, cold especially, the clutch pedal has to be completely on the floor or it'll grind mainly on the 1-2 shift. Anyone else experiencing the same issues??
  • coby03coby03 Posts: 55
    Can anyone give me an estimate of what's a reasonable deduction off of MSRP for a 2005 black/black 6-speed S4 that has been used as a demo and has about 6600 miles on it? It's the first time I test drove one and it's fast as h*ll. Seems to be in great shape, but I'm always wary of demo's. The salesman's going to "work up some numbers" on it, but I thought I would seek some advice. Thanks.
  • My dealer has an Imola yellow car that sounds like your black/black. It is NOT a demo as far as I know and it is exactly $7,000 off. I suspect this is because it is yellow and because the new S4 has the navi system in it that Audi should have brought out two years ago.
  • Anybody know when the B7 S4s are to start hitting dealer lots?
  • draqdraq Posts: 18
    if the car in great shape and work perfectly then I would first make sure the warrenty covers 50k starting from the day you sign the contract, second, don't tell the dealer how much you will pay for it, wait for them to give you a price on it first and then see if you can bring it lower, i will say the fair price for it will be $46K

    hope this is helpful
  • YES!! I have had my xenon headlights stolen TWICE over the last 4 months from my AUDI S4.
    Do I have to sell my car or move?!? Any solutions? 2001 model w/37,000 miles in great shape....
  • audibonaudibon Posts: 100
    Audibon here. Been a long time my friends both old and new. Since I was a part of the A4 board a while ago I will post this question here second but I will also post it on the A4 board. I no longer own my 2001.5 A4. Divorce can do that. However, I have some thoughts of getting the car I actually wanted back then. Either a 2001 or 2002 S4. My question is I realize that I would want to have it certified for my own protection. However, if I buy the car private party or from a dealer that is not Audi can I purchase that protection after the sale? Is it the same protection or just a cheesy imitation? I was researching some '95 Porsche 928 GTS cars for a friend and there was a website that said you don't own a 928 it owns you. Repairs on that car are astonishing as they would be on the S4 as it gets older. By the way, if I purchase a car past the 50,000 mile mark how expensive is normal maintenance. Certification does not cover that only the catastrophic failures correct? Thanks for your help and safe motoring...
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    You MUST buy a car from an authorized Audi dealer to have it certified for a 6 year /100k warranty from Audi. You can buy a warranty from a secondary company, but it's very expensive to put a 6 year / 100k warranty on any kind of German car.

    There's a $50 deductable on an Audi dealer certified car. Seconday warranty companies may be a lot more and it can be a hassle to figure out what they will actually pay for when your car breaks.

    Also, if a car has been previously certifed by Audi, it follows the car and can be transferrred to a new owner for a one time $150 transfer fee.

    Audi's certification program is very extensive and it covers a majority of things that are most expensive to replace. Just stop by any local Audi dealer and ask them for a cretified warranty book and you can get an idea of what's covered.

    Also, warranty's from seconday companies other than authorized Audi dealers get more expensive the older and more miles that are on a car. If you're looking at cars 3-4 years old with almost 50k miles, these cars are almost out of warranty and you can easliy be looking at $4000 plus on a German car to get extended warranties. You're better off gettting a CPO car from an Audi dealer. Or getting lucky and finind a used Audi that's already been certified and getting the 6/100k warranty for only a $150 transfer fee.
  • xjrjagxjrjag Posts: 2
    I'll write what I know, perhaps get some help from all you knowledgeable people! Interested even in just thoughts, perspectives from non-owners.

    I'd be coming out of a 1999 Jaguar XJR, 370 h.p., Eaton Supercharger....don't really see going backwards in terms of performance even though I'm in the NorthEast (translated as crummy weather). The Jag was a mistake living here in case you're wondering.

    Given my reality (would never spend the moola or wait on the RS4, at that price point would jump to Porsche C4S):

    I'm about to make a final decision to purchase a brand "new face" 2005.5 S4. It can be delivered to me by first week in April. I've received a "special" factory release given some specifics about my "situation". This could all be bull, but I believe I'd be one of the first consumers in North America to receive the new 2005.5 S4. The first? yeah right, no way to know.

    It's fully loaded, premium, xm satellite radio, nav., carbon fiber, essentially everything one can option in. Dolphin Grey, black interior. Has the nappa leather probably part of one of the above packages. Sunroof. I understand the nav is now DVD made in Japan!!!!!! with in dash 6 disc changer, 2 SD card slots for mpg play....seen this in the 2005.5 A4 sitting in their dealership!

    It's going to total after tax in the neighborhood of $58,xxx.


    Few questions:

    1. are they blowing smoke about me being the first to get this car?
    2. any way for a discount of any kind? I personally doubt it, they don't seem at all to be chasing me for the sale and claim to have had to go through some hoops to get me this car released as it's sitting at port and the factory wouldn't release it until I came along. AGain, that's just what I've been told.
    3. how reliable is this 4.2, V8? I know it's a tried engine in the A8, et al. Is it reasonably free of defects? Some maintenance posts scare the bajeezes out of me.....tempted to go Japanese all the way!


    I'm at davidw(insert the at sign here)
    for any private emails that wouldn't be appropriate for a post..hope that doesn't break any rules, didn't see it mentioned in the rules section.

    Other options if this implodes:
    Acura RL, not even close to the power/performance, just a solid sedan with whiz/bang and reliability as well as gas mileage appeal. And AWD.

    Lexus GS300. Big unknown, probably underpowered, not thrilled with inside of car or pathetic trunk for that matter. Also AWD.

    Or could always bail out to the sport ute crowd and mostly forget about performance......that would really get me researching again.
  • giovanni1giovanni1 Posts: 106
    Well first let me say that is a great color, the dolphin gray looks amazing.

    1. I personally think they are blowing smoke, a dealer here in No Cali told me no problem getting me a 05.5 w/DVD nav but wasn't willing to cut any deals

    2. That sounds odd, "The factory wouldn't release it" well didn't they already release it if it's sitting in port???

    3. Are you buying or leasing? If leasing and you keep it under the warranty period which I believe is 4/48 this includes your routine maintenance costs.

    IMHO I think the RL is much too bland and too closely resembles an accord, of course this is strictly my opinion.

    Have you looked at the M35x? I guessing you're only looking at AWD?
  • xjrjagxjrjag Posts: 2
    The factory release has to do with the official announce date of the 2005.5 S4'S. Apparently they haven't released them yet to the public, haven't put on the website.

    The RL isn't adrenaline pumping that's for sure. I'm 35, it's probably not my car. I'm between a rock and hardplace with Boston weather. Need the function of AWD, but like performance in summer. I could do the sport ute thing, but performance/luxury only found in a few gas hogs, not that the S4 will be kind to me on that front either.

    I'll be purchasing, lease deals are horrible for new Audi's.

    Thanks for comments.
  • danielcdanielc Posts: 1
    uh.. just an fyi.. but i just drove a s4 2005.5 last night. my dealer also has a 2005 s4 which im negotiating for. personally, i like the old grill better than the 2005.5, so im hoping that they're willing to come down a little to get the old model off the lot.
  • sjarrellsjarrell Posts: 2
    What types of deals are being made on the S4 / S4 Cabriolet? How much off of MSRP are the dealer's moving, if any?

  • tigger5tigger5 Posts: 2
    Am considering and S4 convertible and was wondering if the trunklid spoiler avail on the sedan is available. Also wondering if there is any sort of aerodynamic package available - i.e., more aggressive air dam in front, like M3 to make the car slightly more masculine looking. Any other advice choosing between S4 convert and M3 convert would be appreciated.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,596
    I was at a Wedding this evening and there must have been an Audi Launch for the press at the hotel. They had a few S4, S4 Avants, A3s, and A4s there. I don't care for the looks of the 2005.5 model. They don't have the beautiful AVUS style wheels. The new S4 wheels look like bigger version of the 05 A4 3.0 non sport package wheels. The stylintg went from muscular and aggressive to just down right bland. The S4 used to be the Ultimate Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. I'm sure it is still a stellar performer, but I can't get past the looks.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659 can get the same Avus wheels like last years car on the new 05.5's S4's. They come standard on the new 05.5 S4's.

    The 5 spoke style wheels are available as an option. They are the exact same wheels as the S line wheels on the A6 4.2 Quattro.
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