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Mitsubishi Galant



  • bhl311bhl311 Posts: 1
    I feel sorry for all Gallant owners!!!! You think you have such a great car now wait till 4 or 5 years from now when your clear coat breaks down and Mitsubishi wont do a thing about it because it is out of warranty!!!!!! be aware and stay away from Mitsubishi if you have not purchased one yet!!!!!!!! because it is a joke!!!! Not only did it happen to me it happened to another person in the same apartment building!!!! Stay away from Mitsubishi!!!! They don't believe in QUALITY!!!!!
  • kam108kam108 Posts: 16
    Just curious-what color paint do you have? I've read about black having problems, but not other colors. I have a dark gray one, and would certainly like to trade it in a few yrs before the paint is a problem.
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,398
    Well, I don't know about Gallants as I've never driven one. But the paint job on my Barcelona Red 99 Galant is still doing great after 7.5 years and 120K miles of hot summers and cold Chicago winters, complete with road salt. There are a couple of chips in the hood from rocks but all cars are susceptible to those.

    My Galant has been the highest quality car I've ever owned. It's been more reliable than any of my former cars, which included a Toyota, a Nissan, a Mercury, and a Mazda.

    BTW, you may want to check your keyboard. The exclamation point seems to be stuck.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • usaysousayso Posts: 25
    Hi All,

    I had a 2000 Mitsu Eclipse for 5 years... No paint problems at all.... Very reliable car cept for the wiper motor which broke leaving the dealers lot 5 minutes after the sale... My current '04 Galant LS V6 is still charming me. It's still fun to drive and leaves a smile on my face when I depress the gas pedal into the floorboard. Still getting 23 mpg. Still wished the front end looked better. Still want to keep it until it hits 49,990 miles then I'll trade it for whatever is ripe for my car buying philosophy.. Maybe a 2010 Subaru WRX wagon... 4 wheel drive... 5.5 seconds to 60.. (hope they still this fast in 2010) But who knows maybe Mitsu will have a version... have you seen the new Lancer pics? Yooowwwww! I know it'll be the new 2010 Mitsu Eclipse with 300 horsepower.

    Happy Motoring!
  • Mitsubishi car's are reliable. Just like any other manufacturer it had his "not so good" models. But they have improve the quality noticeably. Galant's previous 1997 were known of body integrity issues. 1998+ Galant's didn't encounter such issues, except for black colored 98-03 Galants. I have a 98 Mirage DE with 123k, 03 Lancer ES, 78k, 2 friends of mine have '00 Galant ES, 107k and '04 Galant DE, my stepfather still have his '98 Mirage with more than 200k miles on it and we all have had great experiences from Mitsubishi. So yes, you may had a bad experience but that doesn't generalize a whole company or manufacturer. Still each case is unique and should be analyzed of 'WHY' the paint faded or peeled off. For example my roommate has a two Accord's One 2000 and other 2001. Both always garaged. And their paints are going kinda matte compared with my 1998 Mirage which NEVER...belive me NEVER have been inside a garage. Always outside exposed to the elements. And Honda is not a bad car company. Just like all the others are not perfect. Not even Toyota its perfect. So instead of "feeling sorry for Galant owners" which we all know that you could care less, provide more detailed information about what happen to you're car so we can all learn from you're experience. Thats why these forums exist, to learn. Thanks.
  • Wow me too!! I guess I have to pull the heater box to find why its binding or have you figured it out? Please let me know!! ;)
  • I have a 2004 Mitsubishi galant and the brakes have been squeaking loudly and constantly since it was bought brand new. it has 34,000 miles and the brakes have been replaced at 27000 miles. The dealer says that its normal but noise is to loud and constant to be normal. The sunroof also rubs against the metal when closing and the dashboard makes a popping noise on hot days. Can anyone help me out with these problems?
  • Did anybody see this brand new 2007 Galant Ralliart on the market???? see is to believe!!! This is one of the best Galants i've ever seen. Lots of power, style (exterior & interior)are both great & looks like an Evo Galant to me. If you look on Galant's Ralliart concept design, the seats are made by Recaro, and front disc brakes are both Brembo. Galants are under rated in terms of style & sales coz' it's built in the US BUT engine is great (made in Japan)............go for it!!!!! ;) ;)
  • Is this an '04 "new" Galant design or the 2001-04 Galant ones?? I have an '02 Galant, bought it as pre-owned @22K mileage & i also have the same problems w/ the brakes. I replaced the front brake pads w/ a ceramic one & the squeaking sound were gone. But, after 10k miles, it went back. My auto technician told me that "ceramics" are good but it does'nt last since it's soft. He changed my pads & rotors at the same time @40K mileage & used "Wagner" brand & the noise were gone. My '02 galant has a 95,700 mileage now & i guess it needs a replacement for my front pads again. Also, my timing belt is due for replacement. So far, that's the only major problem i've encountered w/ my '02 Galant & it still drives fast on the FWY.
    FYI: Check out the new 2007 Galant Ralliart - is out in the market now!!!!! ;) ;) ;)
  • Be sure to check out the Ralliart Galant in the sunset pearlescent (orange) color. Same as the Eclipse. It might not sound that great but when you see it...DAMN !!!

    You put this in a parking lot with Beemers, Lexus, Acura's whatever & the Ralliart is the one you're going to check out first. Runs like a striped [non-permissible content removed] ape too. Best thing is that it's only a few K more than the GTS.
  • I have an '04 LS and I have these loud brakes too. Worse, now I get the TCL OFF and ABS indicator lights on all the time after driving some distance.

    It's only been 20k miles on my car.
  • I would like to turbo my 2003 Galant, but they do not have a kit for it. I would like some pointers in how to go about putting a turbo on my car. :)
  • loni1loni1 Posts: 1
    i have the same problem with my 2002 galant es. i have around 67,000 miles on it and it's in the shop again. this time it's going 2 cost approximately $1500. two of the mounts that hold the engine in place deteriorated, causing a shift of the engine which caused distributor damage. to fix the mounts/brackets and a new distributor $1500. i hate mitsubishi galants, they suck. as for the cold air i've been living in tx for 1yr so i haven't got it fix yet. i'm going home to new york and i'v been looking into getting some quotes. everyone i talk 2 say around the same $700-$800. the problem started when i purchased the bucket. i heard clicking, and what sounded like a fan that had something stuck in it. brought to the dealer and the mechanic said "that's just the sound it makes when you switch form cool to heat" "that's normal". I'm a girl, and by no means a mechanic, so that satisfied me. lol. by the way this was healy mitsubishi goshen ny. they finally figured out the problem just when the warranty ran out, and said it was going to cost me to fix it. i passed because i was moving to tx. the list of stuff wrong with the car i'm still making payment on go on &on & on. i suggest you get rid of your galant as soon as possible. after my car comes out of the shop i'm turning in my bucket for a honda.
  • I feel sorry for your 2002 Galant..BUT not all galants have the same problems as yours. It depends on how it was used by the first owner or how old is the model or where did you buy it??? I also have an '02 Galant & bought this "certified" pre-owned at Cerritos Auto Square BUT, it was indeed great in terms of driving except for the brakes which i replaced after 45K mileage.

    To be honest, i already traded my '02 Galant at 96,800mileage & BOUGHT a brand new 2007 ES 2.4 Mivec Galant!!! w/ a Sport Package. I was really aiming for the Galant Ralliart (fully loaded) but i was'nt able to qualify.
    Nevetheless, i HIGHLY recommend these Galants not only of its realiability in terms of the engine & transmission (Made in Japan)..... BUT also in terms of safety features & warranties. See CONSUMER REPORTS & compare the 07 Camrys to 07 Galant.

    Camry's have transmission issues & ratings are only 3 1/2 %%%% as compared to Galants at 4-5%%%%.

    Galant is the BEST backed car in terms of warranties: 100,000/10yrs. Powertrain waranty / 5yrs./60,000 bumper2bumper / 7 yrs.anti-corrosion/ and lastly 5 yrs/ or unlimited mileage Roadside Assistance!!!!

    Side Curtain Air bags/Head protection (both front & passengers)are standard on all 2007 models!!! Including the side air (front only)bags, plus the standard driver & front passenger air bags.

    360-watts Rockford High Definition Accoustic Sound w/ 8 speakers (incl. 2 subwoofers) are standard on Ralliart or as a sport package just like what i have on my ES model.

    TRaction Control are standard on a GTS & Ralliart incl. ABS & Electronic Brakeforce Distribution.
    Ralliarts have a 14" ventilated rotors in front.

    Engine is 3.8 V6 Mivec............what else??? Style is cool & great as if you're in a BMW or other european cars.

    Result............five stars.!!!

    Sounds cool?????????

    Camrys are BORING & pls. read consumer ratings & reports!!!!

    Mitsus are driven to THRILL you!!!!
  • mirde98mirde98 Posts: 95
    That's a sad situation with you're Galant. But Galants are very reliable indeed. Things go wrong and some mechanics make the situation worst. Some dealers customer service makes you wish to never go back there. That is the case with a lady friend of mine and her 2001 Nissan Sentra. The car was great till something triggered the Check Engine light. She took it to a Nissan dealer and they kept on changing parts, wrong diagnostics, more replacements..... she has spent more than $4,000 in repairs and now she totally hates Nissan's. And Nissan's are not bad....just like Mitsubishi's there very good cars. But S*&t happens and that is normal with all makes and models, including Honda's and Toyota's.
  • Hey. Last week I bought an 04 galant ls v6 for my wife. She wanted a minivan. f--- that. :) anyway, I am interested in the xenon light conversion as well. I wasn't sure if just replacing the bulbs would improve anything, or if I should replace the entire light assembly. Please let me know anything you found out what you have found out or done. Thanx, steve from canada. By the way, she loves the car, so does the baby. :)
  • Just purchased an '03 Galant, my first Mitsu, love it so far. Can anyone provide me with key fob instructions? Can't seem to get the trunk to open with the fob even after new batteries... Also, any other tips on the '03 in general would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • sr007sr007 Posts: 1
    have 2001 galant. No heat. Air conditioning works, fan works. On radiator hoses going into heater core. One hose is hot, and the other is not. How to I get to a value that opens the flow so hot water is flowing thru heat core. does anyknow how to get behind column and into core, without breaking any plastic parts. Any web site for manual photo, or am I stuck taking to a dealer.

  • I just purchased my '07 ES Galant w/ a sport package on it. If i need to upgrade my wheels & tires from 16" to 18", is there any effect on my TPMS or tire pressure monitoring system? Will they be able to transfer the sensor to my new custom wheels?? I really love this car, though it's a 4 cylinder only w/ a sportronic transmission which is awesome - great power for the first 3 gears!!! What if i have a V6 3.5L engine??? :blush:
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    I don't for certain on the '03, but on the '06 you must press the button two times to get the trunk to pop. You probably already tried this, but that's all I can come up with, other than Googling for answers or an owners manual.
  • Turns out it is an aftermarket product and the trunk button does not work... :cry:
  • acl1acl1 Posts: 1
    Had similar problem with my 2002. Heater core valve is probably stuck in closed position. In my 2002, its controlled by a motor driven module located next to heater core below dash. Access requires removing various panels and ducts below glove compartment--not exactly easy but doable. Dealer part that costs > $100. Good intention e.g. minimize cable actuators, etc. resulting in Bad implementation by using a substandard motor control subsystem design. Good cars sometime have minor design faults of which this is an example.
    Good luck.
  • My 04 Galant LS is doing the same thing (ABS, TCL OFF, and Anti Lock) lights come on after driving. I was told it is a "sensor" issue. Has anyone had this problem and gotten it repaired? Is it costly? Will it cause any trouble in the long run (i.e. engine failure?) Please help :)

  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    It could be a bad sensor. It could be a failed computer module. ABS and anti-lock are one and the same and the light(s) are telling you that neither the ABS nor the traction control is operable. So, yes, this could cause a real problem in the wrong circumstances. Other than that, it won't hurt the car in and of itself.
  • jtmobjtmob Posts: 1
    same problem. flushed system, changed t-stat; still no heat. what is the name of the module and can you give a little more detail on the process of accessing and repairing the module?

  • I'm dealing with same. A/C works fine, everything looked clean under the hood, but no heat. It's killing me in the Denver blizzard. I'm an amature under the hood, any further assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Any diagrams on websites?

    Thanks, happy new year.
  • usaysousayso Posts: 25
    I have a 2004 LS V6... no problems here. But curious why you aren't taking it to the dealer. You get a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty. Repair should be free and painless. Also I recieved free maintanence for 44,000 miles..... Bought mine 2 years ago.

    So tell me again why you need to be your own mechanic?

    Happy Motoring!
  • Greetings good people--I know it's been a while but what can I say--I'M BACK. Let's get started: 1) Fair assessment about the '07's rtol#2. But let's not go crazy here. The only thing the Galant had over the Camry (#1 AGAIN!!) and I'm emphasizing had was the look on the exterior. As for all the other things...i.e. reliability, performance, Camry is LIGHT years ahead of the Galant. I don't care what Consumer reports says (I like to know where/who they "poll" when they get their info), the proof is in the pudding (as in sales--total sales). 2) It's good to see that Mitsu is thinking outside the box when it comes to the brakes (another good point rtol#2). My brother's '04 had intermittent problems with the rotors, but in all the '05's and '06's did improve especially on the handling.

    ...In the end the Galant is and will always play catch up with the Accords and Camry's of the world. Better than the Altima's, but still not ready to play with the big dogs...
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Welcome back... it's been quite a while! :)
  • The 2007 Galant Ralliart is unbelievable...and to think I was going to buy an 07' CRV! This is my first Mitsubishi and I'm tickled pink! :blush: Inside and out this is one impressive vehicle!
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