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Volvo S80



  • fedakjfedakj Posts: 5
    Upon reading the experiences with the S80, I thought I will share some useful information with you. I have had a 2000 S80, 2.9, with all sorts of issues. After the fourth visit to the shop I have shown the service manager a large lemon poster, which was neatly loaded in the trunk.
    After I explained that I will walk the front of the dealership until all the money is refounded, I had my cheque in less than 24 hours. No atterney fees, no court, etc. The cost of the poster $10.00.

    John F.
  • tennberg,

    I too had the unlock problem you mentioned. The problem was intermittent and it took six visits and several replacement parts to correct the problem. It was finally fixed last month by replacing the left rear lock mechanism. Good Luck!
  • dezbrowndezbrown Posts: 1
    I am about to purchase an '01 S80; the comments on this site from satisfied owners have outweighed the negative posts. I have a few questions about the nav system...
    When crossing map areas, which I would often do in my travels, does the map CD switch automatically or must it be switched in some manner? Can the system be read easily during the day? Does it zoom automatically at turns? Is the steering column knob system easy to use? It was impossible to see this system in action, so few cars with it, but I liked the one in the Lexus RX300 I test drove before deciding on the S80 but it is a DVD based system which contains the entire US on a single map. Do those of you with the nav option like it?
  • jarchjarch Posts: 16
    Hi, you asked:

    Q: does the map CD switch automatically or must it be switched in some manner?
    A: it switches automatically

    Q: Can the system be read easily during the day?
    A: I have a MY 2000 S80 T6 - the answer I'm afraid is no... you have to look very carefully in sunlight conditions to see the display (and you will tend to rely more on voice commands when you are navigating to an unknown location).

    Q: Does it zoom automatically at turns?
    A: No.

    Q: Is the steering column knob system easy to use?
    A: Yes, very. I also bought the remote unit so the passenger can program it when we need to change nav points while driving (highly recommended option - maybe standard by now).

    Q: It was impossible to see this system in action, so few cars with it, but I liked the one in the Lexus RX300 I test drove before deciding on the S80 but it is a DVD based system which contains the entire US on a single map. Do those of you with the nav option like it?
    A: I like it, but the Lexus unit was better I think. I like yourself decided on the merits of the car (S80 T6 in my case) over a GS-300 Lexus. But the NAV system I think was slightly better than the Volvo one. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy with my decision to get the nav system but it can definitely be improved upon...
  • kjewelkjewel Posts: 19
    It isn't your responsibility to get service bulletin numbers for the dealership. It is THEIR responsibility to know what bulletins are out. Since this may be the only way to get service, your only other choice may be to find another dealer.

    Otherwise, scroll back through the dozens of posts and you'll likely find others with the same problems.
  • scottc3scottc3 Posts: 137
    I have about 22K miles on my 2000 T6 and am about ready to replace the front breaks. If anyone else has done this, can you explain the procedure to me. I have done breaks way back when, and have pulled off the front wheel.. and it does not look to bad to do.. a "M" shaped spring, the pads... If I do not do this, does anyone know how much the dealer charges to do it? I'm considering having them do it, but if it's a cake-walk, I don't mind a bit of labor on my part.

    Thanks for any advise.

  • I am an owner of an 2000 S80 2.9, which now is approaching 22.5 K miles with no problem whatsoever. I am considering to forgo my 22.5 K service with Smythe Volvo in the bay area because they want $420 for it. After looking at the recommended maintenance, I don't see anything extraordinary other than oil change and check fluids that would warrant for such a high cost service. Has anyone done oil change at, say Jiffy Lube? Thanks for your comments.
  • billiam70billiam70 Posts: 54
    I don't know if you've already received replies or bought a car yet, but a good friend of mine bought his 99 S80 from Prestige Volvo in East Hanover. I have taken the car in for service there for him (as it's convenient to my job and there isn't a dealer by his) and I have always had a good experience with them. I went with him to purchase the car and the sales experience was good also.

    There have been no problems with the S80 and it now has 27,000 miles on it. Only thing is the stereo had to be replaced (cd player skipped badly), the recall done, headlight bulbs replaced (they burnt out), and the "clunking" in the front end repaired (which started after recall done). These are all minor problems and were fixed without any hassle or headaches. All were done at regular service intervals anyway so it wasn't like the car was making an extra trip.

    Good Luck!
  • scottc3scottc3 Posts: 137
    I have always done my own oil changes. It's very easy. After reviewing the manual, I will only have my breaks checked, and more than likely the pads replaced, by Smythe. Other than this, I'm in the same boat you are... my car runs perfect. I can check my own fluid levels.
  • Re: #578. If you don't want high priced dealer service and yet good quality with Volvo experienced mechanics try Exclusively Volvo in downtown SF or Bo Johnson in San Mateo. Both do excellent work, are Volvo trained persons and are much more reasonable priced. Added goody, if you work in SF, Exclusively will give you a free ride to and from your office. Good Luck!
  • scottc3scottc3 Posts: 137
    Does anyone know if the S80 has a service manual out? Haynes, or other? A while back there was mention it was not going to happen.. I'd like to get one for reference if so.


  • anu0anu0 Posts: 13
    I was checking out the S80 T6 at the local dealership and noticed the sticker price stated that the transmission source was United States.

    Does this mean that Ford after buying Volvo is now stuffing their crappy transmissions in the T6?
  • pmvipmvi Posts: 63
    I'm pretty sure it's a GM. BMW also uses GM auto transmissions.
  • dgior11dgior11 Posts: 1
    anyone had this problem ,S80 T6, 20,000 miles. any ideas on a fix?? bumpy roads make it worse!!just recently started . thanks DG
  • I have a Nautic Blue 2000 S80/T6 that I am enjoying. I only have one problem. I only drive the car sparingly on weekends. I didn't drive the car (or start it) for two weeks. I took it out and drove for about 5 miles and stopped into a store for about 15 minutes. When I returned, the battery was dead. The messages were gibberish. The dealer had it towed (at their expense) and checked it over and said the battery was dead from lack of use. They gave me a new battery, just in case.

    Has anyone ever had this problem? Is this usual? I will be starting it up at least twice a week, but I'm concerned that the battery is being drained somehow.
  • We're about to close a deal on a '99 T6 with 46K from a dealer here on LI. This will be the 7th Volvo in our car buying experience -- none of them new.

    Overall everything about the car appears to be excellent. I've seen all the service records and nothing major (or repeatedly minor) shows up as a red flag. The service records indicate a somewhat compulsive owner who changed the engine oil every 3K. I've taken the car to my local (very experienced) mechanic for a check-over and except for a worn right front inner tie rod end everything is in good shape.

    Several questions that the mechanic warned me of are buzzing in my mind.

    First, he suggested timing belt changes at 50-60K when the Volvo recommended interval is 105K. This is a "Zero Clearance" engine so a failure can be fairly expensive. So does anyone have enough miles on their vehicles to be able to add some experience to the equation. Should I do this on GP just to protect myself or is it overkill and unwarranted?

    Second, he also recommended changing the transmission fluid at 35K intervals. I don't think this even shows up on the service charts at all and I don't think he is trying to generate business for himself. His experience with other "TipTronic" style transmissions is where this comes from.

    Third, it has the Nav system and we've found that it is consistently off by .2 miles no matter what direction we travel. For example it tells us to turn .2 mile after the turnoff has been reached. Is this something that can be corrected with a software upgrade or is a new CD required? Can it be fixed at all?
  • miker10miker10 Posts: 5
    jletkowicz & tennberg,

    i'm ready to head back for the fifth or sixth
    time (i've lost count) to fix the left rear
    door lock on my 2001 s80 2.9. my problem is a
    bit different: the lock will not function.
    they've replaced the lock mechanism twice. the
    last visit resulted in a replacement of the
    rear electronics module, which fixed the problem
    for about 2 weeks. this afternoon, the lock failed
    again. this is becoming very frustrating.
    if anyone has some advice, i'm all ears!

  • jlfoxjlfox Posts: 14
    I would suggest using a trickle charger on your battery rather than starting it up for short periods of time. The short running times are bad for the engine for a number of reasons. You should hook up the charger to the post under the hood. No need to go to the trunk for that. 4 to 8 hours, once a week will be more than enough.
  • derekchoyderekchoy Posts: 36
    I am shopping for a Bike Rack for my S80 2.9(99 model), and I am wondering if someone can share their experiences with me here.

    I called two dealers here and they quote me $140 for the load bar and $120 for a rack that holds one bike. I guess I have to get the load bar from Volvo cos it fits on my S80 but do I have to get Volvo's rack as well? Are there any 3rd party racks that are more economical but just as good and convenient?

    Also, is it easy to install and remove the load bar myself?

    Thanks a lot!
  • Derekchoy - The Thule bike racks fit the Volvo system. I have been using this combination for about 2 years on my 99 S80 with no problems. You can fit up to four bikes (depending on weight). With respect to removing the Volvo rack, it can be done by one person provided the bike racks have been removed first. In my case I leave the racks on the system and have someone help remove the combination. In this way I do not have to remount the bike acks each time. It only takes a few minutes to unscrew the four mounts. I also suggest getting a four key set (from Thule) for the feet to prevent tampering (or a 6 or 8 lock set to if adding locks to the bike racks as well).
  • neil2212neil2212 Posts: 16
    I'm about to move across country, and will have my '00 S80 T6 transported to my new location vs. me actually driving it. Are there any things that need to be done prior to having the trucking company haul it away? I'm concerned that the car bouncing on the transport will continuously set off the alarm. I know that the battery could be disconnected, but then you have to access the car via the trunk key, and then reset computers, etc. Is there an easier way? Has anyone else transported their S80 after they took possession?
  • neil2212neil2212 Posts: 16
    I'm about to move to Tucson, AZ and went to the Navtech site to see what their coverage was for that area. To my dismay, Tucson is not covered? Anyone live in Tucson that can tell me how much detail is/isn't provided on the CD-ROMs? Thanks.
  • neil2212neil2212 Posts: 16
    Recently I had a driving light lens broken by a rock. It appears the replacement cost is ~ $80. In order to avoid this repair cost in the future, I'd like to apply some sort of cover to these lenses as well as the headlights (which I understand cost ~$300 to replace). I think that I'm looking for a thick clear rubber protector that has adhesive on the back as my first choice. Does anyone know where I can find such an item? Does anyone have ideas for other options? Thanks.
  • jlfoxjlfox Posts: 14
    IPD Sells the headlite protectors you described. I have it on two cars including the S80. You must follow their instructions to the letter to do it right. No problems in 3 years with the first car. Wipers just ride on top of it. I did the foglites too using the excess material.
  • derekchoyderekchoy Posts: 36
    jletkowicz - Thanks a lot for your help! So basically all I need to do is to get a load bar from Volvo, then go to an authorized Thule dealer and get a bike holder, right? Is there any specific model of holder that I would need in order to fit the holder onto the load bar? I asked several shops and they all had conflicting answers.

    Thanks very much!
  • vancetvancet Posts: 1
    I just picked up my 01 S80 2.9 and I noticed that the car doesn't automatically lock once I'm going 3MPH, or greater. Before I contact the dealership, I'm wondering if anyone has been successful in enabling this feature. Thanks in advance for any insights, this has been a very enlightening forum.
  • jlfoxjlfox Posts: 14
    Two IPD sheets are required. This will cover both headlites and foglites. I did not cover the turn signals. They are plastic, and don't present a perpendicular face to the direction of travel. I also believe this product is not flexible enough to conform to that surface.
  • drmikkidrmikki Posts: 3
    Can any of the members of this board direct me to the articles where the instructions regarding turning off the service light in the Volvo S-80 were published or can anyone tell me how to do it
    Thanks in advance
  • The 2001 S80 has been out for over 6 months, yet there is little discussion in this forum or the S80 Reliability forum about the 2001 model. Can 2001 S80 owners provide some insight as to whether the reliability of 2001 models has improved over the earlier models? I like everything else about the car and reliability will be the deciding factor. As much input as possible will be highly valued by myself and others considering a 2001 or 2002 purchase.
  • gerry14gerry14 Posts: 12
    RE: #600 Reliabilityof 2001s: Got our 2001, 2.9 around September 5, and have put approximately 14,000 miles on it. So far the only problems we have had include the failure of the fuel door locking mechanism to engage when the doors lock--condition existed on delivery--and the loss of one headlight bulb after six months.
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