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Audi A6



  • While I do like the RL for '05 (from the pictures); I have actually been behind the wheel (not driving) of a new A6 -- the interior is gorgeous. Not that I would tend to "take everyone else's words," but virtually all of the published and broadcast reports proclaim that this Audi interior has "knocked it out of the park."

    I agree.

    Not that you are wrong. We just see the same thing differently.

    And, as much as I do like the new RL, I still find the steering wheel seems to "look cheap(er)" than all but the new STS Cadillac.

    So, overall, it must be said that beauty is in the "eye of the. . . ."
  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234

    Please reply to # 87 on the 2005 A4 post.

  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Yes it is very nice; don't get me wrong I think it is one of the nicest interiors on the market. But not the nicest.

    I think the exterior is clearly the most beautifully styled car, nothing even comes close.

    When I bought my first Audi a 99.5 A6 I was amazed at what a piece art it was inside and out, and was delighted the first time I drove it at night. I no longer have the Audi, and my wife occasionally reminds me how she misses her A6.

    I just don't see anything improved in the interior for the new model.

    Maybe these pictures will effective express what I'm trying to say...sometimes I have difficulties (as my wife can attest)




  • Well, I kicked around the possibility of leasing an '04 A6 2.7s last month, but after a little while it became clear that I would have regretted it once the new trio (M45, RL, and A6) come out in the next few months.

    I'm a "toy" guy, and the new versions of these vehicles certainly answer that need.

    Wife drove an '01 A6 until lease expired, and I drive an '00 A8. Some thoughts on the new version-

    I HATE the MMI. Absolutely despise it. In fact, MMI might be the biggest reason I may not opt for this new Audi. My dad has the new A8, and I feel like we're flying in a cockpit every time I sit in the passenger seat. It's not difficult to operate- don't get me wrong. But EVERYTHING is controlled through the darn thing. Can't I just hit a pre-set radio station without having to scroll? It's cool at first, but after a while it becomes an annoyance.

    As far as styling, I love the look of the new A6. And interior has always impressed me with ANY Audi I've driven. I've had Infiniti's, BMW's, and Lexus', and the only one that comes close to Audi on interior quality is Lexus. That being said, Lexus is a bit bland and stodgy, and from a performance standpoint (and invaluable AWD), Audi blows Lexus away. In fact, the reason I love Audi is Quattro, performance, and luxury- the obvious trio, but they cannot be overstated. They may not be #1 in any of the things they do (other than the Quattro system), but placing #2 or #3 in every category scores well with me.

    I'm going to wait for the RL and M45 to come out, drive and price all three, and see where I stand. Not leaning in any one direction right now- it would be A6, if not for MMI.
  • I agree with you that the interior of the C6 is not quite as nice as that of the C5. I absolutely love the interior of my 02 A6, which you show in your "old" picture. The wood trim is what finishes off a nice "melange" of colors. There's more plastic and less wood in the new dash - a step backward if you ask me. This is not, however, a big enough issue to discourage me from strongly considering a C6 next year.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681

    When making comparisons with other autos the 'old' A6 interior would have received a plus. The new one would no longer get a plus, but it definitely would not get a minus.

    More compelling than interior is how they drive. Not having driven ANY of the new autos (A6, M35, RL) I'm guessing (loosely stated) that I'd prefer the new high compression 3.2L Audi to the others.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,954

    - Ray
    Understanding the point of view of those preferring one, but . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • I remain, mostly, unconvinced. Manuals are just plain mo' funner!

    “We used to have the manual trans available on the Grand Am,” said Ed McDade, sales manager at Ray Laethem Pontiac Buick GMC in Detroit. “When I stocked them, they’d just sit here." -- I'll bet they sit there 'cause the stick shift versions often were otherwise "stippies" with no upped options! Even my local Audi dealer, who has manual allroads, seems to have the stick versions minimally optioned.

    It is a mind set.

    My allroad has EVERY possible do dad you can get on it, sat nav, parktronic, ON*star, etc etc etc. Most of the sticks have heated seats, and "delete XM radio" -$350. They even chinzt out on the sound systems, that is.

    Whattya gonna do.

    This takes it, the "kids" at the car wash cannot drive my car anymore -- now I've seen it all. They have to ask the owner to drive the car through the tire guides for them. What a revoltin' development. I make friends with them by calling them "girls" -- I know, I know, too much Arnold and PC-incorrectness.

    I can't help myself. What 19 year old "young man" (most of the car wash 'guys' are young men) would admit he can't drive a stick?

    Revoltin' development, indeed!
  • I'm sorry but I've had manual transmissions all my life, and I am tired of it. "Been there, done that, and have no desire to do it again" is my current feeling. Maybe for people who want a showboat car to use on the weekends or for those who live in a small town where there is rarely traffic, but otherwise, NOT fun to drive daily in a busy city.

    There used to be good reasons to own a manual. My 1st car (Datsun 310...back when there was a Datsun) was a 4 cylinder car with at best 85 HP and I needed the manual transmission because it was the only way I could get fast enough to enter the on ramps or to pass cars on the highway. I expect my future cars all have enough horsepower to get onto the highway without needing to push them into the red zone. It also used to be cheaper to buy manual autos...not so much anymore. Finally, manuals used to get significantly better gas mileage than autos, but with current technology, the difference is negligible.

    I am personally ready after over 20 years to step up to the future and embrace automatic transmission wholeheartedly. Just my opinion, and I'm sure in this car forum that there are some who still like the "old ways" but I think manual transmissions may be nonexistent in another 10-20 years.
  • I think the manual transmissions will be dead effectively long before 20 years, FWIW.

    I live in an ever more congested "big town" or "small city" (Cincinnati). But, as they say, to each his/her own -- I find the manual still IS MO' FUN!

    All you automatic fans are winning -- I don't expect to convince you of my ways. I just want to keep the choice alive.

    This means we need to INCREASE demand for the manual transmissions. Recent vintage Audi's 5spd tiptronics have been plagued with tip-lag, other slower accelerative behaviors and poorer gas milage. IT IS GETTING BETTER, I do not quarrel with that assertion. But, TODAY, Audis 6spd manual and 6spd DSG (and CVT's too) are way better than the tiptronics.

    I suspect the 2005's auto trans are a marked improvement in all areas as you suggest.

    From my perspective, I shed a tear, for that improvement -- which I do applaud -- will hasten the demise of the true manual.

    A moment of silence, please.
  • on a business trip overseas and the 2005 Audi A6 was on display. I'm still very happy with my 2001 (2.7T w/6-speed). Car was new in March of '01 and I have 53K miles. I'll be looking at the new model a little closer when I can drive it but it would take a lot to make me trade in the fall. Maybe when I see the bill for the serpentine belt that everyone tells me will be trouble. For those looking at the '01 I've had a couple minor problems. All fixed during routine service. The passenger side window would stick on the way up - cracked nylon guide, and a switch or relay had to be replaced that was somewhere in the ignition, seat or clutch. Otherwise - no problems. I did comment some months ago about how remarkable the Quattro is. We had a terrible ice storm that tied up traffic for hours. I was able to take off up hill, from a dead stop, without slipping the tires. It's nothing to cruise at 80+ mph with passengers and the best part is the passengers (especially my wife!) don't really notice how fast they're moving.
  • As a soon to be ex-A6 2002 4.2 owner (replacing with '05 645 Ci in 3 weeks) I must say the reliability of my 4.2,other than warped rotors,has been exemplary.
                    My only complaint is trying to sell outright (advertised in Auto Trader and Detroit FreePress/ I haven't had 1 call for an absolutely pristine A6 with 36k.Very disappointing to say the least.The biggest surprise has come at the gas pump where routine mileage numbers have consistently averaged in the 21-22 mpg range in overall driving,quite remarkable for a performance vehicle.
  • I just leased a 2004 A6 2.7T S line-stickered at about 48K. 42 month lease-12K miles per year-$429.00 per month-wrote a check for about $4,500 to drive it out the door. Haven't regreted it yet, although the 2005 is beginning to look appealing
  • I even put mine on one of those swap-a-lease sites (a 2001 A6 4.2) -- this was last time. I got no takers either.

    Beats me.
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 18,886
    That's pretty good mileage for a V8, comparable to the mileage I got w my Titronic B5 A4-2.8

    2000 BMW 528i, 2001 BMW 330CiC

  • What sort of option packages for $430? That seems like a great price. I was hoping to do similar for about $500 but with no money down and can do 10K/yr. I think the S-lines I was looking at were stickered above $48K so maybe more options? Also since my existing lease still has 14 payments many of the great deals from Audi don't seem to apply. But sill looking. Have fun with that car, I love my 2002 2.7T. I think I am going to miss these twin-turbos when the 05's come out.
  • On my 2002 A6 2.7T the computer says I get 18.5 mpg - I guess I am using those turbos a bit too much. Oh well -- such fun though.
  • Got the Premium Package, Cold Weather Package and the Premium Audio package. I didn't really want the premium audio, but I had to choose from what they had on the lot. Remember, to get that price, I wrote a pretty good sized check, although some of it is almost built into any lease-acquisition fee, first months rent and security deposit.

    The whole thing was advertised on Audi's web site as being a "special" offer, good only through the end of July. Me thinks they will be glad to get rid of the 04s and you shouldn't be shy about asking.
  • mnlmnl Posts: 1
    My brake pedal goes down very far before engaging the brakes. The dealership said that the brake pads were wore out so they removed and installed new rear brake pads but the problem persists. Has anyone had this experience? Is there a solution?

    I also have a low pitch squealing sound from the steering column. The dealership loosened and repositioned the column and the problem persists. The car will be out of warranty in 6 months and I am concerned that these problems will all of a sudden warrant replacement at that time.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    NA market...

    300 kW = 402 hp
    370 kW = 496 hp
  • The steering column issue you report is about $1,400+ I know, I had the same problem with my 2001 A6. Fixed under Audi advantage without issue.

    Your brake issue, too, is common -- and it will be expensive if you have to pay for it. This should be warrantied.

    If you plan to keep the car, you can BUY -- yes, BUY -- Audi protection, not Audi-like protection, but Audi protection.

    Audi Financial Services:

    Audi Pure Protection Extended Service Contract

    Audi Pure Protection Extended Service Contracts may be purchased on any Audi vehicle as long as any of the original 4 year/50,000 limited manufacturer warranty remains. Customers may choose among 3 plan levels: Silver, Gold or Platinum, with Platinum covering the most mechanical components. A variety of deductible options and terms are available with each plan. The extended service contract covers mechanical components as well as providing:

    Rental Car Coverage
    Towing Coverage
    Travel Coverage
    Wear & Tear Coverage
    Fluids Coverage
    Improved Resale
    Optional Tire Coverage
    Audi Pure Protection Extended Service Contracts are available to US customers only. Please contact the Audi Pure Protection dedicated line at 877-800-0286 to locate participating dealerships.

    No I do not work for anyone or any company associated with any automotive concern -- I just "feel your pending pain" -- the cost of repairing and maintaining European cars after the warranty period is "breathtaking." This is not unique to Audi. The after warranty protection is worth considering, although some folks feel that the self-warranty approach is worth the risk if the car is 100% paid for.

    That is -- assume the price of the car on a monthly basis (for the use of the car) is $500 per month (it should be less on a 2001, but just go with the spirit of the calculations for a moment).

    Since there are NO car payments on your 2001, you can effectively self-insure by paying into a "warranty savings account" $500 per month. The concept is (BGO blinding glimpse of the obvious) that you will hopefully never average anywhere near this amount in repairs and maintenance. But if you do, the "warranty" you have built up covers you.

    I derived this number this way: $45K original car price. Now +36 months, residual value of the car, $20K. If you were to release the car at 0% interest, for an additional 39 months, you would pay about $500 per month. That buys a lot of maintenance and repair.

    Of course if you blow the engine, you could burn through your self insruance money pretty quickly.

    Most of us, therefore, spread the risk with an extended warranty, which would probably cost between $1 and $2,000 total.

    In my case, I just go for short term leases, never have a car more than 2 models old and never am out of warranty. I may pay more, in my lifetime, but I always have a nearly new car and warranty.

    You pay your money. . . .
  • I realize that I 'm risking a total flame-out by posting this on an Audi discussion board. Let me preface this by saying that I am and will continue to be a big fan of German cars and automotive engineering. I am coming out of a 2001 BMW 540ia and actually sold Mercedes Benz cars for eight years from 1983-1991. I love German cars, and that's really why I'm posting this.

    All THAT being said, what car did I just purchase? A 2004 Acura TL. I've owned 18 different vehicles over the past 30 years and have driven just about everything (as I mentioned I spent the better part of a decade in the car business). I opted for the Acura for several reasons:

    • I don't have the $60K it would cost to replace my 2001 540ia with the 2004or 2005 version.

    •Even if I did I'd have a hard time rationalizing spending twice the money for a car that in my view doesn't deliver that much value.

    •While my BMW has been reliable for the first 36K miles, I am planning on keeping this new car for at least 80K-100K miles, and long term reliability is clearly a trait that cars made by Honda, Toyota and Nissan are known for.

    After 500 miles in the Acura I have to say that overall it's the best car I've ever owned, and one of the best I've ever driven. Yes, it gives up some upper-limit handling to the BMW. Of course. The 540ia is still in my driveway and it will probably be the best handling and driving car I ever own. The FWD Acura is great until you start pushing the envelope and then torque steer rears its head and the party's over. But I don't push the envelope that often. And Acura will undoubtedly come out with an AWD version of the TL sooner or later that addresses those issues. In the meantime the car has blown me away with its refinement - it feels like a slightly downsized Lexus GS300 (the car I owned before the BMW) that's got better technology and is more fun to drive. Unlike the 'i-drive' system in newer BMW's the technology in the Acura is VERY easy to use and it works flawlessly just about every time. You have to experience it to believe it.

    All for $32,500 WITH the Navigation System, out the door, plus tax and tags. THAT's my major point of all this: how could I hope to touch that level of luxury and comfort in a German car at that price? Audi has cars that have base pricing that belies the real cost- you invariably have to add $6-$10K in option packages to get to the bottom line. VW and BMW do the same thing. Acura? Their cars come with every conceivable feature. The only option is the excellent GPS Navigation system with an 8" touchscreen that is the best one I've ever seen in a car. So many buyers are opting for this that Acura underestimated the number of cars it had to build with Nav. Go to an Acura dealer and you'll see 10 TL's without Nav on the lot and one or two with it, if any.

    In an economy where every car manufacturer's sales are down (Mitsubishi was off 60% from August of 2003 to August of 2004) Acura is setting sales records. I wish some of the other manufacturers (it's not just the Germans that do this, Toyota and the American car companies are guilty of it as well) would take a page from the Acura manual and start building their cars with the features that 90% of us want and then pricing them reasonably. Our 1998 Volvo wagon listed for over $40K, but we paid $33,000. How stupid is THAT? That's STILL what's going on - you can buy $41,000 Volvos for under $34K, because the list price is SO out of whack with the market. In the meantime the biggest discount I found on an end of the year just about leftover TL was under $3K. NOT $8000 or $9000 under list. Discounts that big tell you that the manufacturers' pricing is so unrealistic that it makes them look laughable.

    I was on a VW lot last month and could have gotten $7000 off any Tourag in the place - poor market pricing at work again. Every time I see a sticker with a base price of $33K and $8K in option 'packages' added on top it makes my blood boil - and I'm pretty much done with it. Now the Germans have lost yet another customer to the Japanese manufacturers. How many more do they have to lose before they start to show some understanding of what consumers in this country want? It's pretty simple. Value, reliability and THEN performance and features. If you can't deliver the former then the latter start to lose relevancy. VW is learning that. After coming back strong on the heels of its 10 year/100K mile warranty ( to re-establish consumer confidence in its not always so reliable cars) they improved their reliability - then proceeded to cut the warranty and start building cars with bad window regulators again. What message does it send to the American public when you can't build a car that manages to keep its power windows operating once the car has 75k miles on it? Their sales figures tell you everything you need to know. Don't even get me going on that Phaeton marketing disaster (as predictable as it could have possibly been to anyone familiar with luxury car buyers, whoever thought that people interested in $90K cars would gladly shop next to $18K VW Beetle customers needs their heads examined).

    My message to German car fans: you like your cars? Me too. Now if Audi, VW and BMW start building cars with reasonable pricing/features and reliability relative to the Japanese you can get me to buy them again- and hopefully some of the other customers you've lost. We haven't gone anywhere - but until you give us good reasons to return we may not. Are German cars superior to Japanese models? It depends on what you're after in a car. If I were doing hot laps at Road Atlanta with my sedan every day, sure. But I drive my kid to school in my car, so basically I'm looking for safe, reliable, comfortable - and some driving fun too. The TL manages to deliver all that. Next time I'd rather be able to buy an Audi. But I get the feeling that won't be possible if current trends continue.
  • One of THE best posts, period, that I have ever read. No flames here.

    My choice, this time, remains: Audi A4 3.2 and A6 3.2, Acura RL SH-AWD and Chrysler 300C AWD.

    Some of the reasons you cite are the reasons for me for this list.
  • What he said. Waiting for the new RL, I guess.
  • Thanks gentleman. LIke I said. I LOVE German cars. And let's not forget that many of those wonderful safety and handling features on modern Japanese luxury cars were pioneered by Diamler Benz from 1950 through the present day. When I was a Mercedes salesman I was thoroughly impressed with Mercedes' attitude about customer safety and their interest in having highly trained sales and service personell to represent them with American consumers. Great company when I worked for them.
  • My dealer told me that Audi will not do voice command untill December production which means it will not be available till March 2005.
  • My dealer tried to put in an order for me yesterday and it bounced back. He said that the color combo wasn't available and the Nav option requires the convenience package (didn't want to the conv package). I asked for the voice command but he didn't say anything about it not being available. I better go back and check, I wanted that option. I wonder if it can be added later?
  • Quick update, 11 mths and 18,500 miles and nary a problem. What a joy, so glad I got before the turbo's and manual tranny disappeared from US market. It's a shame that the 05 3.2 is 7.1s to 60 (my wife's SUV is 7.8 for goodness sake!), and even the V8 is a tad (.1) slower than the 2.7T manual. Quickness is FUN, less quick-less fun! And think of the fun I could have If I were brave enough to chip (no turbo's, no worry about to chip or not). My car is burgandy and am constantly being asked about it. Could not be happier todate.
  • Ive got a chance to get a 95 A6 quattro for 2000. It runs and looks nice, minor scratches on the body but nothing major. here is the kicker, it has 179000 miles. the lady that owns it says they are all highway miles and she has serviced it regularly.
    I love the feel of this car but i am just not sure what to expect once i own it. will it be an insufferable money pit or a sweet ride?
    Let me know what you think.
  • I have to turn in my 2001 a6 2.7T in 10 days. I currently have 20K miles on it. I want to turn it in for the following reasons; I do not drive it often, the steering and body roll is to lose; looking to see what is out there (maybe 2005 a6 4.2). more importantly my family size may grow soon!! might need a bigger vehicle to tow the kiddies---oh!! I do not want to turn it in because: 2.7T is fast!; I feel some comfort when my wife and kid are in the car during bad wether because it handles well (snow)! ; it is fast!--oh yeah I said that already; I only have 20k on it; friends suggest upgrading the exhaust system which will reduce the acceleration lag and new sway bars to reduce body roll. My co-worker did it to his allroad and he swears the cars has a totally different personality --for the better!!

    Any opinion is will be welcomed--I only have a few days to decide
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