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Dodge Intrepid



  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    Enjoy and stay warm..
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,043
    Hey gang,

    I made it back from Chicago in one piece. Ended up having to take the Intrepid after all. There was about a 2 hour wait at the rental car place, and I figured in that amount of time we could be out of Maryland.

    Anyway, the Intrepid performed beautifully, averaging about 28 mpg over the 1600+ mile round trip. This included a lot of mountains in Pennsylvania and western Maryland, and, at one point, a one-hour delay on I-70 in Western Ohio while we sat in a construction zone waiting for an accident to be cleared. Lots of construction in Indiana too, and once we got into the Chicago area, the highways looked like a battlezone.

    And for that whole 1600 mile trip at speeds easily up to 80-90+ (let's not talk about how much of a +) the car didn't burn a drop of oil. Oh yeah, I ended up not getting the motorhome. It just looked like it needed too much work, and I doubt it would have made the 800 mile trip back home without some complications. The temps had also gotten down to freezing, and the motorhome's heater didn't work, so that may have helped make my decision!!

    It's good to be back!
  • alvey1alvey1 Posts: 8
    Does anyone know the correct torque setting for the lug nuts on a 99 Intrepid with the alloys? Thanks much.
  • 2kesfc2kesfc Posts: 1
    I have not posted for sometime now , 2 weeks ago I was involved in an accident ( 2k ES 4000miles )with extensive damage to the front end of my ES.Fortunately no injuries,but the airbages did not deploy.Both front fenders where pealed back to the front doors , hood folded , bumper ripped off,transaxle cracked and front right suspension torn from it mounts.I was to the shop yesterday and the car at this time has been entirly dismantled forward of the firewall,the estimate is at 9700.00 so far.The insurance company is now questioning as to why the bags did not deploy. The repair shop tells me that the insurance company may have him check to make sure the bags where installed.
  • davidudavidu Posts: 40
    I've been using 90 ft lbs
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    hey guys,

    i have some good news and i have some bad news. i'm not sure if you all remember or not, but i'm a single guy who owns a y2k intrepid es and am also leasing a 99 4x4 ranger. well, the ranger lease is up on december 1st. and where i live almost "requires" that one own a 4x4 vehicle. i've been contemplating the need to scale back and go with one vehicle and that vehicle has to be 4 wheel drive, roomy and a box would be nice too. very few vehicles actually meet that criteria, except for the dakota quad cab and the f150 supercrew. i found the dakota to be a tad small for my liking, otherwise very nice. so, guess what? i'm trading the intrepid in on a supercrew. what is even stranger is that i'm not really a ford man! however the supercrew is a nice running, riding truck with a big backseat for hauling friends and the like. i'm trading the car in on thursday and will honestly miss it very much! whoever buys that car will definitely appreciate it! now, the ranger i won't miss one iota when it goes back off lease. it just doesn't measure up to the bigger trucks. anyway, i'll keep checking back in to see how everyone is doing from time to time. also need to keep tabs on the resident you know what...ciao and wish me luck!
  • roadwarroadwar Posts: 45
    The supercrew is a nice truck! Hope you enjoy it (Ithink you will). Keep in touch with with us.
  • According to the 2000 service manual, tighten lug nuts in a cross pattern to 100 ft lbs(135Nm).

    I know with allow wheels it pays to check regularly as they;re usually not tightened to well from the factory. Just my 2 cents.
  • Hi, I'm new to this forum, so please be patient. I just purchased a 2000 Base Intrepid with 25k miles. I've been very impressed with the styling, roominess and handling of the car. My one complaint, actually more of a concern, is that the engine makes a kind of whiny noise, similar to a loud power steering unit. Should I be concerned or is this normal? I heard/saw a later model Intrepid in the parking lot the other day, and it was making the same noise.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,043
    Sorry you're losing the Intrepid, but good luck with the Supercrew. I'm anything but a Ford man myself, coming from a mainly GM family. (I bailed on GM in 1989 when I bought a used '69 Dart GT in college). But I have to admit, I like the new Ford pickups, especially the Supercrew.

    I agree about the Dakota...I know they call it midsize, but to me it's still a little truck. We had a 1976 GMC Crew cab when I was a kid, though, so to me they're all little trucks!!

    Anyway, don't be a stranger, and keep checking in!
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    Back from vacation so soon?
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    yeah, was a short stay in erie (near boulder). got back late monday night (and for once northworst was on time!). basically spent a long weekend visiting friends, eating, drinking, etc. i had visited with my local ford dealer before i left so the ball was already in motion. took delivery today. nice truck but does have to go back for one problem. just noticed a minor dimple in the sheet metal just behind the driver's side rear dooor on the cab. oh well, nothing is perfect. otherwise it seems to be well built. later...
  • cwertzcwertz Posts: 1
    Hey folks, I am looking to buy a used car. I was looking at a 1997 Dodge Intrepid. It has 31,000 miles, V6, 3.3liter. The price I was originally quoted was $9,100 but I just talked with the salesman and he lowered the price to $8,400. If I or someone else does not buy it by next Friday, he is taking it to an auction. Also, this car has never been owned, it was a dealer vehicle. First, is this a decent car with good reliability? Second, is the price I am getting a fair one? If I do purchase this car, should I get the Dodge or any extended warranty? Thank you in advance!
  • abaltoabalto Posts: 22
    That questions and technical advice web site...

    I have also looked for a good Dodge web site to ask questions and technical advice, opinions, etc. The best site I have found is This site is clearly the best in quality, with over 60,000 posts! Good luck either way Trevor!
  • davidudavidu Posts: 40
    Man, it's quiet in here!!
  • Hi everyone --

    I'm on my second Chrysler vehicle (specifically, a 1996 Dodge Intrepid), which I bought here in sunny FLAT Florida new with 11 miles on it.

    About 3 months after purchase, I began to notice that the body parts and interior materials seemed to make a lot of noise....they squeak, they rattle, the door panels "moan" when you press your leg against them. The dealer had zero resolutions for me other than "try putting some shims under the plastic pieces". Over the years, the problem has gotten worse, and the car now makes more noise than the 75 year old wood floors in my historic old house. I have test driven a new Intrepid (2000 STD), and it was just as loose and poorly-built as my 1996 in regard to fit and finish.

    I don't recommend Chrysler for anyone who plans to keep their car for a while and try to resell. Every buyer I've had look at my car has noticed the noise, and I'm pretty sure I'll just have to trade in.

    I'm going back to a Buick LeSabre as soon as possible. Sorry, but I'm out of the Chrysler ownership game.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    boy, sqeaks and rattles sure don't jive with my intrepid experiences (96, 98 and 00). i haven't driven a new lesabre but did drive the previous generation. if you are into a marshmallow ride and the geriatric look and feel, than the lesabre won't disappoint!
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Also if you don't like visiting the dealer all the time for repairs, the LeSabre won't disappoint either!!

  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    maybe, uncle's 97 hasn't been a bastion of quality...
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    NEITHER has my 99 300M!!! FAR from it considering it was car of the year, top 10 best and Chrysler's "flagship" model!

  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    we "ALL" know about it...fastdriver.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Just want to make sure no one forgets!

  • revenuerob.
    It´s a free world,make your best choice,but I don´t think a Lesabre is any better,in fact I agree with emale,I haven´t had your problems with my two Intrepids.
    I DO AGREE with you with your posts,specially the last ones!
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    I'll keep telling it in the hopes that I can spare others the grief that I've experienced for the past 28 months! So, if you don't want to hear it or read it, just skip right by!

  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    from all the posts i've seen at appears to me that the kinda grief you've had is rather limited...


    very informative post...too bad it applies to maybe the 93-through early 95 intrepids. later models are a different breed, having owned three of them gives me the right to say that...
  • phardyphardy Posts: 12

    I have a 2000ES with ATC (automatic temperature control). I can't remember if someone else has the same problem I'm facing, so I'll describe it here.

    I have the temperature set for anywhere between 74 - 77 degrees. After about 15 minutes of driving, if the overhead console temperature display is anywhere between 50 - 60 degrees, the ATC starts blowing out cold air. If I reset the temperature to 77 degrees, warm air starts to blow, but eventually it leaves everyone in the car with an uncomfortable feeling. Dropping the temperature to 76 degrees immediately starts blowing out cold air again.

    Has anyone had this problem before? If so, how was this problem solved. I saw a couple of TSBs on the NHTSA web site, but does that mean the issue was just "recorded" or that it is a problem and is fixable?

    I'm in the NY metro. area if that has to do with anything.

    Thanks for your help.
  • What´s the matter with you?
    I don´t care what you say,I never mention your name in my post.

    So, if you don't want to hear it or read it, just skip right by!

    Don´t play smart with me! OK?????????
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,043
    Hey guys, quit picking on the LeSabre! ;-) Our family has one, and it's a damn fine automobile. Solid, reliable, sturdy, seats 6 in comfort, nice torquey V-8. Big trunk. Sturdy bumpers. Oh, wait a minute...our LeSabre is a 1985 and shares nothing whatsoever with the current one. Ok guys, tear it apart to your heart's content then ;-)


    PS: this was meant to be a joke...I actually kind of like the new LeSabre
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    better visit the eye doctor, pronto!


    tsbs reference specific problems and how to fix them. they aren't just owner reports.
  • tom_tom_ Posts: 25
    Good thing I didn't listen to Fastdriver's advice about not buying Chrysler. If I did I never would have enjoyed the experience of owning one of the BEST cars out there.
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