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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • Check the electronics forum on (which seems to be down strangely right now)... a guy named Percy on their is a stereo guru. His take is that replacing the factory speakers alone makes a big improvement. Beyond this is gets tricky because of the way the controls are linked into the pioneer head unit, etc., but many have replaced the system entirely, but that gets pricey ($$).

    I have a GS400 and may replace the factory speakers later this year. Still doing research though, to even find a place I feel I could trust. Certainly don't want to spend a lot to make it worse!
  • currently, i'm being offered $850 a month by my dealer, for a Nav/Lev LS430 with sport suspension and chrome wheels...the only catch is you have to pay the taxes up front, about $4000, and i think its a fairly good its just down to color...millienum silver, or midnight pine? any suggestions?
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    How many months and miles? Gross Cap Cost? At first glance it looks pretty good, but you are putting $4000 down.

    Both colors are's a matter of dark vs. light!!
  • its 36month/12000 mile and the selling price of the vehicle was negotiated to $60,750, i know this dealer very well, and have purchased from him before..its the best lease i could find anywhere...i think im gonna go with the silver, it would look nice with chrome wheels. He said he could have it delivered to me in two weeks.
  • Wow $850? Whats the mileage on that lease?!?
  • Does anyone know what year the Nav system was first installed. I am looking at used 400's but would want the Nav option. When I see the residuals on your 2001 leases for 38K, it sounds like there will be some fantastic used cars on the market in 3 years.
  • vs4vs4 Posts: 70
    LS430 invoice price is around 47K and MSRP is around 54K that is about 17% markup. Anybody knows why Lexus has that much markup, does that mean dealers will be able to negotiate the price.

    By the way I was at the dealership and the salesguy was telling me that MSRP is the price they will sell it at. Now 17% is too much especially when Mercedes has only 7% markup.

    Is anybody having any luck in negotiating the price?
  • barb85barb85 Posts: 54
    I was also considering silver with chrome wheels, but I discovered the brushed aluminum wheels match the silver paint beautifully.
  • pai7pai7 Posts: 35
    I narrowed down my choice of a luxury sedan toMBZ S430 And Lexus LS430 to replace my 1992 Lexus SC 400 with 90K miles( so far flawless).AT first I drove S430 and appreciated the ride and comfort.Later that day I took the new LS430 on a test drive.I was amazed at the extra power, excellent road feel at the same time superb noise isolation.The fit and finish ,comfort and ride was second to none.The convinence of a 6Disc changer in dash,standard HID,made it more attractive.I ordered a Silver LS430 with Black interior, golden birdseye maple wood trim,wood and leather steering wheel(on a MBZ S430 this would be a Designo Silver edition with an additional charge of $9900 or so), Navigation,Mark Levinson audio package,Lexus Link and 17" alloy and tire package.I should have this car delivered to me in 2 weeks.We currently own a MBZ 1999 ML 430(so far flawless and it is my wife's primary vehicle) and a 1998 MBZ ML 320(my daughter's vehicle which had numerous small but irritating problems).It will be watching both this and the MBZ-S Class board on this and other Websites about the long term performance of MBZ S430 and Lexus LS430.
  • I believe the 1998 model was the first year for the NAV. My wife has a LS with the NAV. It's great. It even caused me to sell my charished 90 LS just to get the NAV on the LS430. I'll never buy another car without The navigator and the LS has the best that I've seen.
  • barb85barb85 Posts: 54
    I, too, am replacing my 95 SC300 with an LS430, and I also looked at the Designo, but it's just too expensive compared to the LS430. Your color combination is one of my first two choices; the other being Black Cherry/Ecru.

    I was also amazed with the LS430 test drive. I never thought I would be happy with a full size sedan after preferring the handling and exceleration of sport coupes. With all the extra room and luxury I'll get to have my cake and eat it too! I will, however, miss the 12 disc changer.

    I'm not sure when I'm replacing my coupe. I have a trip scheduled for May, and if I can't get the LS430 I want by then, I may wait for the 2002 model. In the meantime I have 59,600 miles on my coupe. I called my service department to find out how much the regularly scheduled 60,000 mile maintenance is on my coupe and I almost fell out of my chair when she said it was about $1,200. I may be better off to sell the coupe now, and put the $1,200 on the LS430. I would also get a higher low mileage credit if I sell before 60,000 miles.
  • barb85barb85 Posts: 54
    My salesman just called with news of Custom Luxury. It's in production now, and available in April. He says, "It"s a $64,000 car". I asked him the price for the package by itself and he said $8,820.

    Needless to say, I'm thrilled!! I'm number one on their custom list! Yipee!!
  • Yes, the 1998 face lift did bring in the NAV System

    As far as that custom luxury thing, I believe that was a marketing ploy. Off the bat, they wanted to try to push the fully loaded LS's Now that they have been out for a while, they can branch off a little.

    From my understanding, it has everything that the UL has, but without the backseat stuff.

    Also, what do you think of this (Go to the Lexus pic on this link)

    I doubt it will be reality, but it would be cool
  • pai7pai7 Posts: 35
    I heard that the Custom Luxury package doesnot include air suspension system.Probably requires perforated leather seats with this package for an additional cost(I am not sure of this).
  • tv1db1tv1db1 Posts: 12
    Pia7, How did you get a leather wheel? I never noticed it on the option list or I would have ordered on my car. I also picked the Silver, Ecru, golden birds-eye maple with ML and Sports Package. My car will be in port on the 2/26 and I should have by 3/3. I would love to have the leather wheel. Well, I can only hope it's part of the SP.
  • I drive 40K miles per year, do you think a 98 or 99 LS 400 will last five years? '98 comming off of lease with 33-35K miles sell for $35,000. That would be about 230K miles on the car. Anyone with experience with high miles on LS 400? What kinds of maintenance cost, problems should I expect?
  • Flint350 asked about the Volume Set button on the steering wheel.

    Ikey78 pointed out that it can be used as a Mute button.

    I see 2 problems with using it as a Mute:

    1. It would be a Mute without an Unmute. In other words, when you want to turn the volume back to what it was before you "muted" it, you have to do it manually with the volume control.

    2. If you are listening to a book on tape, you would want a mute that also stops the tape, else when you turn the volume back up you have missed part of the story.

    For these reasons I prefer the Power On/Off button as a mute. Hit it once, the sound stops. Hit it again, it resumes exactly from where it left off.
  • Are you talking about the Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel? Because if you are, it comes with in, as do all Lexus models
  • barb85barb85 Posts: 54
    If anyone has seen the dealer invoice cost for the Custom Luxury option, please post the link. MSRP is $8,820.
  • pai7pai7 Posts: 35
    Wood and leather wrapped steering wheel is a standard feature in all LS430.It is either a golden birds-eye maple or California walnut on the steering wheel, part of it wrapped with leather to match the interior--this is according to the brochure.It seems to me that many of us on this board either own the new LS or will be acquiring one shortly.We should honestly document any problems either with the car or its performance and service on this Board even if the problem appears trivial.Same should be true for the owners of MBZ-S Class and BMW 7 Series.WE never had this opportunity before the Internet and I am sure the manufacturers will keep a close eye on our opinions.Utimately the customers will be the big winners.
  • tv1db1tv1db1 Posts: 12
    I know the LS has a wood and leather steering wheel to match the rest of the wood in the car. However, in reading Pia7's memo #548 I thought it ment "full leather" steering wheel as in the ES or GS models.
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    I don't mind some wood in a car,although I rarely prefer it,but does anyone else think there is just too much in the LS430? The steering wheel was the last straw-so far,it is keeping me from buying one-although than that I feel it is the buy of the market. it really is an exceptional car. Besides making the wheel far too slippery,it is a little glitzy.
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,404
    To all who are big on this costly and distracting option...educate me...why does one WANT this option unless you travel out of town a lot. I know where my home and office and friends places and favorite restaurants are. It seems to me it is only an expensive toy that I would never use.
  • Before I got my car, I didn't think I would get much use out of the Nav system. But since I have had it, I have used it many times, even in my local area. For example, I can do a Local POI (Points of Interest) search, looking for the nearest restaurant. Or the nearest Mexican restaurant. Or the nearest Taco Bell. Or the nearest bank, etc.

    It will also show you the best way to get on a particular freeway (toll road to you Easterners). Many times I have wondered if the way I was driving to a particular location was in fact the most direct, and I rarely bothered to check a map. But now that I have this very convenient and easy-to-use tool, I do check it, and then I KNOW that it is the best way.

    I find the Nav system is extremely well designed, with a very complete map database (at least here in the greater Los Angeles area). The amount of artificial intelligence it contains is really impressive.

    Get it. You'll love it.
  • pai7pai7 Posts: 35
    A nice pair of designer's driving gloves(Gucci's?) could solve your problem.Personally I liked both the quality and the amount of wood trim found inside the LS430.
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    I like the wood, I like the Nav. Of course, as a pilot, I am inclined to like techy things like the nav system. Also, I have now retired and plan to travel a lot. So the nav is really useful and was one of the things I really wanted. There are other reasons to like the nav as well - the nav touchscreen provides a very nice graphical interface with the other systems such as audio and climate. Even in local driving I occasionally glance at it for "situational awareness" (pilot term) - you might be surprised to see how your location relates to your surroundings (gee, I didn't know that river came so close to this road, etc.) Necessary? Not really, Useful and interesting Yes. At least to me. Especially for travel. Besides, I've got the best car, why not have the best equipment. There's no gain I can see to not having it and at least some gain to having it. So why not have it all?
  • pai7pai7 Posts: 35
    I should have my LS 430 delivered within next 10 to 12 days.I would like to know wether there are any early owners of this vehicle who regret their decision to buy/lease the vehicle.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Flint 350 - agree wholeheartedly - had dinner last night along atlantic ocean and nav system showed this great blue body of water with small sliver of land next to it. Looked awesome on screen.

    post 566 - absolutely no regrets - car gets better everyday.
  • I will soon be purchasing a 1997 LS400 and am also a stereo and music buff. I cannot seem to find much info about the nakamichi stereo upgrade for older LS400s. Can anyone give me any information regarding the differences between the regular and upgraded stereo? Also, If I want a very high quality stereo in the car, will the Nakamichi satisfy or should I just forget about it and install aftermarket stereo equip. Any opinions?
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    My car hits port this Friday...can't wait...take comfort in knowing that you made the correct decision....I am notorious for turning over every leaf many times as I compare against the competition.....The LS430 is the right choice.

    When I have a few weeks under the belt...I will tell I know you will.

    Good Luck...
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