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Mitsubishi Diamante



  • I have a "97 Diamante Ls. The last and most expensive mitsubishi made before discontinuing the line in 1998. Anyway, I have had brake problems with this thing from the outset. I have to pull the emergency brake handle all the way up for it to engage and when engaged still does not stop the car from moving--forward or backward. I've been to the shop many times, complained to MMCA and there were several fixes done. One because the hoses for the front brakes was to short, was kinking and causing sporadic stopping. The noise stopped; the brakes were a little better. But they still felt mushy when stopping in a non-panic way. Anyway, I had a lease and I owned a '94 I loved it.I just recently re-ended another car in front of me in a funeral procession that was able to stop very quickly, but I was not. However, I guess I can't blame it on the brakes, but, all the other cars in close proximity were able to stop without sliding. Of course they weren't diamante. I'm turning it in and walking away. However, I may get the Montero Sport 4WD SUV. Except for crashing reviews read pretty good. Don't expect to crash too many times. Anyway, the brakes, transmissions and A/C are notorious problems with this car. No One is paranoid. If You're lucky enough to get one that does not exhibit these problems,then great. Oh, Yes I too had to replace my transmission at 15000 miles. Great car , poor quality.
  • There are some people who post here that try to downplay the seriousness of the front rotor warping problem on Diamantes 97 and newer.

    Some facts gleaned from these boards:

    There appear to be more than 22 people who have posted about repeated front rotor warping problems, and the inability of Mitsubishi and authorized dealers to fix it. The factory and dealers continue to blame everyone but themselves and take responsibility, despite it being the overwhelming problem of topics posted here. This is statistically significant, as the number of people posting here is small, despite the number of posts. And some, I suspect, are just MMA plants trying to gently shift the blame everywhere else to postpone dealing with the problem, or hoping it will go away.

    Also, re: the suggestion to write to the President of MMA - one poster shared his experience about doing that, it got him nowhere, just more runaround.

    I searched through sample discussion threads here on Edmunds and found only one other model that has the same level of complaints about warping rotors: the Oldsmobile Alero 99. Please take a look at it by typing "rotors" in search topic, also look at the separate "Alero" topic to see the what happened and how it was fixed. GM, to it's credit, moved quickly to solve the problem. They changed the rotor design immediately, and upgraded the front rotors and pads on all cars with the problem, no questions asked, no blame on poor driving habits, no blame on poor mechanics!

    If only Mitsubishi could be as honest.

    Also, there are far more Aleros sold in the US than there are Diamantes, and yet our boards have a higher level of complaints on the rotors than the Alero. From this, I suspect the Diamante problem is more severe.
  • On post #94
    > And some, I suspect, are just MMA plants trying
    > to gently shift the blame everywhere else to
    > postpone dealing with the problem, or hoping it
    > will go away.

    And conversely you could be a Toyota or Acura/Honda plant trying to destroy Mitsubishi for market dominance, but I guess any good conspiracy theorist will never really know huh?

    The more you write the more you sound like our old buddy Bohlen!

    Talking about Bohlen... usually when he sees a poster supporting his 'D' brake rotor view he would jump at a chance to joun at the fun and gloat.

    Where are you Bohlen, past experience would have thought you'd eat this up!!!

    By the way at 8,000 miles, my 1999 'D' runs so sweet.

    See 'Ya

  • #99
    >"THE HOST" is obviously devoid of any sense of
    >humor since most of my messages contain a great
    >deal of just that.

    Many readers, myself included, did not realise your posts were supposed to be construed as entertainment, but rather we were led to believe that they were serious accusations on the quality of the Mitsubisihi Diamante line.

    If this is so it would be hard to demarcate in your posts when factual data ends and sophomoric humour begins. In essence this revelation puts your entire posting history in dispute
    ( ...mon ami!)

  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
    ...were removed because they contained name-calling, something that doesn't fall under civil-discourse as per the Participants Agreement. Actually... one post and a follow-up.


    Sedans Host
  • Hello,

    Finally after many hours on the 'net and visiting many a car audio store, I have finally ended up with:
    Pioneer CDX-P1250 12 disk CD changer, $179 from

    I could not easily source an adaptor for this to connect to the stock Mits/Pioneer head unit. The part number was supposed to be MITPIL from Periphials Electronics, but the local car audio shops in California couldn't contact them.

    Another outfit quoted me $70 just for the connector so because of this I opted to buy a new Pioneer head unit KEH-P690 ($141 @Ebay, List Price $250 ). This will make it possible for me to connect my new 12 disk CD changer via Pioneer's "IP bus". I couldn't connect it via the old DIN connector in the stock Mitsubishi.

    The KEH-P690 is the high end head unit with a casette rather than a cd player. I can connect the stock single CD player as an auxilliary so I won't be left with a gaping hole.

    I will use Mr. Vivona's helpful guide in disassembling the old stock radio and see how it goes.

    Mr Vivona as you obviously have already tried it, are all the audio wiring clearly marked and labeled and are the wiring easily accessable with some lenght to play with? is the wiring permanently connected ( which I then would have to cut?) or does it use plug type connectors?

    I will also have to lay the new IP bus cable from the dash and route it to the trunk. Have you tried this, any tips like upliftingthe carpet?

    I will give it a go this weekend!

    Many Thanks,
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    ccancio--Each audio connector is different and all use connectors. There is enough slack to pull the audio unit out enough to get to the connectors. To get a connector to separate from the radio, use a flat blade screwdriver to pry it (carefully) out. Don't pull on the wires. Only pull on the connector.

    While you are in the dash, you may want to open the A/C control unit and unsolder the beeper that makes a beep each time you make an A/C adjustment. I found the beep a bit annoying for a sleeping passenger. The beeper is a small cylindrical component mounted on the controller PC board. If you are not skilled in PC board unsoldering, then try applying silicone glue into the sound hole on the beeper. That should at least make it a little quieter.

    If you don't want two CD players, you can replace the stock one with a bin. I would get a replacement one for a 92-96 Diamante from the dealer parts department (about $40). It has a nice smooth action door on it. The 97-00 bin doesn't have a door. To get the older bin to fit, you will have to shave about 1/8" off the front edge. I had the original bin in my 99 and changed it out for the older style and I like having the door on it instead of the open bin.

    Mr. Vivona
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,284
    Mr. Aldo Vivona:

    Sometime ago you posted about buying a Garmin 3+ GPS unit. May I ask you opinions on it. I am considering a GPS unit, but I can't decide between the Garmin eMap, 3+ and StreetPilot.

    Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    I went directly to the eMap due to size, price and the fact that it had very good base maps without having to buy the extra Mapsource software and CD.

    You need to decide based on price and intended use. The street pilot has a bigger screen, but it is also not a pocket device and costs a lot more. The III+ is also more costly than the eMap.

    I would recommend you visiting the excellent GPS review site You will find a link to "Low Cost GPS Hardware and Moving Map Software Reviews" that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about mapping GPS receivers. Narrow your choices and visit a store that will let you demo a few models to see what you like the most.

    At the clearance price of $150 I paid for the basic eMap (not the $299 Deluxe model which includes the memory chip and data cable) I found the eMap met all my needs. If price and size was no object, the Color StreetPilot would be nice.
  • Hello all,

    My last post was removed because I questioned Ccancio's mental capabilities in a manner not acceptable to terms of service of these boards. I chided him for not reading my posts carefully. I was not, and am not, bashing the Diamante.

    I was, am, and will continue to look for solutions to the warped rotors that have occurred on my 97 D. Please look over my last posts here: #71, 74, 94,95.

    Despite Vivona's many offers of help, I do not think his approach is the correct one, letting Mitsubishi off the hook. And besides, I don't know Vivona from a hole in the wall, or what his agenda is.

    This I do know: Road & Track, a far more knowledgeable, and KNOWN source is much more credible than an unknown Vivona. Road & Track is accountable for their words. Vivona is not.

    As for Ccancio, his role seems to be to divert attention away from issues anyway that he can. Just study his posts.
  • From Post:110

    > As for Ccancio, his role seems to be to divert
    > attention away from issues anyway that he can.
    > Just study his posts.

    Actually my role is to be the "Ying" in your "Yang" ...if you know what I mean.

    In any case I do hope people do study my posts as they probably be more useful and know for a fact that I don't change identities to prove my cause.

    And what is my cause, well my cause is to say that Mitsubishi is like any car manufacturer they have their share of technical problems like any other.

    My opinion regarding the Mitsubishi Diamante is that they make good near luxury (if not luxury)car at a affordable price.And finally I am VERY HAPPY with the build and quality of teh vehicle for the price I paid.

    And Dpompie...
    Surely it won't be any "fun" anymore if you have this discussion group ALL to yourself to spread you doctrine on how things should be in the Mitsubishi world ( ... no matter how many identities you create!)

    And frankly, dpompei after your last post #110 (which bears many hallmarks of Bohlen/maury2 arguments and debating style and not to mention their uncanny "talent" for their posts to be removed by the moderator), I am now 99% convinced that you are either our favourite sources cumulative "bitterness"... Maury2 or Bohlen.

    In any case good luck to you on your next transformation..mon ami!

  • You're very happy with your Diamante and measured against most other autos that are manufactured in Austrailia, the Diamante might well be near the top of the list for reliability/build quality but by the Japanese (and some US) auto standards, the Diamante needs to have it's bugs worked out. I'm just basing this on my ownership experience with this car as compared to other cars that I've owned.
  • I agree with Bohlen that Aussie quality is very bad. Diamante is a mediocre quality car as experienced by me.
  • Hello,
    has anyboody ever tried replacing the stock headlight bulbs with after market Xenon bulbs.

    This crowd on the net are selling them.

    Mr. Vivona do you have any comments any drawbacks? They say there is no need to modify your wiring.

    I have to admit that seeing cars with Xenon looks looks cool and functional to me, but I don't know much about them, like what is the average lifetme of these units before they burn out etc?

    All I basically know is that they are usually a $400-$600 option on new cars.

  • Has any one seen the next generation Diamante? Please check out the website "Mitsubihi of Australia." It is based on the stretched Galant chassis, and has a new front treatment a la Pontiac. I do not like the new look very much, so I guess I will have to buy the last year for the current body style, which is supposed to be the 2002 model. I currently drive a 1999 Diamante, which runs well. Thank to some of you, I brought up the warped rotor problem to my dealer service advisor, and he had it fixed right away. Hope that it will not recur.
  • Tim
    You wrote:
    "I currently drive a 1999 Diamante,which runs well. Thank to some of you, I brought up the warped rotor problem to my dealer service advisor, and he had it fixed right away. Hope that it will not recur."

    Can you please tell us if you had warped rotors, or did you just express concern about it to the dealer? Can you please tell us what your dealer did to correct the problem?

  • I have a 98 Diamante, and am about to turn the rotors again. I've already had the rotors replaced,once.I just had the mits. dealer replace the belt that goes to my air conditioning. They told me there was a service bulletin on it.It may have been the pulley on the air conditioning, never really got a clear answer.I like the car, not the problems.I'll be glad to give out my vin# too. My attorney has already contacted the man in charge of Mitsubishi America.I got a follow up call from 1 of his people, nothing but a whitewash.I told the man I had my car fixed at Midas,and he replied, "thats probably the best thing you could do."He went on to say that they had no brake program, and there wasn't a recall. My reply,"there should be."When I asked if I could call him back, he hesitated, and said he would call back in August.Heres Sept., and no call.Go figure.Anyway, I tire of this problem, and subject. The stress isn't worth it.I would welcome any response, that might help me put this problem to rest.
  • I did not know about the problem until I read this forum, and paid more attention to vibration when I braked, and did notice some steering wheel vibration. I took it into the dealership and asked them to check the problem, and they determined that the front rotors were warped, and turned them. I also asked them about the unreported problems in Japan, and the service advisor showed me a document sent from their headquarters to dealers. Only Galants, Monteros (and Eclipse?) were mentioned, and they also told me that their set of problems is different from ours. When it comes to recall, I understand that the auto industry only mandates recalls when it concerns a safety issue. Granted that the Diamante has problems with the rotors warping, at least from my experience, the brakes still stop the car properly. When you start feeling that vibration, it should concern you enough to bring it in for further evaluation. My intention is to keep bringing it in if it develops problems again until the warranty expires, after which I will replace the rotors with aftermarket ones. Somebody in the forum recommended Brake Masters, and my personal experience with my local shop has been good, so I probably will go to them then.
    My position is that ther is not a perfect car anywhere, even the most expensive ones. I have driven Hondas, Toyotas, VWs, Mitsubishis,...and they all have their shortcomings: broken timing belt in 91 Camry at 45,000 miles, in the middle of the freeway (repaired under warranty, lost one working day), alignment and transmission problem in 95 Accord (many trips to dealer, many repairs attempts, problem remained). Believe it or not, my most trouble-free car was a 85 Tredia (predecessor of Galant) which made 90,000 miles over pot holes of NYC in 6 whole years, and total cost of repairs (not maintenance) in 6 years: $250.00. That was the reason why I went for the Diamante. People kept comparing Diamante to 3.2 TL: they are both very good cars, I test drove both on the same day. I figured I could live with the minor problems for $4000.00 (extra amount I had to spend if I got the TL). I intend to drive the Diamante to the ground, so resale value is not a concern.
  • maury2maury2 Posts: 12
    Two of the service managers at two seperate dealerships admitted to me that the brakes have been a constant problem with this car. I've spoken with countless other folks in the Mitsubishi service waiting rooms who were suffering with the same woes. I had numerous other problems with this car and though every one of them was covered under the warranty, it got to the point where taking the car in every month or so to have something fixed was a MAJOR hassle. I just got fed up, bit the bullet and took a big deprciation hit when I traded it in. BTW, mine was a 99 Diamante.
  • dpompeidpompei Posts: 11
    Thank you, everybody, for responding. Maybe we can get something going.

    1. In response to the warped rotors not being a safety issue, I beg to differ, strongly.

    Just a few weeks ago, I returned from a business trip. Driving home from the airport on the highway at 65 mph, someone unexpectly swerved into my lane. I hit the brakes. My 97 LS D front end shook much more violently than normal. I was startled. I let off the brakes for a second to stop the shaking to regain control. Keep in mind, I know my rotors are warped, and what to expect normally. Had I not known, I could have easily gone into panic caused an accident.

    What I have also discovered is that the amount of violent shaking varies with unknown variables. I don't always get the same amount of shaking at 65 mph with the same amount of pedal pressure. This variability can be dangerous to someone not knowing what is going on.

    Most of my driving is on highways, and I am an excellent driver with 34 yrs driving experience.

    What happens with someone not so experienced? Someone that drives his/her D mostly in town, under light conditions, than goes onto a highway at 65+ mph? What if that person is forced into a panic situation suddenly? The violent shaking could easily surprise the driver and cause a situation of injory or death. These are serious matters. It angers me to no end that MMC does not take this seriously.

    2. Take a look at the Oldsmobile Alero thread on these boards that is specifically on warped rotors. The situation is almost identical to the D. Look at how quickly GM responded with a upgrade of rotors and brake parts. GM took it very seriously, and did not fool around with the issue as MMC is doing.
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    timdemio--The response you got from Mitsubishi is the same one I received from three separate national MMSA representatives. I also asked two local dealers service managers and they say they get few complaints about rotors. That is also consistent with the reliability data provided by Microsoft Carpoint's web site. Of the seven Diamante's I know of "personally", none have had brake problems. Despite the complaints see here, I think the problem is not widespread.

    I would certainly recommend that any owner having a brake vibration problem call or write Mitsubishi. Though the percentage of owners that have rotor problems may be small, those that do seem to have it over and over. If Mitsubishi can find something in common with these owners, they may find a solution. Provide your VIN# in your correspondence or phone call and as much information as you can.

    I have tried unsuccessfully to get a forum participant to do some diagnostics for me to see if I can determine what is happening. I would do it myself, but no Diamante owner I know has a brake problem. There can be many causes, even not related to brakes (such as irregular alloy wheel hubs) that may be in common with the troubled cars. But without being able to diagnose exactly what is happening, it is impossible to come up with a solution.

    Mr. Vivona
  • dpompeidpompei Posts: 11
    Timdemio - They have my VIN. I contacted MMSA before each of my two last incidents of rotor warp (last two of five times).

    Rotors replaced. Warped again in 5K miles

    Brought in to dealer again, rotors ground on the latest machines, proper lug tightening, all noted on the work order by the dealer to cover himself. Warped again in 5K miles.

    Vivona - Carpoint is worthless. Why do you even refer to Carpoint? They state they have insufficient data to make any reliability opinion about the 97 and newer Ds. Check with Road & Track instead, for a professional opinion on "warped rotors".

    Check the Oldsmobile Alero "Warped Rotors" thread on this board to find out how it should be handled. For far fewer number of cars sold, the D seems to have more people on these boards than the Alero noting the warped rotors.

    Why doesn't MMSA release their figures on brake problems, number of times to repair, size of the pool of vehicles, etc? In case you haven't noticed, MMSA has already demonstrated that it has no credibility.

    Someone from MMSA stating "they have not received enough reports from authorized service centers..." is meaningless. How many is enough? Are they one incident away? How many are there?
  • ccancioccancio Posts: 91
    > For far fewer number of cars sold, the D seems > to have more people on these boards than the
    > Alero noting the warped rotors.

    Dpompie ...aka Bohlen/Maury2,

    The main reason your argument is so flawed and makes me want to post, is your flagrant use of assertions with no references to backup your statements.

    You don't have a clue how many actual Diamante's are sold in the US much less the "real" number of people complaining about the rotor problem. All you base it on is this discussion group that doesn't have any restriction on the number of times you can login as another member ( which you and Maury2 have now excelled in).

    The other hilarious point is your assertions on Japan and the driving habits of the general populace. New Zealand buys a lot of these Japanese cars and imports them to New Zealand's 2nd hand car market. These cars are widely known to have their odometers wound from over 160,000 km. back to mid 50,000km where they will fetch more money. It is currently a big problem in New Zealand as these cars are only generally 3-5 years old.The NZ customes agents have found the job too great to enforce, so instead cautions any potential buyer that any Japanese imported 2nd hand car may have tampered ododmeters. If you want to check my facts go to :

    From an intelligent perpective it is easy to discover that your so called "experiences" gained from your travels to "Europe", "Japan" and even to some extent the US, are based from readings and hearsay gathered from 2nd hand sources (Road & Track???)and sadly not your own personal experiences.

    Now now Bohlen ...are you trying to be humorous again ...mon ami?

  • dpompeidpompei Posts: 11
    1. There are references and reasons for everything I post.

    2. Do you mean to tell me that there are more Diamantes sold in the US than Aleros? Get a life.

    3. Multiple log in names - just email l_8Apex. He may be able to tell you which log ins are multiples and which are different. By your reasoning, you can claim that all the posts here and on the Alero Warped Rotors board are done by one person.

    4. The NZ article contributes nothing to this discussion. They are talking about 200 cars of who knows what makes, models or years, and in a country that has a speed limit of 100 kph, not representative of US varied driving conditions.

    5. Post your VIN number and we'll see how real you are.

    6. You have no credibility here, adding nothing meaningful to the discussion except vagueness and spin. Just look at your posts.
  • ccancioccancio Posts: 91

    > 2. Do you mean to tell me that there are more
    > Diamantes sold in the US than Aleros? Get a life

    Answer: No, of course not! I don't have the figures to prove that and from what I have seen you post you don't have it either!

    So what it basicaly boils down to is..."YOU DONT KNOW what the real numbers are!!!" Thus I don't know why are you trying to pass your baseless ASSERTIONS as FACT.

    > 3. Multiple log in names - just email l_8Apex. > He may be able to tell you which log ins are
    > multiples and which are different.

    I don't have to ask him I know how it works. I have worked for large ISP's for 3 years so I know what goes in places such as these. This place is no different. If they give me the proper logs and with the proper cooperation from the appropriate ISP and Telecom company, I can even find out where you live! I have done that so many times with 13 -16 year olds who think they can get away with their mischief thinking that they are anonymous while their on the net. I would love to do it to you but I don't have the time to waste but it's really a no brainer...

    > By your reasoning, you can claim that all the
    > posts here and on the Alero Warped Rotors board > are done by one person.

    Not really Einstein, what I'm trying to say is that you cannot use data in this discussion group as a ACCURATE source as there are no means to guard againts multiple reports from a single person.

    > The NZ article contributes nothing to this
    > discussion. They are talking about 200 cars of > who knows what makes, models or years, and in a
    > country that has a speed limit of 100 kph, not
    > representative of US varied driving conditions.

    On the contrary, all these cars are imported direct from Japan, and the tampered odometres has been a problem since the late 1980's when the automotive industry was deregulated. Since then there have been tens of thousands or cars imported in New Zealand. That report was just a small sample for you to verify my claims. Again this fact BLOWS away yet another assertion that Japanese cars doesn't get high mileage from driving in Japan.

    >5. Post your VIN number and we'll see how real
    > you are.

    Heh...heh! Tell you what, you show me yours then I'll show you mine ... mon ami ;-)

    See 'Ya
  • slk320slk320 Posts: 6
    I just purchased a 2000 Diamante. Not sure if I regret it or not after reading so many bad posts, but so far the car has been great (200 miles). The manual suggests to use Premium fuel but also says you can use regular octone. What do most of you use?
  • ccancioccancio Posts: 91

    I use premium...found the car lacked Pep (fun) with regular fuel.

    Also don't regret your purchase, after 4000 miles for me I don't regret it and look foward to drive it everyday.

    Some people in this discussion group has made it their sworn personal crusade to make everybody else not want or like their "D" as the have had troubles with theirs. They cannot simply comprehend that not many others are in the same boat they're in.

    If it makes you feel better, spend some time and start reading from the last discussion board the " Diamante II " topic and see the history about 2 very fanatical ( ... and in a wierd way somewhat amusing) people Bohlen/Maury2.
    Be very careful they can change form and appearance in posting ;-)

    Doing so you'll get a better feel on the players here. And after a few more miles driving your "D" you can make your decision on whether it was a mistake or not.

    By the way how much did you pay for your "D"?

    Have a good ride -
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    slk320-- I wouldn't consider this forum a representative sample of owners. If you go to Sedan Archives and look through Topic 1095 Mitsubishi Diamante you will find over 600 posts with very few references to brake problems. It seems that the brake complainers started up in Mitsubishi Diamante II and continue here. I find it hard to believe that the brake problems for all years of Diamantes all of a sudden started up last year.

    dpompei-- Carpoint has information on the first generation Diamante. I have read as many posts about the first generation Diamante as the second generation one, so I consider the Carpoint information valid.

    As to Road and Track, all they said was it was their opinion that undersized rotors lead to warpage. They did not specify what the proper sizing was and they did not even speak about a particular car. Just because they give size as a cause doesn't mean that is what causes a problem for some Diamante owners. All Diamante brake rotors are the same size and not all have problems. I have not seen any evidence that the Diamante rotors are undersized. I have read many other sources that speak to lug torqueing and the number one cause of rotor warpage, followed by improper rotor lathe procedures.

    To all that complain about brakes. Problems never get solved by complaining to each other. I am getting the feeling that you all just enjoy complaining. If you want to solve the problem, you need to take action. I have offered to help in many ways but not one person has stepped up to the plate to participate. I am tired of playing the "ain't it awful" game.

    Let's get on with other Diamante issues:

    How do you owners like the Goodyear Eagle tires? Any problems? Have you changed them out for other brands? If so, how did the new brand compare?
  • dpompeidpompei Posts: 11
    Slk320 - The D is a fine car. It would be much better if Mitsubishi would address the bad rotor problem.

    My advice is to be very vigilant and swift in action. At the faintest feel of pulsation or vibration in the steering column (you can feel it first at higher speeds when braking) bring it back to the dealer, have it repaired under warranty and establish your paper trail for legal reasons.

    I missed just missed qualification under the "Lemon Law" in my state by one dealer visit in the time allowed. Had I been aware of the seriousness of these issues, I would have easily qualified by simply bringing it back to the dealer promptly rather than putting it off when I noticed the vibrations coming back time and again.

    And that is one of the purposes of my posting here, to inform owners that there is an unsolved problem and what to do about it.

    There was another new poster last week who, after looking over this forum, realized that he was getting vibration during braking. He took the car into the dealer, and sure enough, his rotors were warping. Dealer fixed it by grinding, etc. We'll see how long it lasts.

    IT IS IMPORTANT FOR OTHERS TO BE AWARE THAT THIS PROBLEM EXISTS FOR NUMEROUS OWNERS OF 97 AND NEWER DIAMANTES. It is the ONLY way that Mitsubishi will fix the problem once and for all with improved rotors.

    I didn't know what was causing my problems until I READ IT HERE from many individuals with the same problem. And Ccancio tries to imply it is just one person posting under many names.

    Reading and posting here is important.

    Vivona - for someone who posts remarkably detailed instructions for some procedures on Diamantes, you are sorely lacking in reading comprehension detail for some things...
    1. From Road&Track

    "Our RESEARCH into rotor warping disclosed that the large majority of brake warpage today is caused by undersized brakes. Environmental issues such as over-torqued wheels, hard cold stops, hard use, nearly nonexistent cool-down periods, water splash, modified air circulation, etc.,contribute their share, but the point is, often only a more massive brake will eliminate rotor warping.",1169,_sl_RoadAndTrack_sl_Article_sl_0_cm_1182_cm_848_3_8_cm_00,00.html

    2. Carpoint
    Are all the brake components: rotors, pads, calipers, etc. in the pre-97 Ds IDENTICAL to the components used on the 97 and newer? If not, your assumption is a bit ridiculous. With your eye for detailed discussion, why haven't you looked that up? And what have you found?
  • ccancioccancio Posts: 91
    > My advice is to be very vigilant and swift in
    > action. At the faintest feel of pulsation or
    > vibration in the steering column (you can feel > it first at higher speeds when braking) bring
    > ...

    Yep... once again dpompie/Bohlens advice is again right on track, put a seismic monitor on the steering wheel to record all the minutest shakes and vibrations.

    So anything from a small hole on the road and a 7.0 earthquake can be registered and reported to Mitsubishi as rotor warp'ing.

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