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Nissan Maxima Maintenance and Repair



  • robertrrobertr Posts: 125
    While cleaning bugs off the headlight lenses of my 2000 Maxima SE I noticed that the headlight lenses have gotten cloudy or foggy. This seems to be on the outside, but doesn't come off. Has anyone else had this problem, and anyone found any way to polish them so they are clear again? Thanks for any input.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    I've had good luck using toothpaste to polish out the cloudy appearance on plastic headlight housings. It's just abrasive enough to do the trick, and your lights won't get cavities ;o)
  • I know this is for problems, but I also know that you all are Maxima owners and full of wisdom. I am looking at a 95 GXE, 92K, outstanding condition, no nicks in paint, no stains inside. I could buy the car for $8,000. Am I making a wise choice?
  • bianca2bianca2 Posts: 78
    but you need to consider more than just the paint and the no stains inside (although all of that is a good sign that it's probably been well maintained.) Does the current owner have all the service records? Has the oil been changed regularly? Has it had the 75,000 mile service done? That's a big one as I recall. What about the tires, are they brand new, show signs of wear, or need replacement? And finally, do you have a good mechanic that you would trust to look it over and give you a read-out on any potential problems?

    I wouldn't buy any used car with that many miles without an independent inspection, but chances are it will be a good purchase. As for price, you'll have to look around and see what others are asking for similar cars in your area. (Of course don't take so long to look around that you lose the deal!) Good luck.
  • Actually, my wife is taking it to the mechanic now. That will probably be the deciding factor. She does have all the records, even a life time warranty on the tint :o) Do you think the mileage is an issue?
  • bianca2bianca2 Posts: 78
    not necessarily. It matters a lot more how well it's been maintained. With modern cars you should be able to get at least 150,000 miles out of them. That would be maybe 5 or 6 years more on this car if you're an average driver. A well-maintained car with 92k miles on it would beat something with, say, 60,000 that's been driven hard and only had a few oil changes in its life.

    Do you know when the car was actually sold to the first owner? Date of manufacture would be on the metal tag inside the driver's side door sill. Assuming it was exactly six years ago, the driver put on around 15,000 miles a year. If it was bought in late '94 when the 95's first came out, then it's closer to 13k a year. Either way, sounds like the current owner was not putting on an excessive amount of mileage for the car's age.
  • mrdetailermrdetailer Posts: 1,118
    Have the mechanic check the suspension carefully for signs of wear especially in the ball joints, control arms, and strut mounts where applicable. Of course at that age some normal wear and tear should be expected.
  • gslevegsleve Posts: 183
    You said you're having a problem engaging the clutch and shifting difficulties my 1998 has been plague with this problem since new could not figure it out until now after careful deep contemplation. I'd suggest you flush out or perhaps bleed the slave cylinder similar to the brake master cylinder it is very close to it against the firewall left hand corner small resivor. I implemented this procedure and I had a small amount of air bleed through and the clutch seems to be working fine now no more chatters smoother engagement. Replaced fluid with a dot 5.1 fluid you can use dot 4 which is a vavoline synthetic brake fluid
  • I bought a '01 SE about 3 months ago. A few problems have surfaced since I purchased. I wanted to see if any one else has experienced the same issues before I head to the dealership. These 4 problems are in addition to the obvious paint problems which everyone seems to have.

    First, the driver side window squeals in the track as it is powered up and down. There is obvious black marks along the edge of the window.

    Next, the passenger side window motor sounds as if it is struggling to get the window up. It takes a two to three more seconds to raise than the driver side window.

    Thirdly, the air guard for the sunroof is cracked in numerous places.

    And finally, (BIG ONE), there is a loud rubbing sound that comes from the rear driver side wheel area when the car turns or otherwise requires shock movement. I hear this mostly at low speeds, but it could be happening at high speeds also.

    Thanks for your help.
  • I have a problem with my 01 Maxima windows too. Especially the passenger side. I have to press the button down a few times before the window goes down. And the driver side window makes noise too. I haven't taken it for service yet.
  • bianca2bianca2 Posts: 78
    You need to get that car in for service immediately, if you haven't yet. That rubbing sound in the rear driver's side wheel well could be something serious.

    I vaguely recall someone posting, months ago (don't recall what forum), something about chocks put on the wheels for shipping that weren't taken off prior to delivery like they should have been. You might have that problem, or you might have some serious problem with alignment causing the wheel to rub. Have you looked at the tires, is there any sign of uneven wear? Really, don't fool around with anything so potentially dangerous as that, get the dealer to look at it immediately.
  • bianca2bianca2 Posts: 78
    mnolan, look at the Maxima Sedans board too. Someone there just bought a 2002 GLE and the tires were overinflated to 45 psi. Have you checked the tire pressure?
  • The driver's side window on my 01 GLE is screeching and squealing, too. I took my 95 GXE (yes, I have 2 Maxes) in for oil change and tire rotation this weekend. I mentioned the squeaky window to the head mechanic at the dealership (Crown Nissan in Greensboro, NC - they are SUPER!). He told me that Nissan has issued a bulletin (?) on this issue - the fix is to put teflon liners in the window well. Apparently, the rubber creates the squealing & the teflon will eliminate the window's contact with the rubber.

    Call your dealership & get them to do this for you.
  • bianca2bianca2 Posts: 78
    Would that fix moisture inside the window too? Whenever I wash and dry the car, if I put the window down shortly after that, it comes up all streaked with water. Would the teflon liners prevent that?

    I don't have any problem with the windows squeaking, though.
  • Bianca2 - No, I doubt that the teflon will make any difference on the water streaked windows. That is the result of water going down into the window well when you wash your car. Happens to everyone.
  • They must have fixed the problem for 02 because windows go up and down quick and sound like they have wonderful motors.

    Then again, the 02 has auto up and auto down drive and passenger windows. I don't think the 01's had that. Did they?
  • The 'O1 has auto up and down on the drivers side only.
  • keets4keets4 Posts: 1
    My 92 Maxima just developed an engine stall. Been working perfectly, then one morning the car started stalling. Does it at idle, slow speed, pretty much anytime, and happened every 1-2 minutes.

    Took it to a mechanic that tested all the fuel pressures, electrical, and hooked to computer that only got a "Not Communicating" error. Then the stalls stopped and he couldn't reproduce the problem. Had him do a major tune-up (... it was almost due anyway)and drove off.

    The mechanic stated that the last time he saw this error message and behavior (while he worked at a Nissan dealership), it was the ignition coils. Since the 92+ versions have 6 coils (one on each spark plug), it's a $600 event to get all changed out.

    Anyone had this happen? I notice some other messages about stalling, but no "final" solutions.
  • gtspecgtspec Posts: 55
    I've just bought a 2002 MAXIMA SE "Sterling Mist" today, and I will pick up the car tomorrow! Does anyone know what's the exact procedures for new car "break-in". This is my first time buying a new car, so please advice on the break-in steps : ) THANKs!

    I will keep updating my feedbacks from my 2002 SE, hopefully will be good ones.
  • bianca2bianca2 Posts: 78
    Generally it's a good idea to keep it under 55 mph for the first 1000 miles (this is NOT easy to do!) and vary the rpms and speed. Do not take it out on the highway and set cruise control and just let it run for miles and miles. Take it on some back roads and enjoy the drive, that will virtually force you to have some variety.

    And change the oil at 1,000.

    I think the manual might have some more suggestions, but the above is pretty basic for any new car.
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