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Jaguar XJ-Series



  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    That's the problem with used cars.

    They keep depreciating. I got burned BADLY by the Firestone thing last year or so.

    Right when the news hit I had just picked up 4 Expeditions at the sale... OUCH. Lost something like $9K just dumping them.

    Ya know. This business never ceases to amaze me. I've been doing this since 1996, for 5 years. And ya know.. I'm usually the youngest guy at the auction, I know I'm the youngest guy in the country (Family members of owners excluded) who owns a piece of the Franchise that I have.

    And it amazes me. I see these idiots. 10..15..20..30..years in this business who do flat--out RETARDED things. Like keep a car for 7 months.

    What are these guys THINKING? Right now, Market, IMHO, on that car is $26-27K Max as a certified car. But the problem is... People who want XJ6s want to buy them for cheap. Why? because there's lots of XJ8s advertised out there for under $30K.

    One thing thats' always stuck in my head as gospel is inventory turn. At my franchise stores we have a rule (Bill has a small part of each store but I am lord of all I survey in the used car dept). If we have a car in stock for 30 days and nobody is written up on it (enters negotations), to the auction/wholesaler/etc it goes. Gone. Done, bye bye! Get the heck off of my lot!

    After 45 days I dont care. Unless I have a customer standing in front of me ready to buy it, it goes to the next scheduled auction. Until then it has a price painted on the windsheild that is exactly $500 over cost on it.

    My guess is that they were holding out to whack someone for something like $33,995 on that car and got greedy. That or the car is a pig and they shouldn't have bought it to begin with. That or you find something like a Ford dealer with a big ego who has to have a 2 year old Jaguar on his lot. Fine if its' for a manager or dealer or dealer's wife to drive.. otherwise, poor management.

    We recently took in a 99 SL500 on trade against a Yukon Denali XL at the Pontiac/GMC store.That thing went to a wholesaler I know faster than I could blink. Why? If you were looking for a $60K used Mercedes, would ya stop at the Pontiac dealer? neither would I.

    And I wouldnt go down the street to the BMW Dealer and look for a nice Grand Am :)

    I blame those two guys... they're the ones dumb enough to be buried in those cars. And now that the cars are retailing for less than they wholesaled for a few months back...

    Oh well...

    Not my problem :) But just because theyre burined inthe cars... that doesnt mean you ought to pay for their mistakes IMO.

  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111

    Do you actually own a dealership in the traditional sense (building, employees, sales staff, etc), or are you a private dealer who buys and sells cars?

    You're extremely knowledgeable. I wish I had discovered this forum BEFORE I bought my car. But what a grand hobby you have! Not only do you get to drive great cars, you always have new ones to play with!

    What a country!
  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111
    The new S-types have a rearview mirror with a compass display in the upper-left corner. I also see this kind of mirror advertised in Automobile Magazine.

    Can I retrofit this kind of mirror onto my 97 VDP?

    It's a novelty, but I do miss the compass display that my old Grand Cherokee used to have.
  • vusicvusic Posts: 53
    The real catch on that '97 was that it isn't even a certified "select" car.
    Business principles apply no matter what industry you're in......can you imagine some of these folks in the computer business?!?!?! OUCH!
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    You didnt do badly on the VDP ya got, and sounds like you bought a creampuff.

    BTW, Where did you buy it from?

    As far as the mirror.. I have no idea for sure, but I'd imagine... heck.. I dunno.. ask the dealer :)

    Yes, I own percentages of 2 Stores in the southeast. a VW and a Pontiac-GMC store.
    It is fun, I love what I do! :)

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    Not even a Select? God I feel bad for them...I'd love to see those guys in the INVESTMENT Business! Ouch!

  • 97vdpguy97vdpguy Posts: 111
    Thanks, I'll check with the dealer on the mirror question.

    I live in Northern Virginia. I got the VDP at Rosenthal Jaguar in McLean. They typically have about 10-20 used Jags on the lot. They have another Jade '97 VDP advertized in last Sunday's paper. Didn't list the price though.

    The only thing I question about mine is that when I had it detailed two weeks ago, the person doing the detailing pointed out some very small "pimples" in the paint on the left-rear panel. After reading your article on spotting paintwork, I think I also see evidence of masking tape on the fender under the trunk lid. I'm now wondering if the car had some work done before I bought it. The panels seem to line up ok and the VIN numbers are intact.

    It came back clean on Carfax. The dealer won't tell me the extent of any service work it had prior to my purchase. It was previously sold and serviced by the same dealership. They just confirmed for me that it had the Select Warranty service inspection performed and the 30K mi service (twice!). Interesting that they would do the Select inspection procedure when they knew the car was beyond the service period (missed it by 4 months!). Does that mean they may have found, but not fixed items? Maybe I should go chat up my service manager some more..
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    Without seeing the car its' tough to tell. Ona Jag if the VIN tags are there then generally it means it hasnt been torqued.

    It might be touch-up...

    I used to run cars through the SE process een if I couldnt certify them (Too old.. too many miles). Actually, when any Jag we got in on trade ran through the shop it was always written as a select check. Maybe it's just the way their system works..

  • sho3sho3 Posts: 28
    Well I have a Taurus SHO as a daily driver
    and with the newer Jaguars increase reliability
    a higher mileage car is probably the way I will
    go. Besides I really don't care for the color white, Titanium, Black and the various shades of red are the color I desire.
    Carfax will not always list a car repair history.
    When I purchase my SHO it had a clean carfax
    history. Ford fleet vehicle sold at auction,
    the car was in an accident and Ford instead
    of repairing the car sold it at an auction.
    The car was purchase by the owner of a body
    shop repaired and sold to me, who did not discover
    the repair history until later. Carfax is a good
    source of info but nothing takes the place
    of a good mechanic.
  • csmason1csmason1 Posts: 10
    Hello everyone. I recently purchased a 93 XJ40 via eBay Motors, and Bill (among others) has been very helpful w/ some of my car issues. (# 208, 275, et al.)

    As an update, I just had the left inner tie rod end replaced and the alignment done. The cabin vibration that was present before the work is now gone, as is the 1-2 inch play in the steering wheel, and I'm happy about that. However, the car now pulls noticeably to the left (to the point that I need to keep nudging the wheel right to avoid drifting), even after the alignment and balancing were done. There was very little pull before the work. And yes, I do have the dreaded wire wheels (but they look so nice!) Any ideas before I take it back to the shop? Are the wire wheels that tough to balance?

    On the audio front--I still haven't checked for the plug, Bill, but after looking at your message for the third time I finally realized that you said, "by the gas tank", while I was looking for a plug near the battery. Duhhhh...I'll find it today, I'm sure. I received the CD changer, and a friend promises to help me mount it above the battery.


    93 XJ40 81K
  • ou814ou814 Posts: 12
    Thanks for the info. Just need clarification on a couple of things. When you say bleed the brakes when I push the piston in are you meaning to open the bleeder valve and let it run out at the caliper instead of pushing it back through the system?

    Also, the reason I asked on the weight of oil is because the dealer said to use 10-30. He said if I use 10-40 I would ruin something with the valves (I think he said guides or seals or something like that, I just wasn't paying as much attention as I should have been). He said I would ruin the motor if I used 10-40. Have you heard of this?

    When you say "hard" miles, what exactly do you mean? High rpm's, a lot of stop and go?

    Lastly where are you located in Florida? I will be down there for the first week in July and if you are close to where I will be I thought it might be nice to meet you since you have been such a great help.


    Rick (loving every minute of driving his new Jag).
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    The shop didnt pre-load the suspension when they aligned the car and I bet the camber is all... (I cant say the word here)ed up. Toe VERY rarely causes a pull, it's camber which does, specifically cross-camber. You could have 3degrees of positive or negative at each front wheel and the car wouldnt pull. But, say you have 0 degrees negative at the left and 2 degrees negative at the right. That's 2 degrees of cross camber and the car will now pull (in this case almost violently) to the left.

    Have the alignment rechecked. And yes those bloody wires, in my experience, are tough to balance.

    I promise I'll grab a pic of what the plug looks like :)

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Correct on the brake bleeding. Open the bleeder screw. In fact, if the fluid that comes out is dirty, I'd bleed the system.

    Oh, CASTROL GT/LMA BRAKE FLUID ONLY!!!! It works MUCH better with english rubber. :)

    And on XJ40s (Which use the AJ6 engine), 10W30 is really too light. In the X300s (Which use the updated AJ16 engine), they do like the lighter oils. 10W40 wont wreck your engine. I use it in the summertime here in Florida because.. well.. I run the hell out of the car and it's always 90+. Unless you're in a really hot climate like me, I think 10W30 is fine.

    I live in Orlando, when ya gonna be down here? I'd love to grab a snack or beer or something! Let me know! Best way to reach me is my cell.. 407-492-4854 I tend to be lazy with my e-mail :)

    As far as hard miles go.. I basically drive the heck out of the thing. Always full throttle, I drive like a complete maniac. I also like knocking the car sideways through corners and stuff. I really beat on it.. but.. it's fun :)

    The other day I took it to Miami and made it back from Aventura (225 miles I think) to Orlando in 3 hours even. Including a stop for gas :)))

  • ou814ou814 Posts: 12
    I will be in Orlando from June 30 until July 4 and then I'm driving to Miami and Key West for a couple of days. I will definitely give you a call when I'm in town.

  • gmangrgmangr Posts: 4
    I have the opportunity to buy a 99 XJR with 28,000 miles with cd, car phone, etc, for $47,900. Any thoughts?
  • vusicvusic Posts: 53
    Sooooo we should call you............Wild Bill????
  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883

    I'll see ya then! You driving or flying? If flying... I know a great cheap car rental place in town.

    Also, you can rent Jags from Budget and Hertz if ya wanna splurge :)

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    Might be a good price might be a bad price.

    What color is it? And Where is it?

  • im_brentwoodim_brentwood Posts: 4,883
    That works for me :)

  • netranger4netranger4 Posts: 149
    Having taken the plant tour at Brown's Lane, Coventry in 1989, is this assembly plant where the new X series cars are assembled? At that time, the engine plant was in another area of Coventry over toward Meriden I believe. The bodies were trucked in from Pressed Steel Fisher in Castle Bromwich near Birmingham on BRG Leyland canvas covered trucks 3 or 4 at a time stored in a staging building and fed to the line as required. Brown's Lane is a very small plant which at that time was producing about 50 cars of all types per day on two shifts. Ford had a large plant in Bridgend, Wales which was building Escorts or Thames vans. Is this where the new X Series is being assembled?
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