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2014 Lexus GS 350 Lease Questions

Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,980
edited January 30 in Lexus
Welcome to the Edmunds discussion dedicated to 2014 Lexus GS 350 leasing questions.

Here you can find and discuss all the latest lease details for the 2014 GS 350, including cap costs, money factors, residual values, acquisition fees, etc. Please post any leasing questions you have or any details you’d like to share about your own lease deals.

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  • Please redirect me if this post belongs somewhere else.

    I want to order a 2014 GS 350 AWD; however, the dealers say and the "Build Your Lexus" function at the site seems to confirm, that there is no way to configure the following car, even though the same site shows all of the items available in the narrative section and many of the items are promoted in print and media advertising. This same configuration was available for order in the 2013, plus Night Vision, now sadly discontinued. Some, but not all of the items are available on the F Sport or on the RWD - neither of which am I interested.

    Starfire Pearl/Fax Interior
    1.Luxury Package with heated rear seats & Cold Weather Package (Cut and Pasted
    from the Lexus site.)
    2.Navigation System (Cut and Pasted from the Lexus site.)
    3.Pre-Collision System with Driver Attention Monitor, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (Cut and Pasted from the Lexus site.)
    4.Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning (Cut and Pasted from the Lexus
    5.Blind Spot Monitor (Cut and Pasted from the Lexus site.)
    6.Heads-up Display (Cut and Pasted from the Lexus site.)
    7.Intuitive Parking Assist (Cut and Pasted from the Lexus site.)
    8.Body Side Moldings
    9.Illuminated Door Sills
    10.Remote Engine Starter

    Also, Lexus Press releases indicated that Automatic Trunk open/close would be available, but I see it nowhere. Fold Away mirrors are included in the Blind Spot option as shown on the Lexus site.

    Can anyone help me with this - I am ready to order the car now! I tried to order a 2013 in August, but I was too late.

    I am in the West Los Angeles area.
  • Hi KYFDX,

    What are the current MF and RV for a 2014 GS350 27mo 12k per year?

    Many thanks!
  • 2014 GS350 27mo 12k per year
    .00065 to .00090 MF (depending on region) and 70% residual


    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • 2014 GS350 RWD, base $47,700. 27 mo, 10k per year, Lexus December special, Lease $499 mo.
    $1,999due at signing. Complimentary First Month's Payment**, based on
    MSRP of $54,477. What is the MF and Residual. Any dealer incentive?
  • 2014 GS350 RWD 27mo 10k per year
    .00065 to .00090 MF (depending on region) and 71% residual


    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Hi kyfdx,

    Can you provide the latest MF and Residuals on 2014 GS350 RWD 27mo 12k per year?

    Socal market.

    I want to see if numbers changed on Dec 1. Thanks!
  • Is this a good deal?

    MSRP $56, 205
    Price 50,900 - includes the 1,250 rebate incentive from Lexus, also $1000 current owner loyalty available additional
    27 month lease
    Money Factor- 0.00060

    12K - 70% residual - 428 mo
    15K - 68% residual - 469 mo

    Paying just bank, DMV, dealer and 1st payment, NJ sales tax apprx - $3K
  • 2014 GS350 RWD 27mo, 12K/yr lease
    .00090 MF and 70% residual..

    The numbers from November were supposed to be good through the end of the year, so if they've changed, I don't know about it.


    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • 2014 GS350 MSRP $54k, zero due at signing, $3600 refundable deposit, 12k miles.
    $430 inc tax for 27 mo. $450 inc tax for 36 mo.

    Is this a good deal, please? I guess I shouldn't care if it's a 27 or 36 since I didn't put anything down.

    Thank you.
  • Does that 0 down at signing mean that the bank fee and dealer fees are already included in the lease payment? So the only check you are writing is the $ 3,500 plus license fees?
  • Correct. They told me it would be $3600 plus first month I believe. I'm wondering how good a deal this is. I just emailed a whole bunch of dealers and they aren't balking on beating it.
  • I am receiving a similar deal

    Also wondering how good a deal
  • With that much of a security deposit (Multiple Security Deposits) are you getting a reduction in the lease money factor? What is your money factor on the lease?
  • greg0riogreg0rio Posts: 10
    edited December 2013
    $54,048 MSRP (prior to delivery)
    $48,238.75 Gross Cap Cost
    $38,194.10 Residual Cost
    27 months
    27,000 miles total
    $394.49+$35.50 tax=$429.99/month
    Due at signing $4,030 (First months payment of $430.00 and $3600 fully refundable deposit)

    Could not get them to go lower nor could I get another dealer to even match it.

    FYI, they told me it would be $550/month with out MSDs.
  • What dealer? I was getting quoted $430 wo MSD just initial fees n tax paid upfront I'm in NJ
  • Keyes Lexus in Van Nuys, CA.
    $430 inclusive of tax and absolutely nothing out of pocket except for the MSDs. No initial fees or taxes.
  • Just got a quote of $2000 sign and drive with $500 a month (all fees and taxes inc.)

    27 mth. 10k miles a year.
    MF = .0006
    Res. = .71
    MSRP = 61760

    Is this a good deal for a 2014 gs350 awd F sport?
  • What state are you in?
  • hi, what is the first name of the person who gave you the numbers? we are looking for a GS350 thx

    how many months and miles?
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