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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pmagganpmaggan Posts: 62
    Bauer24, I am in Dayton and ended up buying from Honda East using the quote I got from their website. (See my previous posts). I assume you have already checked with them, but if not, give them a try. They have wonderful service hours as well and a lifetime warranty on the car if you get it serviced there.

    The "up north" dealers were useless when it came to negotiating.
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76
    Grats on your good deal.

    When Santa Ana first replied with a 17,199 offer did you tell them you had a trade-in or was that for car only? How did you get in touch with their internet sales person? I looked on their website and couldn't find an email.

    It's a bit hard to say what the actual price we can get a car for if there is a trade involved. Dealers can give you any price they want and make it up on the trade.

    I also received a $17,595 email price from Norm Reeves this is with destination & no trade-in. I'd like to match the $17,199 price that sychin got, maybe things will be better this coming weekend. I'm in S. Cal and would like to hear what other people are getting bids for. I'm interested in auto SE.


  • Hi all,

    I'm in the Los Angeles area and new to the forum. I am ready to buy. I am looking at buying the 2007 Accord 2.4 EX-L Automatic COUPE with or without navigation (depending on the price). I got quoted 21,700 this weekend for the 2.4 exL without navigation. Is this a good deal or still a bit high? Should I wait until Labor day? Will the prices be much different?
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    its good, but I think you can go a bit lower. Good luck! There is no reason for a dealer to hold on to the car. 08's are here soon! This is a good deal, but I know you can do better.
  • lfrancolfranco Posts: 1
    Got a quote for an Honda Accord SE 4cyl. AT no navigation Sedan of $17,300 without destination or taxes. I'm in NYC. Is this a good a good price or can I go lower???
  • megankpmegankp Posts: 17
    Hi David,

    At first, Honda of Santa Ana emailed me with a quote similiar to the one that I also got from Norm Reeves. The quote was $17,595 with destination. I didn't tell him anything about the trade-in because we thought that the dealership would give us a very low price for it. I only discussed the price of the car. There was absolutely no pressure to buy. So after 2 weeks, I emailed him again saying that I want to buy the car matching the price that sychin got. He said OK but when I went to the dealership I said: "Can you give me an additional $199 discount?" He said: "I'll see what I can do" and walked into his office and did the paperwork. He came out with the paper listing the price at $17,000 + TTL, the keys to the car and that was it. We went to the finance office and complete the paperwork. He left to get my car fill up with gas since we have to drive back to San Diego.

    What I would recommend is do a lot of research by reading the posting on this forum. We went to several dealerships as well just to check it out. It also help if you are nice to the guy and don't act so tough.

    As I mentioned in my previous posting, Riverside Honda did not give us a good deal for the trade, not even any where near the value of KBB. So did CarMax, they appraised the car even lower than Riverside Honda. I did A LOT of research on pricing so I know how much the trade-in value was for the vehicle.

    When we bought the car, the salesman indicated that there aren't that many SE left. I think he said he only have couple in Cool Blue and Red. You might just want to check-in with him. If you want, send me your email address and I will give you the name of the salesman. All I did was send out for a quote through Edmunds and he reply. Anyway, good luck with your search. :)

    P.S. I emailed Norm Reeves and indicated the offer of $17199 from Honda of Santa Ana. The salesman said he could not match the offer and can only sell me the car for $17,300 + TTL without accessories.

    Is this an amazing deal or can I do better? I do not want to push too far...
  • mjk5mjk5 Posts: 43
    I'm just wondering how low I could get the EX-L coupe out the door? Could I get it down to like $19k or so?

    Also, is it worth it to buy a 2007 right now considering next generation accords are coming out in October? I really need a new car right now and can't wait that long, but will I lose quite a bit of money? I'm looking to only have this car for like a year and trade it in next year for the next gen TL

    Could I also get some tips on how to go about negotiating for an online quote?
  • cinkcink Posts: 11
    At this time of yr, no dealer should be talking about destin. fees because they are trying hard to push accords off the lot. The only fee that is standard in SW ohio is the Document fee ($250), which I believe is really the salesperson's commission, because there isnt much other money left on the table if you get an LX or SE 4 cylinder for 17k, plus or minus. The best deals are at the dealers where you see the most accords- Wyler and Performance.
  • How low do you think I can go for the 2.4 EXL 07 Accord coupe out the door price?
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    That is a bit on the high side.. next time do a bit more research and ask questions on here.
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76
    As far as I know this is the lowest price I've seen yet on the forums for a SE automatic. I'd love to get this price.

    Perhaps you're thinking of the VP?

  • scottrlscottrl Posts: 15
    Hi. Was the 22680 EXL v6 price for the coupe or sedan? Is there a difference? I realize that was a Jul30 price any chance that's still going on? Thanks.
  • So far the lowest I got is Kay Honda for 17887 including destination. Willis Honda supposedly will any price lower than their by $200. I am going to try to see if I can do it and also see if any other dealers can beat it.
  • honda accord coupe EX: 18,500 best offer

    why are people more interested in the EXL? Just because leather/alloy wheels?
    THe seats get too hot in the summer and too cold in winter...

    can someone please respond to my inquiries about any better prices...i cannot find any on the website!

  • megankpmegankp Posts: 17
    Hmm...Really...How interesting... :confuse: How much would you pay for the car then? Why don't you post the pricing that you would pay for this particular vehicle in the forum so everyone can know what they should be targeting for according to different regions of the country? From what I can tell, there are quite a few people looking for the SE. I think everyone would be interested in seeing what you have say.

    Regardless, I am content with the price and can't ask for much more. :shades: I think I might just trade-in another car to buy the CR-V. ;)
  • All Honda sold at Henderick comes with: wheel locks, pin strips, mud guard, door/wheel well guards and floor mats. They get to charge you 399 for processing fee instead of 299 from most dealers. So now you know where the extra 100 goes to.

    I have to come back another day for them to put the wheel locks, door/wheel well guards. I might decline the pin strips. I also needed an alignment as my car is pulling to the right. Does anyone realized that when you pop up the trunk and look at the back of the trunk. There is no trunk lining. You can see holes and electrical wires running toward the lights. Did they forget to cover it up for me? The salesman said it is standard on all Accord. Also noticed there is no keyhole to open the trunk. I can see myself enjoying their free coffee and tea this weekend again.
  • Leesburg Honda.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    The V6 has a trunk liner but the 4 cyl does not. I guess I'm too tall because I've never noticed the wires.

    There is no place for a key in the trunk or passenger side door. The only keyhole is the driver's side door.
  • amshereamshere Posts: 19
    I am supposed to go at Hendrick on Saturday at 10.00 AM to put mud guards.When are you going there. I was told that they don't put wheel locks on LX .Thats why I was checking with you.Do you already have wheel locks on your car?If yes then probably I might go and ask them to put them on mine too.If you are there the same day then let me know.Mail me at
  • bauer24bauer24 Posts: 21
    Thank you PM. The offer I got from East was too high. 19,840 for SE plus tax and title (at least 1,0000 more than what I was getting in other quotes)! People need a choice-not monopolization of getting a warranty and charging $1,000 more. Plus, may be moving and that doesn't do us any good. Yes, the Dayton dealers don't seem right. The somewhat larger volume dealer Hidy Honda emailed back said they could beat any deal as long as it is a valid offer and to bring it in. When I quoted the price of 17,200 they told me they could not beat that price. What is up with that? Should be called Lidy Honda! By the way, Go Boro!
  • I picked up an EX-L V6 sedan, including wheel locks and mud guards, for $22,600 excluding TTL from a So. Cal dealer. The dealership was great, fast, and easy to work with.
  • Thanks to everyone who has posted in this thread. It has really opened up my eyes as to what a "good deal" is.

    I am buying a 4 cyl Accord EX-L and the best quote I have gotten is from Honda Marysville for $21000, $22709.34 out the door. This is beating the Columbus dealers by nearly $1200, although Honda East has stepped up with an offer a little under $22000.

    From what I have read on this forum, I think $21k for a EX-L is a pretty good deal.

    Which dealership did you get this quote from? I am in the SoCal area as well.
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76
    Hi Megankp,

    Thanks for all the good information. Can you please send contact information & the email of your Santa Ana sales person. My email is kw_da "at" Please replace "at" with "@" and there are no spaces. (I hope I don't get a lot more spam now).



    Did you get the quote for 21000 for the sedan or coupe?

    I've been trying to figure out a good deal is for the 2.4L EX-L Coupe Automatic, with and without navigation....
  • Sedan... w/o Navi
  • Hi,
    Congrats on your new Accord! Would you be willing to email me the sales info and price breakdown for Hendricks at
    vkirti2000 at Thanks,
  • I bought it at Norm Reeves in Cerritos (

    Here's the purchase price breakdown:

    EX-L V6 AT 4-door w/out navi (including mud guards and wheel locks) - $22,600
    plus Tax of 7.75% and title of $301 (including $55 doc fee)

    OTD Price - $24,642

    The V6 with navi was quoted at $1800 more than the $22600, but I didn't try to negotiate that price. It took some negotiation to get the mud guards and wheel locks thrown in for the $22,600 price, which was their original quoted price.

    I figure I saved about $6200 off sticker with the accessories and the sales tax savings. Not bad.
  • hanparkhanpark Posts: 2
    I was curious why the accord and the civic are pretty much the same OTD price.
    I'm thinking about getting a car soon and was originally researching civics until I came to this forum and saw that people were getting the same price for LX models for each respective vehicle. Any help would be appreciated.
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