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Dodge Durango Maintenance and Repair

My 1999 Durango started to turn off while driving. It started about 2 weeks ago and I do not know what it is. I tried moving a few cables around the main computer board (top passenger side of the engine)and all<IFRAME SRC=


  • I have a 1998 Durango SXT. The manual says the dealership has to activate the rolling door locks which locks the doors at 15 mph, but they want 75 bucks to do it! Anyone know a trick to get them to work?
  • Our new durango, now at 7350 miles, has stalled today for the third time. The first time it happened I was baking up our utility trailer into a parking space. The vehicle had just over 3000 miles at the time. We asked the dealer service manager about it when we had an oil change and he said it was just a "breaking in period." The second time I was slowing to go around a sharp corner. This was at about 7000 miles. The dealer took it for two days and found a "loose module" on the computer and "hoped" that it wouldn't happen again. Today I was making a U-turn and it stalled. The dealer is going to have a technician drive it for a few days and try to recreate the circumstances. Has anyone else been having this problem?
  • 04's seemed to have this problem and I believe a service bulletin was put out for it. Check here for any recalls:
  • I have an 05 SLT Hemi and had to have the throttle body replaced at 3000 miles. They had it for almost 2 weeks (fixed) the problem gave it back and still has the same problem. Research the lemon law and see if you qualify.
  • I have a 98 durango 4x4 w/318. A couple of years ago, I had a loud vibrating noise in the rear and it eventually got so loud that I could not hear on a phone with the truck running. At the time the dealership told me it was my tires. I later found out it was my rear end. Which they replaced.

    Ok. Now I have the exact sound but in the front and it has been getting louder and louder almost to the point that you can't hear anything else. I am assuming it is my front end. The alignment is fine, the wheels are balanced and it has new tires. I have checked fluid levels in both ends and replaced the fluid in the transfercase because it seemed to be scortched.

    According to Chilton I tested the vibration, (which starts at about 20mph and continuously gets worse with speed), it starts at 2000 on my tach. Chilton says to change gears and see if it does the same at the same rpm. This does not make any difference. According to Chilton this is supposed to mean it is in my driveshaft.

    Between my transfercase and my front end there is about an inch of play in the shaft.

    Also after driving, the passenger side of the differential was very warm compared to the other side.

    Initially presumed I would have to replace the front end. Now after reading through some threads here, I'm hoping it may not come to that.

    Any help or advice would be great, thx
  • Finally solved the problem.

    Like everyone else's, it only stalled during hot weather and I tried all the solutions suggested on these forums including replacing the various sensors.

    The only thing left was the PCM (Power Control Module). The dealer wanted $700 to change it out and wouldn't sell me one. Said I couldn't do it because I had no way to program it.

    After months of searching I found one at and they told me it was already pre-programed and all I had to do was disconnect the battery, take out the old and plug in the new. I did and it's now been six months (including VERY hot weather) and no stalling.

    The part number at is 790147. The cost is $216.79 plus a refundable $70 core charge.

    Good Luck!

  • Our 2005 hemi durango stalled at about 8500 miles. It happened while I was making a corner at about 15 mph. I took it to the dealer and they put a flash update in it. They were aware of the problem and said some other hemi's were doing this but there is no recall. They are not totally sure of the problem, they called it an " anomaly". It happened to me again just at about 10000 miles after they said it wouldn't happen again. The second time I was driving and going about 20 mph. My husband fears for our safety. Does anyone have advice where I can go from here? We were considering a buy back or if it is possible, I don't know. I don't feel safe in this car.
  • My 1999 Dodge Durango hit 100,000 miles and began stalling on a regular basis. Plenty of fuel, serviced regularly.

    Mechanics convinced me a new fuel pump was the problem. $390.00 and two
    hours later, it stalled again.

    Nearing a grand in labor and parts now, the computer brain was replaced only
    to have the darn thing stall yet again. Sensors, coils. gaskets, you name it, all
    checked, repaired, replaced. Still stalling.

    Shame, because the car isn't worth squat to trade or sell because so many
    people are aware of the Durango's lousy engines. Wish I had researched the
    internet before buying one. Never another Dodge for this family.

  • There are LOTS of people having this problem with stalling, including myself. From reading these forums, it seems that this problem has existed in both the Durango and the Ram with Hemi since they were first produced. I have had my '05 Durango with Hemi serviced a few times for a problem that absolutely exists but can never be duplicated in the shop. In all fairness, my dealership has been great so far but it is getting to the point that they have no idea what to do with it and I don't feel safe driving it.

    As far as I know, although both the US and Canadian transportation authorities are currently investigating the issue, there haven't been any recalls or service bulletins issued in Canada or the US. The Canadian site doesn't provide much info. but the US site does. In fact, I suggest you read the letter from Chrysler to the transportation authority, it's very interesting.

    Anyway, I will bring my D back to the shop tomorrow and maybe, just maybe they'll be able to find the cause of the problem. I just hope I don't stall on the highway and get smucked by a tractor trailer on the way to the dealership.

    One last's really important that quality issues which aren't addressed by the dealership or manufacturer are reported to the proper authorities. Especially when safety is a concern. The squeaky wheel gets the oil...right?
  • Have replaced o2 sensors on 2000 Durango 4.7L twice. Check engine light comes on each time after fourth (approx.) start of engine. Took to dealer who diagnosed and said that PCM needs replacing and that the o2 wire harnesses are fried and need replacing also. Cost is excessive. Anyone else heard of a similiar situation and beter remedy?
  • Has anyone experienced a problem with their overhead console temperature read-out getting stuck on the wrong external temperature? For example, according the the overhead external temp display will give you the temp. reading of 10 to 20 degrees lower than the correct external temp. It will do this intermittently, and after driving the Durango for 15-20 minutes the temp will eventually correct itself. Dodge has had the dealership replace the front control module, but as I drove it from the dealership the overhead temp. was reading 69 degrees and the true external temp. was 79 degrees!!! Dealership is scratching their heads. Dodge is clueless. Anyone else having this problem out there?????
  • Hey Dave,

    have you installed the new PCM at the same place without any changes. I read in a other Durango Forum that you maybe shoud give the unit more air to breath (cooling).
    Was there any changes in the preformance or is there no diffence between before and after??

  • Headlights AND parking lights go off, both while driving and parked. Tail lights DO NOT go off. Fog lights, if switched on, stay on (fortunately!!!)

    Very intermittant, dealer "cannot reproduce the problem", have had it in the shop 6-7 times since 9/28, cannot fix. Anyone know a good lawyer??.

    Anyone else hear of this??

    And yes, my outside temp display is usually wrong...
  • Dealer had the Durango all day today trying to "reproduce the problem". naturally, they could not. Did the "wiggle test" on all lighting connectors, checked wiring etc. Dodge/Chrysler told them it "could' be some module that controls the headlights (DUH!!!), dealer says we can try it, but they cannot guarantee that will fix it since....they can't "reproduce the problem" this is a "try it and see"... to the tune of $821.00. (this is a "restricted part" whatever that is...) Of course, since it's electrical, there's no return if it doesn't solve the problem. Awfully expensive gamble. So, I'm hoping that somewhere in all the wiggles that it healed itself...I think that's my best hope at this point.....
  • dwsundwsun Posts: 2
    I have a new 05 Durango, with 2356 miles on it. It has stalled on me about 10 times. It happens every time I make a slow turn. Today, I almost was hit when I stalled making a right turn at a light. I lost power steering and came close to running into a truck. I am very concerned about my safety.
  • dwsundwsun Posts: 2
    I have a new Dodge Durango with 2356 miles on it. It has stalled about 10 times on me and is getting worse. Can you tell me, if anything, what has happen since you wrote this. I am very concerned about my family's safety.

  • i have a 2000 dodge durango with the 4.7 engine,it has been getting terrible gas mileage all of a sudden,it has dropped to 5mpg and the check engine light is on,i can remove battery terminal and it resets itself and runs smooth and check engine light stays off for awhile then it comes back on,while light is on its smoking dark black but does stop completely when cable is removed and hooked back up to battery,i replaced one co2 sensor that was closed up,it ran good afterwards for a few days,sometimes it loads up and bucks and struggles then smoothes out,when its running rough and i let of gas it blows out rich black heavy smoke,i have coded it and it comes up as fuel delivery system and notes quite a few possibilities,i have also paid to have it on a dealership computer which just said same thing as my hand held coder,anyway i was hoping to see on the forum a listing of same problem but no luck,i am a cerified motorcycle mechanic and do most of my auto repairs but this problem is starting to add up with trouble shooting and test parts etc. any help would be surely appreciated,me and a few others next guess would be the map sensor,but these hit and misses are hurting my wallet not to mention the gas at 5 mpg and of course it looks like a diesel while running*/***please help a bewildered mopar fan,of course it was much easier to diagnose problems before big brother-washington and detroit figured we needed more complicated vehicles**
  • Yes, I have the same problem with the temp read out as well. Haven't taken it to the dealer as of yet to see what they have to say about it. Still, with 19k miles on it so far, no other complaints or issues. Try the K&D air filter, makes a big difference in fuel consumption.
  • alabaalaba Posts: 1
    The headlight problem sounds like the dimmer switch, which is located in with the turn signal assembly.
  • jidgejidge Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Durango/4.7L. Had check engine light come on and my mileage dropped to about 8 mpg from 10 mpg with a sluggish feeling in the gas pedal and some hesitation. Just heard back from the dealer that I need one O2 sensor and a new fuel pump assembly as the code came up "low fuel pressure." Unfortunately, they want $750 to replace the fuel pump assembly which I've opted not to do at this time. Will first check to see if the new O2 sensor helps. If not, I may have to replace the in-tank fuel pump assembly, but not at the dealer for $750.
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