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GMC Jimmy Starting and Stalling Problems



  • I have a 98 Jimmy and recently replaced the ignition switch after the key got locked in it. Now it will start, but dies almost immediately. I changed the fuel filter and can hear the fuel pump engaging, so can anyone help me figure out what might be wrong with it? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated! Jennifer
  • I have a 2001 Jimmy that I've had so many issues with. I just replaced the fuel pump 3 weeks ago. Now it's stalling when I come to a stop. The service engine light came on & when I had it tested I was told it was an emissions leak? Then I took it in to the shop (3 times this week) and the truck does nothing??? No service engine light, drives fine for them. As soon as I leave (and the shop's closed) it stalls?! As a guess they installed a crank position sensor yesterday. Seems a little better today but.....Has anyone else had to replace this???
  • A bad EGR or IAC can cause this problem. If either one stays open while letting up on the gas pedal or at a stop, stalling can happen. Also, being you replaced the fuel pump, the higher pressure could have finished opening up a cracked fuel return line inside the plenum which causes the engine to run rich because there is fuel inside the plenum. Generally speaking though, a bad EGR and IAC will throw a code (check engine light will come on).
  • If your Jimmy has the anti-theft key (chip in the key) and you replaced the ignition with a new key that is also an anti-theft key, you will have to have the new key programed to your vehicle.
  • Thank you:-) I'm going to see how it drives today & let the shop know!! THANKS AGAIN!!!
  • No anti-theft key. I'm thinking it's probably an electrical issue? But, thanks for the reply!
  • Is there a fuel pump cut off switch somewhere that I can reset?
  • I'm not sure about a cut-off switch causing the problem. Normally if the cut-off switch is tripped, you have to reset it before the fuel pump will even start. Clogged filter or bad fuel pump can cause this problem. Check your fuel pressure. I think it should be around 55 - 60 psi with key on, engine off, and around 50 - 55 psi with engine running. This would also be a good time to check leak-down of the fuel injector. If pressure is good, leave the pressure gage on and see how long it holds pressure with the key off. This should last at least 10 minutes. You also have fuel pump relay in the glove box (I think). If the relay is bad, it will shut down your pump. If the relay is in the glove box, there should also be a horn relay next to it. They both look alike and are the same. You can switch the two relays around (one for the other) and if the problem goes away, then the relay was bad. If not, then the relay is ok. Double check the security/anti-theft if applicable by locking and unlocking your system with the key at the door.

    So in short, I would check things in this order.

    1. relay
    2. fuel pressure

    3. replace filter if pressure is low but holding
    (but you replaced it)

    4. check for voltage drop at fuel pump (should be 12 volts)
    5. replace pump if pressure is still low
  • I put the old ignition switch back on and now it's starting and running just fine. Could AutoZone have given me the wrong part or maybe a bad one? Hopefully it continues to start and run right. I appreciate all your advice and if it happens again I will be sure and try the things you suggested.
  • It could be possible that you got the wrong ignition from AutoZone. The reason that I was focusing on the security aspect is that this all happened after you changed the ignition switch and that if something else was wrong, it would be purely coincidental, like you know, one in a billion chance. My personal opinion is to stay away from AutoZone when it comes to electronics of any type and most other things. I have been turning wrenches for thirty years and I have narrowed it down to a few sources that I use and trust. Advance Auto, NAPA, and Car Quest. I stay away from parts manufacturer names like Wells, Master, and Exact. Stick with names that are trusted like; AC, Autolite, Bosch, Standard, GP Sorenson, and OE names. If I were you, I would establish a good relationship with one or two very well established parts stores that have knowledgeable sales people and strong management. I have done this over the years and it has been very helpful. I establish cash commercial accounts and treat them as if I want to be treated. This gives you negotiating power. I get commercial pricing and I like to beat them down on prices as well from time to time. Example is like when I replaced a radiator in a 95 Jimmy, I purchased it for 123.00. I even get delivery service if time is on my side. I take in doughnuts from time to time; this will win you friends every time.
  • Previous owner lied. They did NOT :mad: :mad: replace the fuel pump as they said. I dropped the tank and pulled the pump out. The sock filter was not on the pump and all kinds of trash :sick: was in the pump pick-up. It was like trying to breath through a pillow :P . I cleaned the tank and replaced the pump with a new bosch pump and filter. Runs like a champ. :shades:
  • it is getting gas to fuel pressure check valve. i was told i need to bleed the fuel injector is this right, and if it is how do i? does someone know how a site that would show step by step how to do this?
  • Fuel injector's bleed themselves when they open. If you are getting 55-60 psi of fuel pressure with the key on engine off, then pressure is good. I assume you have a 4.3V6. If you do, the injector is inside the plenum and you must remove the upper plenum to access the injector. You do have a fuse that is for the injector(s), check it. Do you have spark? You have several fuses and relays that can affect the no start. Purchase a Haynes Repair Manual at a parts store for around $20.00. I dont know what all of the problems that you have, but in short, get the manual if you plan on doing things yourself.
  • i have fire, can get the jimmy to run if i manualy pour gas through the choke. i have a manual (chilton) not much help so far anymore ideas really appreciate it. get all kinds of pressure at the fuel check valve on the fuel rail. so i think maybe the fuel injector. could that be it?
  • My '98 Jimmy won't start easily in the mornings. Turns over but takes a few times of key on and off to start.

    However, it starts up like a new vehicle on my lunch break and after work. I'm puzzled. Please help. I've changed both the fuel filter and fuel pump last year and haven't had trouble since until now.

    Any ideas???
  • Me thinks that you may have a bad distributor cap (if equipped) if you have 4.3 V6. When was the last time a tune-up was done?
  • Yes, you could have a bad injector providing there are no blown fuses. I assume that you have a 4.3 V6. Pull your oil dip-stick and see if you are getting gas in your oil. If you suspect gas in the oil, remove the cover on the upper plenum and remove the manifold tuning valve and look inside the plenum. There should be no presence of gas inside of there. If there is gas in the plenum, you have a cracked or broken fuel line. This common for the 4.3 that has the spider fuel injection system. If you see clean areas, you have a leak. This is a easy but expensive fix. I replace the spider when I replace the fuel line kit. If the lines are broken or cracked, do not repair the lines, replace the lines with a new kit.
  • Hi,

    Had similar problem. Found a breakdown on the coil to distributor high voltage wire inside the plastic protective cover. A pin hole area was covered with white high tension voltage arching. Replaced wire from a new set of spark plug wires, thread it into the protective covering and everything is fine.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks....I'll try looking at both the distributer cap and rotor (haven't done it in over 65000 miles).

    I'll also check the high voltage wire from the coil to distributor..

    Any other ideas before I start?
  • I have now had my Jimmy at 3 places & one was a GMC dealer. The dealer said my fuel pump was bad that I just replaced. So, after replacing it & the fuel filter AGAIN it stills stalls mainly in the morning when I'm heading out for the day, but will start right up in the afternoon with no hesitation?! Is it possible that the fuel pressure regulator is bad??? I'm at my wits end with this vehicle? HELP!!!!
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