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2001 - 2006 Honda CR-Vs

meredithmeredith Posts: 578
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  • Hello everyone! With the gasoline prices hovering around $2/gal, I've found a great way for everyone to save money. At, you can now bid on gasoline! You can actually save as much as 30 cents/gal. I bid $1.49/gal for 92 octane, which goes for $1.79/gal at most gas stations, and it was accepted! The gas station wasn't necessarily in my area, about 10 miles away, but I would save $6 per fill up! If I had bid $1.59/gal, I would get a closer location. Either way, you don't have to pay what you're paying now!!!!! BTW, it's not available in some states.
  • carguy62carguy62 Posts: 545
    Not sure where you live bro but we had the highest prices in the country a month or two ago and they are now lower than they were in January. No $2/gallon anywhere in the US that I know of. What's the real deal?
  • carguy,

    It was $2.19 for 92 octane in Vegas the last time I was there.
  • I forgot to mention that my bid of $1.36/gal for 92 octane was accepted by Priceline. I saved almost 50 cents/gal yesterday, as the price shot up to $1.85/gal.

    I'm not sure what you're insinuating with the "what's the deal" question, but all I'm doing is trying to save people money. 50 cents may not seem much, but I would save more than $40/month on gas because of Priceline. I don't work for Priceline nor get any referral commission, if that's what you're thinking. I'm not too fond of Priceline's hotel reservations though, ever since they messed up my last request.
  • beatfarmerbeatfarmer Posts: 244
    And they offered to save me a whopping 2 cents. They claimed the average price is $1.57 for the stations I picked but the posted price at the stations was 1.49-1.52. Might be a good deal in some places but not everywhere.
  • beatfarmer,

    Which city do you live in? I will research your city and see how low the prices can get.

    Here's several tips that will help you save:

    1) Bid as low as possible. If $1.20 fails, try $1.21, then $1.22..... That way you'll know what the lowest possible accepted price is. If your offer is rejected, it will say to try again in 24 hours, but ignore this, you can bid again by returning to the Priceline home page, then starting over.

    2) Pick the 3 gas stations (in your area) which you do not frequent. That way, when your get a "maybe" as an answer, they will offer an alternate gas station that will accept your price, which may be the gas station you frequent.
    This is how I got a gas station that was less than a mile from my home. The alternate gas stations seems to change often, so even if you get the lowest prices, keep trying to get the station you prefer.

    3) Pick 3 gas stations with the lowest prices.... for example, Mobil is cheaper in my area than 76, so I chose 3 Mobil stations. The lower the average price of the three stations, higher your chance is.

    4) Keep trying! It took me about an hour to get the right price and preferred gas station. Once you get the hang of it, you'll know all the tricks to get the lowest price.

    Sheesh, the last time I paid $1.36 for 92 octane
    was several years ago!
  • gold,

    Congrats. All the items, except the rear mud guards, are optional equipment.


    $750 over invoice seems kinda high for this close to a model year close out. What's the other dealer's offer? Have u checked out or Currently, you can get $100 rebate from, if you purchase with Carorder or Carsdirect.
  • tronsrtronsr Posts: 46
    checked out priceline and ended up getting citgo regular for 1.26/gal...regular price in melbourne,Fla. area is 1.46. thanks for the tip.
  • tronsrtronsr Posts: 46
    i will try again. price was 1.46/gal. i got it for 1.26/ gal. thanks for the tip. i will use priceline to buy my gas.
  • Does anyone know how to take out the CR-V stereo? I have a disc changer and am trying to get the factory CD stereo out to wire the disc changer and can't find how it comes out. I'm sure there are hidden bolts somewhere and I've searched the internet for a diagram but haven't come up with anything. Has anyone upgraded the stereo at all. How do you get the darn thing out?
  • tronsr,

    Good to hear. Was 20 cents the lowest they would accept? I was able to get 35 cents off 87 octane; 30 cents off 89 oct; and 46 cents off 92 oct. I'm sure there are other tricks I'm not aware of, I'll be sure to post if I find them.
  • Hi,

    You can check out the installation instructions for the Honda cassette player at:

    It involves the same basic area and should help out.

  • Thank you for your help in deciding to buy a CRV and for pricing info. I planned to replace my '91 Acura Integra with a newer model. I wasn't happy with what they'd done to the car and expressed such to the dealer. He suggested I check out the CRV. I had already done much car buying research, but began a search to see if people liked this vehicle. I found you all and have never seen such enthusiasm!

    I have owned a blue CRV EX for about a week and except for trying to get used to the angle of the steering wheel and missing my moonroof (after 16 yrs. of having--may have to add), I'm very satisfied with this choice. (Other family members now think they want an SE, so keep posting your pricing info., please!

    I got the car for $20,295 (w/ fees) + tax. (Kansas City area) My trade-in was the major point of contention which caused me to walk. Went back to cocky dealership, who wouldn't quote a price saying they'd just beat all others, and they said the deal wasn't matchable and wouldn't really happen. Oh, yeah?!

    As to the nice Acura dealer who steered me elsewhere---he will probably be selling my mother a TL!
  • beatfarmerbeatfarmer Posts: 244
    I live in Baltimore. I think the problem is in when the price is updated. I tried priceline and then looked at the prices at the stations the next day. Looks like the price dropped 3-5 cents at some stations overnight.
  • I currently own a Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Grand Cherokee. I am looking for something small like the Wrangler, but with some comforts for road trips. The Grand Cherokee is nice, but gas mileage is awful and I have experienced some mechanical problems with it, although it is only a '98 model. The CRV is on my shortlist. I really like the SE. I have not driven one yet, but if it is a Honda, it can't be too bad. Price is really the deciding factor, I think. carsdirect has the SE at $100 over invoice. Of course, I can add the $100 rebate from Gomez and that will put me at invoice. I have not checked with any dealers here in the Atlanta area yet (I hate dealing with salespeople). Does anyone have any "pleasant" experiences here in Atlanta that they could share or experiences with Carsdirect they would like to share?
  • crvsecrvse Posts: 18
    Congrats! I too purchased a Naples Gold CRV-SE in March for the wife. She loves the look, ride, features and comfort it offers. Her favorite is the ability to go from the front seat to the rear without having to get out of the vehicle. I have to admit that I like driving it more than my Accord sometimes. Hey I'm not gonna give up my Accord, no matter what!
  • beatfarmer,

    My offer of $1.23 was accepted by a Mobil station in Baltimore (Mobil, 400 Russell St,
    Baltimore, MD 21230). That is a savings of $.35/gal. I could probably get less than $1.23, if I tried. I don't know how you only got 2 cents off, but you probably bid too high. I randomly chose 3 gas stations (2 Mobil, 1 Shell). If you can give me your ZIP code, I can probably find a station closer to it.

    Btw, if your bid price is higher than the posted price, Priceline will refund the difference. You can also get a refund on unused gas, especially useful if you purchase 50 gallons at a time.
  • varmitvarmit Posts: 1,125
    mnolan770 - You'll probably find the CR-V to be a good choice. It's about the same size as your JGC. There's only a difference of 5 cu ft in cargo space between them. Though, with the CR-V, you don't have to deal with the JGC'c spare tire in back (pre 99's). Also, the CR-V has more room in the rear seats. My father has a 97 JGC and we have a friendly rivalry regarding comparisons. =)

    What you'll most likely miss is the low end torque. Like many Hondas, the CR-V uses RPMs more than the gas pedal. For this reason, I recommend getting the 5 speed. It'll get up and go if you need it to, but there's a different "philosophy" to how you drive it.

    Take a test drive and let us know what you think.
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