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Mazda MPV



  • msgjvhmsgjvh Posts: 196
    Get the Rug Doctor at Lowe's with the cleaning solution. Use the hottest water you can get and vacuum that stain right outta there. Don't expect it to come up in one pass. You may have to do it a few times. So do the rest of the house at the same time. Thats how I get ours clean but you will never have them looking brand new after having all the kids in the neighborhood around.

  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Hi Badgermomma! (thx marcb...)

    I sent the van to the pros when my dw had her mocha "explode" in the van. There's still a drip of coffee under the trip-reset button on the dash, lol.

    For those stubborn stains, I use Resolve powder. I usually use 2 containers of it, and scrub like crazy, let it sit for 30 minutes (long enough to wash the exterior) and then vacuum it all out thoroughly. However, the powder takes a while to vacuum out, but the van looks brand new (well, almost) after every cleaning. Someone's used Tide and a brush, which would work really good I imagine.

    Reminds, me...time to shovel the kid-junk out of the van again!

  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    Hi all:

    My 00 MPV does not have rear heater( which only comes up with 4 seasons package ), we are moving to the masschussets area.

    I would like to hear from thos living in the Northeast about the need for the rear heater...

    any advice would be helpful !
  • I don't know if Pgh. qualifies as northeast, but in the coldest days last year, nobody complained about freezing their tochas off in the back of "The Prez." With the rear vents right under the front seat, the middle at least gets plenty of heat. Might take a little longer to heat up the back than with the rear heater though.

  • Hi all. Just found the MPV as a great alternative to other minivans out there and both me and my wife have fallen in love with it. Question: has anyone had a major accident with the MPV (front or side impact)? What was the result to the car and to the occupants? The MPV doesn't have rear side airbags and i'm wondering what the affect was on any passengers. Your input is greatly appreciated!
  • marcbmarcb Posts: 152
    being the "official" driver for our new pastors family who's never seen winter before, i was wondering why his kids were complaining about the cold at the start of winter.

    Tried sitting back there and did miss the heat. Turned out ducts were blocked by a volleyball set under the 3rd row left since summer..... i normally do stash snug objects there like an air compressor and a blanket (no rabbits or hidden dragon).

    imho you might need something to heat the rear, the cheapest would be one of those pluggable car heater from car shops. At least you do have the rear cigarette lighter to stick it in so the wire is not in the way.

    On the other hand if money is not the matter, this is a good excuse to get the new 3 litre mpv ;-)
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    We're glad you've both fallen in love with the MPV and that you've found this MPV thread. For crash info (and other info) you might surf over HERE when you get a chance. There are crash test videos under "info" on that site, as well as other information you may find helpful regarding specifically the MPV.

    again, welcome,


  • I'm not sure what's going on, but I've tried to post for two days on the MPV problem board ??
    Anyway, before I type out a third lengthy response, I thought I'd test a message here. Anyone see my response over there?
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    I read you five-by-five!

    I've had the fuel door stick on me, but I have a little can of WD-40 I use to lubricate the workings (cable, latch, pull-switch) and don't have trouble anymore with it.

  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    My 2000 MPV was rear-ended by a Dodge Ram 350 truck with a 5th wheel camper on the interstate. There was over $5,000 worth of damage to the van since the tail gate and rear quarter panel were damaged. The good news is that nobody got hurt, we were able to drive the van after the accident and the tail gate stayed closed. Given the circumstances I was happy with the way the MPV survived the accident. No experience with frontal or side crashes, yet....
  • bob57bob57 Posts: 302
    And I hope we don't read about another one from you...
  • One thing to be aware of in an accident involving the front. My 1992 MPV had a transmission cooler ( like a little radiator ) under the left, front bumper. On vacation a couple of years back, someone bumped us ~5 mph. The $2000 of damage didn't seem too bad ( $800 was the bumper alone ), but the van was incapacitated as the little radiator broke, poring all the engine's transmission fluid onto the ground. It had to be towed from the accident scene. Very unfortunate as we were packed and on our way home. ( Not a good way to extend a vacation ).

    Anyway, my 2001 ES appears to have the same thing. Don't know if it's any well protected or if "all" vans have this.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    All automatics have an oil cooler either in the radiator or mounted externally nearby.

    I remember going through a somewhat shallow river in a '98 MPV 4x4 and had a similar problem. The cooler wasn't damaged, but the hose to it was pushed into the spinning fan and severed. A quick splice and 7 quarts of fluid later, I was back in action.
  • I can a buy an MPV for invoice minus $1000 plus 4.9 financing up to 72 months. I am coming off a lease of my "unreliable" 1999 Chevy Venture and I want something that does break down all the time.

    I am looking an LX with the Security Package and/or 4 season package or rear air.

    Prices range between $24,900 to $25,550 MRSP ($21,900 to $22,400 invoice minus $1000).
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    you should be getting atleast another 1500 off, total of 2500 of MSRP.

    I bought my LX( 00 ), with all packages for 17.5k......

    Why not wait for the 3.0L......a few months away !!!!!!!
  • Sweet Subie

    I would be saving about $3000 off the MRSP plus getting the financing.

    MRSP: $25,210

    Sale Price: $22,200

    I would love to buy a 2002 when they come out in March but you have to figure that the MRSP will rise slightly and even if a dealer sells the vehicle near invoice I'm probably looking at a purchase price around $24,500 with the features I want on it and I may not get the financing as low as it is now.
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    Sorry about that 2.5k number off MSRP......because of the slower 2.5l engine, MPV is selling at huge discounts( 4 to 5k off MSRP ) these days............reduce some more !!!!!!!

    people differ on MPV power a lot.....test drive for while & then decide.......

    MPV is the best minivan as fas as features are concerned !!!!!!!
  • pjd58pjd58 Posts: 366
    I just filled up our MPV for only $13.00, fuel is only .89 in Ohio. Our 01 LX just turned 10K and not one single problem.
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    buy a 00, used.I'll give you 4 reasons.........

    1. 00 has 170hp vs 01 of 160hp.......10 hp loss due to conforming LEV.

    2. MPV has low resale value.......I noticed in Houston sunday paper......unbelievably low prices.......

    Remember mazda, has 3 yr, 50k mile warrty. so 00 used would be a great buy.

    becos of 0% apr for new cars, the used car prices are crashing.......
  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    The single most important factor when deciding to purchase an MPV is Resale value. The MPV is a nice dependable van with many features at a good price. But where you can and will get hit is when you go to sell it later. It shouldn't be, but the perception of being underpowered is very real. I find it to be okay,but buyers and dealers read the reviews and unfortunately they will use that against you when you go to trade it in or sell it. We purchased a 01 LX in July,has 9k miles and no problems,been quite happy with it,but I know that I will get burned later.(My wife loved it and is the primary driver)The problem is if you take out a 4 or 5 year loan even with the 0% interest,you will be 'upside down' on your loan for a long time (owe more on the loan then you can get on trade). This may prevent you from reselling it even if you want to within the first 2-3 years. This irks me but there is nothing I can do about it. Just be aware of this before you buy. Now if you plan on keeping it for 5+ years,then the trade-in effect is not as much an issue. From a strictly financial point of view,IMO the Sienna is the best deal out there.
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