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Nissan Armada



  • vmccaulvmccaul Posts: 27
    We have put 1300 miles on our LE 4X4 PFA. Went to the Sierras and Had 4.5 feet of snow dumped on us in a day and a half. Had no problem with the Armada driving in deep snow. I was driving conservatively because of the steep grades and heavy snow, so I didn't "play" much, but I can tell you it can get the job done. Others were getting stuck and sliding.

    On dry roads everything seems to be smooth. I keep listening for rattles and buffeting, but so far so good. Only thing is we don't seem to get the gas mileage some are claiming on this board (maybe they have 4x2 models). We are only getting about 14.8 miles per gallon according to the computer. Of course we were fully loaded and rough terrain and some city driving included.

    As for the interior, it suits us fine. We are using it to haul kids, dogs, and get through snow and mud, so it fits the bill. Kids loved the DVD...and so did we...Silence! I admit could have done without the nav, and they should have the message center available without having to pay for the navigation. The only other problem is the engine noise, but I guess that is a personal thing. My husband loves the "growl", whereas I prefer quiet. But it is relatively quiet once you get to cruising speed, so I'm pretty happy. So far no major problems to report.
  • pmtrepmtre Posts: 55
    jomi- thanks for the feedback. My PFA, with Good Year Wrangler tires came up from a CT. dealer about 100 miles away. The Westboro MA dealer had PFA's all with the Continental tires. During my prepickup test drive I noticed a vibration in the steering wheel at 65+ mph . The dealer said he hadn't prepped the anything and would check it out. I've driven approx 400 miles and only notice the vibration at 80+ . I haven't gone any faster. I plan on having them check it out again if it doesn't smooth out.
    Regarding rattle noise from steering column. The day I drove the PFA home I heard a rattle/tapping noise from near the steering column , turns out to be the keys and remote door opener, banging the dash. I flipped the remote up over the left side of the keys and leaned on the steering column. No more noise.
  • well i bought the armada over the weekend and i must say wow, ive been in alot of suv's and owning an 02 ford expy nothing even comes close to performance and the way this monster handles its like a sportscar molded in a suv, glad i made the purchase and very happy with it, if anyone is looking to buy a suv this is the one to get for sure, and the dealership i went to was very nice in the transaction made and with the 800 over invoice price that was the icing on the cake
  • did anybody get a good deal over invoice and get the 2500 dollar rebate too, im going to ask about that tomm and see what they say, i didnt know nissan was offering a rebate
  • Is it true? Tell us about it, bowke28!
  • it may be the beginning of another chapter of the price war that we have seen in 1980's to 1990's in the passenger car market, and this time, in the SUV/truck market! In the past we as consumers tremendously benefited from lower passenger car prices and the automakers terribly suffered from shrinking profitability. My observation so far this time around was that Nissan kept its SUV/truck (namely Armada and Titan) prices slightly higher than its Big 3 competitors in the real deal prices after Big 3's hefty rebates. GM's rebate was the most obvious in everyone's eyes. If Nissan matches the real selling price of its SUV/truck to Big 3's, the pricing of the SUV/truck will enter the whole new dimension.
  • people...people.. listen up! dealers call it an extended should be called a breakdown insurance policy. what you are doing by purchasing an "extended warranty" is betting that your vehicle will break. the only way you can come out a winner is if your brand new truck breaks down...and costs more than the cost of your "extended warranty" did (often as much as $1,600 or more). so refuse the extended warranty, put your $1,600 in the bank for the next 3 years, and when your dependable nissan is still humming along in year as you now have your trip to cancun paid for!
  • Where did anyone see the rebate? On Nissan's website they said it was 2500 Cash back when you purchase a new 2003/2004 Sentra ($2000 on SE-R models), 2003 Xterra, Pathfinder 4x4 ($2000 on 4x2), or Frontier from dealer stock.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    There's no rebate. Why would they rebate a vehicle that has poor availabily? It just came out.
  • Thanks, that's what I thought, but I just wanted to verify since there was a question about there being one a few posts agao.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    Yeah, I would be shocked if there was any rebates right now. It's hard enough to get a price without any on the lots.
  • I called nissan about my slight resonance problem with my Le model with sunroof and they are sending service bulletins to all dealerships on to how to fix the problem so thats good news to all of us that have this issue, it would take about 2 to 4 weeks for all the dealerships to get the information from nissan, if you cant wait just tell your service manager to call nissan
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    Just curious..
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    you buy a vehicle yet?
  • talked to my service manager he told me he would get the information as to what the fix will be by calling nissan tommorrow, so as soon as i find out ill let you guys know, and yes i bought a le model on saturday, didnt know about the resonance until feeling it first hand, he did tell me that if the fix isnt simple nissan would give me another armada, hopefully its a simple fix to the problem, if you guys had to guess as to the fix what do you think its going to be?
  • rshershe Posts: 236
    Yes, got a Smoke LE, tech, DVD, bench. Almost what I originally ordered, but Graphite interior (vs Steel) and $500 cheaper ($1000 over invoice). I titled it at the end of December, I will pick up next week. Looking forward to it.

    My guess will be additional support/insulation or other sound deadening material to the interior of the roofline..
  • Well, I just got back from the dealership and helped a friend buy a new Black (I know it is called something else) LE. He was going to buy a Toyota, but drove my Smoke SE and said forget a Toyota. He was grinning ear to ear after driving it. We got there about 7:30 jumped in one and took another drive and by 8:10 had made the deal and he is getting one brought in from another dealership hopefully tomorrow. I had done all of the homework on mine and the staff at the dealership I went to was tops, so naturally you refer to whom you had a good experience. (as well as steer away if you had a bad one)

    I told him when it comes in that he will need to drive it first to make sure it doesn't have the resonance issue. I was lucky to escape it I guess.

    I also posted earlier about the Sat radio so thanks for the link to Grubbs Infinity and the reply. We both want to get it but would like to know if anyone has made the leap yet to have it installed with the factory kit you buy though Infinity. It sure is pricey but sounds like the only way to go. I did e-mail Grubbs Infinity and they responded quickly and said they have installed them and they do have the kit. He also said that he had heard that some might have the cable already but they haven't seen one but it would be located in the back cargo area somewhere. I should be so lucky! Thanks to everyone on this board. You have been extremely helpful and soon there will be one more proud Armada owner.
  • I can see it now, the TSB bulletin to fix

    "Give these ear plugs to customer".

  • I picked up my new black, LE, Teck pkg, PFA yesterday. I won't go into all the details of this story, but will tell you I put a deposit down for a PFA on October 14th!...and I still had to settle for one without the DVD. But that is actually a good thing and I'll explain why. I would caution all of you purchasing a new PFA about the factory DVD/roof problem. In my opinion, there is a design flaw in the roof of this vehicle...not such a problem to prevent buying one, but be aware if you're like me, and can't stand noise, rattles, squeaks, and excess vibrations, then make sure you test drive the PFA you're looking at over some rough roads before buying. My local dealer had an aftermarket DVD installed in a another PFA and called me and said come on down, we have your truck (this was about a month ago). I refused to buy it after driving it and told them there was a roof problem with the truck. They "fixed" the problem and called me again and it was only marginally better. Again, I refused the vehicle. My salesman told me that a friend bought that vehicle shortly after I refused it...and called complaining about the roof. After a few days of driving it, this guy said he noticed the tires were inflated beyond what the manufacturer reccomends...he let out some air, and now claims that the roof is better. Again, this is a second-hand story, I can't confirm it....but frankly I find it hard to believe that reducing tire pressure fixed the problem.

    I am going to get an aftermarket DVD installed in the headrests of the front seats and not run the risk of additional weight to the roof. The system is still about $1,500 so it is actually a little less than factory installed with more features, and 2 screens. My two-cents worth on this roof issue with the PFA....there is a problem, and it will take a re-design to completely fix it.
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