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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,523
    Nissanrider said :

    1. do not buy the 07 unless you get a great deal, the resale value will be bad. After the 09s hit it will seem like the car is 2 years old even though it's brand new. You should get 6k off sticker at the MINIMUM on an 07 right now and low APR financing.


    Interesting, so we should buy a 09 and by the time the real 09 Models hit the showroom, you well have 12-15K miles on a 09, talk about resale value....

    There is nothing wrong with the 07's, and yes you can get them at a discount, but Nissan was smart, they stopped making them back in Oct, so what the dealer has on the lot is what they have period, so they will deal but until they last..
  • I am saying it's not worth buying the 07 if you are not getting a great discount vs the 09 pricing. You might as well buy the 09 if the best you can do on an 07 is invoice price. The 09 will be in the dealerships within 1-2 months at the most.
    So if you don't get a great discount on the 07, go for the 09 which has more power, a better CVT and a nicer interior. And I am pretty sure you will be able to get an 09 at or near invoice (maybe not the same week it comes out) The 09 is even better if you are leasing, there should not be a lot of monthly price difference.

    In 3 years, the 09 will be a lot more desiarable(and worth more) then the 07. In 3 years the 07 will feel like a 5 year old car to used car buyers while the 09 will feel a lot younger (2 years old). This happens all the time when models change over, the previous model design takes a big dip in resale value.
  • Thanks for you inputs, I had similar thoughts as well...

    I looked at the pics of the 09 and I (seem to be the odd man out) like the 07 looks better than the 09. Of course, it will have more refinements in the CVT, the interior looks better, etc. But the exterior of the 07 works better for me.

    Given this, I'm leaning towards an 07 if the price is right. But up until now, no dealer has been willing to go a few hundred $ below invoice...
  • The 2007's are not sitting idle on dealers lots. A respectable discount is $500 off sticker. Do the math, look at the way they hold value, it's a good price. The 2009's will probably go for sticker, and that's okay. Your option is to buy something else. They'll sell every single 2009. I love the look, better than Lexus.
  • Wait a minute... you mean 500 off INVOICE, not STICKER, don't you???
  • when 2008 350z came out , the price has increased around $400 f4rom base even the it had new more powerful motor.

    based on this new 2009 MO will have less than $1K price difference from 2007 MO.

    as per getting a better deal on 2007 MO...the saving will reflect when one once sell it couple years down the road..
  • People cannot buy a 2007 NEW Murano AWD S for $6,000 Off Sticker - No Way! If everyone could buy a New Murano AWD S for $25 Grand - it would be the best deal in America! It's a great deal anyway around, and if you can get it for $500 over invoice (allowing a small profit according to Consumer Reports based on subtracting any profit, then at that cost add 4% to 8%) and the rebate - you've done well. Now enjoy your vehicle and stop dissecting the small stuff. :shades:
  • joe_ojoe_o Posts: 27
    I'm new to this forum. Two questions:

    Is the '09 a true model redesign?
    Is there no '08 Murano?

  • all the local boston news paper Ads been priced at $26,300 and up for 07 MO S AWD and funny thing is they been using same stock #s for least a month as sale priced

    AD pretty much reads $4700 off sticker and no buyer for least 1 month?...pure bait and switch advertizing on these ADs..
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 262
    '09 is a major refit, all new interior, new engine, new CVT and new suspension. You decide for yourself if that qualifies as "all new" design or not.

    There is no 08 Murano.
  • Went to my dealer today and this was my experience and would really appreciate any feedback or suggestions as to which way I should go.

    I currently have a lease on an 05 Maxima SE fully loaded with everything except Nav System. Residual value 17, 769.60 is what dealer told me.
    Looked at leasing an 07 Murano AWD SL fully loaded with Nav System. Dealer gave me these figures and I need to know if its good deal or not:

    Dealer said they would take my Maxima as a trade in and I would not have to go though lease turn in process. They want to give me 17,000 for trade.
    Murano lease pricing 12,000 miles per year for three years Also, they want me to put down $1,000 plus make the first payment which would be 594.20.

    MSRP: 37, 020.00
    Invoice: 34,014.46
    VEH Price: 35,514.46
    Sales Tax 1,446.50
    DMV Misc Fee: $150.00
    Acq Fee: 595.00
    Prior Loan: 3,096.00
    Gross Cap Cost: 40,0816.96
    Cash Red: 237.80
    Net Cap Cost: 40,579.16
    Trade ACV: 17,000
    Trade Allow: 17,000
    Trade Payoff: 20, 096.00
    Money Factor: .00016
    Buy Factor: .00016

    PLEASE HELP!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! :blush:
  • $1500 over invoice when the '09s are coming out soon is much too high! Run from this deal. And why are you so eager to get out of the Maxima lease that you are willing to pay over $3000 to get out of it? If you keep it until the lease is up, you will be able to just walk away from it, as long as you are not over on mileage.
  • I am going to check this out. I think the $3,000 figure is from my previous loan. Prior to me getting this lease I had an older Maxima I bought and I traded in and started the new lease with the current Maxima. Maybe thats where the problem started. Should have kept the two transactions separate. I am close to my mileage allowace. I am at 34,000. I knew that the DMV Fees and all that other stuff was not right. Thanks for your help. I think I will wait for the 09 to come out and get a better deal that way. Why is buy or leasing a car so hard!! :cry:
  • oneionei Posts: 11
    Murano Owners, have any of you been having issues with your sun visors? I have a '04 Murano SL with Touring Package & 36k miles. 3yr warranty went off last April, yet I am about to be going through my 3rd sun visor. The visor will not stay up. Hit a bump & they drop. This last one that I have received, just drops about halfway down and stays. Are others having any issues. I stopped at my dealer yesterday and they don't come right out and say it but lead me to believe that this has been a problem with this part. Grant it, in Arizona you need to use the visor and rely on it heavily. It probably does get a little more use than some states, yet I think they should hold up a little better than this.

  • Yes! I have had this same problem. I talked to Nissan and they are telling me that the only fix to this issue is to purchase a new visor and it would be $350. Sounds like they have an issue but aren't doing anything about it. $350 every year or so sounds like a bit much for me to pay for their design defect...
  • Ok the 09 pricing came out and its about $1,500 LESS then the 07. So like I was saying, you better get a freakin amazing deal on the 07 before buying it.

    This pricing change makes the 07 a poor value (unless you are getting 8k below sticker) and it will eventually get a big hit in the resale market. But it's still a great car.
  • Where did you see the new pricing? I have not seen it anywhere on the web as of yet. Maybe I am not looking in the right place.
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 262

    S 2WD 3.5 Liter V6 CVT $ 26,330
    SL 2WD 3.5 Liter V6 CVT $ 27,880
    S AWD 3.5 Liter V6 CVT $ 27,930
    SL AWD 3.5 Liter V6 CVT $ 29,480
    LE AWD 3.5 Liter V6 CVT $ 35,910

    Splash Guards $125
    Convenience Package $550
    Dual Panel Moonroof $1,170
    Premium Package $1,000
    Technology Package $1,900
    Navigation System $1,850
    DVD Entertainment Package $1,600
    Leather Package $1,600

    Splash Guards $125
    Tow Package $690
    Carpeted Floor Mats (3 piece set) $120
    Carpeted Floor Mats (4 piece set) $185
    Cargo Area Protector $95
    Illuminated Door Sills $280
    Roof Rail Crossbars (Black) $190
  • SWEET!! Thanks very much for the link and info. :)
  • Just got my new '07 Murano SL in silver with cargo mat and splash guards from Corona Nissan. Had a wonderful experience there.
    +$745 Destination
    +$77 in floor mats
    -$2000 in rebate (just went up yesterday)
    Thus, before TTL it was $25,645
    Very pleased!! :blush:
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