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Acura TSX Maintenance and Repair



  • delekodeleko Posts: 20
    This may sound overly simplistic, but since you mentioned sitting with AC on... I was advised to turn AC off prior to starting the engine because it's a big strain on the battery. So might try turning off AC and see if that helps. I was doing the same thing.
  • Ask Acura to do a Load test on your battery. I've noticed my car was slow to crank I.e. turn over on hot or cold days. All other battery tests that were done at the dealership passed with out issue. However the Load test for me failed. Replacement battery was given and now my car start up with no delay.
  • Folks,

    Just brought my 2012 TSX for a B12 service with 28,000 miles. Dealer recommended a "Fuel/emission system service" for about $240. Car is on a lease to be returned at 45000 miles or so. They said they do it outside with some special equipment.

    Is this necessary or were they "upselling"? Can I do some of it myself with a quality fuel injector cleaner?

  • It's an upsell and yes you can do it yourself. You will notice that this item does not appear in the factory maintenance schedule.

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