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GMC Yukon and Yukon Denali Problems



  • Although we didn't notice any noise, last week the power steering went out on my 2001 Denali with around 55k miles on it. I opened the hood and there was fluid sprayed all over. Turns out the line froze and the pump kept pumping causing the line to fly off. Used Onstar and they came and got it. The tow and repairs were covered under some "good will warranty". I don't know if this is their way of saying this is a known issue, but I wasn't complaining. They replaced the line and put in a cold climate power steering fluid.
  • Alves, if your service department is telling you that wear and tear is not covered, they should be directed to the Wear and Tear Exclusion section of your policy. The wear and tear exclusion applies only to specific items - if the item that has worn out is NOT on the excluded list, then it is covered. If your service department can not understand that language, then you might want to consider another dealer that is not language-challenged.

    Regarding your attempts to identify the grinding noise, depending on your state's warranty laws, you may have an extension of coverage as long as the problem was first identified while the vehicel was in warranty coverage. Keep copies of the service department work orders that show the truck was brought in for the condition prior to the warranty period expiration.
  • I have a 1996 yukon i have put three fuel pump in 8 month i never let it get under a 1/4 tank and it is usaley after i put gas in it it just goes out with no warning and also the day time runing lights wont come on any help would be great thanks
  • palaltpalalt Posts: 25
    Reading all these comments, I see some pretty serious problems resulting in arbitration, BBB involvement, etc. I would expect these types of message boards to be primarily unhappy owners, but my topic of interest is not really present after reading 5 pages of conversation.

    I own a 99 Silverado Ext Cab 4X4 with 99K miles which has been an awesome truck. I'm thinking of trading to an 03 Denali Ext Cab 4X4, used with 20K. I'm concerned with the Quadrasteer option and the fact that the Denali is Full Time AWD. I know with the 6.0 Litre engine, requiring Premium Gas, it's an added operation expense but my main concern is learning of problems with what would obviously be an expensive Quadrasteer repair, once the truck is off Warranty. This 03 Denali is priced well under $30K so I'm pretty excited about the deal. I usually puy 1 year old trucks to let someone else take the initial depreciation hit, which in this case sounds like at least $10K. Anyone have any history of the Quadrasteer reliability???
  • avolvofanavolvofan Posts: 358
    palalt, how do you get to the conclusion that the 6.0 liter engine in the Denali requires premium gas? The owners manual specifies 87 octane unleaded. I personally use 89 octane mid-grade for the higher detergent content. I have never had any problems with pinging in either my 2001 or my current 2003 Denalis.
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    Denalis use regular gas. I have had no trouble with the full time all wheel drive on my 2001 Denali XL. I do not have quadrasteer (wish I did). It should improve the handling of the truck. I have not heard of any reliability problems with quadrasteer.
  • erinsquarederinsquared Posts: 178
    Has this vehicle been wrecked/flooded/salvaged title? That price is extremely low. I would run a carfax report, have a reputable body shop look at it and if it comes clean - buy it!! With the money saved, get a 100k mile GM extended warranty to cover longer-term quadrasteer issues and enjoy.
  • palaltpalalt Posts: 25
    Thanks to you all for such quick input to my question. I guess it was my error and assumption that the 6.0Litre would require premium. Personal friends work at this Pontiac/GMC dealer and can vouch for this 03 Denali Pickup. I guess the original owner traded for an 04 Denali XL for the interior space. I appreciate the extended warranty suggestion. The truck is $27K so adding approximately $1K for an extended warranty sounds like a good investment. Then I can put to rest my AWD & Quadrasteer concerns. Thanks Guys!!
  • gmanzx3gmanzx3 Posts: 37
    I say buy the Denali. That way your son can drive it to Indy next week!
  • freduarfreduar Posts: 7
    My Denali's suspension or shocks seem very soft and the vehicle seems quite unstable in corners and at speeds higher than 65 MPH. I drive from No Cal to So Cal on I-5 where speeds sometimes get up to 75-80 MPH and where the road dips or has bumps the Denali feels uncontrollable and dangerous. The same is true at lower speeds on winding roads up in the Sierras. Has anyone else had my experience? I've taken my car into service now 4 times and the only remedy the service people have is to inflate then uninflate my tires. I've about had it with GMC and the Denali.
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    I suspect that there is something wrong with the autoride as I had the opposite experience in my 2001 Denali. It was very stable at high speeds(75+ mph) and on windy roads I preferred it over my wife's Volvo XC70.
    Try a different dealer. (they all have to honor the warranty)
  • freduarfreduar Posts: 7
    I initially took it into Dealer who with a grinding sound in the steering at low speeds found the ride "soft" and rotated the tires. The grinding sound remained and the 2nd dealer's technician found the ride soft, didn't hear any grinding sound in the steering wheel. I was resigned to a poor ride when a friend drove it and insisted there was a serious problem and I not give up on the car or GM. So I took it back and played the phone message to the dealer who said he contacted GM but there was nothing to be done with the computer assisted steering, suspension, or shocks; that the tires were over inflated (although the tires rated between 34-44 psi); and grinding was normal. Took it back to the 1st dealer who's tech contacted GM with the same response that the ride was normal for the Denali. Everyone who drives or rides in this vehicle except for GM dealers and technicians agree there is something seriously amiss with the handling of the vehicle. No technician has indicated any testing (other than a short road ride) of the computer, the shocks, or the suspension has been/can be done. They say I have a normal vehicle. If this is the case, then I wouldn't want or recommend a Denali. Like I said, I've just about had it. If I do any after-market attempt at a fix I know they will deny the warranty. I guess I'll just dump it and try a foreign car because they seem to have a better reputation these days.
  • lobsenzalobsenza Posts: 619
    Have you tried test driving another Denali from stock and comparing it?
  • freduarfreduar Posts: 7
    I have not. However, a friend of mine has a Denali like mine, (same year, model, and even color) and I've explained my experience to him, and he indicated his ride was firm and firmed up in corners, etc. If mine is typical of the Denali ride, I would think there must be a lot of problematical vehicles on the road. That being said, I think I will take your suggestion and ask if he will switch vehicles with me for comparison (he rides in mine and I ride in his).
  • avolvofanavolvofan Posts: 358
    If the difference in the ride is so pronounced, you may probably do well in a Lemon Law action. If you purchased your Denali in California, you have probably got a better than 50-50 chance of prevailing on a Lemon Law action. As I have stated in previous posts regarding Lemon Laws, I am NOT giving legal advice; only exchanging information.

    If you do go the Lemon Law route, find a stretch of highway near where the hearing will be held that causes the instability. Take the referee/examiner/whatever they call themselves along for a ride so they can experience the instability first-hand. First-hand experience usually gets a visceral response from the examiner. (Especially if there is another Denali that can be driven as a reference vehicle....)
  • freduarfreduar Posts: 7
    Thank you guys who responded to my concerns. It appears that the local dealer (good guy) found that my suspension was "out of geometry". Thankfully GMC appears to be stepping up to the plate and will replace the vehicle. Any advice regarding what GMC should do to remedy my problem? I've lived with this problem for approximately a year.
  • avolvofanavolvofan Posts: 358
    What more are you looking for if they replace the vehicle? Best case, in a Lemon Law action, they buy the car/truck back at a depreciated value. If you are getting a new truck in exchange with the same options, it would seem that GM has already stepped well up to the plate. (If not over the plate, to continue the analogy.)
  • freduarfreduar Posts: 7
    It seems GMC now remembers that in fact there are problems with the Denali and that they knew that there were cars out there with bad welds rendering them "out of geometry". No solution as yet - in the place of my rock and roll ride - I'm getting the shuck and jive from GMC. More later.
  • siennac70siennac70 Posts: 2
    Hello, I presently own a volvo c70 (coupe), but I've been contemplating getting a used 2001 or 2002 denali xl, mainly for it's space, one with around 60K for miles. My main concern is how frequently do they give problems? and What should I look out for before actually purchasing one? thanks
  • erinsquarederinsquared Posts: 178
    Just follow any other standard procedure for purchasing a used vehicle: pay to have a competant mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection and run a title search. Denalis make excellent cars. I bought an '01 over a year ago and have had excellent service now with over 61k.
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