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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Wrangler Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • marcovichmarcovich Posts: 3
    Im looking into buying a wrangler unlimited sahara or rubicon and am curious to see what the price that I could get it at.... What do you think its worth with the economy the way it is right now? If you own one what did you get it for?
  • fgxtomfgxtom Posts: 10
    It seems as though EPP and the 0% are gone for now. maybe after the restructure adn merger, they will come back. I stayed on the fence hoping for 0% for 60 months. The BR ended all hopes for that. As sonn as I can buy and unlimited rubi with power and a hard top for about $29K and 0% for 60 Im in. I found one locally in black that should do nicely.
  • busman01busman01 Posts: 46
    I want to purchase a 2009 Wrangler and need help with the following questions:

    1. Why would I want a Sahara rather than an X/Sport?

    2. With the factory shutdowns, should availabilty of a particular model w/options be a significant problem?

    3. Is the Edmunds TMV a negotiating starting point?

  • fgxtomfgxtom Posts: 10
    The sahara will come with the dana 44 rear axle and dana 30 front, the x comes with 30 front and rear. The difference is toughness and durability. The dana 44 will take most anything you throw at it.
    The sahara also comes with a host of power features and a better suspension, not to mention the exterior differences.
    Buy the x if you want to get into the cheapest jeep possible, buy the sahara if you want a more capable off roader with the ability to make it a true trail rig down the road. Buy the rubicon if you want a trail ready rig with lifetime warranty straight off the lot. If you upgrade the other two with aftermarket stuff you run the risk of jepordizing the warranty, and believe me the new owners of Chrystler will look for any way possible to not honor your waranty. So buy what you think you will need.
    I believe the prices right now may be as high as they will be for a while. THey dont have any incentives to speak of, because they cant afford to offer them right now. Best bet is to stay on the fence untill fall, the deals will roll then. You may not get the exact color, or what ever, but you will probably be able to buy a sahara for the cost of an X right now.
  • thecrazy8sthecrazy8s Posts: 8
    You should probably just go on the Jeep website to compare the models for yourself. I believe both the X and Sahara have the D30 front with the D44 rear. The Sahara basically has more "creature comforts" and "style" options.

    Sahara: 18" wheels, painted fenders, tinted windows, "premium" cloth seats, keyless entry, side steps, and upgraded stereo options.

    I know in 08 the "X" had a few options that were not available to the Sahara; sway bar disconnect, rear locker, and half doors. You may want those options if they are of interest to you.

    There is a big price difference between the X and Sahara, and not too big between the Sahara and Rubicon. You need to decide what the primary purpose for buying the Jeep is and go with the option that best suits your needs and budget.
  • mikeya2112mikeya2112 Posts: 6
    Hi All,

    Just a reply to busman01 inquery...

    Check out the Wrangler X with the 24S package. It has the 44 rear, all power options(if thats what you want), heavy duty suspension, and 17" wheels/tires...I have an 08 with the 24S package, still beats the price of a Sahara with just a few less goodies. Good luck!

  • busman01busman01 Posts: 46
    Thanks everyone for the valuable input.

    Something else came to mind. Can anyone explain the need for the "dual top"? Why would you want a soft and hard top on at the same time? Wouldn't that create extra weight?

    Again thanks.
  • Hey, All!

    I am debating whether or not now is the time to jump in on an 09 Unlimited Sahara. I just started the bidding process with a couple of local dealers. I'm seeing 09 Unlimiteds with a few options (remote starter here, dual top there), typically between $31 and $33 to start, going for $4500 less even before you step into teh dealership.

    How does this sound? Is there more room to play, or should I be patient and let the "restructuring" play out for a bit? Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  • Just checking in to see if anyone's been buying 09 Sahara Editions lately, and if so, what kind of pricing you're getting. Talked with a dealer over the weekend who came off a little over $2000 from MSRP but won't budge any further. Any reports from the wild? Thanks!
  • That sounds about right from when I was shopping about a month ago. Most dealerships would not budge below about $2,000 off MSRP. I was able to get an additional $2,000 to $2,500 off at one dealer with a corporate discount through work, but I think they're still overpricing them when you're starting at $32k to $34k.

    I ended up getting a sweet deal on an 07 Sahara, soft top, 20K miles, super clean for about $22k. Paid for an extended warranty, but it was a much better deal. It seems that there is more give in the used market for the unlimiteds these days.

    Hope that helps!
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    The best deals are mostly gone now. They were from Chrysler dealers that lost the franchise.

    Some people with finance already set up or cash, and with no trade, got truly amazing deals! :surprise:
  • mb789mb789 Posts: 89
    I'm thinking about ordering a Wrangler because I'm looking for a certain option that very few are equipped with. Could someone please explain the general steps for ordering and the paperwork, fees, and other $ that should and should NOT be involved.

    When will ordering for 2010s begin? I am not in a hurry, so I don't have to order one this year. :)
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    In theory, ordering a vehicle should be cheaper than buying one from the lot as there are no costs involved for the dealer to make the sale.
    However, most dealers will try to unload an in stock unit on you as it's costing them money to keep it on the lot, so just be firm.

    Bottom line is that you need to negotiate the best price 'out the door', that is the total cost to you to drive it away either with or without the actual cost of tax, tag, and title as those are not negotiable.

    It doesn't matter how the dealer arrives at that 'out the door' price as long as the figure is one that you're happy with.
    If the dealer wants to allocate $500 to paperwork and $1000 to preparation don't let it worry you, as long as the final price is the one you want to pay.

    The OTD price is the easiest and simplest way to compare deals between one dealership and another.
  • First of all thanks to anyone that responds to my questions! thanks.
    1) I used Edmunds TVP true value pricing and was excited about the quote. Have you found this accurate?
    2) I gleaned that the MSRP is basically an inflated price that you would be nuts agreeing to, Correct? In fact the "list price" would qualify as well? correct?
    3) One dealership offered 0 % financing. So I asked if ( I did that Free credit report online) I had no negative information using Free credit report would that QUALIFY for their acceptance for zero percent financing. And the girl on the phone said YES, however I'm not sure what the SALESPERSON will say, So do I need to get my "Credit Score?" or will the Free credit report (Expirion,Equifax,I forget the last one) suffice to the dealer??
    Lastly, I just want a basic jeep. Wrangler x, automatic, air condition....I'm figuring around $ 20,000 ??? sound about right???
  • mb789mb789 Posts: 89
    Saw 2009 Wrangler Unlimited, X, automatic, very basic model. MSRP $26110. Suggestions on fair offering price?
  • mb789mb789 Posts: 89
    Also, it's a 4WD.
  • mb789mb789 Posts: 89
    How are buyers fairing on purchase price now that there are some rebates on Wranglers? Can you still expect only about $2000 off MSRP as discussed above, or more?
  • I am planning to purchase a wrangler x unlimited 4x4 manual

    I found one which has the limited slip differential, 3.73 axle ratio and floor mats option

    I proposed the offer below

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------
    Total Selling Price: 23,914.00
    ( Invoice listed every where, like Kelly Blue Book, NADA)
    Waste Tire and Bettery: 6.50
    Fee and Service: 799.00
    Total Taxable Amount: 24719.50
    Tax: 1483.14
    License/Title/Registration: 282.00
    Incentive (1000.00)
    Discount on mis fee (200.00)
    Out to Door: 25284.14

    The dealer gave me this number $26,134 out the door and refused to continue
    the negotiation.

    How do I move on?
  • mb789mb789 Posts: 89
    Yep, sounds familiar. I contacted a couple dealers and made a couple offers, but they didn't result in a sale. Not much negotiating on the basic models. Hopefully you'll hear from some of the others on here who have received "amazing" deals. BTW, I talked to the dealers in July, and the Wranglers are still sitting on their lots.. . ;)
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    The dealer gave me this number $26,134 out the door and refused to continue
    the negotiation.
    How do I move on?

    Do it literally, you'll need to speak with several dealers before you get the price you want.

    Incidentally, you should be able to do better OTD than invoice plus fixed costs.
    Remember that whatever offer you make, the salesman will almost always try to bump you up somewhat; it's his job after all.
    Had you offered $1K under invoice for that Unlimited he might have come back with a figure you could accept. ;)

    Keep this in mind when (assuming it to be true) you hear of an excellent deal someone else got.
    It didn't happen because the dealership was feeling generous that day, it happened because someone made a low offer and was prepared only to come up to the price they really wanted to pay.

    One final point, there are now many fewer dealerships to negotiate with than in the past, which means less competition between them. Prices aren't likely to be as low as they have been in recent years for a long time into the future. :(
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