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2013 and Earlier - Jeep Wrangler Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pkearpkear Posts: 26
    Here is what I found for a new one at JC Whitney they are not the only place out there that has them and sometimes not the cheapest either but it was a quick search. RY_ID:2009600/p-2009600/N-111+10208+600016050/c-10108
    You could also go try e-bay I saw several looking at acessories to get ideas for my new jeep just do a search for jeep hardtop.
  • just ordered my 4dr unlimited sahara with the AEM,24G,CJ1, and CLE packages.I paid $28,107.00, which is invoice price. I started with Steve Ford Jeep in NC, the one who uses EBay pricing. They were at $28,305.00 with a $200 travel expense, i'm in NJ. I requested a quote from Edmunds, which was submitted to 5 dealers. 4 of them would not come down that low, but Pine Belt offered me the price of $28,107.00. Steve Ford lowered their price to $27,850.00(still with the $200 travel expense) but I didn't think the different in price was worth buying from a dealer so far away. I will say that Steve Ford was able to give a week of deilivery while Pine Belt gave me the "6 to 8 week" phrase. From what i was told dealers have an allotment in each build, depending how previous amount of jeeps sold. So now starts the waiting game. Anyone have an idea on delivery timeframes?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Anyone have an idea on delivery timeframes?

    They haven't changed much in the last few days since this post HERE.
  • adm5adm5 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2007 4x4 Sahara Unlimited in steel blue - well stocked, with an msrp of $29,325. The dealer had also posted an additional "Market Value Adjustment" sticker of $1,800 - which we just basically laughed at - and got the car for $28,375, which I think is about 5-8% above invoice - and I think was a pretty fair deal. The dealer said that this "MVA" was going to be even higher come spring when everyone wants one of these sweet jeeps.

    Anyway, I was so happy to find one in stock with all the things I needed like; auto transmission, air bags, soft top - I went for it, as the dealer told me that these cars were hard to come by -- and besides, it was in steel blue, which was the "hot" color! Is that true? Should I have waited? Would silver or green have been a better choice for resale?

    Also, at the last minute - we got suckered into a 60K/6 yr. extended warranty for $860. Is that worth it? We have 60 days to cancel.

  • pkearpkear Posts: 26
    Assuming that is not $860 a year I would have taken them up on the warranty as well. They offered an extended on the one I just got however it was a lot closer to $3,000 for the same coverage so I turned them down. I figure the extended plans are just a way for the dealership to get extra off you buying a car anyway however what you quote would have been too good to pass up. I can still add it on before the factory runs out if I want to but at that cost I figure if something breaks after 30K/3yrs I can fix it myself or pay for it.
  • Any recent experiences regarding prices on a 2-door Rubicon? Most here are talking about their 4-door Wranglers.
  • CarMax now offering Rubicon 2-door 4WD at invoice prices. They've dropped from a few hundred under sticker in the last week or so. So there is hope for we potential (pay invoice ONLY) Wrangler buyers.
  • Hell, CarMax even sells new Vettes at invoice. I don't believe too many Chevrolet dealers would honor that price IMHO.
  • Question: Do you guys think prices on wranglers will come down in the spring or go up. I'm still holding out. Thanks much.
  • I don't think you'll see prices much lower than invoice. Which is obtainable now.
  • Since my old lease was up in Novemeber, I had no choice but to buy then, but i do remember my salesman saying prices would go up during the spring - my way of thinking on that is that its the traditional way of convertibles, people need a 5 passenger convertible will have no choice
  • thanxs guys! Lastly: it is common to get invoice price even with an ordered vehicle? I've found that most dealers are willing to go down more on a vehicle they have on thte lot.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Depends on the attitude of the dealer and the current state of his business. The longer he holds possession of a unit the more it costs him, hence the desire to shift existing stock.
    However, an ordered unit is an easy number in the books and has no associated costs attached to it.

    Just say what you want to pay (within reason) for an ordered vehicle and be prepared to walk if they won't meet your price.
  • broombroom Posts: 6
    Daimler Chrysler said my Jeep was in "BG Status," and it "passed an edit." The representative was not able to tell me what that meant(nice customer service when someone can spit out a code and not know what it means). Anyway, does anyone know what an "edit" is? Customer service is useless at Daimler Chrysler. I'd like to cancel my order if I didn't want the Jeep so much. Thanks.
  • I apologize if this is a naive question or has been answered before, but... When you talk about “price paid”, does that include the $660 Destination charge quoted on Jeep’s website? For example, Edmonds quotes MSRP of $26,220 and Invoice of $23,936. Do I look to pay $23,936+$660+tax. Or should the $660 be negotiable?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    No, as a line item the destination or delivery charge is a fixed price charged to the dealer and has to be paid.

    However, the individual line items become irrelevant if you negotiate an 'out the door' (OTD) price. Meaning the price you pay to drive it away except for tax, tag and title, the cost of which neither you nor the dealer have any control over.

    If you end up negotiating an OTD price of say $25K, it doesn't matter if the delivery charge is $10K, the document fee is $14K, and the Jeep is $1K. As long as you're happy with the total, that's all that matters.
  • that makes sense. thank you.
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    Ordered in early December, quoted 8-10 weeks. I guess the good thing is that as of 2 weeks ago my vehicle has a VIN. What does that mean, though? My salesperson couldn't explain. Can anyone shed some light as to how much longer before my vehicle arrives? FWIW, I was able to get roughly $1200 off MSRP here in So CA for a 4x4 slate blue Wrangler Sahara Unlimited. Are other parts of the US getting better deals? Also, where can I find allocations locally? Because if I find one, I'll probably just cancel my order.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I guess the good thing is that as of 2 weeks ago my vehicle has a VIN. What does that mean, though?

    Your vehicle now has an official identity, rather than just being an order. Whether you buy it or not, it will be built and it will have that VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).
  • new2audinew2audi Posts: 1 thinking about joining the ranks of Wrangler owners. Have been in search of 2 door model but have had trouble finding one in the color and equipped like I would like. Just wondering, from other's experience, if you special order exactly as you want, how much is the dealer willing to work on price. Common sense tells me that you are going to get a better price dealing on instock inventory, but not sure how much the offset enough to give up some things you want on the Jeep?

    Have a ton of other questions, as well, as to how to equip if I do order...will post those in the appropriate forum(if I can find it!)
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Copy of post #266:

    "Depends on the attitude of the dealer and the current state of his business. The longer he holds possession of a unit the more it costs him, hence the desire to shift existing stock.
    However, an ordered unit is an easy number in the books and has no associated costs attached to it.

    Just say what you want to pay (within reason) for an ordered vehicle and be prepared to walk if they won't meet your price."
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,880


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Hello,

    Actually don't worry about not being a true Jeepster! The Rubicon only came into being by being inspired by guys who did their own mods to make their jeeps more capable. These guys would say real jeeps are built not bought!

    I do admire someone doing their own work and especially cool is fabricating your own parts. In this way the Jeep world is a little like Harleys

    Every vehicle has limitations just stay within yours and have fun. You'll have fun doing the mods and talking about them with fellow wrenchers.

    Personally I own a Rubicon---I've wrenched for a living all my life so I don't mind someone else doing the work! ha ha!

    Enjoy your Wrangler
  • twolabstwolabs Posts: 3
    Just purchased a 4 dr Silver Sahara 4x4. It has most of the options except navigation and dvd. MSRP was $31,5k and I got it for $30,2K. Dealer was stuck on $30,5K, but finally able to get a little extra knocked off. Thought this was a good deal considering the current demand. Just wanted to pass it along.
  • rp05rp05 Posts: 20
    I was looking to buy a 07 Unlimited and had been told on March 23rd that I could no longer order one and they wouldn't honor my Chrysler affiliate rewards pricing either on the units they had on their lot.
    I called another dealer some 50 miles away and they said I can order a new unit and can use affiliate pricing. They really didn't sound to sure on the phone though, "I'm pretty sure you can" the salesperson told me. Does anyone have any information.
  • Would NOT buy any Jeep Wrangler at these ridiculous prices. Chrysler is dying a slow death and the ONLY thing selling for them are these Wranglers. Chrysler is just laying away you buyers. WAIT. Have patience. Do NOT get screwed by these sleazy dealers. Pay INVOICE ONLY or NOTHING at all.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    LOL, I guess you won't be buying a Wrangler anytime soon!

    Just a couple of points I'd take issue with. First, it really is unrealistic to expect a new model from any manufacturer to be widely available at invoice pricing. Second, it's possible to buy a Wrangler at or below invoice right now. It all depends on the geographical location of the dealer and the business model he's using.

    Finally, whether you buy at $1000 below invoice or $1000 over MSRP makes no difference to DC. Volume of sales is all DC cares about, and at the moment they can't keep up with demand.

    Do I sense some kind of personal issue here?
  • Do I sense some kind of personal issue here? Not at all just common sense. Chrysler is on the ropes to put it midly. Their attempts to sell the joint will happen but ONLY on the new private buyers terms. Which means the current employees are going to get the shafting of their lives. Wrangler is the ONLY entity making money now but does that give them a reason to "screw" these potential buyers into the ground? Ford tried it with the Mustang for a while and I bet lost future sales as a result. Guess who's offering rebates on the Mustang now? As for WHAT region is asking invoice only? I'd love to hear it for I have found NONE. And yes I would buy an 07' Rubicon 2-door for invoice if I can find one. So NO, to your initial question.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I can't (won't) do all your research for you, but you could start by re-reading post #254 for details of an ordered Wrangler at invoice.

    In general terms, I can't imagine why any manufacturer of any product would want to sell it for less than the optimum return. If you can sell all you can make, and there's a ten to twelve week delay in fulfilling current orders, why would you hand out rebates or reduce the price? All that would happen is that the number of orders would increase and the delay would lengthen, while reducing the income to the manufacturer. The time to reduce prices is when supply starts to exceed demand, not the other way around.

    Anyhow, I still don't understand what DC is doing to ""screw" these potential buyers into the ground".
  • You're totally missing my point. You're talking from the dealers and/or DC point of view. Mine is from a consumers end. Paying sticker on a vehicle that will be worth 1/2 in 3 years is why one should not pay sticker. Unless you have a printing machine in your basement, that type of consumption is what BK courts are for. It's called being upside/down. Negative equity. Subprime market, etc..For starters rid the auto/dealer world of the coveted protections afforded them via the franchise laws. Allow the INFORMED consumer a fighting chance. As for those willing to be gorged by paying sticker I feel no pain for that type of compulsive buyer. There's one born every minute for sure and the auto world loves them. Maybe when Chrysler is bought out and these massive concessions kick in these Wrangler dealers will be selling shoes. Discount ones at that.
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