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VW GTI (All styles)



  • I have a Brazilian 2001 1.8T with 102,000 miles on it. I put the 100K OEM VW extended warranty on it and made almost no use of the policy at all. The car has always had proper maintanence. It's been solid.

    Here's my repair history:
    At the free 20k mile service, they replaced an oxygen sensor and an oil line to the turbo. I wasn't aware that there was a problem.

    Replaced a broken spray shield broken on a refrozen snowplow bank at the end of my driveway. $25.00

    One of the windows fell into the door. VW replaced both window regulators and the coil packs as part of their recall campaign. Annoying but the window problem was a known design defect before I even bought the car.

    The rear brakes went at about 52,000 miles. New rotors & pads. First time I've ever had rear brakes go before front brakes.

    At 55,000 miles, the idiot light went on. Replaced a diverter valve. Reprogrammed the engine control unit to correct a fault code for misfiring.

    The check engine light went on again at about 56,000 miles after the dealer had reprogrammed the ECU and replaced the diverter valve. I bought a Vag-Com diag cable and the CD with the shop manual. I tossed them on the floor of the back seat where they've lived ever since. The light went out and the car has run flawlessly ever since. I'm pretty sure my problem was that I hadn't screwed in the gas cap all the way.

    I think I've replaced the whole set of headlights and daytime running lights. Wiper blades a few times. Front windshield a couple of times. I wore through the driver's floor mat and bought a new set. One replacement set of summer tires and I'm about to buy my second set of winter snow tires.

    The car has been extremely reliable. It's never stranded me. I'm on original everything except for rear brakes. I have a timing belt to replace in another month or so at 105K but nothing else is showing trouble signs.
  • Anyone having problems with going through alot of oil but doesnt seem to be burning it ? garage told me oil was getting into the spark plugs which is a bad thing apparently ... i drive a 2000 GTI GLS and seem to need oil roughly every 3000 miles !!! any info appreciated as the garage are advising that I change the car as if there is a bigger issue at hand !!!
  • I recently turned sixteen years old and on my birthday my parents bought me a used 2003 VW 1.8t GTI. The car is loaded with leather 17 inch wheels everything. My entire family has German cars including Porsche Audi and VW's. I have had it about a month and absolutely love it, it is fuel economical, fun to drive and makes all the other kids jealous. I was wondering if anyone has any information about winter tires and or how the GTI is to drive in the winter. I live in michigan and the winters are harsh so i would like to know what i am getting myself into .
  • Approximate pricing has just been released for the upcoming, February 2006 introduction of the MkV GTI in the US. At around $22,350, the 3-door GTI is about $1,500 less expensive than the Jetta GLI. At first glance, the feature list reads similar to the GLI (xenon, trip computer, ESP).

    The two available option packages are (i) sunroof & satellite, and (ii) heated leather sport seats & dual climate.
  • I drove through the VW HQ parking lot and they have about 4 or so GTI's there. They look really sweet. A little smaller than I thought. I am anxiously awaiting a test drive. A gentleman I know (that works for VW) is getting one later this month and has promised me a drive.
  • Can anyone show me step by step directions to install an ignition coil, for my 2001 GTI.
  • I was searching for a 2005 v6 to my surprise dealers state only 1.8 are left what did they ship them back to the factory??? We settled for a loaded 1.8 but come on whats up with vw...due to the very new and not test 2006?
  • Audi/VW is clearly trying to save as much money as possible with regard to their low-sales models by certifying as few drivetrain options and combinations as possible.

    The new (MkV) GTI will be available in February in the US. It blows away the old 1.8 in all categories, and with handling also the VR6. It's worth waiting for. Come on, it's almost Christmas, and February is just around the corner!

    If you can't wait, give the A3 a try.
  • I just leased my 2005 GTI 1.8T from Circle Imports in Long Beach, CA. Mine was one of 2 GTIs on the lot, and all are now gone. Try Pasadena Volkswagen which has the largest inventory left (25 cars in October) in the greater LA area. My Indigo Blue GTI was fully loaded: Tiptronic auto, luxury and leather packages, 17 inch alloy wheels, ESP, and 6-CD changer. The car with options had an MSRP of $24,419, and my car was discounted down $3,000 off the MSRP and included the factory's lease special offer that expired Oct 31, 2005. I leased it for $271/month (before tax) with a $2,000 drive-off payment, 36 months lease term, and 15K miles annually. Since I had already leased for my wife a 2005 New Beetle Convertible, I received another $500 off the GTI from the factory's owner loyalty special that expires November 30, 2005 (see I hope this helps.


  • mpg7mpg7 Posts: 17
  • jwb18tjwb18t Posts: 45
    Same way I feel. The 5 door GTI is the car I have been waiting long. Will be trading in the Passat Variant for a 5 door.
  • conallconall West TexasPosts: 91
    This may be the version that sells over there as a family friendly GTI. The German version sits a little higher = sacrifice in handling.
  • jwb18tjwb18t Posts: 45
    Excellent call out! Will check it carefully in the spring. Most likely will wait till mid summer so have plenty of time to get all the details, Thx.
  • Beware!
    This may be the version that sells over there as a family friendly GTI. The German version sits a little higher = sacrifice in handling

    What are you talking about? There is no such version in Europe, and there is no difference in ride height or anything else between the 3-door and 5-door GTIs.

    There is, however, a difference in ride height between the US height and the rest of the world - thanks to the prevalence of SUVs on US roads, and according safety requirements.

    From what is known at this point, this does not affect the stiffness of the ride, and only has a minor impact on body roll. For those who want a lower and/or sportier ride in the US, there are always after market/ European OEM springs, and after market shocks and sway bars.
  • conallconall West TexasPosts: 91
    I'm talking about the what's called the "Golf Plus". I believe it was available with the 200hp 2.0 engine. I saw it in the factory museum/car pick-up point last summer.
  • Oh, I am familiar with the Golf Plus. The fact that you related it to the GTI threw me off. I think it is only available with the non-turbo 2.0l (150hp) engine, in Europe.

    At any rate, there are no plans at this time to introduce the Golf Plus into the US. The Golf and GTI will be the regular versions, albeit their ride height is a bit higher than in Europe. Reason? Safety tests are standardized to typical ride heights - which in the US are SUVs. Thus, to shine in the safety tests (and also to truly provide the proper safety), several US spec VWs ride a bit higher than their European brethren.

    Other cars VW has mentioned for the US future are the Jetta Sportswagon, and a small SUV based on the Golf/Jetta platform.
  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    I'm very happy too =].

    Anyway my understanding on the ride height is that the American GTI will have European base-Golf ride height to get a 5 star safety rating instead of 4. Thank gods for the aftermarket.

    Other forums are worried about whether or not we'll get the fully bolstered seats... any word?
  • I not taking a chance on a new model as of yet, I to got the owners loyalty we bought a red fully loaded 1.8 tip tronic for my wife and she is so happy. as for the mk v out doing the mk 4 1.8 I'll wait to see..
  • the tiptronic is gone from the GTI lineup. DSG is lightyears beyond it.
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