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Buick Park Avenue



  • The air for the heater and A/C will not come out of the right vents. What is the problem?
  • h9470h9470 Posts: 1
    My name is Larry and I am a Buick owner. (This almost sounds like a "AAA" opening statement). Anyway I brought a 95 Riveria and was told that the grinding noise was a belt tentioner. They replace it but the noise is still their. I think I have the same problem as you had with your Superchager. Q: Do you think if I just replace the front part, that it is all that is needed? Where can I buy parts from? I have worked on my own car: Brakes, starters, tune-ups and water pumps. Do you feel that with this limited expirerance in the automotive world I would have problems doing it myself? Your feed back would be appriceated, Larry
  • I called Magneson supechargers and ordered a rebuilt supercharger for my 1992 Park Ave. It cost $1100 +(200core)+ $50shipping and was delivered in a week w/ prepaid return postage. Installation was moderately easy(about three hours) gasket was included. Car runs great there is no noise from new part at all. I'll let you know if they credit my account with the $200 core charge.
  • Take off the belt if there is slop in the supercharger shaft the gears are worn and the blades are probably scraping each other, for this reason I would replace the whole unit. Mine had visible wear on the blades(shining edges), that was the noise I was hearing. The new unit had no play, very tight. Magneson was very good to deal with. Hope this helps
  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    Please help - I currently own a LeSabre and I am looking to move up to a DeVille or a Park Avenue. I like what i hear about the Ultra's added power and the new changes (portholes, etc.) but I found out that for 2003 all Ultra's come with the Gran Touring suspension. I would like to hear from owners who have the GT susp. - Is it too harsh? I am planning on driving one soon, but local dealers only have base models on the lot. Also - has anyone seen the new Silver Ice Blue color? it looks pretty nice in the brochure.
  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    Well, hadn't heard anything from PA owners. Finally test drove an ultra (w/gt suspension), and came away very impressed. Put an order in yesterday for a ming blue/shale leather, prestige package, eye cue, sunroof, rear park assist, 12-disc cd changer, and trunk net. Only options left off order were convenience console and engine block heater. Cant wait to drive it!!
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Nice car! We loved our 2002 LeSabre rental that we had after an accident and almost bought one. Also looked at some "barely used" Park Avenues, and they have a much nicer interior and the outside looks better. I really like the new Ultra's with portholes and 17" chrome wheels. It should look great in Ming Blue and Shale!
  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    One vital statistic that Flint might want to know - i'm only 34. Their computers may not recognize a park avenue owner that young!
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    Here's a link to a good article by semi-retired Phila Inquirer auto writer Al Haas (one of the best) about picking up a 2000 Buick Park Avenue coming off lease. He recommends it, especially in the base form (due to price). His impression is that the car is well-powered without the Ultra's supercharger, and he likes the Gran Touring suspension over the standard. - - .htm

  • Hi John

    I don't frequent this section very often. We own a 2003 Passat wagon and a 2000 Ultra. We traded a 1999 Park Avenue for the Ultra because of two reasons - the blue interior of the 99 was miserable to keep clean - it showed everything light in color, and because of the soft regular suspension. We bought the Ultra because I wanted the supercharger - in AZ we can go from 1000 feet asl to 8000 feet asl in about 100 miles. The car is really comfortable for long trips. We drove from Phx to San Francisco for Christmas etc. It has over 40,000 miles on it already. But it gave us a bunch of fits when it was new. Sun roof broke three times, windshield wipers twice, steering gave us so many problems that they finally replaced the whole rack. Tires were a pain also- Goodyears. Couldn't keep them balanced. Finally replaced them with Pirellis. Hope they work better. It has been relatively trouble free since about 25000 miles so knock on wood. Hope you enjoy yours

    Bob in Glendale, AZ
  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    Just picked up car (ordered 1/15/03) - 120 miles on it so far. Very impressed - Gran Touring susp not as harsh as I thought. This car is a true American luxury car - quiet, powerful, and tons of stretch out room. Heads-up display is neat, and steering in the Ultra is light years better than my LeSabre for road feel. Ming Blue/Shale combo is great - but i will have my work cut out to keep it looking clean. Let's hear from some PA owners out there!!!!
  • carlrjrcarlrjr Posts: 35
    I recently purchased a one-owner '89 PA trade-in from an eighty-something year-old couple at a local dealership. I anticipated 20 mpg in such a large, comfortable car. Boy, was I shocked when I logged 27 mpg for my first tank! I affectionately refer to the car as "the couch." Since I have a long commute, I find the numb, floaty ride strangely soothing.
    The car has all the options except leather (was that an option in '89?) and no digital dash (fine with me). I'm glad I got the car; it has "only" 118,000 miles, it runs and drives perfectly, and all the nifty accessories still work.
    The only thing I can find to complain about is a couple of drops of oil left wherever I park. I've always thought that the 3.8 V6 was one of the best engines GM ever made; I look forward to many more comfortable, couchy miles in my 'new' Buick.
  • majordonmajordon Posts: 2
    I have a 1999 PA w/51000 miles. THe problem is that while making a right turn and accelerating at the same time I get get a vibration coming from the front end. The vibration stops if I take my foot off the accelerator. This vibration does not happen if I "coast" into the right turn. The vibration doe not occur when I make a left turn.

    Any ideas?????
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    Maybe a motor mount problem?
  • red99pared99pa Posts: 1
    Has anyone found a roof rack solution for a '99 PA? We are looking to put a storage box (thule or yakima) up top, but neither company has a fit kit for the PA. thanks.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,701
    What year was your LeSabre? I find my LeSabres have been very comparable in road feel in the steering to the loaners my dealer uses for service. They also were similar in handling -- but I didn't compare the touring suspensions, just the standard. I'm comparing older (98 and 93) ones to the PAs of the same or similar age.

    I bought a 2003 LeSabre when I compared the two, I found the LeSabre had all the options I wanted and more, drove the same, rode almost the same, but came in a CRIMSON red and chrome wheels and Michelin Tires. When I learned they are assembled in one plant on the same assembly line, along with Aurora and Seville, and I'm not sure which other Cadillac models, I made my decision. If Buick offered a few more strong colors in PA and LeSabre, they could attract a "younger" set that aren't going to buy Regals or Rendevous's but will go Camry, Volvo, etc.. The color was what my wife wanted.

     I actually had been hoping to find a red one or two-year-old PA, but that didn't happen. PA owners seem to keep them in this area for several years. The red (dark) PAs rarely showed up on any Buick dealers lot around here. That says something about the car -- a lot of owners here are GM retirees and workers.

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  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    My LeSabre (Custom) was a 2002 - std. suspension. Rode very smoothly - no complaints here - but I always wanted an Ultra PA for the extra room and lux features. Problem was, when the 2003's Ultra's came out, the Gran Touring suspension was standard. I was a little apprehensive at first - didn't want a harsh ride -but I am happy to say it is much smoother than I anticipated. LeSabre's are built in 2 plants - Lake Orion, Michigan (code "4" on VIN) or Detroit-Hamtramck, Michigan (code "U"). The Hamtramck plant also produces the deVille and Seville. The Lake Orion plant also builds the Bonneville, Park Avenue and Aurora, although I'm not sure when production of the Aurora is to end. Youre right about the colors - I wish the PA came in a dark red like the LeSabre Special Edition does - but more importantly, I wish we had more choices for interior colors. Remember the old days, when interiors came in more than 2 colors (tan or gray)? Another cost cutting measure I would guess. I would have loved a PA Ultra in Black with a nice black or deep burgundy interior! Good luck with your LeSabre.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,701
    Thanks for the info on the plants and what they build.

    You're right on the interior colors. They were bland, except for the two-tone in the Celebration LeSabre; graphite and a grey, I think. I found the two cars very similar in interior sizes according to Edmunds and when sitting in them. I feel they are very similar in nature; a salesman even mused that PA may eventually be a top model of LeSabre, if sales keep dropping.

    I find my ride in the standard is stiff enough without touring! I would like to drive an Ultra just to see how it rides. The Ultra wheels are eye-catching; aren't they 17" and chrome!

    There are buyers being lost to some other brands that might stay with Buick's reputation for quality build and components if there were more choices in exterior color and interiors.

    Had a black Olds with burgundy interior. Beautiful, but hard to keep black clean.

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  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    I have Ming Blue now (dk blue) - just as hard, if not harder to keep clean since I find it shows swirl marks more than solid non-metallic black - but of course, it looks great when its waxed! I hope they keep the PA as a separate model (C-Body) - I feel like I'm driving a Cadillac! And yes, the 17" chromes look great (along with the portholes).
  • I just inherited my father's 94 PA. The automatic
    sunroof does not close soundly. Instead, when I close the sunroof it immediately raises the rear part of the sunroof in the vent position. Recently, it looked closed, but there must have been a small opening & with all of the rain we've experienced on the east coast, it flooded the interior! Is this just a fluke, or has anyone else experienced this problem before? As it is now, when I use the sunroof, I have to get out of the car and inspect it upon closing it to be sure it has made a tight seal. Oh, I blew out the drain holes so they are not the problem. With the help of a wet vac, a steam cleaner, a dehumidifier, and an ozone machine, the interior is dry and odor free. And I want to keep it that way! All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
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