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Sunroof leak on my Saturn Outlook



  • As I don't handle the incoming emails from Edmunds (my coworker Christina assists with that end of the forum), I am not sure as to whether or not you have already established a Service Request? We can look into the case and get you any updates or urge your agent to continue to seek a resolution to this concern.

    I am sorry that you are so frustrated, aggraved07, I truly am. I know that it's a rough situation to be in, and am doing what I can to offer assistance.

    GM Customer Service
  • bubbles1956bubbles1956 Posts: 32
    edited January 2012
    I took my car in yesterday for the parts the the GMC ordered for my Outlook. They had to replace the molding that got messed up from the last repair. NO CHARGE of course and they were wonderful in the customer service. I brought in a copy of some of the leaking complaints and one of them read the holes from manufacturing the frame that were not used when installing the sunroofs. The complaint read that they needed to be sealed. When he took the one side of the roof rack off to replace the molding, he did see those holes and sealed them. You might want to tell them to check the roof rack for loose bolts and to check to ensure those holes not being used were sealed. No one ever found my leaks either. My mechanic just happened to find the two loose bolts on the roof rack were rusty so he sealed them and put in washers. The 15 minute water test DOES NOT WORK for checking leaks. It is a wast of time and money. You need to wait and bring that car in during a big rain so they can leave it outside to look at after the rain leave the car out during a heavy overnight or all day rain and video where the leaks are going. THIS SUCKS we have to do their job. These vehicles should be recalled to check the roof rack bolts and seal all those holes they put in that were not being used. I am still waiting for a heavy rain to leave my car out and check it for leaks.
  • Could you please pass it on to whomever needs to help!! I can't understand how I can see water coming in places yet they say they haven't seen any. I don't trust them and I need this corrected as soon as possible. The amount of money I am spending on this vehicle is def way too much especially when I have to deal with "trained technicians" that can't find a problem.

    I just want help from someone and no more stories or lies or people that don't have a clue to what they are doing. :mad:
  • they still have not found the problem with the leaking water... I need GM helps or a good lawyer... Can you find out what the problem is??

    I also made a report on regarding this water issue... This could cause serious electrical issues and I will be the one stuck with the problem due to this not being resolved.

    :lemon: :mad:
  • Ok bubbles1956... they have had my car since Monday night so they most likely didnt start till Tues. morning.. still can't find why the water is coming in...

    I filed a complaint with regarding this issue... I think everyone should.. I am not getting anywhere with the dealer
  • It will lead to electrical issues. I'm having problems with my electrical system and GM has basically done nothing. They build the piece of junk and then don't stand behind thier product. All I ever received was "I'm sorry, we can give you free oil changes and tire rotations for a year." If you don't have a warranty, you can basically hang up the idea of them doing anything to help you out. Don't ever by another GM and tell as many people as you possibly can to avoid them as well. That's what I'm doing. Eventually, they will feel our pain.
  • I like the idea of filing a complaint with I can't see how it can hurt with so many Acadia, Enclave and Outlook owners having this issue. So far, I haven't had another leak, but hasn't rained hard and over night since they "fixed" my car. Like I said..I would print the complaints off these forums and bring them in like I did. Once I showed them all the complaints about the manufacturing holes for the sunroof not being sealed, the Technician removed the drivers side of the roof rack, found them and sealed them then replaced the molding. Of course, he had to remove the roof rack to replace the molding anyway. I think you should tell them to check for those holes and seal them if they were not sealed. I still think a class action should be started OR GM own up and recall these vehicles and fix the problems.
  • sibboldm2 - I would recommend filling out a complaint with -- if electrical issues are going on then that is a safety issue and maybe they can help you and the others like myself with this piece of crap car.

    Also, if anyone would figure out or get someone interested in a lawsuit maybe that is the way to go. I am sure there are plenty of ticked off people that would join a class action suit.
  • They still have my car and say they can't figure out where the water is coming in?? I don't trust them at all. I just called them again and left a message regarding your information but I am actually not sure if they will check this out.

    I am still worried what they are going to charge me for this... I haven't heard anything else about how much this will cost me and I am wondering if they are talking directly with GM.Saturn regarding this or just doing as they will....

    I truly regret buying this vehicle.
  • One thing we could do through Customer Service would be to encourage your dealership to get into contact with our Technical Assistance Center, who help our technicians better address vehicle concerns. As my coworker Christina answers the emails that come in from Edmunds, I am unsure as to whether or not you've already gotten a case established with ups, but we would need to do so in order to get involved. The information we'd need to get the case set up includes: your name/Edmunds user name, contact information, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your dealership.
    GM Customer Service
  • I have to say, I still love my car. It rides better than any car I have owned previously. I did go test drive a Chevy Equinox and it was really nice. The 4 cylinder gets about 32 mpg but I just can't par t with my Outlook yet. I left my vehicle out in the pouring rain all weekend and not one drop of water made it's way into the car...that I could find. I would still have them check the roof rack bolts..just to be safe. Maybe GMC customer service can help you get that taken care of at their cost. I didn't get that lucky, I have paid a little over $100 both times I took the car in for leaks in the top but I think it is fixed now. The mechanic did see those holes from the manufacturing that were supposed to be for the sunroof and were never sealed. He sealed them. My biggest concern is that the other side (passengers side) Have not been sealed yet and if they will cost me again. I hope you can get this problem resolved.
  • I have a 2007 outlook as well. Started up the car after a heavy rain and a down pour of water started findng its way from the sunroof, and both side pillars. My wife and I decide to turn around and use our other car and check the outlook out when we get back. Upon checking out the car I noticed the check engine light is on and also the car stereo playing music. Mind you, the engien has been off for over an hour with no key in the ignition.... Great! So I am pretty sure the water had created some type of electrical malfunction. Oh, there is now a very faint electrical buzz comming from underneath the car.

    I also had the car in for transmission failer 3 times now. This car has been a big headache.

    If you find of any fix or lawsuit I am in.... I will also file with
  • Have you already gotten a Service Request set up with Customer Assistance, for either the water leak or the repeated transmission failures? If you would like to do so, please get in touch via email.
    GM Customer Service
  • I have a case set up with GM... My car went right back to the dealership after them having it for four days saying they couldn't find a leak. I want to get rid of this car...

    If GM owns up to their product I want them to take this piece of crap and I will gladly get a new car from them but I want all the money I paid into this junk back... it would be the fairest thing for this company to do.... :lemon: :lemon:
  • Ok they had my car for 4 days and it is back again. I told them I would buy a brand new car if they would just take this piece of crap back... then find out they call my credit union and try to process a loan with the bal of the saturn included with the price of a new car!!! WTF!!!!!! talk about a bunch of crooks....

    It is not like I asked them to pay me back for the money I have already paid on the car, I just want them to take the car and eat the cost left. If I am willing to buy a new car and give GM another shot what is the problem.... I dont see a problem... Does any good business person?? They keep a customer and it will make me happy to not have to keep taking my car back and forth to get this issue resolved. And I do have a case number as soon as GM calls me back as they say... We shall see...

  • I'm so relieved to find this site!! We bought a 2007 Saturn Outlook in July 2011. We noticed a few months later drips of water on the third seat. Flash forward to 1/12 - water was coming through the passenger site visor clip and the liner above the passenger side was leaking water...
    Our car was completely dead and would not start. We were told by Les Schwab it was the battery; we bought a new battery and it died again. We took it to a GM Dealer/Service and was told that our fuse box was flooded and corroded. We had a lot of snow and the GM Service thought it could have been from the snow and to run it by our Insurance. WRONG! Our insurance told as that "The leaks are a well documented problem with GM with long term issues due to the defective design, overtime moisture will short out the electrical components " This prompted me to do some research on-line and I'm blown away. Also, the motor in the back latch has died. My car is on day 6 in the shop. I did call GM and had a positive experience so far. There was a recall in 2009 to extend the tubing on the roof to prevent this from happening. The repair was done to our car however, it did not stop the problem.
    Like I said I have been researching these issues all week and see these forums and wonder if anyone has filed complaints with their Attorney General, etc. I plan on writing several letters regarding the defective design of these cars and the devastating outcomes from these problems. I'm grateful I wasn't driving on the hwy. when my fuse box decided to die.... There is so much documentation on the web regarding these issues, same problems different authors. I would think this warrants for a class action. Cars will have issues, we expect that; cars sold to consumers with a defective design causing long term issues due to this poor design is a not okay.... We should be able to have this expensive car out in the rain with-out worrying about leaks and going broke with the repairs. I have many, many concerns of what the future brings. Other than this forum, what other ways are you folks submitting your complaints?
  • I see you have already called into GM - were you assigned a case number and everything?
    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
  • Hello Sarah!
    Yes, I was I assigned a case number. From doing so much research this week on the issues with the Saturn Outlook leaks I've noticed your response's through out this forum. I've been told from GM every case is handled differently, etc regarding these leaks, do you report back to GM what information is on these forums? If so, does GM see this pattern regarding the leaks? Has GM made any statements regarding these complaints that I may have missed? As I said above, I continue to read the same story over and over the only difference is the owner.
    I love my car! It's a beautiful car. I truly hope the repairs being done on my car fix the problem; sadly, there is no guarantee! I should be able to drive in the rain and wash my car with-out it leaking. I also have a water stain on the lining above the passenger seat, not a good sign.
    I understand my current issue is being repaired, I've asked the dealer for preventable maintenance for the entire roof and the response I get is we're dealing with the current problem only; this does not give me much peace of mind. Please note Sarah, my tailgate motor is dead as well which I now believe is related as well as I said, there has been water on the third seat... I did not think the water could possibly be from a leak at the time, I assumed it come it came from a different source.
    Thanks Sarah, I appreciate your time!
  • I took a copy of all these complaints to my GM dealer and showed the TECH about the holes from the manufacturer that were not sealed after they put the sunroof on. That was a big complaint for leaking. He sealed them on the driver's side because he had to remove the roof rack on that side anyway. That side also had loose bolts in the back of the roof rack, he thinks was causing the small leak as well. Print out these complaints and take them with you and ask them to check the bolts in the roof rack and those holes that were not sealed from the manufacturer for the sunroof. I think we should get the news involved, the Attorney General and a class action suit if they can't fix these or recall them for checks to ensure we don't get stranded while driving. I would think GM would WANT to keep us happy to keep our business but even more important is no one dies from this mess and ruin their reputation and pocket book. So far, my car has not leaked since they sealed those holes on the driver side and sealed the bolts on the roof rack.
  • Thanks Bubbles 1956 for your response! I did make a call to the Washington State Attorney General’s office last week. I expressed my findings of all of these complaints, the recall to fix the problem to extend the drain tubes to prevent water getting into electrical components and the issues with my car and all the other cars. They suggested that I file a complaint and also suggested that those with these issues file complaints in their States as the Attorney General can represent those living in their states only. They will collect information from others with the same complaint and represent us. I don't think as consumers who spent money on these beautiful cars expected these issues at no fault to us or how we maintain our cars. As my insurance said "The leaks are a well-documented problem with GM with long term issues due to the defective design, overtime moisture will short out the electrical components.” We explained the issues regard the loose bolts and holes on the roof that were not sealed to the GM service and was blown off. We won't take this lying down!! We plan on taking this complaint to the highest area of the law. We hope others will do the same and our hopes is for a class action. Others need to do the same. I can only hope others were just stranded by these issues; my fuse box was flooded and my car was dead. I could have been driving on the freeway when this happened, thank god I wasn't.
    What state are you in? I will do as you suggested. I've copied many pages already to build my case and will bring them to the GM Service where my car is. I believe GM is very aware of these problems. As consumers we need to go forward and let our voices be heard beyond the forums.
    I live in Washington State - any others out there? Lets proceed forward with our complaints.
    My fingers are crossed that you won't have anymore problems!
  • I know they are aware of this issue.... However, GM is just a bad.. I have a claim # or whatever they are calling it but they conveniently call the house when I am not home and since my work hours are from 8 am 5 pm and I dont get home before 6 or 7 pm she is already gone for the day. I am tired of playing phone tag with people. So much for customer service.. they have NONE!!!

    I even told them I would buy a brand new GM car if they would just eat the cost of this car and not make me pay anymore money on it.. They tried to take the difference on the car loan and pass it thru my bank without me knowing it... Talk about crooks... I was pissed off and told my bank to throw that out and I wasn't doing that at all!!!

    The dealer acts like they are doing me a favor by NOT CHARGING ME!!! hell it is their problem in the first place along with GM... They are nothing but a bunch of crooks!! I will never buy another GM car for as long as I drive and my kids drive...
  • Oh...I have had to pay over $100 both times I took my Outlook in but I haven't had the bad leaking problems yet. I keep my car in a car port or under a car cover so I just happened to leave it out one night and find the water and the drops were coming from the back up sensor in the back of the car. I was lucky so far but I don't have much faith in GM or Saturn after reading all these entries. I live in NC and I will contact the Attorney General's office this week. Good advice. I think the news should be involved as well so I will be writing to our local news station WCTI here this week as well. Free help won't hurt.
  • Have you thought of contacting the Attorney General in your State? With all of the complaints I've seen just in the past week I wish there was some way to get a Class action against GM.
  • There is no reason we should have to park under a carport so our cars don't leak, this is so wrong..... but, I get it! There's a few consumer advocates on our local news stations as well and I think that too is a great idea. All the complaint's regarding the leaks from consumers is all the same problem; it's overwhelming. Any attorney/paralegal could gather these complaints, there at their fingertips to prepare a case.
    The safety issue will continue to worry me. Water leaking into electrical components could be fatal. My fuse box was flooded which left my car completely dead. If this would have happened while driving could have be disastrous.
    Good luck Bubbles1956 and please let me know how it goes! My car is still in the shop; day 8!!
  • It has been raining for two days and nights and my car is leaking in the same place again. The backup sensor light is where it is leaking. I have had this in twice already and paid over $100 each time. Now I am scared of electrical problems. Although it is not dripping as bad as before, it still leaks. I am scared to death of having a major problem while traveling and I travel long distances because of my parents health. I can't afford a break down or another vehicle. I need either a great trade in deal, a buy back or a lawyer because I can't afford another repair for the same problem. Last time the holes that were not sealed on the driver's side were sealed but not the passengers side and that was only because I asked them to do it since they had to remove the roof rack anyway to replace the molding that was damaged while trying to find the leak...which they thought was the bolts to the roof rack. Clearly, that was not the problem. I agree on getting a lawyer. Our Attorney General or any law around here is worthless. I think a class action is what we need and getting the local new involved. I will try again to contact our news and find a lawyer.
  • nancy1960nancy1960 Posts: 54
    Hey Bubbles 1956,
    Sorry to hear you're still having problems. My car was in the shop for 2 weeks, with repairs of a new fuse box, etc .... it was flooded by the leaks. Two days after I got my car back I notice the horn didn't work! I took it back in and there is another area still flooded! The good news is that GM is paying under some kind of warranty; I believe because this happened after a re-call fix. Call 1-866-790-5600 tomorrow!! Let me know how it goes please.
    I too am so concerned of the future of my car and plan on contacting a Lemon Law Attorney to advise me what to do next even though my car doesn't qualify. I feel my car is no longer safe and from everything I've read the repairs continue to fix the leaks. It's a terrible feeling to have such a beautiful car and be scared to drive it.
    I think it's more effective to have the owner's of these vehicle's to unite and contact an attorney. If your interested, let me know and lets proceed forward. I've owned many cars with sunroofs and never had these problems. We paid 23,000 for this car that leaks!! This is so wrong!! I'm very grateful that GM is helping us out however, if this problem continues I can't drive this vehicle and feel safe. In the meantime I hope your able to visit your parents, I would suggest you bring your car in ASAP to a GM Dealership and rent a car to visit your parents,, I would hate for you to get stuck and have more expenses.
    Stay in touch and let me know how your call to GM goes!
    Take care.
  • nancy1960nancy1960 Posts: 54
    Hi Bubbles1956,
    FYI- I spoke with our local Bar Association and if your car does not qualify you under the lemon law call your local Bar Association and get a referral for an Attorney that practices Auto Product Liability. Good luck with your call to GM!
  • bubbles1956bubbles1956 Posts: 32
    edited March 2012
    My car was taken in this morning. My butt was wet from driving on my wet leather seats but it had to go back in. This time they saw all the lights were dripping, the dash was wet, my back lining of the ceiling was leaking and full of water, the back luggage section was soaked and under the cover all the metal is rusty...obvious proof of previous leaks that no one found, including me. They re-opened my case and I sure better not have to pay for this fix. I was told my case was moved up to a hire level. I paid over $32,000 for my car and this is no way something that I should have to deal with. Plus, I have had lots of other cars with sun roofs for over 5 years each and never had this problem. I will call that number, thank you. I will let you all know what happens and I have already set up an appointment for next week to talk to an attorney who specializes in class action law suits.
  • nancy1960nancy1960 Posts: 54
    More info for you - I called to check on my car and they are replacing my sunroof and seal. It was clearly stated that the design of the sunroof drains are not designed to handle too much water regardless of the 2 inch extension added per the recall. BINGO!! This is why our cars leak!! Our repair is covered under the recall. I wish you much luck Bubbles. Please let me know how it goes. If you have any problems refer to the recall.
    Best wishes!
  • The truth is, I read several forums where they did the replacement of the seals and sunroof and that did not solve the problem...but you never know. I need something done because this is just scary. I already have rust and now I am afraid of the electrical issues that could happen. Luckily, I usually don't have my car out. It stays covered or under a carport...I shouldn't have to do that but I do. Maybe that is why I don't have electrical issues yet. Thank you so very much for your help. I love this forum. I left a message for Sabrina at the number I was given so hopefully, she will call me back and tell me the same thing. I wish I could get my $200 plus back for having to pay for their mistake. I had this in two other times before.
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