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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • aguaagua Posts: 1
    Just leased a dark gray with floor mats, cargo mat, wheel locks and 2 years free maintenance. 60 months with option to buy for $290 per month (tax included) $0 down in southern CA. Agreed upon price of vehicle is $26,003. Traded in my 2005 corolla ($4500 estimated dealer value). Residual will be $10,819. Originally tried to get a 36 month at $309 (tax included) $0 down but dealer wouldn't bite. Not sure if I got a good deal or not. I've gone through the forum posts for the past few hours but I can't tell how good or bad I did compared to other deals. Everyone here seems to have gotten a 36 month deal. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Never heard of a 60 month lease. You should have asked for an evaluation before you did the deal. Too late to ask for opinions -- enjoy your prius.
  • dmckenziedmckenzie Posts: 2
    edited June 2011
    We were looking for a hybrid and finally settled on the Prius because of its ability to get 50 mpg. We used the Costco auto buying program which, for this car, gave us $300 off and a $50 service/parts credit. Being in a hot climate, we wanted a white colored car. Such Prius cars were very scarce after the earthquake and tsunami so it was a seller’s market. We really enjoyed our built-in navigation system on previous cars and found the plug-in GPS’s to be very awkward. We paid a lot for this decision. We found a Prius 3 with a navigation system at Folsom Lake (California) Toyota. Our salesman honestly told us not to buy a Prius now because they were scarce and costly. Unfortunately we needed a car immediately. Folsom Lake Toyota had various semi-mandatory dealer add-ons such as Toyota black pearl emblems for around $1,495, door panel molding for $695, extra tinted rear windows for $795 and chrome wheel covers for $995. I asked if we could make some money by melting down and selling the mandatory emblem. The salesman said no, but we were able to bargain them down on the extras.
    The finance person pushed hard to sell Toyota extended warranties. They offered a 7 year/75,000 mile extra care vehicle service agreement. Their retail price was $2,495. They said they would knock it down to $1,555 if I bought it then. The retail price on the Toyota website was $1,525 which was less than their special price to me. Midwest Toyota in Kansas offered it for $654 which was a 74% discount from the original price and a 58% discount from my dealer’s special price.
    These extended warranties can be canceled within 30 days for a full refund. After that, you can cancel and Toyota “will pay a pro rata refund based on elapsed time from the Agreement Application date or elapsed mileage…” In other words, the pro rata refund starts upon the application date of the contract and not when the extended contract kicks in. This would be a reason to wait to purchase these contracts until shortly before the original warranty expires.
    We made the purchase on April 30. So far we love our Prius and its great miles per gallon.
  • ixchellaixchella Posts: 1
    Just leased a new prius. Made deal yesterday for 48 mo lease at 309 before taxes. Have excellent credit. But the car was NOT the color I wanted and dealer told me there were no other ones available and that there's a huge wait list of 6 months just to get one. So I could tell something was fishy but I signed the contract anyway (WITHOUT DOING MY RESEARCH...LESSON LEARNED) but as soon as I went home after signing contract, I called a dealer in the next town an hour away, and sure enough, they have some coming in in a couple weeks, in the color I want.

    So I called the dealer right back and since my car had not been delivered and I had not driven it off the lot, I refused to keep with contract. Also, I had never wanted a 48 month lease, so we renegotiated back down to 36 months, for even less than I had negotiated before. So it ended up being $302 payment before taxes. I had no idea if that was a good deal or not...but I knew I was not willing to pay more than $300 for 36 months. They were either going to give me that or I was walking away, onto the Mazda 3 which I loved. :-) $302 was an OK compromise.

    Hope this helps!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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  • saidiadudesaidiadude Posts: 49
    edited August 2011
    I was offered a new 2011 Prius II for about $25K out the door in Southern California (LA county). Barcelona Red, Gray interior. Anyone else get a similar deal recently? I've noticed that the Toyota dealer lots are filling up again after the supply chain disruption following the Tsunami. Quite a few more Prii now, but mostly in Silver, White or Beige colors. Dealers have also started advertising "specials" for the Prii. This week, Claremont Toyota has a special for a Red 2011 Prius II for $22,988 before tax, etc. The deal I was offered was in response to the ad for Claremont Toyo. I took the printout to a local dealer and asked him to match/beat it. They were out of the Red one, so I walked. One of the salesmen ran after me and told me that they'd give me any available color on the lot for that price (similar options, ofcourse). Decided to wait a few weeks. With the 2012s around the corner (and gas prices coming down), the 2011 prices should start coming down soon because of decreased demand.
  • I just bought a Prius III with Nav & back camera $26,209. It is a good price. Dealer also offer Extended Warranty to me $1500 for 75K /miles and $1800 for Road Service. I also add $800 for Alarm system. Added up about $32K.. It is located in Milpitas Toyota.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    My genuine factory Toyota extended warranty cost $651 for 75k zero deductible. There are several Toyota dealers who will sell you that online. I just had my selling dealer match the price. You can cancel and rebuy. Search the prius forums on edmunds for details.
  • I decided to take the plunge and bought a silver Prius II for 21, 995 from Toyota of Orange. I was able to get a 5/80k mile platinum extended warranty for $650 and paid $300 for keyless entry alarm in addition to purchase price. Tax and title were of course extra, I am happy with the price as Truecar quoted $22,454 but that dealer needed to add $200 for floor mats. Of the 10 dealers that contacted me, only 2 would go this low on the price. Most dealers told me they would lose money at 21,995 but I don't believe them. Looking forward to life with the Prius, I have been driving a dodge sprinter diesel as my daily driver, good bye gas pump.
  • Was it $25050 with tax?
  • rzodrzod Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me (apx) what they are charging for Title and Registration in Southern California?
    I am almost home on a lease based on:

    Money factor of .00150
    Residual of $14,582
    36 months/12K miles

    They are saying 0 down but then they quote me drive off fees of $635 which includes first months payment, title and registration.

    That's where the difference seems to be.

    They keep saying it's $346 but I am getting something closer to $326 per month.

    Please help.

  • In upstate NY. MSRP was 29,210 (solar with floor mats). Price was 28,045 plus tax, DMV fees. It was very difficult finding a prius 3 with navigation and almost all the dealers were quoting msrp with no discount. Lots of prius 2 were available though.
  • In 2007, we bought a 4cyl Silver Camry LE from Claremont Toyota. Our breakdown was:
    - 17,977 LE Automatic (with CF mats)
    - 55 Doc Fees
    - 1487.64 Tax
    - 116 Lic Fees
    - 64 Reg
    - 8.75 CA Tire fees (?)

    Total: $19708.39 out the door

    Please post your numbers when you finalize the deal. Knowledge is power for all of us!
  • Lots of Prius 2 available in Southern CA now as well, since about August. Almost seems like they've ordered too many as inventory is piling up.
  • Try to use and AOL Autos to get the quotes.
    The prices are much better than quotes from the dealers' internet departments.

    You just need to work hard to make dealers honor the prices you got from TrueCar and AOL Autos. (AOL Autos has lower price quote)
  • I got the OTD price for Prius 2 with Blizzard Pearl is $ 24,700.00 in Southern California. Therefore, I am looking for Prius 3. Will keep everyone updated.
  • torr310torr310 Posts: 41
    edited September 2011
    Many of the dealers still want to sell their Prius at close to MSRP now...

    1) the economy isn't doing well now.
    2) the trend of gas price is not going up.
    3) there are more compact cars with very good MPG that are well-equipped at much lower price. The Prius MPG advantage is not that obvious as before.
    4) For all the above and 2011 model year going to end soon.

    For all the above, do you still feel the price quotes you got from dealers are attractive? I doubt.
  • I agree that most dealers have been stubbornly holding their prices at close to MSRP. This is starting to change for the reasons you've mentioned. Inventory seems to be building on the lots. Also, there are LOTS of hybrid models coming on the market in the next few months e.g. just from Toyota, we can expect over the next 3 months: Prius 2012 revamped, Prius V (wagon), etc. Claremont Toyota locally has started running ad specials for the Prius - something that we did not see over the summer. We're putting off our purchase for a few months and hanging in there. My bet is that the 2011 Prii should continue to drop in price.
  • I am looking for 2011 Prius2 in Chicago or Quadcities area and I need to know the best price if any have purchased recently in this area? I live in Bettendorf,IA and I dont mind going to Chicago if I can save 1000-1500$ than my local dealer price. My local dealer quoted $24969 "outthedoor" price for prius 2.If anyone have purchased recently from this area , please let me know the price. I also appreciate if you can include the %APR on the loan.
  • Hi there, I just got a Prius 3 in Los Angeles area. The total amount paid including tax & license is $25,150 out the door.

    This price includes:
    carpet floor mats
    carpet cargo mat
    cargo net
    rear bumper applique

    ps. special color will add $200 extra.
  • dmckenzie,

    Thanks for the post. Could you break down out-the-door price to
    price paid for Prius 3

    I am in the market for either a Prius II or III in the Bay Area (San Jose), and scouting for best prices paid up here, too.

  • Only negotiated for the Out The Door price to prevent any hidden charge.

    Below are the breakdown:
    Prius 3: $23,760
    Tax (8.75%): $2,079
    License: $155
    Registration: $100
    Documentation: $55
    Total: $26,149

    I negotiated with 4 dealerships online to get this price.
  • I think you can get better price for Prius 2 because I see dealers have the most inventory for Prius 2.

    Good luck shopping!
  • Good price. I paid 23670 for II in michigan which was about $700 less than any other dealer around here.
  • I test drove a Prius III without Navigation last weekends in the SF Bay Area.
    MSRP is ~ $25K, silver color. The next day the dealer called me with "One Day Special Only" deal of $23.5K. Seeing the most recent prices paid on this forum, that seems to be a decent deal to have.

    I did not jump to that deal since a) I am not in a hurry, b) I am not adequately researching the Prius yet, and c) I am sure if they can offer me that today they can do the same tomorrow and next.

    This dealer has about 20 2011 Prius on the lot, so there is no inventory shortage that I can see. With the way the economy is going, and the 2012 models are coming in, I think I can do better if I can take my time on the purchase.
  • Hi torr210,
    I am in the process of buying a 2011 Prius 3. $25,150 OTD is a good price. Would you be able to tell me which dealership and did you use a car buying program? Thanks.
  • drqchino,

    Do you mind to share what region you are in? If you are getting an identical car (prius III no nav) then definitely you're getting a better deal than torr210 @26k+
  • I am in the market for Prius II (Maryland) and would appreciate for some pointers on a decent price (excluding taxes, title, etc). I started getting quotes only today and so far the best I have got is about $23,500 (this DOES NOT include tax, tag and about $200 processing fee). I don't think this is a very good quote and hence asking,

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated (and I hope this is the right forum for this question)

  • superman5superman5 Posts: 154

    I am shopping for a 2011 Prius III with no options in socal area. I tried getting quotes using and the best price so far is $23523 w/ destination but before tax and license. The MSRP is $25,280. Is this a good price? Please advise!
  • Hi superman5,

    In norcal (San Jose/Bay Area) I visited only one dealer. The next day he called me back with a "today only" deal of 23.5K before tax, title, and license (TTL). It's silver Prius III without Navigation. I thought it is a good price since best quote is around 23.6K.

    For my case, I took my time and did not call him back until that evening. The dealer sale guy said that the boss approved it for today only, and he had to check if it's still good. He did not call me back yet.

    In my opinion it is a good price, if you need the car now. Given the not-so-good economic news lately and the 2012 going to be here soon, I think more (better) deals can be had next month or so,

    Good luck.
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