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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • rockiesfanrockiesfan Posts: 3
    edited September 2010
    Update on the sticky steering. GM replaced entire steering rack, module and pump and so sticky steering. Airbag light continues to come on and GM is having trouble locating a new part (airbag sensor). Had rental car for over a week while they worked on steering and tried to fix airbag light issue. Was pushing 2 weeks when GM called and had me come pick up my nox until the new part arrived. I also reported that transmission is not shifting correctly on interstate while cruise control is on. The 4 cl is having trouble upshifting into the higher gear after passing or cresting hill. They drove and couldn't replicate. Anyone reading all these posts, looking into buying one of these, heed the warnings. DO NOT BUY THE EQUINOX.
  • hi ,i am from canada i have this noise from the engine too, the dealership said is normal for this car ,i do not trust them, this noise sound like problem engine , i see so many people in this forum having this kind of problem .
    Anyone with this problem ,fixed the car yet?Did the GM came with the software that they were talking about?Can some one please, reply with any advice or info.... Thanks.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Nbildan,
    I apologize that you are experiencing a concern with your vehicle. If you don't trust your dealerships opinion you could take it to another GM dealership for a second opinion. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • kristy8kristy8 Posts: 72
    I have already just this past week had my update was done so
    unofficially, according to my dealership the official update to the software for the misfiring spark is out in November. I had mine done because I had made so many complaints to the consumer action council here in my state and I think they wanted to shut me up and get rid of me. I have to say since I had the update done the noise is very, very, very minimal and I hardly notice, I think I may have heard a slight knock and I had also went back down using the lower grade fuel. I also have to add since the update was done it doesn't seem to down-shift as much and less bucking. We shall see
    though I have not opened it up on the highway yet since I got my nox's back.
  • kristy8kristy8 Posts: 72
    I had mine done already unofficially, the official update is due out in November
    I have to bring mine back in November again for another update, since the update so far so good!
  • kristy8kristy8 Posts: 72
    I wanted to keep you posted since we have spoken before regarding the spark/knock problem.....I had my software update this week, Now the dealership said pretty much I had the "unofficial update done and I will have to return back in November for the official update" whatever they did it definatelty is running better and so far I haven't heard the secondary noise that we have spoke of in the past. I did mention that it down-shifts weird( before the update was done ) it bucks and also vibrates like crazy......have you experienced the vibrating? He said well lets see how it runs after and let us know. Since I just got it back this past Tuesday I really have not had a chance to "really" test out the car and have not opened it up on the highway to truly to test the downshifting and the bucking/vibrating. BUT i do have to say the noise that was there is gone so far...I thought I may have a heard a slight one knock? but that's debatable. I also went back to the lower grade gas. So far so good...let's see
  • kristy8kristy8 Posts: 72
    read my post ....we have had the same problem,
    I had my update for the software, next update is in November
    I went through the same hassles as you....keep on them :shades: :)
  • kristy8kristy8 Posts: 72
    I had my software update for this problem done already Unofficially
    the official update is coming in November., maybe I was their guinea pig
  • kristy8kristy8 Posts: 72
    I have too dealt with this same issue...I have been complaining and complaining and finally the dealership had just completed the "unofficial" software update for my nox.
    The official update is due in November
  • kristy8kristy8 Posts: 72
    had the software update done
    so far so good...according to
    the dealership the official
    update is due NOW in November :confuse:
  • thank you for your info kristy8 but i like to see MARIAH GM CUSTOMER SERVICE what is her opinion, did she know about this software update ????? thank you
  • i complain to GM canada costomer service and they said they will do a research on this matter i have with my dealership , but did not told me anything about a update in a softwre ,i will be happy to have my car fix and end this engine problem ,like you kristy8 thank you
  • kristy8kristy8 Posts: 72
    Well when Mariah and I conversed through via email, she also informed me that the update was due out soon, and that was back in September. GM made a statement to my dealership that the software would be in fact ready late September. So I waited patiently and around the 28th I called back the dealership, no update. called my local consumer action council where I have a file pending with GM...The consumer action council contacted the dealership which in return got the ball rolling for me. Dealership called the very next day and scheduled the update. It took them several days to load the software into my nox and I just got it back this past Tuesday. Now the dealership said this is an unofficial update and that the official update will be in fact ready for November, which they said I will have return for that and leave again. I don't know what what actually was done or performed but the knocking....we'll so far so good. I also mentioned to the dealership before the update was done that the nox's vibrates at certain speeds and feels hesitant and bucks and downshifts odd, they seem to think it's al;l related to the timing. However after mentioning this on this post site others on this post from what I have gathered that it is 2 separate issues, so now I am hoping that GM recognizes the other issues and makes the corrections. I have a 4cyl base model.
    I think but I don't know for sure that others with a 6cyl have experienced tranny issues, I wonder if the 4cyl has the same tranny system as the 6cyl. I which I knew more in the car area.
  • kwnoxcakwnoxca Posts: 8
    edited October 2010
    although I do not hear knocking (due possibly to the low mileage on my nox...just over 7k km), I do find vibration issue, especially when speeding up from 50 - 60 km/h on freeway ramps. the vibration lead to resonance on instrument panel...very annoying :mad:
  • hi kristy8 ,i am glad that you have a good news and they updated the software for you .Could you please, gave me the phone nr. of your dealearship from USA because I would like my dealership to contact them and resolve my problem also.
    I have an appoitment on Wed .oct.13 ,and I would like to have the phone nr. by that time ,my dealership workers dont want to listen to me so I want them to talk with your dealership to convince themself that are other people with this kind of problem.
    Maybe they have 1800 nr.Thank you very much .
  • kristy8kristy8 Posts: 72
    Hello nbildan
    I posted the info..but it got deleted
    edmunds site said all I can tell you is the name
    of the dealership.
    Commonwealth Motors, MA
    Sorry I can't help you further
  • e2137e2137 Posts: 8

    I'm also having issues with my audio quality. I can be driving with the radio turned off and I get static coming from the left channel speaks. During radio and music play sometimes the left channel will get static and then go in and out. I have had the speakers replaced but the issue keeps coming up and my dealership is completely useless on just about anything.
  • kynoxkynox Posts: 18
    I`m having same issue except it is coming from the right side front . It sounds like someone playing a Kazoo. Took to the dealer and it could not be replicated in the shop. It immediately returned when I got back out on the road . Turned the radio off and it continued to make the noise. I now wonder if it is not a vibration resonating thru the speaker opening. I have to return for a window motor replacement and will take it up with them again. First problem with my NOX . 12000 miles and 31mpg on the road. 24.5 mpg combined .
  • Kristy8, did you have your update done at Commonwealth Motors? I am experiencing this as well and I live close by to them where I could have mine taken care of. Are you happy with the update? Thanks
  • Was the noise like a whinning noise coming from the right side when you go over 20 MPH and comes and goes. If it is, I had the same issue and it ended up being the chain tensioner which had a bulletin out on it. Replaced it and the noise went away. It was a very annoying noise, they heard it but took awhile to diagnose it. Thanks
  • kynoxkynox Posts: 18
    Diane....... Sounds alot like what I have. It gets louder as you increase in speed and less when you decease in speed. I certainly will bring up the issue when I take it back in. Thanks for the info . I will take it with me.
  • e2137e2137 Posts: 8
    It definitely could be a vibration noise resonating, it seems to be worse over a rough road or bumps. I was also reading online it could be a probably with the speaker not being grounded properly. Let me know how your next visit goes, i'll keep you updated on my progress. I'm going to make them replace the stereo if they can't figure it out because this is supposed to be an 8 speaker premium stereo package, this noise is unacceptable.
  • Hello everyone. My wife and I purchased a 2010 'Nox with the 4-cyl last December. We love it. The only issue we have is with the "pinging/rattling" that everyone here is describing. After researching the posts here I found the one from "kristy8" about the "ECM flash" service at Commonwealth Motors. I looked them up and contacted them right away. The gentleman in the service department knew exactly what I was referring to and had some interesting information. He stated that they went as far as having a GM Engineer arrive to deal with the issue. All in all, the engineer told them the 4-cyl Equinox is set on the limit of its ignition timing to maximize fuel economy. In doing so there will be a point of engine operation where pre-detonation will probably occur. In the case of our vehicle, it occurs between 1500-2000rpms. The gentleman proceeded to tell me that the GM Engineer did in fact re-program the ignition timing in the ECM ....... the noise disappeared. There is a downside though ...... loss of fuel economy. The GM Engineer also went on to tell them that any kind of top-end cleaning or other services will only mask the symptoms and they will eventually return. Switching to top-tier gas has helped a bit in our situation. Our fuel mileage increased 1-2 mpg on 87 Octane from Shell and/or Exxon. As long as there is no more than a .20 cent difference between top-tier and "bargain" gas, and the MPG increase is no less than ours, you break even (not to mention the increased detergents in top-tier are beneficial). Moral of the story: Live with the noise or get it re-programmed and lose fuel economy. I hope this helps anyone that is experiencing the same issue.
  • kynoxkynox Posts: 18
    e2137.........The window motor came in. I am returning to the dealer today for install. Will take up the noise with them again. I will post with a update
  • This most definitely helps. I live not far from Commonwealth Motors and my car was also purchased at the same time you purchased yours. I didn't buy it there, but I know I can have it serviced there. I am willing to sacrafice 1-2 MPG and not have that noise anymore, because I was using the 93 octane so I wouldn't have to listen to it and that was almost 30 cents more per gallon. Thanks so much for your update.
  • Hello dmazzone. I think you might have misunderstood me a bit. We did not have ours re-programmed. I was just giving out the numbers that we found on our 'Nox when we switched over to a better quality fuel, so I cannot speak to the exact number of MPG that you will lose after the re-program. As for you wanting to get yours re-programmed; I am not sure if it is something the dealership can even do. As I mentioned in my previous post, they had a GM Engineer come in to deal with it. If the dealership is in fact able to do the re-program, please let all of us here know how it went and what kind of fuel economy you lost.
  • kynoxkynox Posts: 18
    Took the NOX in Thursday for window motor and noise. We have to drive about 65 miles one way to dealer. Could not replicate the noise I was having in the right front door going there. We took it for a test drive and still could not replicate the noise. I asked them to remove the door panel and check that everything was tight and nothing was in there that wasn`t supposed to be. Everything was as it was supposed to be. Needless to say without them hearing the noise there is not much they can do and I understand that. We discussed several variables but came up with nothing concrete. Will wait until it gets worse . The only thing different about the first time I took it in and yesterday was the temperature . We have noticed that it doesn`t make the noise when it is cool out. So could it be a expansion issue or heat buildup under hood causing it? Time will tell. Sorry I couldn`t be more help.
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    Where is this infamous dealer? Is it just coincidence there are so many near that dealer here?

    All I can report is that my '10 Nox 4cyl. is running smoothly after 6 months with no issues what so ever. (knock on wood)
  • e2137e2137 Posts: 8
    I completely understand, it's very hard to replicate at the dealer and some days I will barely hear it but other days it's like a crazy kazoo coming from the speaker area. Since I had the left pillar speaker replaced for a second time, so far I only heard it a little bit once or twice but the fact that i'm hearing anything other than music on a premium stereo package is unacceptable. I'm going try something new and try to record the sound using the video camera of my iphone, it picks up sound really good in the car and then i'll play that for the dealer to see if it helps them at all. Either way i'm not giving up on this, any noise other than music is completely unacceptable. I'll keep you updated on any progress I make. Thanks for your update.
  • Hello everyone. Have a few issues with mine. Remote start doesn't seem to work right. Could be a fuel issue but the dealership has twice told me nothing is wrong with it because they can't duplicate the fault or get a fault code. In the mornings, I try to remote start and it doens't start and occasonally hangs and turns over for upwards of 10 seconds and then dies. Not good for the starter. I even have video footage and they said it wouldn't help them out a bit. Im going to get some more video footage and then go see my salesman and let him have it.

    Secondly, Combined i'm only getting 18.5 or so combined gas mileage. I have about 900 miles on it. It has NEVER said more than 19.5. I would greatly appreciate anyones opion/insight.
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