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Audi S4 and S4 Cabriolet



  • The AC in my A4 Avant seemed weak at first, so I complained at my first service. Don't know what they did but it's better now, and did fine in a recent trip to Death Valley.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    Blasts very cold air very quickly after turn on.

    I had considered getting the warm weather package which keeps interior temps down while car is off.

    Now I'm glad I didn't waste the money. It cools the interior off very fast.
  • hateheathateheat Posts: 3
    Yikes! Death Valley? That oughta impress the wife!

    MorganConrad - if you ever get a chance to find out what your dealer did, i'd be interested in finding out...maybe the odd car has a defect. The dealer I visited said he's never had any complaints, but we all know how honest dealers can be :-)

    bollinger - glad to hear your a/c works as expected. I too am considering the warm weather package, but it seems like overkill...though a solar powered fan and power sunshade appeals to the techno-geek in me!
  • hateheathateheat Posts: 3
    Yikes! BTW, you may have noticed that I mentioned the warm weather package, which isn't available on the S4. Reason being, I've changed my mind (again) and have decided on the A6 2.7t.

    Smoother ride, bigger car, similar price, and more than enough power and handling prowess for a wannabe F1 World Champion like me :-)
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    It's what I got. It has good handling, but if you truly want it to be S4-like, get the PSK handling package (not the older PSP or the other handling package). It has a tighter and lower suspension.

    Warm weather package is kaput for 2001. I think to really appreciate it you would have to have a black car in a very warm area like Arizona, NM, Texas, possibly Florida. Here in Northern CA where it is very sunny but not so hot, it doens't make sense to give up the $$ and glass sunroof to get the warm package. That is, if you get the warm weather package, the sunroof panel is fixed to the glass, and you cannot open the panel without opening the roof. I wouldn't like that as I rarely close the panel.
  • Thank you too those of you who responded to my inquires! Audiworld was useful and the comments on the Bose were helpful too. Is June the production date for new S4's? I want to get a 2001 model if at all possible.
  • I received great advice from bollinger on the A6 forum and I am responding to him and others re:the PSK handling pkg. I did not see it on my list of options and since I am looking at both the S4 and A6 2.7 am wondering if it is a 2001 option? If it is available for 2000, does anyone have it. If I could get a lowered A6 with 17's I would probably buy vs. the S4.

    I am in my 2nd day of a test drive w/A6 and have noticed the rough idle that was discussed on the A6 thread. Has anyone experienced the rough idle with the S4?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    Audi has a long history of introducing changes mid-year. PSK is one of these, you might not find it on web sites and such, but it does exist, and you can order it on a 2000, and there should be some PSKs on any given dealer's lot.
  • ras5ras5 Posts: 8
    It seems that the S4 will be available as an Avant by year end (see like I will start saving my money for a down payment so my ski and camping equipment can come along for the blistering ride.What is the horsepower/torque increase if I just change exhaust system,install a K&N airfilter, and use high performance plugs?
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    You will get very little increase from the mods you describe.

    Plugs essentially can't do anything.
    www.audizone.come tested the stock air filter against the K&N on the S4, and found no difference at all.

    A performance exhaust system should get a small (10HP?) boost.

    You don't even have an S4 yet, and it isn't fast enough for you, eh? Ingrate.

    Don't forget to get all-season or winter tires before going to the snow. The stock tires on the S4 are performance tires and are entirely useless on snow. I am serious. Many have complained of this on
  • ras5ras5 Posts: 8
    Thank you for info on tires.I would like to chip the S4 as well, but I am very nervous about doing that due to the fact that it may void a warranty and an engine replacement on this car would probably be around 10k or so?.I am aware that european specs for this car are more aggresive and the motor will withstand it, but for some reason Audi wants to detune our version and it is too much money invested for me to want to take a risk.With the new M3 coming out ,Audi may treat us to the increase in order to keep the competiton going. I am interested to hear how the turbos are holding up on all the boosted audi motors. I keep my vehicles 150,000 miles(about 5 years) and do the maintenence religiously.I hope there are some Audi owners who are getting well over 100k on the original turbochargers.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    The European S4 isn't much hopped up. It has 265HP instead of 250HP. The torque gets larger boost. I think this is just because Audi wanted to make the magic 100HP/liter figure that they wowed the public with back when they introduced the Quattro (called Quattro coupe in the US) 20 years ago.

    Folks have chipped the S4 well past that to 320HP.

    Try the S4 forum on (seems to be down this weekend). There are many people there who have chipped their S4's. Chipping is a favorite topic there. Lately Audi has made some chipper-unfriendly moves because of warranty abuse. Read more there.
  • jwilberdingjwilberding Posts: 25
    I need to double check on this for the A6.
    Just turned the car in from a 4 day test, (can't wait to compare the s4 to it) nothing too demanding, but I did push it hard on a couple of twisties. The handling feels pretty floaty, although I was impressed with the 6 speed and the quattro response. It was my 1st time driving an audi stick, still doesn't feel as tight as my 328i.
    thanks again to bolllinger for keeping all of us so well informed.
    ps. I had trouble w/audiworld site also.
  • geo48geo48 Posts: 4
    Do I need to let the engine cool off for couple minutes before I tunr off the engine? I heard you need to do that for some older models with turbo. Does anyone have a sure answer on this? I've heard yes and no from others. Thanks
  • hookem1988hookem1988 Posts: 1
    The dealers will tell you you do not need to cool off the turbos as much as was necessary for the older models; However, as with anything mechanical, taking care of equipment (i.e., cooling the turbos with a short idle) will definitely help extend the life of the equipment (especially after a hard drive).
  • gq718gq718 Posts: 1
    Is the Audi S4 price to much to bargain with for the amount of amenities that come with the car, and what is so special about the BMW 328ci, 190hp.

    I am at a delimea wheather to buy the BMW328ci, or the Audi S4!

    any response will be helpful
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    yeah my parents are thinking of getting a z3 either 2.8 or the M roadster and the 328Ci together. I've been telling them to get the s4 over the 328ci. But they thought maybe they might be some sort of pacakge deal to buy 2 bmws together. Also what's the reliability of audis these days?
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    Please, there is no comparison between the S4 and the 328Ci (why coupe?). If you can't tell the different, get the 328Ci and save some money.

    But the S4 really has so much more to offer in pretty much every department (including cost).
  • geo48geo48 Posts: 4
    a fully loaded S4 costs $47000 out the door, but this is sold at MSRP, don't know if you can get more money off that. but any dealer that's selling with a premium charge is not a bargain. I would go for the S4, just couple thousands over the 328 Ci. Plus, too many people have the 3 series. AUDI stands out more! especially when you have a two tone interior!!
  • s4givens4given Posts: 11
    No comparison.

    If you are seriously looking at the 328, the S4 really isn't the same kind of car.

    S4 kills it in performance. The S4 competes against the BMW M3, where it is better than that even - no contest.

    Buy the 328 for status, not performance. It's a good performing car, but doesn't even touch the S4.
  • clarksonmcclarksonmc Posts: 1
    msrp more like $41,000 for an s4 including destination without the navigation option.
    Have driven the bmw coupe-very cramped. Power adequate. If you want to compare bmw to audi S4, better to wait until fall and look at BMW 330i. 4 door with 3 liter 225HP engine and 5 speed. Also 330xi--all wheel drive sedan.
  • slater126slater126 Posts: 1
    This may sound ignorant to purists, but is Audi planning on redesigning the A4 series for 2001? If so, does anyone know what the new edition will look like? Will the S4 still be offered?
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    In Europe, the new A4 is supposed to show up in MY2001. It is getting a little late for that though.

    No chance of new A4 in US this year.

    I would suspect the S4 will get the axe temporarily, as other companies do. The M3 sat out a year or two when the new 3-series came out. The previous S4 suffered this fate also.

    The thinking is that the new model is already selling so fast you don't need other models to create demand.
  • I can buy a Mercedes E320,E430 or the Audi A6 2.7T, 4.2. Which way should I go, any opinions?
    I'm not sure of long term durability of the turbos.
  • s4givens4given Posts: 11
    In my humble opinion.....

    MB320 - way underpowered for the price, but nice.
    MB430 - better power, but ridiculous price
    2.7T - alot of fun for the $. Great power.
    4.2 - Effortless power, buttery, but more $.

    As you can tell power means a lot to me, but so does luxury. However, status isn't as important. If you are about status, buy the 320, if not, the 2.7T and 4.2 are great cars for the $.

    I prefer the 2.7T. 1 inexpensive chip and you have 310HP. The engine is a technical marvel with and was really built for higher HP. Also, 2.7T engines are de-tuned for the US market for EPA reasons.

    I own the S4 of course.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    I looked at the E320 when I bought my 2.7T. It is already more expensive than the 2.7T by a fair amound. I could overlook that given the resale, but it doens't perform nearly as well.

    I also agree the E430 is the real deal, but the price is just plain silly.

    Audi officially announced the S4 gets the axe when the new A4 comes out!

    No word on the A6 2.7T. It better not get the axe, at least in the US.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    S4 gets cancelled worldwide when the new A4 comes out. A4 likely gets bump to 3.0L engine. That would probably jump HP to 225.

    More info on S4 forum on
  • baltychenbaltychen Posts: 50
    Hi, I am new to this board. Can anyone tell me does 2000 Elantra 2.0 engine using timing chain or timing belt?

    I have a Nissan 1.6 93 with auto is now over 20,3600 miles and still runs like new.

  • If the S4 will come back in the new body style models? What about the RS4?
  • what5what5 Posts: 15
    Whya re all the s4's in SOcal Tip? I was going to test drive one, but they didnt have any sticks. However the man at Rusnak inTO cali said he could have me a Imola yellow or Norago Blue 6speed ina few hours if i really wanted it
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    S4's haven't been produced for months, so what you find at dealers in high buying areas has been pretty picked over. I'm guessing why you only find TIPs. The 2001 S4s start arriving soonish.

    I would definitely guess the S4 will come back some day in some form, but I have no hard info that says so. RS4 is unlikely in the US. Too much expense to qualify the car for the short production run it gets anway.
  • what5what5 Posts: 15
    If Audi gives the S4 the axe after this bodystyle is over, then i have no idea what they are thinking. The S4 is a sales sucess, finnaly a car that can beat a M3. this is a useable, 4 door car that can hold its own againsta camaro SS, and is not built like its being sold for 10k (sorry GM, but your cars suck.) The S4 is a marvel, and its priced right. come on Dr. Peich.....give the people what they want. BTW wheres my W18 Bugatti =P
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    The S4 is technically a limited edition car. Funny thing though, the A6 2.7T is not. And it is a huge PR coup for Audi, garnering 10Best and best $40K sedan plaudits.

    Given this, it seems highly unlikely Audi will kill the A6 2.7T. And if that is the case, why kill the S4? You still have to make the twin-turbo engine anyway for the A6. The engine is used in the new Allroad also. No way Audi will kill the engine in the new Allroad after only 1 year, will yet? Or would they dare knock it down to the new 3.0L 215HP engine? Seems like a bad idea to me.
  • VW Trends, they state that Audi has a coupl of new engines coming out. (1) a 3.2 biturbo V6-300hp (2) a 4.2 V8-310hp currently being used, (3) a 4.2 V8- 400hp biturbo, and a bigger TT shaped, A6 sized 2-door coming soon. I can't to see what Adi does next.
  • The S4will have a 300hp 3.2 biturbo V6 and the new A4 will hae a 210hp 3.2V6
  • what5what5 Posts: 15
    PLEASE AXE THE S4...hehe, its funny how ones mind can be changed so quickly...3.2t could be chipped for ~400hp mb...ahh, sweet! Sign me up for that one, Norago Blue with Black/blue alcantara 6-speed, bose, slap some perillies on there and im set.
  • I have a 2001 S4 6-speed on order, due any day. I have been contemplating upgrading the chip, exhaust and suspension (hear it's too soft). My goal is to get the S4 to match as closely as possible the performance of my 2000 M5 (currently for sale - please email if interested). Does anyone know of any upgrades currently available to boost the S4 to 300+ HP? And what of this "mushy" factory suspension? Also, I have heard that the factory tires are awful; any suggestions for all-weather tire (such as Pirelli P700's) that would be adequate?

    Jeff Brosne, Co. Spgs., CO
  • what5what5 Posts: 15
    The best place to inquire about this would be , or
    On here i believe i have seen chips ~800 that will ogve you about 300-310hp with 340lb/ft of torque.....
    you might want to subscribe to this :
    Well i was just looking and will give you some links to tuners :
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    doesn't the M5 comes with 400hp RWD sweetness? And with M power? Heard that it's the best sports sedan in th world.... wow. You can prolly buy 2 S4s for the price of an M5!
  • what5what5 Posts: 15
    First of all its 80k, secondly it is one 10th faster then a E55 AMG Merc to 60 with an stick vs an slushbox. The M5 is not the best sports sedan in the world, or for 80k. If you want a "sports sedan for 80k, wait for the Audi S8 in sept. (GO SEE RONIN =) )
  • stick or auto, and will AUDI let us have a stick. Would be nice though.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    I don't know anything about the S8 in Ronin. Real S8's can be had with sticks.
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    Err... we don't get S8s tho. I dropped my jaw when one of the guys in Ronin says "..and get an S8 will you." I thought huh? an S8?! That thing is quite big. I prefer smaller nimbler S4 size sedans.
  • what5what5 Posts: 15
    We will get the S8 in sept, as well as the S4 avant ::drools:: However, we only get the auto....damn auto loving americans, dont know what real driving is =) Blah blah blah cupholders, blah blah blah
  • kzsmy9kzsmy9 Posts: 1
    I am interested in the S4 changes in the 2001 model year. What is CAR magazine that was mentioned earlier. I can't seem to find the reference for the 3.2T V6 that was mentioned.
  • ramonramon Posts: 825
    How many ppl can afford an S8 when it comes?
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    I'd guess sales at about 500/year in the US. Not many, eh? A8 already only sells like 1500/year.
  • what5what5 Posts: 15
    the last 3 posts...the A4 doesnt get changed till new A4 in 2004 mb
    The S8 will be bought by the same people who buy BMW 740i sports and 750il's and the A8 sells around 2500 copies a year...probably more this year...
  • joshua8joshua8 Posts: 1
    Trying to decide between a 2000 S4 and 528i. Very different cars, I know, but concerned the novelty of the S4 will wear off. Any comments or advice?
  • saabinsaabin Posts: 2
    I'm about to place an order for a 2001 S4 and the local dealer will only discount the MSRP by $1000. Does this sound reasonable? I was expecting to negotiate a price about $2000-$3000 less than the total MSRP but the dealer is confident he can get the price he wants. Has any S4 owners been able to negotiate on this car?

    Thanks in advance.
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