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Audi S4 and S4 Cabriolet



  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    German S4 has 15 more HP and a like 35 more ft-lbs of torque. There isn't any more octane in European fuel than US (they just measure it differently), so it is just tune.

    The same engine is in the A6 2.7T. In Europe, it produces 235HP (30 less then S4), in the US it produces 250HP, the same as the US S4.

    I guess AoA just wanted all 2.7Ts to produce the same power in the US. I don't know why.
  • mgreene1mgreene1 Posts: 116
    Sorry to hear about your transmission problems.

    Here's an excellent writeup from an owner who had a bad transmission replaced.

    Click on 01/02/00.

    Speaking of transmissions, my Audi dealer agreed to install the UUC short shifter, which shortens the throw by about 20% and improves overall feel.

    I'll have this done at my first service a couple weeks from now.

    The stock shifter works OK (never missed a gear) but definitely could be improved, especially the shifts from 1-2 and 2-3.

    If transmission goes bad, Audi can try to blame the shifter. The Audi service manager reviewed the installation instructions and doesn't think it will cause problems. He won't touch a chip.

    The UUC shifter costs $279 plus shipping, but if it works as claimed by many S4 owners, it should be worth it. My last car was an Integra GSR and it shifted head and shoulders better than the S4.
  • lrodkinlrodkin Posts: 1
    Without question, the s-4 is the finest sports sedan I have ever driven. I hve been lusting after one for 6 years! After driving and owning bmw's and saabs, there is really no comparison. I am finally in the process of trying to buy one. I have heard some comments about the gear shift, and a possible alternative, any info? Further, has anybody done any research on a possible spoiler for the s-4? Although a brilliant car, they could have done a little more with the body style. Also, it appears the sports interior, with the alcantra inserts are gorgeous; anybody have experience with it?
  • I was extremely close to pulling the trigger on an S4 this weekend. The model I was eyeing had the suede inserts. I thought it looked really sharp! (black with black/silver seats) However, I have never heard of a car with suede seats. Does anyone know what it would be like to care for suede seats? Would I be asking for trouble? Will they stain easily? etc., etc.

    Any feedback would be MOST appreciated!!
  • equalizer1equalizer1 Posts: 177
    You should go to, and go to the S4 forum. They should be able to answer all of your questions.

    Good luck!
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    Since it is leather, with the surface broken up.

    Problem is, it does stain much more easily than leather, almost as easily as cloth. In a dark color, the uneven surface hides stains well, but in a light color, it isn't going to last long.

    I personally would stay away from suede seats. But if you really like it, just be willing to pay a little more care to it than normal.
  • chuck4chuck4 Posts: 1
    The inserts on the sport interior are made of Alcantara which is actually a fabric. But you sure could have fooled me! I've had my silver/black for about 4 months and have had no problems. I prefer them to all leather because of comfort and they grip better in turns.
  • jesseliujesseliu Posts: 41

    Could you S4 owners recommend a dealer that has been helpful in procuring a S4 quickly? I'm looking to purchase a Silver S4 for my brother.

    Please send all information to my email address at [email protected]


  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    S4's haven't been in production for months, and 2001 production has yet to start yet. Most dealers are sold out.

    Good luck, they must be out there somewhere.
  • gemsgems Posts: 15
    Thanks for the reply... How do you find S4's reliability? How do you compare it with
    your old GSR? You are the right person to ask since you have experienced both. ( I mean the stock GSR before your adventures with JSRC stuff?? ) I am not able to find out a S4 with local Audi dealer. Since I can't afford a
    new one I am just hoping to find a good used S4...Used S4's may come to the market
    by the time next M3 comes out!!!
  • mgreene1mgreene1 Posts: 116
    No problems for the first 7900 miles, except for a slightly loose plastic vent cover on the dash.

    The dealer will fix at my 8000 mile service this Friday. I've needed to add about a quart and a half of oil during break-in but none in the last 1000 miles. Will move to synthetic (which you have to supply yourself) and will run Valvoline Synpower 5W40 (the factory recommended weight), obtainable by special ordering from Valvoline's 800 #. You can also run the easier to find 5W30 without problems per the owner's manual.

    By contrast, the GSR never burned a drop of oil, even while it had the supercharger. Other than the timing problems related to S/C, the GSR ran perfectly for over 20000 miles.

    The S4 is obviously much stronger than the GSR, especially at low rpm's, and there is no torque steer due to the AWD.

    On the othe hand, the supercharged GSR would give the stock S4 a serious run for its money and may even be a tad quicker once you get rolling.

    On dry, smooth surfaces, the handling is similar, but the S4 is far and away the smoother handler on less than perfect roads, and both cars slow down with little drama.

    As mentioned a few posts up, the GSR shifter is much better and lets you snick through the gears with no effort. The S4 shifter is quite clunky, but that UUC short shifter to be installed this Friday should be a big improvement.

    Both cars had dedicated snow tires in the winter, but the edge clearly goes to the S4. With snows, it's invincible. The S4's lower ground clearance posed no problems at all in the snow.

    The Bose stereo in the S4 sounds much better than the GSR stock unit but it's not nearly as easy to upgrade to aftermarket stuff. The Eclipse system in the GSR sounded much better (it should for the $3000 it cost!) and it would be nice to have this moved to the Audi if it weren't so much hassle.

    It's unfair to compare these two cars since one costs so much more, but frankly, if the S/C had worked out on the GSR, that's what I'd still be driving today, even though the S4 beats the GSR hands down on comfort, noise levels, and luxury.

    The one thing I miss the most about the GSR is the "VTEC hit" at higher rpms. The S4 makes its power early and runs out of steam at higher rpms.

    I'm still toying with the idea of the MTM chip and exhaust, despite the potential problems or warranty headaches. The appeal of 320 bhp and 370 ft lbs of torque is pretty hard to resist! The MTM chip offers a "two stage" feel meaning greater boost as you get into the throttle.

    Audi provides their code directly to MTM, which eliminates the guesswork that other chipmakers must do, meaning potentially better reliability. Still, you will take your chances with any chip.

    Hopefully, I've answered some of your questions.
  • Believe it or not...less than 1500 miles, flat in the sidewall.....local bridgestone dealer (houston) says there arent any RE040 in the country!! Is this true....?? says next best thing are 71's..


  • mgreene1mgreene1 Posts: 116
    You may have the infamous 'bubble' problem.

    Go to

    Search the S4 category using the word "bubble" and you'll see what I mean.

    Many have replaced their RE040s with other brands so you could probably pick up low mileage ones
    fairly cheap (e.g. $90 per tire or less).

    I've moved to Dunlop Sp9000s and am very pleased with them, but already sold my RE040s.

    BTW, the UUC short shifter was installed Friday by my dealer (1.6 hours) and it did improve the precision noticably and makes the car even more fun to drive. It's still not quite as buttery smooth as an Integra GSR but it's pretty close.
  • I have been doing a lot of research in regards to purchasing a new car. My search has finally been narrowed done to the S4 and the Bimmer 328ci. I am currently leaning toward the S4 because everything is so appealing. I am not crazy about the sedan look but everything else looks really good. I was wondering if anyone could chime in about the following concerns I have.
    a. There has been a lot of talk about something fishy going on between 2nd and 3rd gear. Is this a reoccuring problem with a lot of owners or is it isolated to a select few who happen to have models with bad transmissions?
    b. How hard is it to upgrade the Bose system? I have to have a good sounding system and I am worried about aftermarket adaptations.
    c. For those of you who have it, how much more useful do you find the short-shift box? Does the dealer install it and how much is it going for?
    d. I know it differs from state to state and company to company but how is everybody finding their insurance costs?
    e. Any thoughts about the navigation for those of you who opted?
    f. Anything else I should know about? Shakes, rattles or rolls? Mechanical or power failures?
  • dgundgun Posts: 1
    seanv(#24), bigoconut(#67), jwolff(#68)

    Are any of you still looking in?
    I plan an S4 purchase in Germany(assuming France is not possible) early in '01.
    Would like the n&n of the German dealer who can deliver a US spec car. Also have a few questions on registration, insurance, etc.; been a long time since I have done this.(And Mercedes made it very easy.)
    Anyone else with information?

  • equalizer1equalizer1 Posts: 177
    Your questions would best be answered on Go to the forums, and then to the S4 forum. I am sure you will get alot of responses to your inquiries.

    Great car. I have an A4, and I am sure with the extra HP, the S4 is amazing.
  • gemsgems Posts: 15
    Thanks Mgreen1

    Sorry, I didn't look at this topic for so long.I was hanging around in the sports car conference. Thank you very much for the prompt reply....As you have mentioned, there is no point in comparing the 'sleeper' S4 and 'screaming' GSR !!!! Two entirely different types of cars...My dilemma is to go in which direction? Go for a used S4 , Look for a new Impreza 2.5 RS, Go for supercharging my 4-dr GSR?
    I can't afford a new S4 so the option is to get a used S4. That is why I was asking about reliability of the S4. I haven't driven a S4 yet... but I guess its going to be another kind of rush to hit the peak power at very low rpm's... It would have been a big change for you to change the shift patterns from upper 7K rms to 2/3K rpms!!!! Impreza 2.5 RS seems to be another good choice. A turbo version is due next year for under 30K. From whatever reviews I have read so far it looks like it is going to be a stunner. Now the third choice is to go for JSRC. If you get it done by a good tuner I think it should work fine. Reliability of GSR has been excellent so far and financially also it is the best option out there for me. - 3 K installed.

    It is nice to know that you still think about your Vtec days!!!! I still remember your last post in the GSR topic before you moved on to S4. You wrote about going for another drive in the GSR with whatever gas left in the car before giving it back to the dealer.
    One of best parting shots I have ever seen !!! LAter...
  • troiljtroilj Posts: 1
    I have driven the car several times and have a 2001 Casablanca White on the way. I will say this for sure. It will be very nice to have power on demand quickly as opposed to the way the V-Tec engine delivers power. I have a 97 Prelude SH and it handles really well with the ATTS system, but I really hate having to wait until 5200 rpm for any fun to begin. Honestly, how often are you cruising around at 4500+ rpm so you can jet away? With the S4, it doesn't matter where you are and what gear you are in, BYE-BYE!!! Its quite addictive and will no doubt get me in trouble. :)

    I like the honda engines, but the only thing honda builds that is on par with most any high powered german engine is the NSX. That is one wonderful automobile. Its the only Japanese stock car that would take me away from going back to a german car.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    I can answer two of them.

    a. 2nd to 3rd. A few people have this problem. It is a faulty gearbox. If you have the problem, you can get it replaced for free. I think the problem is fixed now on the production line. But since they aren't producing S4's right now, that doesn't help much.
    b. Bose system has exact same head unit as other system. It has different amps and speakers. The amps are completely external (internal amp used for front of non-Bose system is retained but unused). So it should be easy to upgrade. Some have done it with success. You probably will want to upgrade it as the A4 system is lacking in bass (the A6 Bose system has a subwoofer, as does the A4 Avant Bose system, and they are much better).
  • hateheathateheat Posts: 3
    Yikes! I was inches away from heading back to my Audi Dealer to place an order for a slick new S4 when my wife alerted me to a comment she found at

    Apparently, the air conditioning on the Audi A4/A6 line under-performs. Can any owners out there confirm/dispute this?

    It's winter where I am right now (Toronto) so I can't test it for myself - but summers here can get terribly hot and humid.

    You can't imagine how pissed I'd be, if in the middle of July/August, my wife forces me to drive our Camry because the S4's air conditioning isn't up to snuff.

    See Carpoint's comments in the Comfort section at:

    (A4/S4 Models)

    (A6 Models)

    Thanks for any info you can provide.
  • The AC in my A4 Avant seemed weak at first, so I complained at my first service. Don't know what they did but it's better now, and did fine in a recent trip to Death Valley.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    Blasts very cold air very quickly after turn on.

    I had considered getting the warm weather package which keeps interior temps down while car is off.

    Now I'm glad I didn't waste the money. It cools the interior off very fast.
  • hateheathateheat Posts: 3
    Yikes! Death Valley? That oughta impress the wife!

    MorganConrad - if you ever get a chance to find out what your dealer did, i'd be interested in finding out...maybe the odd car has a defect. The dealer I visited said he's never had any complaints, but we all know how honest dealers can be :-)

    bollinger - glad to hear your a/c works as expected. I too am considering the warm weather package, but it seems like overkill...though a solar powered fan and power sunshade appeals to the techno-geek in me!
  • hateheathateheat Posts: 3
    Yikes! BTW, you may have noticed that I mentioned the warm weather package, which isn't available on the S4. Reason being, I've changed my mind (again) and have decided on the A6 2.7t.

    Smoother ride, bigger car, similar price, and more than enough power and handling prowess for a wannabe F1 World Champion like me :-)
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    It's what I got. It has good handling, but if you truly want it to be S4-like, get the PSK handling package (not the older PSP or the other handling package). It has a tighter and lower suspension.

    Warm weather package is kaput for 2001. I think to really appreciate it you would have to have a black car in a very warm area like Arizona, NM, Texas, possibly Florida. Here in Northern CA where it is very sunny but not so hot, it doens't make sense to give up the $$ and glass sunroof to get the warm package. That is, if you get the warm weather package, the sunroof panel is fixed to the glass, and you cannot open the panel without opening the roof. I wouldn't like that as I rarely close the panel.
  • Thank you too those of you who responded to my inquires! Audiworld was useful and the comments on the Bose were helpful too. Is June the production date for new S4's? I want to get a 2001 model if at all possible.
  • I received great advice from bollinger on the A6 forum and I am responding to him and others re:the PSK handling pkg. I did not see it on my list of options and since I am looking at both the S4 and A6 2.7 am wondering if it is a 2001 option? If it is available for 2000, does anyone have it. If I could get a lowered A6 with 17's I would probably buy vs. the S4.

    I am in my 2nd day of a test drive w/A6 and have noticed the rough idle that was discussed on the A6 thread. Has anyone experienced the rough idle with the S4?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    Audi has a long history of introducing changes mid-year. PSK is one of these, you might not find it on web sites and such, but it does exist, and you can order it on a 2000, and there should be some PSKs on any given dealer's lot.
  • ras5ras5 Posts: 8
    It seems that the S4 will be available as an Avant by year end (see like I will start saving my money for a down payment so my ski and camping equipment can come along for the blistering ride.What is the horsepower/torque increase if I just change exhaust system,install a K&N airfilter, and use high performance plugs?
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    You will get very little increase from the mods you describe.

    Plugs essentially can't do anything.
    www.audizone.come tested the stock air filter against the K&N on the S4, and found no difference at all.

    A performance exhaust system should get a small (10HP?) boost.

    You don't even have an S4 yet, and it isn't fast enough for you, eh? Ingrate.

    Don't forget to get all-season or winter tires before going to the snow. The stock tires on the S4 are performance tires and are entirely useless on snow. I am serious. Many have complained of this on
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