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Pontiac Grand Prix - 2000-2005



  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    A loose or poor fitting car bra can ruin your car's finish in a matter of hours while driving in the highway. I'd say that even if you plan on using the cover 6 weeks out the year it will still be worth paying the price for it. Remember, next year you'll use it again and the year thereafter and so on, follow me?

    $84 for a quality car bra is not a very high price to pay IMO. Go to your Pontiac dealer and ask how much they'll charge you for the GM OEM Car Bra ??(Which is the same exact Perfect Fit car bra you can get in the website) Around $120+ for the same exact thing. They charge you almost $40 bucks extra for the car bra packaging that says "GM" and the dealer parts profit.

    You can't go wrong with the perfect fit car bra.

    My 2001 Impala LS is doing great. I have put 3500 miles and ZERO problems. Still rock solid and a blast to drive!.
  • Hi all,

    I have a 1997 Grand Prix SE with the 3.8L engine. It's been running great with some minor warranty work done to it. My question for you all is has anyone experienced any type of transmission problems? I used to think that this was the smoothest shifting car I ever had but recently I have been able to notice when the transmission shifts especially at 45mph. It seems to make an extra sound. I'm concerned because this is a change. I never noticed the gear changes before and now I can tell you every time when it does. The dealer didn't seem too concerned about it last time we had it in but also didn't drive it to check for it either since we were having other work done. Any comments would be helpful. Thanks.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I'm just an ex Grand Prix owner who stopped by to visit, and I saw your post.

    I couldn't resist telling you about my experience with a 2000 GT four door sedan that I bought new in March of 2000.

    It was simply the BEST car I ever owned! I only kept it for about 8.5 months, because I wanted a Jeep Wrangler so bad that I couldn't sleep at night. I wish I could have kept the GP and still bought the Jeep, but no way.

    I put just under 20K miles on that GP GT, and it NEVER ONCE WENT BACK TO THE DEALER for even the tiniest adjustment or anything. That car was perfect from day one!

    I don't know where you could come close to getting the combination of great looks, good acceleration, good gas mileage, roominess, etc. that you get with a Grand Prix GT (unless it would be with a GTP).

    I hope whoever bought mine is taking good care of it.

    Hope this helps.

    tsjay (tom)
  • I want to purchase a 2002 Grand Prix and have the following question:

    The Pontiac dealers in my area are only ordering the GT wtih 1SB option package. As this has more equipment than I need, I do not want to pay extra to buy the vehicle, though I would gladly buy a 1SA.

    My question is, for a guy who uses a car primarily to go to work (28 miles each way on mostly local roads, drives about 19,000 miles per year, is not a "leadfoot", takes good care of the vehicle, and wants to keep it 5-7 years, is the SE a good choice?

    It seems like a nice car, but I keep hearing raves about the 3800 V6. Your opinion is welcomed as I need to make a "best buy" decision. Also, are there other differences between the two models that I should be aware of? I am not a person who needs all the "bells and whistles"
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    I have a 2001 SE that I bought in May and really love the car. I tend to stick to the speed limit so the 175 hp is plenty for me.

    I simply haven't had the car long enough to have any problems. I think, though, that the 3.8 L has a cast iron engine while the 3.1 has aluminum cylinder heads. I would have preferred the 3.8 for that reason alone but it was out of my price range. (How important that actually is, I don't really know.)
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    The 3.8l 90° V6 is said to be much more durable and reliable than the 3.1 60° V6. Apparently, the 60° V6s tend to have lubrication problems in the last couple of cylinders at about mid-life (mid-life crisis? :^)). The 90° V6s are also among the best engines ever made in the motive industry.
  • I live in MI and am thinking of buying a 2001 Grand Prix GT. Anyone have experience driving them in the snow and if they handle well or not?
  • lwh3lwh3 Posts: 6
    I have been reading this board for some time and have enjoyed it and learned a lot. I started reading the board because I've wanted a Grand Prix since the present body style was released. I know that my time to get one of these is drawing short, and so I plan to buy one soon.

    I plan to keep this car literally until I die. I know that I want the GTP. I also THINK that I prefer the looks of the "Special Edition," e.g., heat extractors, roof rails, etc., with the possible exception of the two-tone interior, which I would just as soon do without. (I'm especially leery of the Special Edition interior color for 2002. Has anyone seen it?)

    Anyway, I know that the general consensus of experts is that the Special Edition appearance package is not worth the money, but I wanted to hear what you all have to say. As I said, I plan to buy one quite soon. I'll let you know how it goes.
  • If you like it, buy it - it's certainly unique. Heck, you're the one who has to live with it - the "experts" are probably all driving Honda Civics.
  • Isn't the 3.8 available as an option on the SE? If it is, then THAT might be your answer.

    We chose the GT despite the fact that the SE would have been adequate enough power for its use as a second car. What sold us was the 3.8L engine - virtually identical to the one in our '00 Bonneville SLE - and, as has been said here already, one of the better powerplants out there today. Once I looked into the difference in monthly payments between an SE and a reasonably well-equipped GT, there were no further questions.

    All that said, you still can't go wrong with the SE - with or without the 3.8 Series II.

    I do agree with you about the ISB though.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    FYI, the 2-tone interior color for 2002 is ruby red and graphite.

    My wife and I just purchased a white GTP sedan (as her daily driver) with the Pontiac 75th Anniversary Special Edition option package... use GMBuyPower and see if you can find one in stock in your area (the two-tone interior for 2001 is light grey and graphite).

    We purchased it because it looked just a heck of a lot more sporty/sharp than the "plain" GTP. I don't know that the Special Edition will carry any more value, but it adds $2k to the price and includes the sunroof, leather seats, and chrome wheels, along with the 2-tone interior, the hood heat extractors, and the roof fencing (which, on her white GTP, is black, and looks exceptionally sharp).

    Of course, we got GMS (employee) pricing, and, coupled with the 0.9%, 60-month financing, it was a no-brainer (we originally were just looking for a GT). That also might sway your decision to look at a 2001...

  • lwh3lwh3 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the input. I looked into a 2001 Special Edition. Nothing close to my area. Besides, I like the exterior color on the 2002. I'm just not sure about that "ruby red and graphite," although I haven't seen it yet. Thanks again. I'll let you know what I do.
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    What color were you looking at? I noticed on Edmunds new car section that the GP is coming out with some new colors (blue-black, dark cherry and champaign beige). Were you getting one of those colors? I've been curious what the dark cherry looks like as Edmunds color samples don't seem to come out very clear. I was wondering if it was another red or if it's a purplish color.
  • Do we know if this thing is going to be FWD/AWD, and what engine (3800SC or new 3.7L DOHC 24 V6) ?

    I would love to see the new 5 speed auto trans, AWD, and at least 300HP ?
  • I have heard that the 40th anniversary Grand Prixs have not been made yet. Could be October. The Dark Cherry is the only color and its not on any other Grand Prixs. In the catalog it has the same code number as the Dark Cherry used on the 40th Anniversary Bonneville which came out in 1997. I have a friend with the Bonneville and it is more dark maroon then a shade of purple. Would think the GP should be the same. 2003 Grand Prix will be the same as the 2002 Grand Prix. The 2004 Grand Prix will be all new for the spring of 2003. This was the same way Pontiac did it with the 1988 & 1997 redesigns. I remember they came out just after the Daytona 500 so Pontiac could run the new styles in Winston Cup.
  • lwh3lwh3 Posts: 6
    I finally checked with a dealer. Montanafan is right -- they're not in production yet. I did pick up one of the big, fancy 2002 brochures. Pretty much the same as the 2001 brochure except not as fancy, a few different standard features and a couple new colors. The biggest change is the aforementioned 40th Anniversary Edition, which appears to be purplish maroon. Doesn't sound nice, but I gotta admit that I like it. The overall appearance is a little "over the top," but I think that I'll probably buy one. The "ruby red" interior turns out to be dark maroon. For anyone who wants to check out the special edition online, the new web page will be
  • Based on comments from this board and other sources, I am looking forward to picking up a 2002 Grand Prix GT next week. I plan on keeping the car for at least six years and drive about 18,000 miles per year. My question is, does getting an extended warranty make sense? I have spoken to friends relatives who vary widely in their recommendation. Some say that while it is a good idea in concept, often the part that breaks, even if it is in the transmission, is not covered. The price for the warranty is about $1,500.

    Your comments are more than appreciated!
  • All I can say is that I've NEVER purchased an extended warranty and, over time, am ahead of the game. Ask yourself if you had put aside $100/mo. for the entire time you've been driving, would that pay for the work you've had to have done? For me, the answer is yes and so I self-insure. Has that backfired on me? Yes - but then the next two cars have more than made up for it.

    The downside of self-insurance is that a big bill COULD hit you at a time when you'd rather not have to deal with it. So, if that would be a problem for you, buy the insurance. If not, minimize your risk and buy a car with a good reliability record (like the GT) and take care of the three most expensive-to-repair components of your car (transmission, air conditioner and engine).

    My $.02
  • After reading all of the comments on this board and then purchasing a 2001 Grand Prix last month, I think I would trust GM to have built a quality product and not go with the extended warranty (we did not purchase one). If you had bought a Chrysler product, however, that's a different story. Even their service technicians tell you to never buy a Chrysler product without buying the extended warranty. Pathetic isn't it???? We are still in love with our dark green GT 4 door. We've had a couple of short road trips and it has brought out the teenager in my husband (vroom, vroom).
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Hi folks, just the old ex-GP GT owner coming back to visit again.

    I have seen the posts about extended warranties, and I won't go into whether one should buy one or not, but everyone who is considering one should know that the price is very much negotiable.

    You probably have much more leverage if you make it part of your deal when you are buying the car, but even after the sale, you can negotiate the price of these policies.

    You might easily get one third or more of the asking price knocked off the top!

  • jpstaxjpstax Posts: 250
    I saw the following post in the Buick Regal forum. Did anyone else read the R & T article?

    "From Road & Track Oct'01
    Black Stock Regal GNX S.C. 300-bhp
    hood has a power dome...looks much like current grandprix??? With 18" this possible???
    I think this car should be called GSX not GNX!!!
    Here's what I don't understand...
    Regal's sister car Grand Prix will become G8. A 5.7 V-8 @ 350-HP with VERSATRACK all wheel drive...WOW!!! With 19"(255/40ZR-19) this possible???
    Why can't the next generation GN have this package???"

  • tsjay is right - there is a certain amount of dealer profit built into these warranties so they are negotiable. A $1500 warranty could easily become $1000-$1200. I know that we've been offered a GM extended warranty to 5/60 (instead of 3/36) for our '00 Bonneville at the equivalent of roughly $US950. The problems is that the kind of mileage we do (about 20k miles p.a.), that's going to buy me piece of mind for only 16 months.

    So MY question becomes not "are my repairs likely to significantly exceed $950?" but "are my repairs covered by warranty which would occur in that 16 month period likely to significantly exceed $950?" Let's just say that I'm not prepared to pay $60/mo. on the off-chance that something bad is going to befall the car.

    Besides, we can purchase the extended warranty at any time before the factory warranty expires (this probably applies in the States as well - you might want to check it out). So if the car turns out to be "questionable" two years from now, we can change our minds and extend the warranty (& risk a warranty price increase....)
  • I plan on getting an extended warranty for my 2000 GTP. It makes sense to me. I will be going 3rd party via Warranty Gold. The thing about GM's own extended warranty is it doesn't extend from the time you purchase the warranty, only when you purchased the car. Warranty gold has a diamond plan that will cover you up to 7 years, 100,000 miles at the time of warranty purchase.

    Given some of the major complaints with the GTP with people who have owned them more than 3 years (alternator, window motors, steering rack) it will give me more peace of mind knowing I'll be covered in the event that happens to me.

    I've owned a number of cars, both Japanese and Domestic, and *ALL* of them needed some sort of major repair during their lives. So the question is, do you want to bet that the repair is under the $1200 or so dollars an extended warranty will cost you? I'm not.
  • This is a car GM should be proud of. I had the luxury of renting a 2000 Grand Prix SE with the 3.8 V6. It was a excellent car.

    I only had 2 gripes.

    1. The acceleration didnt really meet up to my expectations. It really seemed to lose steam up in the higher end but the low end grunt was great.

    2. The brake pedal sits up too high. I had to lift my foot to get to the pedal. I am used to my integra where I can just shift my foot over to the brake.

    There were a few other quirks that I attributed more to the high altitude (Lake Tahoe) then the car. The performance sucked driving through the mountains. The other problem I had was just unexplained stalling. Twice when I was just stopped the car just stalled without warning.

    Other then the above the car was perfect. It was comfortable, quiet and it felt really solid. Once I got back home I actually started looking into getting a Grand Prix. They are very value priced and the resale is great.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    I have the Warranty Gold police for my 98 Malibu. Had experience with replacing intake manifold gasket. They paid $550 without objecting.

    However, after experiencing the delays and inconveniences of the 3-rd party warranty, my wife and I decided against buying it for our new car, 2000 Regal. Not only Warranty Gold, but any warranty. We even are discussing dropping the current one; did not do it mostly for lack of time...

    ""Warranty Gold" Claims" Sep 13, 2001 10:18am
  • Did any of you know that there is a 7 year 70k mile warranty on the supercharger. At least there is on the Regal so I don't see why there wouldn't be on the Grand Prix.
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Numerous people over on the Aurora board have had problems with Warranty Gold (or, more specifically, their Warranty Administrator) authorizing repairs in a timely manner. For this reason, I went with 1Source for the warranty on my Aurora.

    Don't EVER buy the extended warranty from the dealer. = RIPOFF (>50% markup). Before your factory warranty expires (i.e. hopefully a couple of years down the road), you can buy an extended one from a (reputable) third-party warranty company, for still much less than what the dealer wants to charge up front. And, as someone said, you'll then have a couple of years of repair history to demonstrate how reliable your car is, and decide if you want to do it.

    I got the warranty on the Aurora because it does have some chronic issues. Plus, being a luxury V-8, it has much more stuff on it/things to go wrong than most cars. Whether or not we get a warranty on my wife's new white 75th Anniversary GTP, we'll decide in a couple of years...

    Hope this helps someone,

  • Found this a while back. Some of you might be interested in using it as wallpaper: 2002 Grand Prix
  • I posted this problem at the beginning of August of the outside temp not reading correctly, leading to no air conditioning. I purchased the outside temp sensor from the dealer for $8 and replaced the old one. This unfortunately didn't fix the problem. Still read around 50 degrees on 90+ degree days. Took it to the dealer who couldn't diagnose the problem after 3 hours. They wanted to replace the whole unit - about $600 with labor. My warranty was up and GM offered no assistance, so I said no. Just happen to talk to the salesman that sold me the car when I went to pick it up. He wheeled and dealed with the service manager and offered to order the part for free ($500 +) if I pay an hour labor. So I kinda lucked out.

    Just a warning, if you notice this sporadic problem ... take it to the dealer right away before your warranty runs out.

    Other than that, no problems! 'knock' 'knock'
    1998 Grand Prix GTP
    34,500 Miles ...
  • lwh3lwh3 Posts: 6
    You correctly pointed out that the 40th Anniversary Grand Prix's haven't been made yet. I'm wondering whether you've heard when they're likely to be produced. I saw an ad on p. 134 of the October Road & Track. I'd think Pontiac would want to build the thing soon if they're out there creating demand for it.
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