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Mazda Millenia



  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    What was the time intervals in which each problem manifested? Your primary summation about the '95L Millenia, is probably accurate.

  • mantagmantag Posts: 47
    well, i have posted many times here to see the latest scoop and voice my opinion. overall, i am pleased with my 95 S. I take care of it religiously. yep, nothing on this car is cheap. most of my costs have been maintence related. however, i did just get done with several repairs:
    1. valve cover gaskets(2) both leaking a bit approx $450.
    2. right axle seal leaking. approx $250
    3. wheel bearings(2) approx $500

    unfortunatley, gaskets do break down and need to be replaced. it is not so much the part, than the labor to fix it.

    wheel bearings( a loud hum noise from the front) yes, i think this was unnessecary- maybe due to I drive fast...

    i am starting to hear a clipping/distortion form the bose rear speaker. aprox $375 for the speaker/built in amp(part only) yep, i play my music load.

    right now i have approx 87K, plan to keep until before my 120k service(timing belt change)!
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    What kind of HID lights did you install. Simple after market 12V bulbs with xenon gas or the complete high voltage HID kit? The S-Class HID are factory installed with 14,000 Volts transformers inside the light assembly.
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    I am using the Phillips D2R Xenon Bulbs with Phillips Ballast. This kit is basically a raw HID Light Mechanism that is used on vehicles with factory HID Lighting.
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    Thank you for the info. I installed the Hella xenon Gas Bulbs on my MB They provide a white beam with a nice contrast and better reflexion than original halogen lights under a relatively low cost (but they are no match to the HID option at MB). The Hella Korean production line is closed now. I will look into the Philips kit for my MilleniaS.
  • Brubaker: Our '99 S has close to 30k miles on the original 17" Dunlops, but the tread is just about gone. Based on how fast they appeared to be wearing, I'm almost happy they've lasted this long. I knew we'd get stung buying 17 inchers, but I didn't think it would be this soon.

    On a related note, people often suggest getting replacements through, and the prices look good, but how do you get them installed? Getting 4 tires dropped off at my house by the UPS guy doesn't help me much. A mechanic I used to know had a favorite saying "You don't bring the steak to the restaurant" if somebody asked about bringing in their own parts for him to install.

    Acabral: I don't want to spend close to $200 for a tire. What do you think about the cheaper Goodyears? (or similar)
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    It was about 10 years ago since I used Goodyears, had a set of Goodyear GT's on my '88 Fiero GT - can't remember the series anymore, however I do rememeber that they really performed well on wet/dry pavement.

    My speculation is that, if the Goodyears were performing well ten years ago, they should be an excellent choice of tires for value and performance today.

    I personally, would not purchase a completely "no-name" tire for warranty/saftey,performance factors. Unless your wallet is dictating you to do so.

  • I guess the dealership didn't know what they were doing last week when they thought replacing the steering column would fix my auto-tilt problem. Today when I got out of the car at the gas station...the steering wheel didn't go up!!!! My dash is squeaking again too.
  • You can try or, but the problem, aside from getting them installed, is what happens if you need to file a warranty claim. You have to ship the tire back! What I did was find a reputable shop that would match any advertised price, and brought them the ad. A decent local tire store should be willing to do this if they want your business.
  • I just purchased a 2000 this summer. Well, it has now snowed here every other day for the last week. This is the worst car I have ever driven in the snow. It feels like it is fish tailling under the slowest of driving and doesn't get any traction. Not to mention, there is barely enough power to make it up snow covered hills. Does anyone have any suggestions (new tires, more weight in the car, other?) I love this car in non-snow conditions, but have never felt so unsafe or not in control while driving. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated as getting rid of this car with only 9,000 miles on it would be an absolute shame.
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    I am driving a MilleniaS. in snow country since 1995 and through serious ice storms without major problems. In winter I always use good snow tires which provide the necessary traction on snow and ice. No car can handle well under serious conditions without the necessary traction provided by its own tires, specially if you have 17" wheels which are too large for good grip on ice or snow.. Install some good quality winter tires such as Bridgestone Blizzak or Michelin Alpine and your life will change.
  • jbowerman - I just installed a set of Nokian All Weather tires on my Maxima. They are quiet, smooth riding, and handle great in the dry, wet, and snow. My summer tires a Pirelli P6000, and this is the first year that I have not used Blizzaks during the winter. I am very impressed with these tires.

    I would expect that tires that work well for a Maxima would work well for a Millenia, and vice versa.

  • guzguz Posts: 7
    I had the problem with bubbles in the sidewall of three DS4000. Dunlop offered to upgrade all four tires to DS5000 for a discounted premium. AFTER, I took them up on their offer, I learned that the 17" rim is a zero fit for a 235/45 R17 tire. The zero fit means that it is an exact match. The 235/45 R17 are MUCH cheaper with a wider selection and more availability. The Euro model uses this tire exclusively. No more 215s for me.
  • I just purchased a '95 Millenia-s with 111,000 miles in great condition from AZ, I live in MN. No rust on this one. Autum Red with Tan interior and all the extras. My first so-called luxury car. I have a modified '94 RX-7 that turns low 12's and 110+ in the quarter so I don't need this to be my speed burner, it's for my wife in the summer and in the winter we'll drive the Millenia and her '95 Protege, also a great little car. Bought new five years ago and only replaced the muffler not bad for the brutal MN winters and salt on the roads.

    Need to know some things. I paid less than $7K. Did I get a good deal?? Of course I had to fly there and drive it back and that was an expensive experience. I flew to Phoenix last weekend and purchased the car and drove back 1800+ miles non-stop. The last 500 miles were in a snow storm, saw hundreds of cars in the ditch as well as about 30 semis, 5 were turned over and two had cabs that were totaled. Semi drivers are nuts, how I made it back without mishap was God's doing. The car has tires that are for high speed dry pavement driving. The first thing I did when I came back was to order online a set of four wheels and the best snow tires I could find from for about $400. Hopefully they will make it by the end of next week. I'm on a list with over 1500 RX-7 fanatics like me and get about 50 messages a day on it, is there a list for Millenia owners like this?? Probably not.For the MPG fanatics I got this on the way back.
    temp miles gal mph on cruise avg mpg
    70 304 12.2 90 24.9
    60 393 14.6 85 26.9
    50 312 11.9 80 26.2
    20 344 14.6 80 23.6
    Cold weather always gets worse mpg. The rest of the trip forget it, big snow storm. I need to know what and where I can do to hop it up. If the engine finally goes can I bore and stroke it to 3+ liters. Should I get 300+ hp then? In the meantime there should be some intake, ECU and exhaust mods to get it to 240 hp? Where do I go???

    So far one hellava an auto for the $$$.

  • Merry Christmas to all of Millenia Owners our there. I just find out a work around for the Auto-tilt steering wheel not going up when you take the key out of the ignition. It finally happened on my 2000 Millenia S. My solution, while taking the keys out of the ignition, hold and push/drag it to the left and out. This might sound confusing, hope this works for you.

    luv94rx7, what a coincidence, 'cause I also owned a white '94 RX7 Touring, here's a link to my Mazda collections
    Haven't really modify anything on the car, other than an HKS air filter, muffler, boost gauge and 18" BBS RX rims. Actually, I think the original twin-turbo is going out pretty soon, any tips on what to do? or where to go for a replacement turbo?.
    BTW, $7K for a '95 Millenia S is a pretty good deal for a car this good.

  • After reading virtually all the posts here, it is obvious that many of us are concerned about the risk of future repairs. I think it would be most helpful if each of us would list:
    1)the YEAR & MODEL of our Millenia
    2)number of miles on it
    3)all repairs done on it since new (not routine maintenance)
    4) From experience, the Pros & Cons of ownership.
    5) Any additional info felt relevent.
    6) Your query, if any.

    My Millenia is:
    1. 1995 Mazda Millenia S
    2. 61,300 miles
    3. Has slight shutter in front brakes which has not been repaired. Probably rotors need turning. Have recently noticed smoke coming from exhaust when first starting each day. After cranking, no smoke. Has not yet had 60,000 mile service ($1200!).
    4. I love this car. It's beauty, performance, and initial cost are great. So far, it has been a pleasure to own, and if the next 60,000 would be as reasonably trouble-free, I would definitely keep it. However, given the relatively high expense of even small repairs, I am thinking it might be time to replace it. I may be pushing my luck by keeping it?
    5. I live in NC and this car has seen very little snow. Overall, it is immaculate, but I am concerned about future costly repairs.
    6. Insights, opinions, advice?
  • gtspecgtspec Posts: 55
    I have a 95 Millenia S, which I bought it 14 month ago (it had 64K miles, now 71K miles), and I'm having problems with the "Check Engine Light" 2 month after I bought the car, and the problem still exist now. I took it to my mechanic, and he use the computer diagnostic unit to check the computer. The problem code is P0170 (Fuel trim malfuction Bank 1), and also Code: P0173 (Fuel trim malfunction Bank 2). Does anyone know what exactly do these problems mean? Any help will be greatly appreciated!!! My mechanic does not know what's wrong with it. All I can do now is just disconnect my battery every time the "Engine" light comes ON, in order to reset the computer! However, I've notice that this problem happens most frquently during the winter time (I live in New York). I don't really feel any difference on the performance when the "engine" light comes ON.

    The only modifications on my car are the Drop-in K&N air filter and the Apexi N1 muffler (Cat back with the initial muffler intact - custom made piping from initial muffler to the N1). The muffler sounds deep on the highway but quite on the street (I love it a lot)!

    Bellow is a list of the repairs & maintenace I had made so far (excluding oil changes):
    (1) Timing belt & all the belts (at 64k miles)
    (2) water pump (@ 64k miles)
    (3) fuel filter (@ 64K miles)
    (4) spark plugs (@64k miles)-(NGK platinum)
    (5) Replace the radiator (at 70k miles, cost:$400)-(slight crack on the side plastic part of the radiator)
    (6) replace 2 tires (@ 64K miles)

    I love the car every much, the style, the performance, the price, just NOT the "check engine light", please HELP me! What's "Fuel trim malfunction Bank 1 & 2"??? THANKS :-)
  • doepeldoepel Posts: 20
    I have a 99 Mil-S with 12K miles and all is well.

    It did have a strong gas odor at startup on cold days but this went away at about 9K miles when exhaust system had a chance to buildup a little. Also still have glove box that squeaks some when cold but stops when interior warms up. The dunlops have no abnormal wear. I have gotten used to the fuel tank sloshing sound which is not very loud. I found that the insulating material (blanket) under the rear seat had not been properly installed. When I released the bottom of the rear seat, the insulating blanket was bunched up. I spread it out and this helped reduce the noise dramatically. I suppose I could add to it and virtually eliminate the noise.

    My fuel economy is about 20mpg city/highway combined (a mild disappointment). I too love the style, handling, value and quite good performance of this car. It actually is amazing that it is a 4 door sedan which can comfortably hold a family of 4 and still look so sporty. The trunk is very large. Behind the wheel, I feel as if I am driving a very attractive and well engineered sports sedan. Compared with driving the maxima, lexus and acura sedans, it seems more like a sports car. I pesonally think it is way more eye appealing than these.

    The more I drive this car the more I love it...
    Thus far, owning it has been a very satisfying experience.
  • Two-tone Snow White Pearl Mica/Sand Mica
    I'm about to hit 27,000 miles

    Repairs done so far (first 10,000 miles were trouble free)

    1. Driver's side fog light has gone out twice...replaced by warranty.
    2. Auto-tilt away steering wheel did not tilt away...steering column replaced...has malfunctioned once since being replaced.
    3. CD player skipped...bought a CD cleaner...fine ever since
    4. Warped glove box replaced after squeaking
    5. A-pillar trim adjusted because of squeaking
    6. Fuel gauge replaced after not reading properly
    7. AC fan replaced after making loud noises

    Current Issues I haven't bothered addressing

    1. The passenger side airbag cover squeaks when going over bumps or rough pavement.
    2. Sunroof rattles occassionally when sunshade is open.

    Despite everything that has been repaired on this car...I still love driving it and think that it is one of the best looking cars on the road.

    When my lease runs up in 2002...I do plan on leasing another Millenia...but next time I'm going to go for the that prices have dropped. I'm not crazy about the new exterior styling...but I think the interior upgrades make up for it.
  • I have a 2000 Millenia S, black with grey (two-tone). Bought the car in January 2000, now has 19500 hard driving miles on it.
    This is one of the nicest looking car on the road today (RX-7 is the best looking). Haven't had much problem with the car other than
    1. Small rattling noise on the rear roof areas (I mentioned this when I did the survey on "Mazdatown" and one of Mazda USA cust serv just left me a message yesterday to solve this problem, we'll see)
    2. The materials on the door handle chipped.
    3. The auto-tilt steering wheel doesn't tilt up sometimes (My workaround to this problem, while taking the keys out of the ignition, hold and push/drag it to the left and out)
    The rattle noise is the only one that bothers me and which I'm going to

    Other than that, the car is perfect. I love the attention I'm getting while driving this car, it's not a Me-too car like Lexus ES (Camry twins) or Acura TL (ahemm, Accord on steroid).
    The 17" wheels really makes this car looks even more like a sport sedan. Reach 137mph few months back on my way back from NoCal to LA, I think the car's max speed is about 142mph.
    I'm only getting about 19mpg now, this is more because the way I'm driving.
    I'm planning to get another Millenia in about three years when the new model shows up. I do like the new 2001 Millenia, especially in silver, white or blue; not the two tone color. Actually, I'm planning to change my taillights with the 2001 taillights; they look very nice.

  • Hello all.

    I've recently come across one of the best looking cars on the road (the Millenia) and am very interested in buying it.

    I've found a great deal on 2000 S on a dealer lot and am seriously considering at as an alternative to all the (snore) accords & camrys out there, but I'm concerned about the maintenance. I have a shop that I trust implicitly and they work on Mazdas, though they mention that parts can be difficult to get.

    But what can anyone tell me about reliability? Is it a good car for 4 or 5 years? Does the paint really start chipping / pealing? What's up with all of the transmission problems? I heard one guys radiator cracked clean through at 60K... EEEK! Are these things problems for all millenias, independent of weather conditions and age of car?

    I'd really appreciate any info you can send my way.... I'm looking to buy very soon.

    Thanks in advance!
  • I drive a 97 Pearl White Millennia S w/ 55,600 miles on it and it hasen't let me down yet. The transmission is like new and always feels smooth. Alot smoother than alot of other cars on the road. Due to my job I pretty much relay on my car and no major problems to report. Thankfully the only repair I had done, besides regular maintenance, is to fix a loose plate in the exhaust, which was picked up by the warranty. The belts were changed at 50,000 as well. This car looks totally different than every other car on the road and handles better than some sports cars. Don't hesitate on buying it, it's worth it!
    Good Luck,

    p.s. as for the paint. It tends to chip alot if you get tapped in a parking lot,etc. If you park in tight areas often, then I suggest you buy a can of touch up paint from you dealer. Chances are you will need it.
  • Seasons Greetings Millenia owners and potential owners. You are going to love my story about my Mazda. It's amazing I haven't placed a brick on the gas pedal and let it drive itself off a cliff!
    I own a 95 Millenia S, dark green, tan leather with all the options, 85,344 miles.
    I bought it in Feb 2000 with 74,687 miles. Here is the list of repairs so far.
    * Oil sender switch. It broke and oil gushed all in the street. I was pissed. $75
    * Air Intake Leak. $125
    * O2 sensors replaced $740
    * Both Cataylitic Converters went out. $WARRANTY
    It would have costed $2450!!! Folks, there is a manufacturer's warranty.....
    8/80,000 on the converter! If it's failing get if fixed! I had 79,775 when mine went out. Can you believe it?! What luck on my part. I would have been screwed with a huge bill.
    Ok, now here's where the fun begins. All of you smoke blowing on start up people? Here is your problem. The Lysholm Compresser (super charger on S model only) will eventually develop a gasket leak, like mine has...big surprise. Oil gets into the chamber and blows into the engine with the air it's sucking in, creating white smoke. It gets trapped in the chamber over night and blows out from the butterfly valves, creating the smoke. There are varying degrees of this problem.
    Cost of replacing the supercharger? $4000 I kid you not! I went to 2 dealers and 2 Japanese repair was all the same. You just can't just repair the gasket (unless you want to try it yourself and take your Miller Cycle Engine apart). This problem destroys your spark plugs and Catalytic Converter. I already did the CC so the hard part is over. The crazy thing is that I love the car despite all of this. It is a bad [non-permissible content removed] car but at a cost. If you're a luxury car lover and you're broke, this car isn't for you because it's going to cost you a pretty penny to own. Repairs are out of control. If I could do it all over again, I would have purchased the base model. It's not super fast but the power is adequate. And on the base, you can change the spark plugs yourself. Unlike the base model, the S model hides the other 3 plugs in the middle of the engine! $1200 for a tune up! Good luck out there.
  • 2000 Millenia S is a great deal at about $25000 right now. Parts for Millenia S shouldn't be hard to get as long as there's an authorized Mazda dealers around your area. They can get any parts for your car within a week at the most.
    In terms of reliability, I've seen some Millenia owners that has over 120K miles on their car without major problem. Most of the problems that you've seen here in this forum affected '95 model year, which is the first year Mazda introduce this car. It's very common for a first year car to have more problem than a later year ones.
    I do expect to pay over $1000 for my 60000 miles service. My 15000 service cost me $105 and regular oil change cost $35. 30000 miles service should be about $300. So if you look at it, the only big ones is at 60000 miles. For the price you pay for the car right now, which is a bargain, probably discounted up to $7000; it's still a good deal. You can also buy extended warranty before your 3yrs/50K miles warranty ends.
    Good Luck. BTW, what color are you planning to get?.

  • Thanks for all of your responses to my should I buy' questions. After emerald city's response, I'm looking at the base model with as many bells and whistles as they can add to get the price tag up there. (Besides, I'm not really a speed freak, I just think the car is beautiful!!!)

    I'm looking at the extended warranty ... going from a Honda (can I say that word in here?) which gave me close to 300k miles without major problems, to a car / brand that I know very little about in terms of expected mechanical problems is a little scary so I will probably add the 100K extension though I may try to get it somewhere other than my dealer.

    There are some great deals out there, I'm looking at about $21k and actually getting the color I want -- they call it the rain forest green, which looks more like a sea foam green. They have 5 on the lot, one the color mentioned above, the others all emerald green, which is still a nice color.

    Has anyone gotten the Finishing Touch package? Is it worth it?

    Again, thanks for all of the information... If I hadn't seen the posts last night I probably would have walked away completely from the deal based on that whole compressor thing and some of the other things I had read. But what really bothered me is that I would then be responsible for putting another accord / carry / maxima on the road... as though California needs more of those! If I really get this (I hope & hope that I do) I'm really looking forward to walking into a large parking lot and actually FINDING my car!! Wow, that's gonna be fun!

    Again, thank you all. Hopefully the next time you hear from me, I'll be a new owner!
  • My 95 S gets only about 23 mpg although my daily commute is 95 % highway. Is this normal?
    I have had my car for about 3 1/2 years and have been disappointed by those numbers. Has
    anyone tried any accessories and or oil additives that improved efficiency significantly?
  • I have 96 Millenia L which has been worked on several times for the engine light staying on.
    The oil sensor was changed, plugs & wires changed,
    and it still gives a "misfire" code when on the
    test machine. After being reset it will go for a
    couple of days before the light is back on.
    Any suggestions????? Also, what significant change could I expect from removing the "white box" I have seen mentioned several times in earlier posts.....will it increase performance????
  • This is following up my 'should I buy the millenia' babbling... again, thanks for your input. I got my emerald green base model (with a bunch of stuff added) today. I went into the dealer with a monthly payment/total car cost in my head (could only put 6K down) and got out with paying just under $21K, with the finishing touch package thing included. I never would have gotten so much (leather, bose audio, cd & cassette, sunroof, etc.) from any other brand at the same price, and definitely not the style of it.

    My mom (who really pushed me to get an accord) was very impressed ... I'm pretty sure she had something completely different in mind.

    Again, thanks so much for sharing all your experiences.
  • My 95 S gets only about 23 mpg although my daily commute is 95 % highway. Is this normal?
    I have had my car for about 3 1/2 years and have been disappointed by those numbers. Has
    anyone tried any accessories and or oil additives that improved efficiency significantly?
  • What city did you buy from? Been looking to replace my 96 Millenia for my wife...
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