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Mazda Millenia



  • Hi emeraldcity,
    Your explanation of the cause of the "white smoke" problem is very interesting. Everything you said about it makes sense. Can you tell me your source of this information? I would like to get smarter on it. Is it in a pub or repair bulletin? I don't think my local Mazda service dept would tell me much, even if they knew anything about it.

    To other "S" owners, with 60,000+ miles:

    Have you seened this smoke on daily start up? I wonder if it is something all Supercharged Millenia owners should expect to encounter, or has it been "fixed" on later models?

    Thanks for any help.
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    My 95 MilleniaS. developed a leak at the interior of the upper gasket at 60k km (37k miles). The oils was sipping inside the engine. Luckily it was detected by the dealer during a regular inspection and repaired under warranty. He changed both gaskets. Here are the repairs performed within the 6 years Warranty :
    1) The above leak (twice within two years)
    2) Heating fan motor : replaced twice for excessive noise.
    3) Rear suspension upper link replaced twice for excessive noise
    4) Steering rack replaced (twice) after oil leak.
    5) Keyless entry system replaced (frequency interference from aircraft ILS and DME near airports).
    6) Driver door lock actuator replaced.
    7) Driver seat warmer switch replaced
    8) Battery replaced
    9) Traction control off light comes on under slippery conditions. Main computer replaced.
    10) Driver seat belt replaced for not retracting.
    11) Front wheel bearings replaced after axle leak.
    All above problems were detected by dealer during regular checkup/maintenance visit. All were repaired with satisfaction and professional care second to none. It was (and still is) fun to driver the car. I am now at 70k km (44k km) with an expired warranty and two fingers crossed.
    Happy New Year to all.
  • emerald city
    The Millennia I only has one catalytic convertor.
    I have read of other 95 I owners having problems
    with Mechanical seals on the Lysholm compressor.
    I am trying to determine whether it is faulty seals or whether it was due to the very poor design of the early millennia radiators. the radiator was re designed with 48% more cooling capacity. There was a TB on the Lysholm compressor.
    I installed the later design radiator in my I
    (after market 1/2 price of Mazda. I have gotten a price of $2300 for a new Lysholm compressor.
  • Hello everyone, here we go with another problem.... not seen so far on earlier posts, can you tell me if you have had any hard starting (20 seconds or more) problems with a basically brand new 8000 mile millennia? We live in the mid west and the cold starts problems are intermittent and seem mostly at 20 degrees and under. Any ideas? Have learned a lot from this column, have witnessed the white smoke coming from the exhaust after sitting overnight and am wondering if the two problems are connected? Hep! Thanks so much in advance
  • gtspecgtspec Posts: 55
    I own a 95 Millenia S, and as for the "white smoke problem" at start up that you guys are talking about, in some case could it simply cause by cold weather? I live in NY and when the weather is very cold my Millenia S does produce white smokes at start up but I think it's because it's just too COLD outside!!! Could it be???

    Can someone please help me out with the Check Engine Light problem that I'm having; The problem code is P0170 (Fuel trim malfuction Bank 1), and also Code: P0173 (Fuel trim malfunction Bank 2). Does anyone know what exactly do these problems mean? Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

    HAPPY Y2K+1 :)
  • marak88marak88 Posts: 57
    Well, here is my two cents about white smoke,
    I have a 1999 S with 14k, I have seen the white smoke but only if the car sit for a few (3-4 or more) days with out being started up, I've talked to the service department manager, and his response was that it is normal for cars that have super charged engines to blow some smoke after start-up, he also said that the super charger would blow more air out at start-up and will blow alot of the condensation out of the muffler/catalytic converter and pipes which makes it look like white smoke.
    That is all I know about that, if any one have any more info. about the smoke or have any comments about what the service manager told me please let us know.
  • marak88marak88 Posts: 57
    I forgot to ask

    Has any one timed there S model from 0-60, I'm sure we all would like to know what this car can do. If any one timed their millenia, please let us know.

    Also, a friend of mine knew some one that sells new K&N AIR filters for my 1999 S, I think I'm going to order one this week.

  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    0-60 times on the '00 Millenia S, has variances in the mid to low 7's. However, I have personally began to develop less concern for the Millenia S's performance in this category, because it is the Millenia S's weak-point. Eventhough the powerflow, sending it to 0-60 is a lot more forcefull and smoother than any (VTEC) Otto Cycle Engine that I driven.

    Believe it or not, but the times you should be concerned about are the, 80-130 times! Which I also find to be much more exciting! The reason I am stating this is because, the Miller Cycle Engine is designed to excel in performance at high RPMs, (you can obtain a lot of information on this via the web, from engineering based websites) I recently put my Millenia's supercharger to test at a racetrack in MD against a BMW 330 coupe. The 330, lost pathetically. The Miller-cyle performs spectacular at 100+mph

    Believe me when I state this, just about every automotive enthusiates out thier, is familiar with the Miller Cycle Engine, and has high regards for its performance characteristics.

    Did you know that VW has non-affiliated performance groups located within CONUS, that have developed Miller Cycle Engine to replace certian VW makes - Otto Cycle Engines!


  • I got my (what I think is a great deal) in Southern California at the Irvine Mazda. They only had about 4 left (I had them check beacuse I wanted to know my color choices.)

    2 Emerald Green
    1 Rainforest Green
    1 Gold

    They may have had black as well, but I'm not sure if it was 2000 or 01 model year.

    Note: If you live in the area, don't go to Tustin Mazda ... they have loads of room on their lot and don't need to move them so quickly. Irvine is renting space from two areas offsite because they have so many cars and no place to put them. If you don't live in the area, the space problem is still something to keep in mind. Some dealers didn't plan well and are completely overstocked, hence the dealing being done on the 2000 right now (something you've probably heard before.)
  • acabral1acabral1 Posts: 122
    Marak88,. Unfortunately there are no aftermarket bolt-on performance kits available for the Millenia, with the exception of the Drop-In K&N Air Filter, which will not produce any substantial increase in HP performance. However, slight gas mileage improvements will be obtained through the use of the K&N Air Filter.

    For any substantial HP increase you will have to have either, install compatible bolt-on components to your Millenia or have parts custom made for your car, which can become very expensive dependent upon what you want fabricated.

    The best way to acquire bolt-on components for your Millenia, is through the implementation of a RFPP (Request For Performance Parts) campaign, via email or regular mail; and submitting all documents (detailing what owners want and will purchase) to potential suppliers. The best medium to utilize to instate an effective campaign and gather-up interested Millenia owners is through the development of a Millenia Website.

    I know, this sounds like a lot of work, but its probably the best mechanisms available, in appeasing your desire to increase your Millenia's performance.

  • marak88marak88 Posts: 57
    thanks for the info. above, but the reason I like to know about the 0-60 is because it is a speed that I could reach any day on any freeway (with out getting a ticket), Now, I'm really thrilled about what you did to the BMW (they got what they deserved) but I don't think that you would ever catch me doing 100-130 mph I'm just never that much in a hurry, buy the way I found a site that has a few 0-60 times ( ) but most of them are in the low 8 seconds mark hhmmmm. let me know what you think.

    Buy the way have you ever timed your car, if so would you share it with us.
  • Hi All - Last week in S. Lake Tahoe, I had the chance to test the traction on my 96' S. It worked flawlessly. Only one big problem. 10 Minutes later, while driving normally, the car suddenly stalled, TCS light came on and when I pressed on the accelerator, the car would only go about 2 mph. I could not rev the engine over 1500 rpm. I immediately assumed my transmission was fried. Fortunately, I was able to drive it to a parking lot and began further diagnosing. I could not drive in D,2, or L range. I could not rev it above 1500 rpm in any gear, even reverse or Park!!! Then, finally, I concluded it was the Traction control unit. It somehow, cut fuel when the tach hits 1500 rpm. Finally, I turned the engine off and a minute later, I started the car and everything works normal again. I am able to drive like before.
    The next day, I tried the Traction control again on some slippery surface and guess what? Engine stalled again when revved. What kind of TCS is this!!!
    Any comments would be helpful.
  • HI ALL! Butchmilam1, I saw your comments. Mazda has not posted any information regarding the faulty superchargers in the 95 models. I picked my Mazda certified mechanic's brain(University Mazda in Seattle) for quite some time in order to get what I wanted out of him. The bottom line is that the 94 1/2's and 95's are more prone to problems than the later models... The Tribute for instance, already has drivetrain problems according to the posts I've read in Edmunds. I'll never buy an introductory model again. My mechanic had a 97 in with faulty O2 sensors, left front and right front banks (there are four total). The S models have a Cat and Pre Cat. They replaced my aged but still good main CAT. I took it back and they replaced the Pre CAT... both for free, 8/80,000.
    Those suckers aint cheap! I've got 85,500k and I'm dumping the car when I approach 90k. Like I said, the Millenia is SWEET and I really don't get jazzed up about anything else out there in the $24k range. JEAN7of9, That's a lot of repairs for 60k service. Any problems with your ride right now? Keeping the fingers crossed is very critical for Miller Cycle owners. Oh, before I forget, I used Zmax engine additive (the one on the infomercial, my Millenia feels smoother and quicker. They sold me on the demos with breaking up sludge and carbon. Oh well, that's enough from me for now.
  • gtspecgtspec Posts: 55
    Hi "emeraldcity", how did you determine that your catalytic convertors are bad and need replacement? Also, is it really FREE to replace them from the MAZDA dealer, any restrictions??? I bought my 95 Millenia S used, therefore I don't know if there are any warranty on my car from MAZDA. THANKS !!!
    I've also just pull a bottle of the ZMax into my car last week during oil change, however didn't really have a chance to drive my car cause of the snow storm in NY. Hopefully I'll feel some difference from this engine additive (ZMax), I've used many other enigine additives (Dura Lube, Motor UP, Slick 50) before but didn't feel any difference on them. Hope this one works!!!
  • Hi gtspec. How many miles do you have on your Millenia? There is an 8/80,000 warranty on all of the Mazda Millenias' cat converters. Some dealerships will not mention this because warranty work is not profitable for the service dept. I got lucky because I delt with an honest guy in a dealership! How rare is that? I knew my cat (pre-cat anyway) was out because my Mazda sounded like and old speed boat when I accelerated. You'll know when yours is me. I hope you get a chance to cruise the streets again. You guys got hammered by that snow storm.
  • gtspecgtspec Posts: 55
    Thanks emeraldcity!!! My car has 71K miles now. So I guess it's still under the 8/80000 Cat warranty. I had modified my muffler to the after market performance muffler from Apexi (N1), so it does sound loud when I accelerate. However, when I first got the car back in 1999 (before I change the muffler), I did notice a loud exhaust tone when I'm on the highway. Is there any other ways to check if my Cat converters are still good besides listening to the sound when accelerate, or by going to a mechanic??? ***THANKS once again, it's good to know my cat converters are still under warranty!*** :)
  • ecafecaf Posts: 44
    Mazda Millenia Acceleration Tests

    Millenia S 2.3, except *, M Edition 2.3
    Magazine Issue Year 0-60mph 1/4mi
    Motor Trend 5/94 1995 7.6 sec 15.8 @ 90mph
    Car&Driver 8/94 1995 7.7 16.0 @ 90
    Car&Driver 7/95 1995 7.4 15.7 @ 90
    Car&Driver 7/98 1998 7.8 16.0 @ 89
    Car&Driver 2/00 2000* 8.5 16.6 @ 86
    Motor Trend 1/01 2001 8.4 16.3 @ 86

    Millenia L 2.5
    Magazine Issue Year 0-60mph 1/4mi
    Motor Trend 5/94 1995 9.1 sec 16.8 @ 83mph

    Comments: I've posted this chart here before, only this time I've included MT's most recent test of the 2001 Millenia. Acabral1 is correct in that these tests are probably not indicative of the Millenia's high RPM performance, so you may or may not want to take these figures with a grain of salt...

    As you know, these are figures from U.S. media. I'd be very interested what overseas automotive journalists have to say about their "Millenias", the Xedos 9 and the Eunos 800-M. Maybe Csuftitans knows.
  • Interesting site, which I stumbled upon my late night surfing. I'll add a couple of points and see if anyone has any comments.

    I have a '95 800M, which has done 110,000km (just under 69k miles) which I bought second hand.

    1. Did the 100k / 60k mile service mid last year - didn't realise the cost - goddam!
    2. I have had the odd problem with the car - radio antenna internal cable broke - replaced under warranty, CD player packed up (also replaced under warranty), the front door light (entry light) has gone twice.
    3. More concerning - I started to get white smoke from my exhaust after starting, and after reading a few posts, I'm worried. What I can't work out is whether it is caused by age, or whether it is caused by the high octane petrol I'm using (RON 98). The emission does have a weird smell . . . which generally goes straight after starting. I would've thought they'd check the compressor at the 60,000 service . . .
    4. Wheel noise - particularly at around 60km/h, and not really at any other speed??? I don't know whether this was caused by a crappy tyre attendant who didn't know what he was doing when he was aligning the wheels for 4WS.
    5. Brakes - feeling quite rough, maybe I just need them replaced.
    6. 1st to 2nd gear change - can be like a mule's kick sometimes - anyone else have this problem

    Speed tests in Australia:
    1. - 9.3 sec
    2. - 9.0 sec for 0-100km/h
    3. - 8.6 sec
    4. I've seen an 8.2 and 8.4, but now all I have to do is find their source . . .
    You're probably all thinking we get an underpowered 800M in Australia . . ., but no we don't!
    I've clocked myself around the 8.0 second mark, but not very accurately, and it was a cold night.

  • Hello gang,

    This website supposedly lists Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls for all vehicles. Looks pretty good to me. However, I didn't see anything on the "white smoke" problem. In fact, I didn't see much on engine problems. There were a few transmission bulletins.

    With a TSB number you should be able to talk more intelligently to your service manager, and probably get more info, and respect, from him.

    Good luck.
  • Hello again gang,
    The Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls on the website I just mentioned are only listed by title and number.

    If any of you know the details of any of the Millenia TSBs, please list them.

  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    My odometer is around 70k km (44k miles). It still drives well but certainly not like new in spite the fact that I try to keep it in tip-top shape. The Miller Cycle Engine is a bit noisier than before when above 2500 RPM. However it still starts like a rocket at extreme low temperatures. Since I have other cars I try not to drive this one more than 4-5k/year.
  • The only other way you can detect a faulty cat converter(in it's early stages of failure)other than sound and smell is... being rejected at the emissions test. Do you guys in NY have to have those? Seattle makes us take emissions tests every other year, joy!
  • gtspecgtspec Posts: 55
    Yes, we do have the emission test in NY, and it's every year!!! I pass the emission test, therefore I guess the cat converters might still be good. Anyway, I'll have it check by my mechanic to make sure it's still good, and if not I'll have them replace before the 8/80,000 warranty ends. Thank you very much "emeraldcity"!
  • As far as I know, none of the 0-100km/h acceleration test done is OZ for Eunos 800M is any lower than 8s. Remember that 0-100km/h is more like 0-62mph. Millenia S/Eunos 800M's initial acceleration it's not very quick, but at high speed is another matter. Going from 90mph to 130mph in a Millenia is a lot easier/quicker than any other car I've driven (except for RX7), that includes cars like (my parent's car) '93 M-benz 500SEL, my friend's 2000 Acura TL (beat the heck out of that car in high speed) and '95 M-benz C280 (sister's car).

  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    On the practical side, any velocity comparison should be to less than 90 mph. Even this speed is seldom achieved in daily driving. How often you reach 130 mph unless you live on a race track and in this case lucky you. The fact of life is MilleniaS ranks within a privileged group give or take few deca-seconds. As far as concerning the velocity, I feel that 0-60 in 8s in very fine for any car. On the driving pleasure side, I feel that MilleniaS in hindered by the long input needed for the steering wheel to direct the car as well as the slow reaction for its automatic transmission. Those two facts were consistently underlined for years by most professional testers.
  • First of all, would like to say what a wonderful forum this is. I've been checking in everyday for the past few months actually since I purchased my 1998 Millenia L in May. What exactly does the delaership do that would make this service cost in my area $625.00. That seems a bit step just for a tune up. And my reasoning is that at 30,000 miles if that much is wrong then what is going to be later down the road. Oh yeah, 60,000 miles is going to be $925.00. Why so much?
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    Did the dealer provide details with the bill? He is supposed to. If he did, do you mind sharing them with us. In the past I paid such identical bills and all the charges were justifiable.
  • Ok, I hate to show how little I know about cars (alhtough I am learning a lot of great info here,) but I'm hearing conflicting reports on breaking in the engine on my new dream car.

    I bought a few days ago but between getting the insurance squared away and a couple small items taken care of at the dealer, I've only put about 50 miles on my car.

    Now I'm hearing different things on how important it is to break in my engine. Apparently, I should... it no faster than 50 mph for the first 500 miles. no faster than 60 mph, but keep varying my speeds.

    -...not worry about breaking in the engine at all but just go enjoy my car. (I like that one!)

    -... not drive my car off the highway beacuse of stops / starts. (Apparently I should just stay on the freeway for the first 500 miles driving no faster than 50 mph but always varying my speeds. I live in Southern California... you can now start a pool as to how quickly I'd be shot.)

    -...not accelerate too quickly.

    -... not stop too quickly.

    After you stop laughing at eith my ignorance or gullability or both, do you have any suggestions for me?

    Thanks in advance!!!
  • That is suggestion should have gotten a demo Millenia, like me!! It was already

    Anyhow...being serious...I thought the break in period was 1500 miles and that you could go over 60 miles an hour, but just that you were not suppose to floor it or drive cruise control

    hope that helps some
  • jean7of9jean7of9 Posts: 192
    Any new car engine must be broken. The main reason not to drive constant speed on highway before the engine is broken is to prevent it (the engine) from developing a "harmonic speed". Actually what they meant by speed here is the RPM. That means unless the engine is broken properly it will rattle slightly in the future whenever it reaches that RPM level. After it is broken you will notice a smoother and more quite engine with optimum fuel economy. During that initial period, do not exceed the level of 3000 RPM when starting and cruise at around 2000 RPM. Also do not use oil additives before 2000 miles. The breaking period depends to the engine make. Japanese, American engines require about 1000 initial miles of care. German engines require 2000 miles because they are built tighter, they also last longer.
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