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Mazda Millenia



  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Like everyone else they use the fairytale MSRP instead of a real world price.

    It also doesn't have the 500 HP V-12 engine attached to a 6 speed manual that these testers think is so necessary to reinforce their manhood, while they watch their Nav system instead of the road they are driving on.

    A few reality minded testers would improve the situation, but there don't seem to be any of those working for the Car magazines and web sites.
  • To show you how skewed the brains of these testers are Intellichoice rates the "best value" under $24000 the Honda Civic. So in other words you would be better served to by a sub compact car with modest equipment, average ride and handling over a car in the same price range with leather, moonroof, abs, ebd, heated seats, plush interior, every conceivable power option, a longer warranty, roadside assistance, loaner car, etc.

    These guys actually get paid for this?
  • I posted a question corcerning a 95 MM/S on ebay for $3500 I wanted to know if the bumper lights and rear tail lights were interchangable with the 99-00 models and now it is gone? Can someone answer this for me, and are the projector headlights good for night vision in comparison to reflective headlights?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    reminder - if you respond to the troll, expect to have your message deleted along with his.

    Any questions or comments should be addressed to me off-line.

  • maximase2002, the tailights for 99-00 model should be interchangeable with the ones on the '95-'98 models. They have the same shape, just different color. I'm 99% sure about this.
    For me, I'm actually thinking of changing my '00 Millenia's tail light with those on the '01-'02 model. Now these arre a bit different. The other tail lights looks like it will fit without a problem as the shape is the same, but the inner tail lights and the lic plate holder has different shape, so I would have to get both the tail lights set and the lic plate holder. Last time I check, dealer price for all these are about $1700; ouch. So if anyone doesn't like their '01-'02 tail light and prefer the ones on '99-'00 model, let's trade :-), hey I can dream can't I.
  • BTW, the bumper lights should be interchangeable too; again I'm only 99% sure about this. Good Luck.
  • thanks csuftitans, It's hard for me to decided between the 95-00 MM or the 01-02 MM I like both but the 95-00 are the cheapest and the 01-02 have more features that I would like so I think if I don't get the 95 I'll wait for a 2000 MM I think that model comes with steering wheel auto controls and power lumber adjustments. What about the the headlights though are the projectors strong enough when I see older cars with projector headlights they just don't seem to put out as much light as the reflector headlights. Either way I plan to replace the halogens with a Phillips HID kit that would look good with projector lights.;-)
  • Have them on my 2002. They are great!!!
  • Though the Millenia officially has 0% APR for 60 months and $5,000 dealer cash that probably cannot be combined, I was wondering if anyone has had any luck getting a low APR with the discount.
    Also, again, I don't think they can be combined, but can the 0% go with the 180 days deferred payment for college grad?
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    They're very good on my '01
  • Just traded my '99 Millenia S w/leather (29k miles) for $13.5k. Got a new Odyssey to replace it. Here's the crunch. My local Mazda dealer is discounting $7k off prices on new 2002 Millenias! Really impacted the price I could get for my cherry pearl white S.

    The word is Mazda is killing the Millenia line with the 2002 run. Shades of the '90 929 I had and loved.

    Yours could be a collectors item in six months or -----------?
  • It's unlikely that the car will turn into a classic. But the Millenia is hardly the first or the last car to be discontinued. Cadillac Catera bit the dust this year and the Contour-Mystique a couple of years back. Resale is tough on many used cars even ones still being manufactured. Lincoln LS gets hammered so do many others.

    Buying this car is all about what you perceive as the value of the vehicle. Specifically, things like reliability, styling, high level of equipment and or course, what it costs to buy. I can imagine those who paid 30K plus a few years ago won't be happy if they want to trade in in the next year or two. By contrast, buying within the last year or so with the great deals available should do a lot to mute any weakness in resale a few years out.

    I actually saw an ad for a lease deal today. $269/mo. with $2300 at signing. I don't go for up front money but figure that might be something like $325/mo. with just first payment. Lease is 48 mo., a little long. Still $350 (tax inc.) with no worry about depreciation might be appealing. Anyway, I'll probably check it out.

    So many deals out there now it makes it hard to decide. Most on cars I don't want, but with prices and payments so low it makes you wonder whether you should take advantage of the deals and spend less.
  • Yes I agree with the whole resale issue it sucks for lack of better words, but the MM does make an excellent used car deal. I'm trying to pic one up right now myself. The 929 was RWD and those things were spacious and had some get up and go to them. They are right up there with the Acura Legend here in VA people buy them up and really improve on their looks
  • Many of us here I think presumed that the Millenia has been discontinued because of the fact that the model is being replaced here in the US by the 6.

    Well, this is not true. An October 9, 2002 press release by Mazda has just announced a new luxury package for the 25M (2.5 V6) model of the Millenia. It includes a Bose stereo and navigation system. Also two new paint colors one of which is the silver from the Atenza. If nothing else the continued manufacture of the vehicle should bode well for parts availability down the road.
  • Here is the link to article cayennered1 refers:

    However, it says only in Japan. If they are still going to make it, why not still import it here? Or is this going to be another RX7 thing that will be pulled from the US?

    If Nissan can get away with the Altima and Maxima, why shouldn't Mazda try?

  • After a lot of patience and a little luck, here is a link to the Millenia in Japan with the nav system. (I can't read Japanese)

    I like the shape of the Japanese steering wheel better. I don't think they have the Miller Cycle engine available there though. Wouldn't it be cool if everyone (esp the Mags) had been wrong and they did continue to bring it over here and with some new goodies?

  • I will be the first one on line.
    However, just to add some improvements-
    Make it 3.0 engine with around 220-230 HP.
    Interior cabin a little more spacious.
    Thats all.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Too bad Americans have gotten so addicted to excess horsepower. MM is truly a great car otherwise. With 50 more hp it would have sold very well here.

    OTOH if it had been selling well I wouldn't have gotten the bargain basement price I got on mine.

    If they continue it in Japan though it does bode well for parts availability even if it is necessary to order them from Japan.

    Mine looks identical to the one on the home page of that link, minus the front plate. They also have a reflector stuck on the front fender, must be a Japanese requirement. Glad mine doesn't have it.

    I don't care for the tan and gray interior though.
  • lyons4lyons4 Posts: 21
    I just feel like venting because I have a brand new MM P-SE 2002 of which I purchased this April.First thing; one of my 17'' tires which only has 5700 miles it has a screw in the wall of the tire.I called around & looked on the net & that is going to cost me $300 to replace.I taken my car bck to the dealership 2 days ago & the serviceman just called me because they have to replace the airbag assembly.I had taken the car to them two times before.That part I'm told is on bck order & the have it know less then a week.So if your airbag light is blinking look out.They have given me a new jetta to drive.I'm just pissed off.
  • Ok - Based on Posts, I do not have to replace my timing belt on my 98 Millenia until 105,000 miles even though it says 60,000 in the manual. Some say run it until it breaks because you just need a tow, it will not impact the engine if the belt breaks. The engine will just not run.

    I can use synthetic oil, and it should not be a problem. I have used it for the last 3000 miles, and it is still running fine. I hope to match the 12K miles between changes that I get out of my BMW.

    I have the same problem with the check engine light that many of you posted about. I just ignore it, and it usually goes off in a day or two.

    Has anyone other than 95 owners run into a problem with the waterpump? I am just trying to prepare for this. It seems that whenver I go in for a big repair, something else will go wrong with the car so I am reluctant to do much preventive care other than oil and spark plug changes and tire maintenance.

    The oil change place is pushing for a Radiator flush, and a transmission flush. Anyone had any of these things done lately. Did you have any other problems pop up afterwords??
  • Stop your crying, the car is under warranty for the airbag and on top of that, they gave you a loaner.

    For the nail in your tire- MAZDA is not responsible for that,if you can spend twenty plus thousand on a car, what is $300.00 dollars? not even a fraction of what the car cost.

    You want to gripe about new car problems, buy a Acura 3.2TL.
  • Replaced my tires today on my 2001 Millenia S with Michelin Pilots. Got 25K miles out of the original Dunlops. The Michelin's are cost $960...they should drive good for that. It was gonna be around $600 to have put Dunlops back on.
  • kcm8419kcm8419 Posts: 121
    I came back from my trip and after about 2600 miles my over all mileage was about 27.9 mpg's. About 80% of this was mountain driving. I have to say that this is one of the most comfortable cars that I have driven, '02 s. The thing that did throw me off was the big swing that I did get in mpg's. It ranged from about 25.5 to just over 31, and the 31 was in the mountains.

    On a second note my dad just went out and bought a new '02 s, after he totaled his '98 626 es. He bought a two tone white with the four seasons package, the 6 disc cd, and the chrome wheels for $25,000. He was told by the dealer that Mazda will not send any new 6's out until all of the mills and 626's are sold by the dealer. So if you are looking for a good deal on them, now is the time.
  • kyhkyh Posts: 1
    I've narrowed down my search to a MM or a Camry (I'm not an afficionado, just a regular ol' driver). The deal on the 2002 MM just barely beat the Camry - however, after I left the lot I realized I didn't see any 2003 Millenia's. Is that model being discontinued which would explain the savings of 8,000 off MSRP?
  • Yes, the model is being discontinued.

    Your decision between a Camry and Millenia must weigh that fact against certain advantages in equipment, style, etc.
  • While I'm still looking at some alternatives, I'm leaning toward the Millenia. I haven't priced any in the last two weeks as my current lease expires 11-6. Best figure was $22,150 on a P with a $29,235 sticker (x-plan).

    I'm wondering whether waiting until after the first of the month might bring an addition to the $5000 incentive. I know of two dealers who still have considerable inventory with several in my color choices so waiting another couple of weeks shouldn't limit my choice. In fact I've checked these dealers in the last few days and their inventory seems about the same as it was two weeks ago.

    Any thoughts on whether the dealers have any additional money to play with given that the company is anxious to move these cars out before the 6 debuts?
  • I just bought my first car--Mazda Millenia 2002 P USED with 15K miles on it. I got it for $19,500. Do you guys think this was a good deal? I'm new to the list, and yes it sounds dumb to be asking this after I've bought the car. But after reading a little on the message board, I've been seeing that there are many people who "did more homework" than I did. Any response would be appreciated.
  • I got what I consider a very good lease offer today on a Millenia.

    Zero down, 15000mi, 39 mo.@ 355/mo plus tax. The main hesitations I had about going for a Milenia was possible resale value issues and a fairly high payment if I bought ($450/mo). Both of those issues are resolved by leasing. There really is nothing in this class that's available for anything near this lease price. Examples: G35-$525. Jag X-type-$530. Volvo S60-$480, Acura TL-$450. Sure, some have higher stickers but with the exception of HP none are better equipped or more stylish.

    I expect to close a deal in the next few days and I am totally comfortable
    with my choice from just about every perspective.
  • Made the lease deal today. They even threw in free oil changes for the life of the lease which I calculate as being worth around $200. Every little bit helps in this economy. Black with beige leather. I'm lookng forward to picking it up tomorrow.

    BTW, I read through the consumer feedback section on both Edmunds and Carpoint and it's really amazing how absolutely thrilled virtually everyone is with their Millenias. Most can't believe you could get so much car for the money. Virtually no complaints. As an interesting aside, a Canadian auto website did a road test on the Millenia just a week or two back and the writer went on about what a great car this was and how it's too bad it's being discontinued. Quite a contrast from most of the writers who go on and on about how outdated this car is. Tell that to the guys on the Acura TL board who have been recounting numerous problems with their less outdated TL.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    1. Is that a closed-end lease?
    2. You got that on S or P?
    3. So far oil changes for me were $20-25 a pop, I do them every 5K miles.

    It sure is a lot of car for the money... BUT I did have 3 problems with it ('01 S, with 17.5K miles now): AC fan bearing replaced (noisy), air pockets in cooling system (engine slightly overheating), sticking thermostat (replaced, caused engine temp to go higher than normal but well under the "red zone"). If you ever have it in for repairs, ask for alterante transportation and the dealer will cover it.

    Good luck and enjoy the car!

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